B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/19/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/19/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: I can't believe he's married. Our son is married!

Taylor: Did you talk to the lawyer?

Ridge: He's going to begin drafting the annulment papers right away. Las Vegas! He's only 18 years old.

Taylor: I know. I just wish that they had come and talked to us about it.

Ridge: Well, he should've known better. Trying to play a trick on the immigration services? Oh, please!

Taylor: I don't think he was trying to trick anyone, Ridge. Okay, there's no question he made a mistake. He didn't think things through. But I do think his heart was in the right place. I really believe he was trying to help Gaby. He just went about it the wrong way. But I do think his intentions were good, Ridge.


Gaby: Your father is furious with me. And he has the right to be. I should've talked you out of this.

Thomas: You wouldn't have been able to.

Gaby: He's going to have our marriage annulled.

Thomas: I won't let him.

Gaby: Look, I do not want to come between you and your parents.

Thomas: You won't, okay? And I'm not going to let you be deported.

Gaby: We got caught, Thomas. It's over.

Thomas: Listen, we'll figure something out. All right? You just can't give up.

Gaby: Just stop, okay? Just stop. Please. You're only making this harder.

Thomas: What? What? How am I doing that?

Gaby: You don't understand.

Thomas: So explain it to me.

Gaby: I can't!

Thomas: You're upset with me. It's me. Is it something I said?

Gaby: Upset? How could I ever be upset with you when --

Thomas: When what?

Gaby: When I'm falling in love with you.


Bridget: You can't be serious.

Dante: I'm very serious. Come away with me. Right now.

Bridget: You just want me to forget about everything else? My fiancÚ and all of our plans?

Dante: Nick is not going to make you happy. I will.

Bridget: You Italians can be very dramatic.

Dante: I'm just being realistic. I wish you could be, too.

Bridget: You're asking me to run away you.

Dante: Where is your fiancÚ right now?

Bridget: He's upstairs.

Dante: Yeah. With your mother.

Bridget: They're putting Hope to bed.

Dante: Bridget, you asked me here to dinner to witness how this man is so committed to you. He should be here with you.

Bridget: Hope is going through a really hard time right now.

Dante: So is your mother.

Bridget: It's getting really late. We should probably call it a night.

Dante: I'll call a cab to take me to your family's beach house.

Bridget: The beach house?

Dante: Yeah, that's where I'm staying right now.

Bridget: Oh, well, I'll take you. Look, Dante you are a wonderful man. But I'm in love with Nick. And he is in love with me. Not my mother.


Nick: The pirate, after he found the treasure, he took the princess mermaid, they sailed off into the sunset, and they lived happily ever after. The end.

Hope: More!

Nick: Well, there is no more, honey. See, that's the end of the book. This one's all finished right there. See? That's it.

Hope: More!

Brooke: Not tonight, honey. Uncle Nick's gotta go.

Hope: No. Stay.

Brooke: He's gotta go downstairs and see Bridget.

Nick: You know what? I'd like to make a deal here, if I could. I'll tell you what I'll do. I will find out what happened to the pirate and the princess and I'll come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it. Okay? Is that okay? Okay, until then, I think it's time for you to probably just lay down here, get all settled in. Want to take those off? Okay, here you go. Okay. Covers on. Say good night to me. Say good night.

Hope: Good night.

Nick: Good night.

Brooke: Thanks.

Nick: My pleasure.

[ Hope giggles ] Settle down.

Brooke: Go.

[ Hope giggles ] Oh, he is silly. He's so silly. I know, I can't get over him either. He's so silly.


Dante: Are you angry?

Bridget: I told you, I just don't want to talk about it.

Dante: I understand. It's pretty upsetting. I mean, you deserve so much better than this.

Bridget: I said stop it.

Dante: I wish I could. I wish I could take this pain away from you. But you just don't want to listen to me.

Bridget: No, I don't. Not to this.

Dante: Because you know what? You don't want to see it. But I know you can. You're much more intelligent than this. I mean look at it -- ridge. Deacon. Now Nick.

Bridget: No. No. Not Nick. You know, I'm getting a little bit tired of hearing this from you. From everyone. Nick's not in love with my mother. My father's saying it. My future mother-in-law. Even Taylor. It's like everyone thinks they know more about my relationship than I do.

Dante: No, we're just -- we're not as close to it as you are. You know, we can see a lot more --

Bridget: Oh, you can? What can you see? Hmm? And what's so wrong with me that I can't see? Do I just not hold a candle to my mother? That's kind of what I'm hearing. I guess I'm just getting a little tired of it.


Nick: Bridget?

Nick: Bridget? "Drove Dante back to the beach house. Catch up with you later. Love, Bridget." No sense in coming back here. I'll just meet her at the Marlin.

Brooke: Nick? Nick, are you down there?

Hope: Mommy, I'm scared.

Nick: Yeah. Where are you?

Brooke: The baby monitor on the table.

Nick: Oh. Hello? What's up?

Hope: Scared.

Brooke: Hope's really upset. Could you come back upstairs please?

Nick: Oh, yeah. I'll be right up.


Gaby: Oh, my god. I can't believe I said that.

Gaby: Oh, my god. I can't believe I said that. I just -- I know that this isn't a real marriage. I know that once I get my green card, we'll go back to our normal lives. But these last few weeks -- you've been incredible. You don't have to say anything. I just couldn't hide it anymore.

Thomas: No, I'm glad you didn't.

Gaby: Really?

Thomas: Husbands and wives shouldn't keep things from each other.

Gaby: You mean, like how they really feel about one another?

Thomas: God, you're so beautiful.

Gaby: You make me feel that way. And special.

Thomas: You are. You're so special to me.

Gaby: When I was making you dinner, I was so excited. Like a real newlywed. And I just pictured my husband coming home and how great it would be. I know it sounds crazy, but I couldn't help it. I have never ever met anyone like you, Thomas. And the more time that I've spent with you, the more time I spend wishing this marriage didn't have to end.


Ridge: It's not Thomas' intentions I'm worried about.

Taylor: Don't go there.

Ridge: Look, I know our son seems mature. He seems all grown up. But when it comes to women -- I think Gaby could have manipulated this entire situation.

Taylor: I don't think she did.

Ridge: Then why didn't he come to us with her problem? We could have helped him find another solution.

Taylor: Well, now we know. So now we can just deal with it, okay? Would you stop worrying?

Ridge: Oh, I tell myself we're all living under the same roof. I can keep an eye on my son. And then Thomas goes and does this. What's it gonna be like with R.J., Huh? I have no idea what's going on in my own house. How am I supposed to watch over my own son, when he doesn't even live with me?


Dante: I don't want you to be upset.

Bridget: No, you know what, I -- I'm not gonna let you do this to me.

Dante: What am I doing?

Bridget: You're making me doubt myself. And doubt Nick.

Dante: No, no, I want you to open your eyes.

Bridget: Look, my eyes are open! They've been open since the very beginning. Do you really think that I would put myself in the position to be in love with another man that was still in love with my mother, knowing that I could possibly lose him? Do you know how painful that would be for me?

Dante: Yes. That's why I want you to lis --

Bridget: What are you -- you're trying to what, stop me from getting involved in this right now? Look, obviously, Nick was involved with my mother and he still cares about her. But he has moved on. And he's completely committed to me. I can see it. I see it every single time he looks at me. I know that he loves me. He never looks at her that way. All of his passion and all of his desire is just for me.


Hope: Hold me tight, mommy, I'm scared.

Brooke: Oh, it's okay, honey. It's okay.

Nick: Hey. What's going on? What happened?

Brooke: I took her into her room to go to sleep, and she said she was scared of the monster in the closet.

Nick: Well, I was just in there and there was no monster.

Hope: It's hiding.

Nick: Monsters don't hide from me.

Brooke: She doesn't wanna go to sleep in her own bed.

Hope: It's in there.

Nick: Has this happened before?

Brooke: A few times since we've moved back here, but nothing this bad.

Hope: I want to sleep in mommy's bed.

Brooke: She doesn't wanna be alone.

Hope: Daddy's not here. There's lots of room. You can stay, too.

Nick: How 'bout this? Look at Uncle Nick. Now, you lay down in mommy's bed. Mommy'll lay on one side and I'll lay on the other. And later on, I'll go in and get rid of all those monsters. Does that sound good? Okay?

Hope: You stay.

Nick: I'll stay.


Thomas: Let's just take this one day at a time, okay? First, we'll deal with my parents. And then the immigration agent.

Gaby: You don't want us getting ahead of ourselves.

Thomas: We need to stay focused. We hit a snag, that's all.

Gaby: If your parents don't want you to do this --

Thomas: I gave you my word, Gaby. When I made those wedding vows, I made you a promise. Now, granted, it's not the same promise that most couples make on their wedding day, but it's still a promise. Besides, when things are meant to be, they have a way of working themselves out. You hold onto that, okay? I will, too. Come here.


Brooke: You don't have to stay, you know.

Nick: I have to throw the monster out.

Brooke: Maybe you should go downstairs and tell Bridget.

Nick: She took what's his name home.

Brooke: She's so tired. After all that crying.

Nick: I doubt she'll wake up again tonight. Do you think?

Brooke: I hope not.

Nick: You say this happened before, since you moved back here?

Brooke: She's had some tantrums and fears that she never had before. This time away from Ridge has really been hard on her. I never thought he would let us down. But he did.

Nick: You're gonna get through this.

Brooke: That's what I keep telling myself. Then there's nights like this.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Nick: The hard part is over.

Brooke: Thanks to you.

Nick: I just happen to be a good monster killer.

Brooke: And a pretty good storyteller.

Nick: Well, don't tell her, but most people think I'm full of hot air. You two make a pretty good audience.

Brooke: You've been a lifesaver. For me and for the kids.

Nick: Just think of it as payback.

Brooke: For what?

Nick: For all the happy times you've given me. Some of the best times in my life were with you and Hope. I love her more than I can say.

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