B&B Transcript Thursday 7/14/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/14/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Stephanie: Ridge?

[ Stephanie sighs ]

[ Glass shattering ] Janitor's so clumsy sometimes.


Jackie: If you're right, if Stephanie trumped up that heart attack, as sure as I'm standing here --

Brooke: Well, I still have trouble believing that Mark would claim --

Jackie: Why? He is the darling of the medical staff. He's Stephanie's personal physician. Who would question him? I mean, he tinkers with a few machines, intercepts the lab reports, falsifies a few records. And I'm sure he said to himself, "Mark, you do this one questionable thing, and your career is set for life. Who's it gonna hurt?"

Brooke: Can you get him to say that?

Jackie: Stephanie has her means of persuasion, and I have mine.


Ridge: It may drape right, but how will it feel in six hours?

Ava: Mrs. Forrester, so good to see you up and around.

Stephanie: Well, thank you, Ava. It's good to be seen up and around. The doctor said a little gentle exercise will build my strength up.

Ridge: I think kicking in the pool is what he had in mind, Mother. Ava, let's do this tomorrow, okay?

Ava: Of course.

Stephanie: Bye-bye. I know you're angry with me.

Ridge: You got what you wanted, Mother.

Stephanie: So did you, and don't forget it.

Ridge: Really? Did I really?


Dante: Hey.

Massimo: Ah, well. It certainly is nice to see somebody using the pool.

[ Speaking Italian ]

Dante: No, grazie.

Massimo: Ah, okay. It costs me a fortune to heat that damn pool. But luckily, Dante, I have a fortune. You know, you could use it every day if you would stay. You could use the tennis court. You could use the stables. Whatever you want.

Dante: Massimo, you're great friend, and a great host. But this gallery arrangement -- if it's gonna work out, I'm gonna need a studio space.

Massimo: Space, space, that's all I got is space, rattling around in this house by myself.

Dante: I have a feeling that's gonna change anytime.

Massimo: Ah.

Nick: Hey, pop! Oh. The sculptor. Oh. Looks like you've been doing too many push-ups out by the pool. You're dripping on the rug.

Dante: Nice to see you, too.

Nick: Did you actually use the pool, or is this the way you travel?

Massimo: I have been trying to talk him into staying, that's what I've been doing. But, at least he's gonna be in Los Angeles. He's had some meetings with a few galleries.

Nick: Well, I know he's a smooth talker.

Massimo: Dominick --

Nick: He lied about knowing Taylor.

Massimo: He was trying to protect her privacy.

Nick: Oh, is that what it was?

Dante: I'm gonna go.

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no. Don't you dare. He knows exactly the way I expect our guests to be treated here.

Nick: These are the leases on the new tankers. I didn't like the terms, so I kicked them back. You may want to look at them.

Massimo: Okay, that's fine. I'm gonna review these in my study. Excuse me, Dante.

Dante: Want something to drink?

Nick: Some life you sculptors have.

Dante: Here, in case you're worried about the rug.

Nick: Thanks. Last time I saw you, you were ready to catch a flight.

Dante: I missed it.

Nick: I know. How was lunch with my fiancÚ?

Dante: Bridget and I had a delightful afternoon. In fact, that's when I decided to stay.


Brooke: Be careful. Decide how far you want to go, and then just draw the line.

Jackie: Oh, Brooke, I would do almost anything to expose Stephanie, but not that. I want my husband back. Now, would you call me in, say, three hours, a distraction? You know, I might need rescuing.

Brooke: Sure.

Jackie: Thanks.

Brooke: I think you're gonna need this, too -- my digital recorder. I carry it for work. There's menu, and record. That's it.

Jackie: Okay.

Brooke: Just make sure you get mark to say something. Something that he can't unsay.

Jackie: Wish me luck.

Brooke: Luck never worked before. Let's just hope that this time, Stephanie finds herself outmatched.


Stephanie: You went over to Brooke's after you lambasted me, didn't you?

Ridge: Go home, Mother, and recuperate. Brooke will be fine. She doesn't need any of us.

Stephanie: I doubt she really feels that way.

Ridge: All these years, and you still don't know her at all. You want to know what was said? I told her that I handled everything very poorly. I told her that I let you play me like a violin, and my feelings for her are still as strong as ever.

Stephanie: But you went home to Taylor, didn't you?

Ridge: Yeah, I went home last night.

Stephanie: Then the worst is over. And you've weathered it. I knew you'd have second thoughts, 'cause that's just how you are. Honey, won't you allow yourself to be happy, please?

Ridge: Thomas is due here in a couple minutes. I need to talk to him privately.


Stephanie: Tom.

Thomas: Hey. Hey, grandma, how you feeling?

Stephanie: Fine, sweetheart. Your father's waiting for you.

Thomas: Yeah, okay. Good to see you.

Stephanie: Good to see you.


Thomas: Hey, Dad.

Ridge: Come on in.

Thomas: Can you believe grandma?

Ridge: Believe her?

Thomas: Yeah. She's, like, walking around by herself in the best mood in the world. Which, apparently, you are not in.

Ridge: What I want to know is, when were you gonna tell me about this?

Ridge: Tell him Taylor and I insist. All right, Massimo. Oh, yeah. Well, what are sons for? Okay, bye-bye. So your grandfather Eric suggests design school. Is that so far beneath you?

Thomas: You've been my design school, you know? Plus, I didn't see me learning a whole lot here delivering coffee as an intern. So, when spectra was offering me the chance to go design a new teen line --

Ridge: You should've brought your contract to me first.

Thomas: So, you're saying you're okay with it?

Ridge: No. Go to work in an office like sally spectra's, a knock-off house, and you learn bad habits, which you'll just have to unlearn once you come work for us.

Thomas: I kept looking for the right time to tell you, but --

Ridge: Yeah, I figured it was something like that. Listen, the right time to talk to me about anything is anytime. Okay? I know it seems like I've got a lot on my mind, but you are one of those main things. Understood?

Thomas: Okay. I'm sorry.

Ridge: Well, I'm sorry if it seems like I haven't been paying attention lately, because I have. Anything else you'd like to tell me about?

Thomas: Like what?

Ridge: Oh, I don't know, maybe just something, maybe, about Gaby?


[ Romantic music plays ]

Jackie: For you, my darling.

[ Doorbell rings ] I'm coming.

Mark: Hi.

Jackie: Hello. Oh, how very thoughtful. Come in.

Mark: I hope you didn't go to too much trouble.

Jackie: Oh, it's no trouble. I called Marcello's. Everyone who lives in towers who caters call Marcello's. Why don't we sample that lovely wine you brought.

Mark: I hope it's good. The guy at the wine shop said it was -- won some kind of prize.

Jackie: You know, you mentioned when you were here earlier that life had been very stressful lately. I'm sure that Stephanie alone kept you hopping. Why don't we sit down?

Mark: I'll admit, I've had easier weeks.

Jackie: Oh. Oh, what are you wearing? Your cologne?

Mark: Oh, Jabot for men.

Jackie: So masculine. So masculine.

Mark: Thanks.

Jackie: What should we toast to? Ah -- I know. Stephanie Forrester, and the man responsible for her health.


Massimo: Dante. I just spoke to ridge. He and Taylor will not take no for an answer. They don't use the house in Mmalibu. You'll be on the beach, you'll have privacy. You'll have plenty of room for a studio.

Nick: I'm sure he doesn't want to start freeloading off the Forresters.

Dante: Actually, sounds great.

Massimo: I thought it would. So, you're gonna stay for dinner?

Dante: If you insist.

Massimo: I insist. I will tell the cook. Dominick?

Nick: Some of us work. Well, I guess you're Forrester's problem now. I'm sure you and his wife will pick up from where you left off, wherever that was. Enjoy your push-ups at the beach.

Dante: Give Bridget my best.


Stephanie: Brooke.

Brooke: Hard at work already?

Stephanie: Just waiting for Eric.

Brooke: I'll find him for you. Oh, I'm sure Mark would like to see you home in bed.

Stephanie: Oh, my heart feels stronger than ever. How's yours?


Thomas: Dad, I'm not a little kid anymore. Don't I get a private life?

Ridge: I'm not objecting to Gaby, all right? I'm not asking for details. It's a big improvement over Amber, that's for damn sure. I just hope you take it slow this time, you know? If it's right, then you shouldn't have to rush it. That's the sure way to mess it up.

Thomas: I guess there is one detail you should know about.


Nick: Little question/answer time, Casanova. Ever since I've known Bridget, I've never heard your name.

Dante: Maybe there's a reason for that.

Nick: Well, why don't you tell me what that reason might be?

Dante: How's this? If Bridget felt like she needed to tell you something, I'm sure she would have.

Nick: Don't get out of line. 'Cause if you do, I have to fix it.

Dante: You know, you sound like that sailor when I was a kid. You eat cans of spinach, too?

Nick: Do us a favor and just skip on up to Malibu. If the old man feels the need to speak Italian with somebody, you're more than welcome to come back and do chin-ups in the backyard for the neighbors. Until then, stay away from my fiancÚ.

Dante: Stay away from her mother.

Nick: What did you say?

Dante: If Bridget is in need of company, whose fault is that?

Massimo: Dominick, are you sure you won't stay for dinner?

Nick: No. Thanks, Pop.

[ Nick sniffs ] I don't like the smell of the olive oil tonight.


Stephanie: You don't have to be strong for me. We've known each other too long.

Brooke: I wonder.

Stephanie: Wait, am I -- are you -- are you going to be throwing insults and incriminations at me? I mean, I know them so well I could probably say them. But I wouldn't want to spoil your opportunity.

Brooke: You really shouldn't get yourself all agitated, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Oh, I've never been less agitated in my life. My heart attack was my cure. It surgically removed you. You know, you just can't hold things in. I learned that the hard way. I understand my son came to see you. You must've just been thrilled when you opened up that door and saw him standing there. And then I bet you were crushed when he left and went home to Taylor. Brooke, that's going to happen every time he comes to see Hope and the baby. Don't you think the best thing for you -- for you -- would be to give up the children? What's that look in your eye? It's not defeat, it's -- oh, oh. That's a "I'm gonna get you" look.


Jackie: I have to tell you, I am very old-fashioned. Doctors, they're like gods to me. I mean, the way you hold people's lives in your hands.

Mark: The pre-HMO point of view.

Jackie: But when it's somebody with so much influence and so much money, and so used to getting her way --

Mark: I don't adjust my level of care to a patient's bank balance.

Jackie: Oh, Mark, I would never think such a thing. I mean, you strike me as, above all, dedicated.

Mark: A doctor's all I ever wanted to be.

Jackie: And dedication deserves to be rewarded. I think that you know I had an ulterior motive in inviting you here tonight.

Mark: Well --

Jackie: I want to know all about you, Mark. Your passions. Medically speaking, of course. Would you say cardiology, research --

Mark: That's two of them.

Jackie: Hmm. Well, I'm thinking of contributing a rather substantial sum to university hospital for a new program, perhaps even a new wing. Oh, my -- if you would be available to chair it.

Mark: Mrs. Marone --

Jackie: Jackie.

Mark: I don't know what to say. I had no idea you were thinking about --

Jackie: I've been very impressed with you, Mark. Your compassion, and your skills.

Mark: That's very flattering.

Jackie: Then you wouldn't mind if I asked you just one slightly indiscreet question?

[ Mark clears throat ]

Mark: Not at all.

Jackie: You're so honest. You're so honest. I mean, most of the people that I deal with, they are really, really jaded. Do you know, I think I might be able to trust again with you?

Mark: I -- I think I know what your question is, and my answer, too.

Jackie: You do? Then you know it's about Stephanie Forrester.

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