B&B Transcript Thursday 7/7/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/7/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Was it worth it? Saving your mother, just to lose your son? Lose your son? Lose your son? Lose your son? Loose your son? Lose your son? Lose your son? Lose your son?

Hope: Daddy, will you read me a story?

Brooke: Ridge, look. Walk to daddy, sweetie.

Ridge: Logan. I love you. I never meant for this to happen.


Hope: I remember this house.

Brooke: Of course you do, sweetie. We've had a lot of happy times here.

[ R.J. Giggles ]

Bridget: Wow. Who did all this?

Brooke: Nick.

Nick: Hey! Come here, you.

Hope: Uncle Nick!

Nick: Yeah! I've been waiting for you. I'm so glad you're here. I'm getting so tired of playing dolls alone. You look so cute. Come on, will you help me out here? 'Atta girl.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Thank you.

Nick: Hey.

Bridget: This is all so incredible. You're so good to my family.

Nick: Ah. I like you guys.

Bridget: Hey, can you stay here for a little bit? I wanna go -- I'm gonna go talk to Ridge.

Nick: You sure you wanna do that?

Bridget: Yeah, I'm sure.

Nick: Hey, hey.

Bridget: Thanks. I'll be back.

Nick: So. I wanna be introduced to everybody here. Oh, I know who this is. I'll bet this is you, isn't it? Hmm? I knew it. I'll bet I know who this on is. Look at that. I'll bet this one's mommy, isn't it? You know how I know that? Because she's just so pretty. Hmm? Isn't she? How about this guy? This is probably your good looking Ucle Nick, isn't it?

Hope: No, it's daddy. He doesn't live with us anymore.

Nick: Well, maybe we should put daddy down here, watching TV, okay? He can just be sitting right there on the couch. There we go.


Thomas: All right. That fits. Good, that looks really good. And for you -- all right, I have this. Let's see. Beautiful! I love it. Great. All right, now both of you face me, please. Uh-huh. Good, very good. That's great.

Gaby: Hey.

Thomas: Oh, hey, Gaby.

Gaby: Are you busy?

Thomas: That's all for now. Thanks, ladies. Working with gorgeous models every day. I guess that's just something your husband's gonna have to deal with.

Gaby: Thomas, will you stop? It's bad enough Nick found out.

Thomas: What, that I'm your husband?

Gaby: Do you want people to hear?

Thomas: I'm afraid Nick's not the only one who knows.

Gaby: Thomas, who did you tell?

Thomas: Immigration. I called this morning and got the ball rolling on your application.

Gaby: My application?

Thomas: For residency, now that you're married to a U.S. Citizen.

Gaby: I don't understand. I thought that we --

Thomas: I know. I know. It's all about the green card. But apparently, there're a few more steps before that can happen.

Gaby: Other steps?

Thomas: That's okay, right? I mean, I hope I didn't overstep or anything. It's just, I know how important this is to you, so -- Gaby?

Gaby: Thank you. Thank you so much.


Ridge: Did you come back for R.J.'S bear?

Bridget: No, Ridge. I came back to tell you how angry I am at what you've done to my mother.


Gaby: As long as I live, I'll never be able to thank you enough.

Thomas: Well, how about you just let me copy your homework at Larchmont, and that'll be all the thanks I need.

Gaby: Mm-mmm. I don't think so.

Thomas: What? No? Come on. Hey, you better reconsider because I just helped you solve your insurmountable problems with that little trip to Vegas.

Gaby: Please, stop it. This is nothing to joke about. Thomas, we said vows. Not to mention, we're lying to the government.

Dunn: Excuse me.

Thomas: Can I help you?

Dunn: Phillip Dunn. Bureau of citizenship and immigration services. Are you Thomas Forrester?


Ridge: Can we not do this now? I understand how upset you are.

Bridget: You better believe that I'm upset. How could you do this, Ridge? How could you do this to my mother and those children? Your own son.

Ridge: Do you think I'm happy about this?

Bridget: I don't know what you are! I don't -- I don't have a clue what you're feeling or what you're thinking. Quite honestly, I don't know if you do either, 'cause the Ridge Forrester that I knew would've have never, ever done this.

Ridge: It's the same Ridge Forrester who's standing in front of you right now. He's been struggling for weeks to -- listen, Bridget. You know how much having Taylor back means to me. It's the greatest miracle imaginable. And Brooke? I never meant to hurt her. I didn't wanna hurt her. It killed me to see her walk through that door with R.J. and Hope.

Bridget: Oh, it killed you? It killed you? You're the one that made it impossible for them to stay here when you remarried Taylor.

Ridge: It's not that simple. It just wasn't that simple. I never meant -- oh, god. God. I just don't know what to do.

Bridget: Well, you don't have to do anything. It's already done. You kicked them out, Ridge. You broke their hearts. The only thing left for you to do is to talk to your lawyer about how to get some visitation rights.

Ridge: Visitation?

Bridget: What did you think was going to happen?

Ridge: I'm just not prepared for this.

Bridget: Yeah, 'cause you didn't make any of the decisions. You let your mother do it for you.

Ridge: If I had chosen Brooke, I'd feel just as bad about Taylor.

Bridget: But Ridge, you didn't make a choice. You weren't thinking about your children or their future. The only thought going through your head was about Stephanie. How you could help her.


[ Hope giggling ]

Nick: Hey, you see these two guys? Okay. I want you to remember something. You're always gonna have your brother and your sister, right? Do you know that? Tell me you understand that. Do you understand? Give me five and tell me you understand. Okay.

Hope: I understand.

Nick: Thank you. Uh-oh, uh-oh, I think they're ready. Do you smell Catherine baking something in the kitchen? What do you think she's baking?

Hope: Cookies!

Nick: She's baking cookies! Will you go get some cookies, please? Go on, bring me back a few. Like, five. Like, ten!

Brooke: Catherine? What is she doing here?

Nick: I asked her to come over. I just think the less change in their life, the better.

Brooke: Well, you've made this move almost bearable.

Nick: Well, I wish I could fix your sad face.

Brooke: Saying good-bye to Thomas and the girls, and watching Ridge with Hope and R.J. As bad as I thought it would be, it was even worse.

Nick: I hope Forrester feels it ten times more than you do.

Brooke: Oh, Nick.

Nick: I mean it. Now, this guy has made you suffer, has made these kids suffer. I hope he feels that pain every day of his life. Same goes for his mother.


Thomas: You -- you're from immigration?

Dunn: Yeah. And I'll ask again. You Thomas Forrester?

Thomas: Yeah, I'm Thomas.

Dunn: This must be your lovely bride.

Thomas: Yes. Gaby. Gabriela. My wife. We're --

Dunn: Newlyweds.

Thomas: Did you get the form I faxed back to your office?

Dunn: I did indeed. It's interesting how you chose to get married right after your wife's status ran out.

Thomas: Oh, actually, we were so excited about the wedding, we didn't even notice the change.

Dunn: Excited about your wedding in Vegas?

Thomas: Where we got married has nothing to do with our love for each other. Or my wife's legal status.

Dunn: You'll be placed on conditional status until 90 days before your second wedding anniversary. In the meantime, it's my job to determine whether you married for love or a green card. You got anything you'd like to say?

Gaby: I -- we, Thomas and I, we didn't do anything wrong. I mean, I didn't even know I wasn't legal until after my mother died.

Dunn: Was that before or after you fell in love with Thomas, here? The truth, Mrs. Forrester.


Bridget: Well that's it, isn't it? That's why you're so confused. You let your mother choreograph this whole thing.

Ridge: My mother had a heart attack, Bridget.

Bridget: And she used it to get what she's been after for years. Even after having a heart attack, she was still able to get you and Taylor together. And you couldn't or you wouldn't see what she's doing.

Ridge: She was dying.

Bridget: But she didn't. Did she? Oh, for god's sakes, Ridge, open your eyes and see what is happening around you! See what your mother is doing! You better change your mind before it's too late. You have a very small window here before my mother moves on with her life and her children's life. And she will, unless you do something.

Ridge: Where is Brooke?

Bridget: She's at her house. With Nick.

Ridge: Oh, yeah. Go figure. I bet he hasn't left her side, either.

Bridget: Don't you dare bring him into this. He's there to support mom. Ridge, losing you was like a death to her.

Ridge: The last time she thought I died, Nick slept with her.

Bridget: Don't do this.

Ridge: Bridget, if you don't want to lose Nick to Brooke, keep them apart, because she's all he's ever wanted.

Bridget: Nick is in love with me. I am the most important person in his life.

Ridge: Just watch him. That's all I'm saying. You watch him like a hawk.


Nick: Forrester's a grown man. Grown men make their own decisions. Now, however this came down, the bottom line is he turned his back on those kids. That's as pathetic as it gets.

Brooke: Ridge and I have had to say good-bye before, but this is worse than ever, having to say good-bye to my son's father. This is it, nick. I am not going to look back. I am moving on from this point. I'm not gonna subject myself or my children to any more of this turmoil.

Nick: Good girl. Now you keep your head up. You show 'em how strong you are.

Brooke: I'm trying to be strong. I'm trying not to feel the pain. I feel so empty inside. Just like something -- like something died inside of me.


Dunn: So, you were saying that you didn't know you were illegal?

Thomas: Actually, that's not really what she meant.

Dunn: Let the lady talk for herself.

Thomas: Oh, sure, sure. I'd be happy to, as soon as she's feeling better. You see, Gaby hasn't been herself since her mother passed away. Helen, Gaby's mother, had a dream. She wanted her daughter to go to college. To be the first in her family to go farther than high school. And we wanna do everything possible to see that Helen's dream comes true.

Gaby: Yeah.

Thomas: I know there's a lot of interviews and reviews. So, if you could do anything to maybe help move the process along, we'd appreciate that.

Dunn: You love her?

Thomas: How could I not love her?

Dunn: I'll be in touch.

[ Gaby gasps ]

Gaby: Oh, Thomas.

Thomas: Shh, shh.

Gaby: No. I knew we'd get caught. I can't believe I dragged you into this.

Thomas: Hey. Hey. This was my idea, remember?

Gaby: I don't want to get you into trouble.

Thomas: Look, don't worry about me, all right? I got us into this, and I'll figure how to get us through it, okay? Just hold on, okay?


Brooke: My whole life has been about Ridge. My whole world revolved around him.

Nick: And now it doesn't. And that's gotta just scare the hell out of you. But there's a better life for you out there, Brooke. Believe me, there is. A life that's not filled with this heartache and this drama that this Forrester family is giving you. That Forrester himself, along with his mother -- now, you want that, don't you?

Brooke: Yes.

Nick: You want that for your children.

Brooke: Of course I do. But I think my children need their father.

Nick: But what kind of father are we talking about here? The man turned his back on your children, not his. He put his children's happiness first. Now, is that the kind of love that Hope and R.J. Deserve? Is it?

Brooke: No.

Nick: He hurt you. He hurt you worse than he ever could. And you survived. But now you've gotta focus on your kids. You've gotta be strong. You've gotta find that. Bridget and I will be there every step of the way for you. You're gonna be surrounded by people that love you. People that support you. People that want the best for you. People that won't abandon you. People that'll make sure you never get hurt again.

Ridge: You watch him like a hawk.

Nick: I made a vow to you a long time ago. That I'd always be there for you, no matter what. And I will. You and Hope and R.J. are the most important things in my life now.

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