B&B Transcript Friday 7/15/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/15/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Mark: What does Mrs. Forrester have to do with..

Jackie: With my funding proposal? Nothing, although it was your expertise with her that got me thinking.

Mark: Mrs. Ma.. Jackie, you know  that I can’t discus a patient with you.

Jackie:  Well, I wasn’t asking for Stephanie’s blood count.

Mark: What sort of relationship do you think I had with her?

Jackie: Mark.

Mark: Well, I’m not sure what you’re proposing here, but maybe I should go.

Jackie: No, please. Don't. Obviously, I owe you an explanation.


Thomas: Hey.

Gaby: Hey.

Thomas: Whoa, look at this. You went all-out.

Gaby: Don't tell me you already ate, right?

Thomas: No, no. Is it somebody's birthday?

Gaby: No, but it is a celebration of some sorts. I'm reinstated. I'm the newest member of the freshman class at Largemont College.

Thomas: Wow, that's great. Congratulations.

Gaby: Hey, look, I know that immigration officer really worried me, too. But now that I've reapplied for citizenship, and my status is pending, I'm reinstated. I mean, which was the whole point of getting married, right? Are you happy?

Thomas: For you, of course. Of course. But not happy about having to tell you something you probably won't like. I think I've steered you wrong from the beginning.


Taylor: Almost done?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: What's for dinner? Oh, Thomas won't be home, by the way.

Taylor: Hmm? So, didn't go too well?

Ridge: I disowned him.

Taylor: Okay.

Ridge: I told him if he wanted to work in the gutter with Sally Spectra, then he could just go sleep there, too.

Taylor: Well, at least we can give him a blanket. But we do have to take his cell phone back.

[ Knock at door ]

Phillip: Mr. Forrester?

Ridge: Yes?

Phillip: And you must be Mrs. Forrester?

Taylor: Yes, I am.

Phillip: A stroke of luck to catch you both. Phillip Dunne, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. It's about your son. Actually, it's about your daughter-in-law.

Taylor: Oh, we don't have a married son.

Phillip: Oh, yes. You do.


Stephanie: Why are you being so plucky? You hate me, I know that. And you're miserable, because Ridge is happy with Taylor. You're here all alone, which is just the way I said you would end up. You're giving me all the credit? Well, I'll take it. What do you think about that?

Brooke: At the moment, I'm just thinking about your health.

[ Stephanie scoffs ]

Stephanie: Please, honey. My heart took the hit, not my IQ. What you'd really like is for me just to keel over dead right here. What did you say to me in the hospital -- "die, Stephanie, die"?

Brooke: I'd hardly say that now, to a sick, old woman with a cane.


Jackie: I have confused you. I've confused myself. Oh, it is so humiliating to be so needy. I mean, you saw yourself how things stand between my husband and me.

Mark: I know. I wanted to punch him.

Jackie: Mark --

Mark: I know. I put Marone gas in my car, I work in a hospital with a Marone wing. I mean, my bank's even owned by Marone Industries. Guys like me don't punch guys like Massimo Marone, or have intimate dinners with their wives.

Jackie: Now you see how alone I am.

Mark: I guess I just misunderstood. I mean when you brought up Mrs. Forrester…

Jackie: Oh well, that was just because of our long history. I mean you can’t possibly think that I would ask anything unethical of you? Here, have some more wine, if you’re staying.

Mark: If all you want to know is her general condition, I can assure you she is on her way to making a full recovery.

Jackie: Even with such a close brush with death?

Mark: This is supposed to be good news.

Jackie: It is, for Stephanie’s friends, for my husband. But not for me.


Ridge: How many Forresters are in the phone book?

Phillip: Actually, I have that information.

Taylor: Well how many of those are Thomas’?

Phillip: This Thomas Forrester is enrolled at Larchmont College in the fall, currently employed at Spectra Couture.

Taylor: Somebody must have stolen his social security number, or something.

Phillip: Would you recognize his signature?

Ridge: Yeah, I think I would.

Phillip: Then I guess I can show you this. After all, a marriage license is public record.

Taylor: Thomas and Gaby?

Ridge: Beautiful bells wedding chapel, Las Vegas?

Phillip: Yeah. He just wanted to get in and get out. Maybe get some fries with your vows. And, of course, a green card.

Ridge: Wait. Gaby's not an illegal.

Phillip: Technically not, since June 24th.

Ridge: Her mother's been working for my family for years.

Phillip: It's not for me to discuss immigration policy. It's just for me to enforce it. And I must tell you, an immigration marriage fraud is a serious crime.

Taylor: I know that Thomas and Gaby, they're very attached, close.

Phillip: I should hope so.

Taylor: Well, I'm just saying that I think -- I think fraud is a really harsh word.

Phillip: If the shoe fits.


Thomas: I blame myself for not thinking this through.

Gaby: Whatever you want to do, it's okay.

Thomas: It's not me. It's us -- whatever we decide. I just didn't know we'd be investigated and living under a microscope for two years.

Gaby: I know. It started out scary, and it got even scarier.

Thomas: I almost told my dad today. But then my mom showed up, and I realized, you know, that wouldn't be fair. This isn't just my thing, Gaby. You know, I want to tell my parents, but I need to know that it's okay with you.


Stephanie: Why this sudden and rather touching concern about my health? The last time we were together at the hospital, you tried to kill me.

Brooke: You could've charged me for attempted manslaughter. You still can.

Stephanie: Oh, is that why you're acting like a little church mouse?

Brooke: Why haven't you?

Stephanie: Well, the law never protected my family from you before. I mean, no one's ever even lifted a finger but me. I had to do the whole thing by myself.

Brooke: You're very proud of that, aren't you?

Stephanie: It took me a long time. Years. Years. But you are the dream that we're waking up from, and now we could get on with the happy chore of forgetting you.

Brooke: Go ahead, Stephanie. Gloat. Revel in your triumph, however short-lived it may be.

Stephanie: Are you threatening me again?

Jackie: Now you know the ugly truth about me, that I could wish another woman ill. There was a time when I cared about what Stephanie thought, because of her relationship, her closeness with Massimo. I actually thought we could be friends.

[ Jackie chuckles ] What a mistake that was. She found out my weaknesses, my secrets, and she used them against me with unimaginable cruelty. And she'll turn you against me, too, if she gets the chance.

Mark: I make up my own mind about people.

Jackie: This is reckless of me. It's completely reckless of me to be telling you all this. You saved her life. You are a person of character. She puts you in the highest regard, I'm sure. It's just that I could not bear to see you become one of Stephanie's victims. Not you. Not ever.


Stephanie: Do you have some sort of a plan?

Brooke: I have two children to raise. That's what I plan to do.

Stephanie: Are you going to use them to yank Ridge's chain?

Brooke: No. That's your specialty.

Stephanie: He's not going to come back to you. You know why? Because with Taylor, he's remembering what a marriage is really all about, what it's supposed to be. Not a perpetual state of emergency.

[ Knock on door ]

Megan: Excuse me. Eric says he's about ready to head home, if you are.

Stephanie: Nothing to keep me here.


Jackie: How's the lamb?

Mark: It's delicious. It's one of my favorite things.

Jackie: Not dining alone -- that's one of mine.

Mark: Yeah, I can't help but wondering what you said about Mrs. Forrester.

Jackie: Oh, I've made you uncomfortable again.

Mark: No, no. It's just -- in my patient/doctor relationship with her is confidential, yes, but yours isn't. So would you mind my asking –


[ Phone ringing ]

Jackie: Hold that thought. I'll get rid of whoever it is. Hello?

Brooke: I couldn't call until now, but guess who's here at the office -- Stephanie.

Jackie: Marcello. How good of you to check on us.

Brooke: So mark's still there? That's good.

Jackie: Yes. Yes, everything arrived.

Brooke: Well, you know what? There was no "heart" in heart attack. You were right. It was just purely an attack on me. 100% fake. Stephanie's been hobbling around on a cane. Guess what? She forgot to take it with her.

Jackie: Oh, believe me, I would tell you if there had been a mistake.

Brooke: You should have heard her gloating. She almost pushed me into saying too much. So how's it going with mark?

Jackie: Well, actually, if I had to find fault with something, the meat could be a little more tender.

Brooke: He's not cooperating?


Jackie: I wouldn't go so far as to say that. I just have to be a little more forceful, that's all.

Mark: It doesn't seem that tough to me.

Jackie: Well, if you'll excuse me, um, I don't want it to get cold.

Brooke: Right. Call me if you need me.

Jackie: I will. Good-bye. Thanks for checking.

[ Jackie sighs ] More wine.

Mark: If it's not too personal, how did Mrs. Forrester turn on you?

Jackie: Oh, nothing could be more personal, Mark.

Mark: I don't mean to pry, it's just that you're wealthy, influential. I would think you'd be able to stand your ground, you know, if anyone could.

Jackie: So did I, mark. So did I. Until Stephanie destroyed my marriage.


Thomas: Okay. We said we wouldn't talk about it until after dinner, and it's now after dinner.

Gaby: I think -- I think telling your parents is another one of your brilliant ideas. I just -- I can't take this lying all the time. I'm so sick of getting bright red every time anybody mentions getting married or being married. I'd rather them think I'm a tramp and know I'm not then to have them think I'm sweet and innocent and know I'm a liar.

Thomas: Wow.

Gaby: Wow, what?

Thomas: You know, sometimes I forget how amazing you are.

Gaby: You know, I might make a lousy wife, but I -- I think I could make a pretty good girlfriend.

Thomas: Yes. Yes, that's what I need. I want my girlfriend back.

Thomas: Is it okay? I’ve been afraid to touch you. It’s like I’ve been afraid you’ll feel like you’re my wife now do your duty.

Gaby: I’ve been afraid that if I even put my hand on your arm that you would think it was just gratitude. Thomas, I don’t want to thank you, I just want….

[door slams]

Ridge: Thomas get off of her.


Jackie: I make Stephanie’s work easy for her. You see, Massimo he can be so driven and, and remote, and I have a woman’s needs.

Mark: And they weren’t being met?

Jackie: Oh! What is the use in dredging all of this up again. I mean, Massimo is just not attracted to me anymore. I don't think he ever really was.

Mark: I find that hard to believe.

Jackie: You don't have to say that.

Mark: Jackie, you're a very beautiful woman. It's been killing me to not say it. And any guy that can't be satisfied with you --

Jackie: There is only one woman in Massimo's eyes, and that's Stephanie Forrester.

Mark: Are you telling me --

Jackie: I'm telling you that she is everything that I'm not, and she won't let me, or anyone else, forget it. Oh, Mark, I was weak. There was an indiscretion -- a younger man.

Mark: Jackie, these things happen.

Jackie: Not to Stephanie they don't. She's uprightness itself. She's got absolutely no tolerance for frailty. Her idea of integrity is shouting the truth from the highest hill for all the world to hear, and she doesn't care who gets hurt.

Mark: She's not such a pillar of virtue. I mean, she's done things that she wouldn't want people to know.

Jackie: What kind of things?


[ Door opening ]

Stephanie: Look what you made me forget.

Brooke: I wondered when you'd miss it. I was gonna bring it by the house.

Stephanie: Don't do that, ever. And if I drop a kidney on the way out, just put it in the mail. Suit yourself.

Stephanie: I know what you're doing.

Brooke: What am I doing?

Stephanie: You're holding back the tears so that you can cheat me of my moment. But make no mistake about it. It's my moment, and my victory. I said I would do whatever it took.

Brooke: And you did. You never cease to amaze me, Stephanie, what you're capable of. And nobody even sees it.

Stephanie: You know what they say? What doesn't kill you strengthens you.

Brooke: You know what I say? What doesn't kill you makes it easier to take you down next time.


Mark: I shouldn't say any more.

Jackie: It's something medical, some dreadful disease.

Mark: No.

Jackie: Well then, why can't you tell me? Oh, if I could only stop feeling like dirt under the heels of that woman's perfections.

Mark: Perfection doesn't exist, all right? We've all done something that we're ashamed of, or should be. Including Stephanie Forrester. And including me.

Jackie: Oh, I can't bear to hear you talk like that. You're so young.

Mark: It was a month ago.

Jackie: Of all the good you do every day, the crises that you deal with, the pain that you lessen. I mean, you mustn't feel so responsible if an itsy bitsy wrong judgment just slips in there amongst all those right ones.

Mark: When a family is gathered around my patient's bed, I'm responsible. If there's a misconception going on, I'm the one who needs to correct it.

Jackie: Stephanie's bed?

Mark: There was a deception going on in that room, a manipulation, and I was part of it.

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