B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/5/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/5/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Hey, gorgeous.

Taylor: Good morning to you.

Ridge: Amazing, huh?

Taylor: Waking up next to you, in our own bed. It's incredible. Tell me I'm not dreaming. We're married.

Ridge: Yeah. Yeah, we are.

Taylor: If you had told me yesterday that I'd be starting today like this -- I'm so happy.

Ridge: Me, too.


Brooke: What did you do?

Nick: A little much?

Brooke: No. The kids are gonna love it, actually.

Nick: Good. Just thought I'd help make the transition a little easier.

Brooke: I'm going to go get them.

Nick: You know, if you go over there, you're gonna have to be strong. Hold your head up. It's gonna be hard.

Brooke: I know. But I have to just do it. Have to go over there and get the kids, get my stuff and get out of there. It's not my home anymore. Ridge and Taylor said their vows to each other. They live there now.


Mark: You are making a remarkable recovery.

Stephanie: I can't tell you how much better I'm feeling. Thanks, of course, to my doctor.

Sally: Have no fear, queenie, my darling. Your angel of mercy is here.

Stephanie: Sally! Hello.

Sally: Listen, handsome, be sure and leave your number so I'll know where to call you if I need you to pick me up again, hmm?

Mark: Sally.

Sally: Hi, Mark. How's the old girl doing?

Mark: Well, I'll let her tell you herself. If you excuse me.

Sally: You look pretty good for a dame who spent last night on death's doorstep.

Stephanie: I'm improving.

Sally: Well, congratulations, highness. After all of these years, you have finally gotten rid of Brooke Logan.

Sally: What's the matter, highness? What's going on? Why no fist pumping or cartwheels to celebrate? Come on. Brooke Logan is history. Thorne and Darla told me the whole story. They told me that Ridge and Taylor had renewed their vows in this room. But they said you were here now. You were hooked up to a bunch of tubes and wires and machines, and you could barely breathe.

Stephanie: Well, as I said a few moments ago, I'm improving.

Sally: Good. That gives us even more reason to celebrate.

Stephanie: Sally, I had a heart attack.

Sally: Oh, come on, highness. Just a sip. Just enough to wet your whistle.

Stephanie: The doctor would not approve of this.

Sally: Yeah, well, it's a good thing he's not here then, huh? Here's my toast. Here's to the end of an era.

Stephanie: To my son's happiness.

Sally: Here, here. I'll drink to that. You know, it's about time that ridge listened to his mother. Feels good, doesn't it?

Stephanie: To be free? Oh, god. We're all free, finally. She drove me right to the edge. Brooke put me in here, you know. Now it's her turn. Her turn to have her heart broken.


[ Doorbell rings ]

Nick: Mother.

Jackie: Nicky? Oh. You're here early.

Nick: I slept on the couch.

Jackie: You slept on the couch?

Nick: Brooke is already dealing with one crazy mother. Don't start.

Jackie: I just wanted to see if she was all right, that's all. Is she here?

Nick: No.

Jackie: Are you expecting her?

Nick: Yeah, in a little while. She went to pick up her kids.

Jackie: The way you answered the door, Nicky, it was like you were expecting someone.

Nick: Just the police, that's all.

Jackie: The police?

Nick: Actually, I'm surprised they're not here by now. I can't imagine Stephanie leaving her off the hook like this.

Jackie: For what?

Nick: Well, according to Stephanie, attempted murder.

Jackie: Murder?

Nick: Yeah. Brooke thought she faked the heart attack. So she unplugged the ventilator to see if she was faking.

Jackie: Oh, my word. Brooke really did think Stephanie's heart attack was a ruse.

Nick: It's really not that crazy when you think about it.

Jackie: I know.

Nick: What do you know?

Jackie: It crossed my mind, too.

Nick: Why? Why did it cross your mind?

Jackie: Why? I mean, think about what's happened, Nicky. I mean, think about the way that Stephanie feels about Brooke. How badly she wants Ridge with Taylor. If this was a maneuver, it was absolutely brilliant.


Brooke: You all packed?

Bridget: Hope thinks we're going on vacation.

Brooke: Oh. No, sweetheart. We're moving. We're moving back to that house, our old house. Remember? The one with the swing set that you liked so much. You know what? Uncle Nick is there, getting everything ready. So that'll be fun, right? We get to see Uncle Nick.

Hope: We're visiting Uncle Nick?

Brooke: Well, he's visiting us, 'cause we're going to live there. You, mommy, R.J.

Bridget: And me.

Hope: But we live here.

Brooke: Not anymore. See, there's just not enough room here since Taylor came back. But you'll get to see your brothers and sisters. And they'll visit you, and you can visit them.

Hope: Is daddy coming with us?

Bridget: Hey, kiddo. You know what? Your daddy's always gonna love you and he's always gonna be your daddy. But he's staying here. You and R.J. Will come stay with him sometimes. You're gonna have two homes.

Brooke: Yeah, it'll be fine. You'll see. I've gotta get a few more things upstairs. So why don't you help Hope pack up a few more toys? And then we'll be going, okay?

Bridget: You wanna go get some toys? Okay. Oh, boy. Come here, come on, let's look at your toys.


Eric: I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Sally: Listen, we were just drinking a little toast to Stephanie's recovery, okay?

Eric: No, you weren't. You were celebrating Brooke's misfortune.

Sally: Well, aren't those two things synonymous?

Eric: It's not a joke, Sally. It's this vendetta against Brooke that caused this heart attack, and it damn near killed my wife.

Sally: Okay. I think I'd better get going.

Eric: Yes, you should. I'm gonna talk to my wife alone.


[ Brooke remembering ]

Ridge: I found it in a little antique store in Paris.

Brooke: What is it? That's a plus sign and a minus sign, and it says something in French.

Ridge: "More than yesterday, less than tomorrow." That's how much I love you.

Brooke: I feel the same way.


Nick: I want you to tell me everything, Mother.

Jackie: Well, Stephanie denied it, of course.

Nick: You asked her?

Jackie: A lot safer than turning off the woman's ventilator, darling.

Nick: What else did she say?

Jackie: Not a lot. Nicky, you cannot get caught up in this. You need to focus on Brooke and the children, because they need you.

Nick: If she tricked Forrester into renewing his vows --

Jackie: That does not change what happened.

Nick: But the man was manipulated. That's complete manipulation, Mother.

Jackie: He's married to someone else now. Brooke needs to accept that and so do you.

Nick: Well, it's not that easy.

Jackie: Nicky, nobody has more sympathy for Brooke than I do. But the best thing that she can do right now for herself and for the children is to just put this disappointment behind her.

Nick: Disappointment? For crying out loud, Mother, the woman is devastated. And those kids will be, too.

Jackie: They don't know?

Nick: Not yet.

Jackie: Oh, the poor darlings.

Nick: They finally had a stable family, a stable home.

Jackie: You could help give them that again, here.

Jackie: You have postponed the wedding, I assume. Nicky, now is not the time to be marrying Bridget. You said yourself, Brooke needs you. Ridge has turned his back on that family. Are you going to do the same thing?


Ridge: Brooke.

Taylor: You should have let us know you were here.

Brooke: Why? You wanna help me pack?


Nick: I don't believe we're back to this again.

Jackie: If you would just listen --

Nick: No.

Jackie: I was right, Nicky. I was right about Ridge and Taylor. I was right about Brooke needing you. Why couldn't I be right about this?

Nick: Stop it! Now, I don't want to have this conversation again. I'm here for Brooke and her kids, mother. This doesn't have anything to do with me or what I want. I'm here for them, especially Hope. Now, that little girl has had her life turned upside down yet again. Now, when they walk through that door, I want this house to feel like a home for them. That's my focus right now, mother. My complete and total focus. So take your warnings and your predictions and keep them to yourself. I love you, but I won't have you interfere.


Stephanie: Eric, you know how Sally is.

Eric: You're blaming sally for this?

Stephanie: No. But she understands that Brooke's been a thorn in my side.

Eric: Sally didn't put those words in your mouth. I heard what you said.

Stephanie: Oh, well that would be a first. Eric, please -- how many years have I warned you and Thorne and Ridge about Brooke? That she's bad for this family. So Ridge finally sees her for what she is and he chooses Taylor.

Eric: No, what Ridge saw was you -- was you having a heart attack, begging him to do what you wanted. You used your condition to manipulate your son. And now you're laughing about it? My god, Stephanie, there's never been a day in Brooke's life when she has felt more pain.


Taylor: Brooke, no one expects you to move out right now.

Brooke: I think I should.

Taylor: The children need time to process this. Maybe we should slow down and sit down and discuss this with them, get some counseling. Communication is really important in situations like this.

Brooke: Situations like your impromptu remarriage? Yeah. I heard that communication, loud and clear.

Ridge: Logan --

Brooke: Ridge, don't touch me, please. And don't call me that. How many years have we spent loving each other? Everything we've been through? And now it ends like this? How? How could you do this to us? I promised myself I wouldn't do this. That I would be able to look at you and accept your decision. But you didn't decide anything, Ridge. Your mother did.

Taylor: Ridge made up his own mind.

Brooke: When? When we were at the beach house together, he never mentioned a thing to me. And then a few hours later, you end up in Stephanie's hospital room, saying vows to each other!

Ridge: I know it doesn't seem fair to you, Brooke.

Brooke: My god. You don't even see it, do you? Your mother is controlling you, Ridge. She has your whole life. And now, she is steering you away from me. And from this little girl who loves you so much. And your own son! I thought you were a strong person, Ridge. But you couldn't even stand up to your mother. You weren't thinking of me. You weren't thinking of the children. You weren't even thinking Taylor. Last night, all you wanted was to save your mother's life. So don't tell me you've made your own decision. You didn't decide anything. Your mother did!

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