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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/6/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

[missing about 5 minutes of the transcript due to breaking news on the shuttle]

Nick: But that's not what I see is the issue, here. It's the routes. I keep telling you that, the routes. We're expanding; we can't have any unexpected problems here. Hang on one second. Listen; let me get back to you on this later, okay? Thanks. Hey pop, what's up? Oh, no. No, I just -- I moved it one day because I took hope fishing yesterday, actually. Well, because I just felt that was a priority, that's all. I wanna spend a little time with her. Don't worry about it, I moved it one day. I sent him a case of Bordeaux. We'll probably wind up doubling the business. Right. Thanks. No, no, no, that's set for next week. Yeah. No, no, no. I got the specs on that. Let me get those over to you later, will you? Yeah, I got that ham --

[ Nick gasps ] No, no, no, I -- I got everything covered. Something's are a little stickier than others. Can I get back to you? Really? Okay, good. I'll get that to you later today. Yeah. Bye!


Stephanie: Listen, it took all of my energy to persuade your father to go to work. I hope I don't have to expand that much energy on you two.

Darla: Come on, you should let people fuss over you. It's good for what ails you, huh?

[ All laugh ]

Stephanie: The only time people get fussed over is when they're getting married or they're dying, and I'm not doing either one.

Thorne: Well, we just wanna make sure you're all right, mother.

Stephanie: I am, honey, thank you.

[ Knock on door ]

Darla: I'll get that if you don't mind.

Stephanie: Well, obviously, whoever is in line to fuss over me is waiting outside the door.

Massimo: I have come to pay my respects to the queen of the ball.

Thorne: Well, she's all yours.

Massimo: Okay.

Darla: Hey, if you need anything, you call us, all right?

Stephanie: I will, thank you.

Darla: Okay.

Stephanie: Bye, honey.

Thorne: See you later.

Stephanie: Bye. Go to work!

Thorne: Take care.

Darla: Bye.

Massimo: Bye-bye. Take care.

Stephanie: The day's half-over.

Thorne: See you later.

Massimo: Stephanie, you are a fortunate woman, having such a loving family.

Stephanie: Oh, Massimo, if I had known that having a heart attack would attach them to my hip, I wouldn't have had it.

[ Massimo laughs ]

Massimo: Listen, we were afraid we were gonna lose you there.

Stephanie: Oh, not anytime soon.

Massimo: Ah, now, see, that's what I came to hear.

Stephanie: You were my inspiration.

Massimo: Oh?

Stephanie: Yes. When I got a little nervous there and thought I might not make it, I thought about you and how hard you fought to come back.

Massimo: Well, I'm glad that I could help.

Stephanie: Now I need you to talk to Ridge. Convince him that he's done the right thing.

Massimo: Why?


[news break here]

Bridget: Nick.

Nick: Maybe you have something to tell me. I can take it, you know. If you want to move on, and I could --

Bridget: Honey, no. No, honey, it's not me. I just wanna make sure it's the right time for you.


Jackie: You know, we share so many wonderful traits. We're loving, we're caring. We're full of passion. There is one unfortunate thing that we share, though.

Brooke: Stephanie.

Jackie: I've watched her attack you and undermine you and spread lies about you to people that you love.

Brooke: And now she's doing it to you?

Jackie: She's made it her life's mission to make sure that Massimo and I never reconcile. As though she could possible understand what we share. But you understand. Because you've lived all these years with her abuse. That feeling that nothing you can ever do is good enough in her eyes. We're branded. We're wearing our big scarlet letters and there's Stephanie pointing her hypocritical finger at us. It's got to end.

Brooke: I just don't know what else to do. Every time I think I finally have the upper hand, she still wins.

Jackie: That can change.

Brooke: I don't see how.

Jackie: You have more on Stephanie than you think. If she wanted to, she could have you behind bars right now. But you're not. Why? Brooke, you had these suspicions about her before anyone. You felt she was faking that heart attack.

Brooke: That was before I watched her nearly die.

Jackie: But she didn't die. Because it was another award-winning performance that fooled even you. Brooke, I am utterly convinced that she staged the whole thing.

Brooke: Jackie, listen to what you're saying. An institution like the University Hospital and a brilliant, up and coming doctor, Mark Maclaine. I mean, he has too much to lose.

Jackie: History is replete with examples of people with too much to lose who lose everything. All it takes is money. Dangling like a ripe fruit shining off of it. Even the most honest of souls will indulge, and Stephanie would pay a king's ransom to make sure that her precious Ridge did exactly what she thought was best for him.

Brooke: Still, for Stephanie to pull of a deception like that over the entire hospital.

Jackie: Only one doctor need be involved. A young, highly respected doctor with medical school bills hanging over his head, who just happens to be my newest neighbor here at century view towers.

Brooke: He can afford to live here?

Jackie: Fascinating, don't you think?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jackie:  I am not expecting anyone except for the doctor and he might be early. You better go in there. I don't want him to see you. Oh, doctor. You're early.


Bridget: People have just been pulling you in so many different directions. Me included.

Nick: Well, I like being pulled by you. Pull me. You can pull me.

Bridget: Oh, still. I know how full your life is. Work, my mom and the kids. I know that they're the most important thing to you right now. I know how you feel about them.

Nick: Well, Bridget, your mom and those kids are our family. You know, they're our family. You know, we're in this together. So, maybe they do need to be the priority right now. For a little while, anyway. Especially Hope. But don't -- hey, don't for one second think that you're not number one in my heart. Don't think that. What's going on with these questions? I mean, this is very unlike the Bridget I know. This insecurity and -- have you been talking to Stephanie, haven't you? Or my mother? Which one? I know it's one of the two.

Bridget: Sweetheart, no. I just had lunch with a friend recently and he got me thinking about a few things.

Nick: "He" who?

Bridget: Dante Damiano. I know you two have met, right?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, the liar.

Bridget: What?

Nick: Bridget, now this artist or sculptor or whatever he is may be qualified to show you around Rome, but he has no place making judgments on our relationship.

Bridget: Dante and I were close. When he heard I was invovolved with you, it was just a red flag.

Nick: Well, I asked him if he knew Taylor and he said no. He lied, which is kind of a red flag for me. Besides, I thought he was leaving town.

Bridget: Well, he's decided to stay.

Nick: He's decided to stay. And why do you think he's decided to stay? We both know, don't we? Can't you just hear him now.

[ Italian accent ] Bridget, I cannot leave L.A. Before I sculpture your body.

Bridget: Oh, come on.

Nick: But first I must feel your body.

Bridget: It's not funny.

Nick: I must know the essence of your body.

Bridget: Stop it.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Nick: And I must know your smell, like a beautiful --

Bridget: Okay, okay, I get it!

Nick: You're perfume's very strong. That's very nice.


Mark: I realize you said dinner.

Jackie: And it's barely past lunch.

Mark: Yeah, well, things at the hospital were a little slow, so I --

Jackie: Here you are. Delicious.

Mark: Um, you know, Mrs. Marone --

Jackie: Oh, Jacqueline. Or Jackie, if you prefer.

Mark: Well, then, I'm Mark.

Jackie: Yes, you are.

Mark: Jacqueline -- Jackie. Things at the hospital have been a little stressful lately, plus moving into my new place -- maybe we could do this another night?

Jackie: No. What I mean is, I have been looking forward to it. You can't cancel.

Mark: What about Mr. Marone?

Jackie: We're separated. He lives his life and I live mine. Oh, please, you can't disappoint me.

Mark: Well, a man's got to eat.

Jackie: Yes, a man certainly does.

Mark: 6:00 then?

Jackie: Cocktail hour. Perfect.

Mark: I'll -- I'll see you then.


Brooke: You're having dinner with Mark tonight?

Jackie: Uh-huh.

Brooke: Jackie, what are you up to?

Jackie: I am gonna find out exactly what shenanigans went on at that hospital. And if Mark confirms what we think, that Stephanie faked that heart attack, then Massimo and Ridge and everyone are gonna see her for what she really is -- a fanged werewolf.


Massimo: I can't say that I haven't tried to forget Jacqueline. But it's easier said than done.

Stephanie: Mas, I want you to put yourself first this time. Your wants and your needs. I want you to find someone who deserves you, someone who's gonna make you truly happy.

Massimo: You're the only one that comes close and you're married.

Stephanie: Well, the way Eric feels about me these days, be careful what you wish for. I'm serious. Now, look, if you let Jackie back in your life, you're only going to open yourself up to disappointment and a lot of heartache. I don't want that for you. I won't have that. I won't stand by. I love you too much.


Brooke: But if Mark was involved, he would never reveal that. It would be bad for his career, and he'd lose his license.

Jackie: Ah, but keep his century view tower apartment. You know, I'm sure Dr. Maclaine is a very smart man. I'm sure that Stephanie paid him just enough money to ease his troubles. I mean, think of it, Brooke. How long before Stephanie makes yet another contribution to the hospital based on Dr. Maclaine's very good care. And the man's gonna be a hero. Not just to Stephanie, but to the hospital. I mean, his is a star that is only going to rise. And think of all those functions that he's going to be able to host in his beautiful new apartment. He's gonna be the toast of L.A. Brooke, Ridge did choose. But he didn't choose Taylor. He didn't choose you. He chose his mother, because that is who he felt that he had to make happy. And I think Massimo's going to do the same.


Massimo: Thank you, darling.

[ Phone rings ]

Stephanie: Hello?

Jackie: Stephanie, how nice to hear your voice. Just calling to make sure you got home safe and sound.

Stephanie: Not disappointed that I did get home safe and sound?

Jackie: I don't think you want me to answer that. Quite a number you pulled on Brooke. Doubt she ever saw it coming.

Stephanie: I think Brooke now understands that she has no part in Ridge's life.

Jackie: I suppose she does.

Stephanie: You know, Jackie, you and Brooke really don't understand or appreciate men of the caliber of Ridge and Mas. Taylor does. And she also makes Ridge appreciate and understand what he's capable of accomplishing in his life. That's why he chose her. And that is exactly why, eventually, Mas will turn you out.

Jackie: Back to the gutter to wallow with Brooke?

Stephanie: Birds of a feather. Good-bye, Jackie.


Jackie: You heard her. She was practically salivating at the thought of just ripping apart yet another family. We have to stop her, Brooke. We have to expose her for what she really is. She is a woman who can rationalize doing anything just as long as it gets her what she wants. She's evil. And I am going to prove it. But I need your help. If Stephanie faked that heart attack, then this is the beginning of the end for Stephanie Forrester.

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