B&B Transcript Monday 7/18/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/18/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Jackie: The day that Stephanie had her -- "heart attack," you were at her bedside.

Mark: Yes.

Jackie: And you said that there was a deception.

Mark: She was deceiving everyone who was in that room.

Jackie: In what way exactly? Mark, you can tell me.


[ Doorbell rings ]

Bridget: Hi!

Dante: Hi. Chianti, Vino Toscana.

Bridget: Vino toscana?

Dante: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Oh, that reminds me of a totally different occasion.

Dante: Our first dinner we had in Rome.

Bridget: Two glasses of Ttoscana, and there I go spilling my entire life's story to you.

Dante: Today you'll have four. See what happens.

Bridget: Oh, I don't think so. I invited my mother to join us.

Dante: Oh, your mother's coming?

Bridget: Yeah. She's kind of going through a hard time. So I thought she could use a little break. And I was really hoping that Nick would join us, too.

Dante: Nick is coming?

Bridget: Well, yeah, if he and Hope ever get back from her dance class.

Dante: Uh, Bridget, I don't think this dinner is a very good idea.

Bridget: No, no, look, I know that you and Nick didn't exactly hit it off --

Dante: My fault for thinking you deserve a husband who's in love with you instead of your mother.

Bridget: This is exactly why I want you to stay -- so you can see how in love we are with each other.

Dante: Then I need more wine tonight.

Bridget: Look, pour yourself a glass. I'm gonna go tell my mom you're here.


Ridge: So what the hell's going on here?!

Thomas: Well, I think you know what was going on.

Ridge: We need to talk.

Thomas: Well, can't it wait?

Ridge: No, it can't wait, Thomas.

Taylor: Your father and I had a visitor today.

Ridge: From the immigration office. An agent Dunne? Does that sound familiar? According to him, he says you guys got married. Some wedding shack in Las Vegas? Even had a marriage certificate to show us.

Thomas: No, Dad, listen, I can explain --

Ridge: Look, obviously, it wasn't a fake. You did get married, right? Start explaining, huh? What could you possibly have been thinking doing something so foolish, much less thinking you could get away with it? Well, what do you have to say for yourself?


Bridget: Mom? What's going on?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: I'm expecting a call from Jackie.

Bridget: Jackie? Why are you expecting a call from her?

Brooke: Because she thinks the same thing that I do -- that Stephanie faked her heart attack.

Bridget: Oh, Mom, come on. You know how crazy that sounds.

Brooke: And what if I were to tell you that she had help, from one very prominent physician.

Bridget: Who? You don't mean --

Brooke: Dr. Mark Macclaine, who just so happens to be having dinner with Jackie right now.

Bridget: What?

Brooke: And he's going to tell her everything -- the whole sordid truth about Stephanie's phony illness.


Mark: I -- I just -- I can't talk about this, Jackie. Stephanie Forrester is a very powerful woman.

Jackie: Yes, she is. She's also very persuasive. I mean, she knows just how to pull you in. And once she's pulled you in, she turns on you. I told you, Mark, she destroyed my marriage. She could destroy your career. Oh, Mark, you'd feel so much better if you'd just unburden yourself.

Mark: I wish to god I could.

Jackie: But it's not too late. Whatever happened --

Mark: Look, it never should have happened! I never should have had any part in this whole mess.


Bridget: Mom, come on. Mark Macclaine is a respected physician, and a good, decent man. He's not going to risk his name or his license.

Brooke: Stephanie could talk him into it. She would remind him of all the money that she and Eric donate to the hospital every single year. Whisper promises of research and new equipment. Oh, and have you heard? Mark Macclaine just moved into those very expensive, very exclusive century view towers.

Bridget: So you're saying that Stephanie bribed him? Mom, this is nuts.

Brooke: I wouldn't be so sure.

Bridget: Okay, obviously, I agree that Stephanie used her illness to influence ridge's decision to marry Taylor, but to fake a heart attack --

Brooke: And if she did, it would be the most conniving thing she's ever done, and the most stupid. And I'm gonna make sure that she gets the justice that she so richly deserves. Now the rest is up to Jackie, and getting Mark to talk.


Mark: I was the doctor in charge. I could have stopped the ceremony.

Jackie: But you didn't. Why?

Mark: You know, it meant so much to Ridge. He thought he was saving his mother's life.

Jackie: She wasn't dying, was she? Something else was going on. Mark, please, you're such a good, caring, wonderful man. And so many people's lives have been devastated by what happened in that room. And you know more than you're saying. Make it right. Tell me what really happened.

[ Beeper rings ]

Mark: It's the hospital. I have to go.

Jackie: No, no. No, Mark, please, please. Mark, just one more minute.

[ Jackie sighs ]


Nick: My favorite letter today. It's the "b," right? How do you pronounce it? Buh!

Hope: Buh.

Nick: Buh! For b-irthdays, b-unnies and b-ears. And b-aths. So you're gonna go upstairs and tell Catherine to give you a b- ath before you go to b-ed. Okay?

Hope: Read to me!

Nick: I'll read to you at b-edtime. Okay?

Hope: Who are you?

Dante: I'm a friend of Bridget. And you must be the bellissima Hope? I heard so many great things about you.

Hope: You talk funny.

Nick: Okay. Time for you to head upstairs. Take your book here, okay? I want you to read four chapters, and I want you to write a story.

Dante: Buona notte.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Dante: Having a little wine before dinner.

Nick: Well, drink it fast, because I want you out of here.

Dante: Wait a second. I thought this was Brooke's home. But maybe it was my mistake. Maybe this is really your home, right?

Nick: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Bridget: Nick. What are you doing? I invited Dante to dinner.

Nick: Really? Well, he had mentioned that, but I didn't know whether to believe him or not.

Dante: You americans have a simplistic idea of the truth and the lies.

Nick: Listen, as a courtesy to Bridget, I'll let you stay for dinner, but don't expect to have a good time. Hi, honey.

Bridget: Hi.


Thomas: Dad, chill out, okay? We didn't do anything wrong.

Ridge: You got married without saying a word to your mother and me, and you've been hiding it ever since.

Thomas: They were going to deport Gaby. Everything Helen had worked for gone. Everything Gaby had dreamed of, gone. She just lost her mother. They were going to ship her off to a country she barely even remembers, with no friends, no relatives. There was only one way out -- marriage. I know -- I know I should have come to you first and talked to you about everything. But the important part is, she's been reinstated back at Largemont. She has her scholarship back, her legal status is pending. Gaby doesn't have to go anywhere. Please, tell me you understand.


Brooke: So did you get it? Did Mark talk?

Jackie: Oh, yeah. He talked and talked and talked, but I didn't get the silver bullet. And he was right on the verge of saying that Stephanie did fake that heart attack when his bloody pager went off.

[ Jackie sighs ] Look, Brooke, I know that this is a setback, but it's not the end. Mark likes me. He'll be back, and then I'll get him to spill everything. And when he does, I promise you that that woman, who has tried to destroy both of us, will know how it feels to lose credibility, to lose respect, to lose everything that she holds precious, everything that she's taken from us. And then we'll see just how well she does when she's lost everything.


Thomas: If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?

Ridge: I would have talked to my father. You seem to have all the answers. How come you missed that one?

Thomas: Connor said this was the only way --

Ridge: Oh, you've already talked to our lawyer’s, huh? But you couldn't come to your own parents. You expect me to believe that Connor encouraged you to do this?

Thomas: No. No, he said it was illegal.

Ridge: But you still went ahead and did it.

Gaby: It's not his fault. I shouldn't have agreed to it. Please don't blame Thomas. Blame me.

Ridge: Oh, I do blame you. I blame both of you. And I think you took advantage of Thomas' big heart.

Thomas: No, she didn't, dad! I talked her into it.

Ridge: Doesn't seem like you had to talk too hard to get her into bed.

Taylor: Ridge --

Thomas: Dad, we didn't do anything. We haven't done anything.

Ridge: Because your parents walked in on you, that's why.

Thomas: Damn it, Dad, stop treating me like a little kid!

Ridge: Well, then stop acting like one. I'm contacting our lawyer. This relationship, this marriage, is over.


Bridget: All right. Here you go, sweetheart.

Nick: Thanks.

Bridget: I'm sure you guys just got off on the wrong foot.

Nick: Actually, he put his foot in his mouth.

Bridget: Look, he's just a dear friend who's concerned about me. But after tonight, he's gonna see exactly how much we love each other, and his concerns will just fly out the window.

Dante: Think of me as the man who's just gonna keep you honest, Mr. Marone.

Nick: That's so rich, coming from you.

Dante: Well, you must be Brooke, Bridget's mother.

Brooke: And you must be Dante, Bridget's friend.

Dante: Aye.

Brooke: So nice to finally meet you.

Dante: You're definitely more beautiful than I imagined.

Nick: Let's start dinner. I'm getting nauseous.

Dante: I wasn't sure you'd welcome me.

Brooke: Because you helped Taylor come back home.

Dante: It's a difficult situation.

Brooke: Well, you were there for Bridget when she needed somebody, so you're always welcome here in my home.

Dante: I'm glad you feel that way, 'cause I'm planning on spending as much time as I can here -- as long as Bridget will allow.


[ Jackie remembering ]

Mark: I put Marone gas in car, work in a hospital with a Marone wing. Even my bank is owned by Marone Industries. My bank owned by Marone. Bank owned by Marone. Owned by Marone.

[ Echoing ]

Jackie: Okay, courage. Come on. Nothing -- absolutely nothing is won without risk. Massimo. Hello, it's me, and I know that you are not really happy with me at the moment. No, I understand why. Please, let's not get into that right now. Actually, I need to see you, and it's urgent. Could I come over? Thank you. Thank you. Stephanie, you've been manipulating people's lives for a very long time. Brooke, Ridge, even Eric. But this time, you've gone too far. I'm on to you, sister, and I'm the one that's gonna bring you down.


Gaby: Your father was right. This is all my fault.

Thomas: No. This was my idea. My dad just -- he doesn't understand that I'm growing up and making my own decisions. Is that what you think, that this was a stupid idea?

Taylor: I think marriage is a sacred bond. It's a commitment of love. It's not something to be used to circumvent the law.

Thomas: You don't understand.

Taylor: I do understand, Thomas. What you did was wrong, but -- but I know your heart was in the right place, and I'm proud of the man you're becoming here. You're kind, you're compassionate, you're loving.

Thomas: Thank you. Thank you.

Gaby: I am so sorry.

Taylor: We'll figure something out. Okay? Somehow, we'll figure something out.

[ Gaby sobbing ]


Dante: You know, I must admit, I haven't been here long enough, but I -- I like L.A. It has a vibrant energy.

Nick: Vibrant?

Dante: It's just a little tough to get around, you know?

Bridget: Maybe mom could show you around some of the major landmarks, the museums. Or you could sit for him. Dante is an incredible artist.

Dante: What a challenge, to try to capture your beauty on canvas.

Nick: Oh, god.

Hope: Read me a

Nick: Oh, hey.

Brooke: Oh, sweetie, I'll put you to bed, okay?

Hope: No, Uncle Nick promised.

Nick: That's right, I did. A promise is a promise.

Brooke: Oh, all right. Well, you read, and I'll tuck her in. Okay?

Nick: Come on.

Brooke: Excuse us.

Nick: Let's see –


Dante: You asked me here to witness this great love between you and Nick.

Bridget: Yeah. So now, you can just put your mind at ease.

Dante: No, all I saw how is with the mother, and to that little girl.

Bridget: Oh, we're a really close family, so I can -- I can see how an outsider wouldn't be able to grasp the situation.

Dante: Well, maybe sometimes, an outsider can see a lot more than anyone else.

Bridget: I'm gonna start the dishes.

Dante: Bridget, Bridget, listen to me, okay? This man is so wrapped up in your mother's life and the life of her children. I mean, I thought you guys talked about this.

Bridget: Nick is my mother's friend.

Dante: No, no, no, no. They're so close that he didn’t want your mother to come and sit for me. Yet, he has no problem leaving you and me here downstairs alone while he's upstairs with your mother.

Bridget: That's not what's going on. You are trying to make this out to be something that it's not.

Dante: Bridget, maybe you don't see it, maybe Nick doesn't see it, but I see it. And I'm your friend.

Bridget: I'm gonna tell you this is wrong. Wrong. Look, maybe my mother and my fiancé are close. They have drawn a distinct line, and they're not going to cross it.

Dante: And you're sure about that?

Bridget: Yes! I'm 100% sure. And quite frankly, I'm a little sick of hearing this from you.

Dante: Maybe 'cause you know it's true. Listen, Bridget, get away from this, okay? Walk away. I mean, this seems like a nice home, but it's not your home. Nick loves Hope. She loves him. They're already a family here, okay? You're going down the wrong path.

Bridget: No.

Dante: A path to disaster.

Bridget: No, no, I'm not.

Dante: Bridge, I don't want you to be hurt again. Come away with me.

Bridget: What?

Dante: Take off this ring, leave it here. Come away with me. I wanna make you happy -- I mean, truly happy, for the first time in your life.

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