B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/6/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/6/05


By Boo
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Brooke: Stephanie manipulated you, Ridge. She manipulated this whole situation, from beginning to end. She made you think that she was having a heart attack. She was dying, and you were desperate. Her last wish was to see you and Taylor remarried. Can you tell me that's not true?

Ridge: No. But it was my decision.

Brooke: She forced your hand, Ridge. Stephanie hit you with the mother of all guilt trips. And you fell for it.


[ Nick clears throat ]

Stephanie: Nick?

Nick: Sorry.

Stephanie: Well, you startled me. What do you want to do, give me a heart attack?

Nick: You got your color back. You're looking good, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, the doctors think I'm improving.

Nick: Well, good. I guess congratulations is in order. Even though you're in a hospital bed and you're hooked up to a heart monitor, eating bad food. Let's be honest, shall we? We both know this probably is one of the happiest weeks of your life.


Ridge: You have to understand. Everything happened so fast.

Brooke: Stephanie made it happen.

Ridge: She was sick, Brooke. We didn't think she'd make it. The chaplain was there, it seemed like the right time.

Brooke: Because of Stephanie and her heart attack.

Taylor: It wasn't like that.

Brooke: Ridge was scared. He was vulnerable and Stephanie took advantage of him.

Taylor: Do you really think that I would have gone through with this? Do you think I would have let him go through with it if I thought that he was being pressured?

Brooke: He was!

Taylor: I let him off the hook. I told that him he didn't have to do it. I wanted him to be certain. And he is.

Ridge: Look, if you want to talk about this, we can.

Brooke: Now you wanna talk?

Ridge: I think we should.

Brooke: I get it, Ridge. Better than you do.

Taylor: Well, no, you don't. Because, otherwise you wouldn't be blaming Stephanie. Brooke, I know this is hard for you to accept, but ridge did choose to be with me. It was his decision and we renewed our vows.

Brooke: With Stephanie lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to oxygen, tubes in her arms, machines beeping. Yeah, that's really romantic, Taylor. Maybe for your first anniversary, you and Ridge could tour the E.R.


Stephanie: Let's not talk about Brooke, all right?

Nick: How would you know that's why I'm here?

Stephanie: Now why else would you be here? She's upset about Ridge and Taylor renewing their vows, so I'm sure she turned to you and cried great crocodile tears.

Nick: You like thinking of her that way, don't you? Crying, devastated.

Stephanie: I like to think of her as being out of my son's life.

Nick: Well, this really has been a good week for you, then.

Stephanie: Considering that I had a heart attack, yes.

Nick: Hey, if it gets you what you want.

Stephanie: So, Brooke has been filling your head with ideas.

Nick: After talking to my mother today, I have ideas of my own.

Stephanie: Ah. That's absurd.

Nick: I'd say Brooke is pretty convinced if she'd go far enough to unplug your ventilator.

Stephanie: Yes, she was. Very convinced. And then she was proven wrong. Now, are you here with the same absurd accusations?

Nick: No. I am here because I care deeply about you, Stephanie. And I'd like to ask you a few questions.


Bridget: You guys have nothing to feel guilty about. You hear me?

Thomas: After mom came back, I asked Brooke to leave.

Bridget: Yeah, but you know what, that was -- that was your father's decision. He did what he thought was right.

Thomas: There was just -- there was just no good way out of it.

Hope: I'm going on a trip!

Bridget: Hey. Yes, you are. Is R.J. Still upstairs with Catherine? Oh, look. I told you that Catherine would find dolly. Here she is.

Hope: Dolly's going on a trip, too.

Bridget: Yes, she is. And so are you. And so am I. And so is mommy.

Hope: Will you come, too?

Thomas: We can't, short stuff. We're staying here.

Hope: With daddy?

Bridget: That's right, precious. They're going to stay here with daddy. And you and R.J. and me, we're gonna all go live with mommy.

Phoebe: But you can come see us whenever you want. Now, you tell your mommy whenever she needs a babysitter to call us.

Thomas: Everything's gonna be okay. Okay, Hope? We love you a lot. Don't ever forget that.

Hope: Dolly wants to stay with you.

Thomas: Thanks. We'll take good care of her. Just like mommy's gonna take good care of you.


Taylor: Brooke, we all knew a choice had to be made. We knew it might come down to this.

Brooke: I'm telling you what I know, Taylor.

Taylor: You need to justify Ridge's decision.

Brooke: No, what I'm saying is the truth. Ridge, your mother went too far this time. She's hurting you. And me. And the kids. And Hope and R.J., They love you so much.

Ridge: And I love them, Logan. That's never gonna change.

Brooke: But they're moving out of their own home.

Taylor: They don't have to leave tonight. Take some time, get settled.

Brooke: And leave my children with you?

Taylor: Whatever is easier for them.

Brooke: You mean what's easier for you! And you!

Taylor: Look, let's not get ugly about this, okay? It's for the sake of the children.

Brooke: Don't worry about my children. I'll take care of them. At least they still have their mother.


Stephanie: If you have a question that you would like to ask me, ask me.

Nick: Why no ambulance? If I'm having a heart attack, I'm making sure somebody dials 911.

Stephanie: Well, I was very fortunate. My son was with me. He drove me here.

Nick: To University Hospital?

Stephanie: That's where Dr. Macclaine is.

Nick: Macclaine's not a cardiologist.

Stephanie: He's our family physician.

Nick: Ah, yes. That old Forrester family. It's nice to have a doc in your pocket. And a cop, right? I did a little research. Detective Baker, I think his name is, right? Friend of the family's. I'm just curious as to why he didn't pay Brooke a visit today.

Stephanie: Well, that could be arranged.

Nick: But why haven't you called him? If you really believe that Brooke tried to murder you, why not call the cops?

Stephanie: I just didn't wanna deal with it. I'm so -- I'm exhausted.

Nick: Oh, you're too exhausted to kick Brooke while she's down? That just doesn't sound like you.

Stephanie: Brooke is no longer a concern of mine.

Nick: Unless, of course, what she's saying is true. Then you'd have a lot to be concerned about, wouldn't you? Oh, boy. Ridge and Taylor finding out they'd been manipulated.

Stephanie: I suggest you leave them alone.

Nick: Bad news for this hospital, too.

Stephanie: You keep saying things like this, and you're going to be very, very sorry, Nick.


Brooke: Bridget, I think it's time to leave.

Ridge: Bridget, you're leaving, too?

Bridget: Yes, I think mom's gonna need me.

Taylor: You know you're welcome back here any time.

Bridget: Thanks.

Ridge: Hey, Hope. Come here and give daddy a big hug. Sweetie, I'm gonna miss you so much.

Hope: Me, too.

Ridge: Oh, but I'll see you all the time, okay? We'll still do all the fun things that we always did. Swimming, the movies, the dance recitals.

Hope: You won't forget?

Ridge: No, sweetheart. No, I won't. I promise. Cross my heart.

Thomas: Brooke, is it okay if we say goodbye to R.J.? Hey. Hey, you take care of your mom, okay? You be a good boy for her.

Phoebe: We're going to miss you, R.J.

Steffy: When you come visit, we'll have snuggle time.

Thomas: Is there anything we can do for you?

Brooke: Just take care of your sisters. And don't be strangers, okay?

Thomas: Yeah.

Steffy: You, either. Bridget put the stuff in the car, okay?

Ridge: Brooke? Please?

Ridge: Our beautiful little boy. You've brought me so much joy. You don't deserve this. You don't understand. I wish I could explain so it would be better. I'm gonna miss you so much. I'll always love you, R.J. I'll always be your daddy.

Bridget: Mom? Hope's all buckled up. Are you ready?

Ridge: Brooke --

Brooke: I'll be right back. So, was it worth it? Saving your mother just to lose your son?

Ridge: I need to see him. Hope, too.

Brooke: And you should, Ridge. You're their father. They should be here, under this roof, with you and me. It hurts, doesn't it?

Ridge: I knew it would. But this is -- this is unbearable.

Brooke: Well, this is what Stephanie does to get what she wants. No regard for anybody else. Not you, not me, not the children. We had a life together, Ridge. We were a family.

Ridge: We are a family, Brooke. I still want us to be a family.

Brooke: Stephanie doesn't care what you want. I fought so hard to keep this dream alive, to see what we would become. Our destiny. And I just can't do it anymore! When Stephanie convinced you and Taylor to say vows to each other, that killed something inside of me, Ridge. It's gone. And when I walk out of this house, I'll be gone. For good. All I wanted was to have a happy, healthy family. I didn't want hHope and R.J. to grow up like Rick and Bridget. Children of a divorce.

Ridge: I didn't want that either, Brooke.

Brooke: Well, you didn't do anything about it, Ridge! You knew that Stephanie wanted to get rid of me. She's been doing this for years. And you didn't do anything about it. And I still don't know why! I counted on you. I counted on you to protect me, to protect us, and you didn't. You let me down.

Ridge: I'm sorry.

Brooke: I didn't deserve this, Ridge.

Ridge: No, you didn't. Brooke, wait.

Brooke: For what? I always thought that we were "unforgettable." But now, I just want to forget. I want to forget you. I want to forget Stephanie. I want to forget it all.

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