B&B Transcript Monday 7/4/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/4/05


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Jackie: Well, I don't see anyone disrobing, so can I come in?

Kelly: Mrs. Marone, please, come in.

Stephanie: Jackie. How nice.

Jackie: It is a comfort to see you looking so well, Stephanie. I mean, under the circumstances. And attended by the chief of staff, no less.

Kelly: Oh, this is just a courtesy call. We like to think all our patients receive the same high-quality care. But when someone's been as good to university hospital as Mrs. Forrester has, or yourself, we like to make doubly sure.

Jackie: And our dear friend's wayward heart is in your charge, Dr. Macclaine.

Mark: Let's just say her own determination has been her best medicine. We'll leave you to your visitor. Don't make it long.

Jackie: Good show, Stephanie.


Brooke: I never had a chance. They just let me think I did. Outclassed is what I was. How dumb was I not to see it? Taylor doesn't act superior, she is.

Nick: Hey, I feel your pain, but I'm -- I'm pretty sick of listening to this. She got the nod for whatever reason. But I don't buy this crap of mother Teresa and miss universe all rolled up into one. Besides, it's pretty easy to be a model woman, isn't it, when nobody knows what you've been up to for a couple years?


Dante: Nothing like putting your wife on the spot.

Ridge: That's not what I'm doing, Dante. I'm just trying to get the whole story from someone I trust.

Taylor: After being asleep for a very long time, imagine finding yourself in a place, and everyone's telling you it's home. And they're calling you by a name they say is yours, but you know it's not true. Then suddenly there's this man, this artist, and he sees something -- he sees that something's not right. Those moments I spent with Dante while he painted my portrait actually became very precious to me. I wasn't allowed out of the palace, and Prince Omar kept insisting that my name was Princess Leila. And I knew that I wasn't, but I couldn't let on that I knew. I was afraid of him. All I knew was that I had a family and I had children, and this man risked his life to help me escape. Forgive me for being rude to you tonight. And forgive me for not telling you about him, but what we went through together was so secret and -- he was my ally. He was my only friend.

Ridge: All right, I think I've heard enough.


Jackie: Oh, genius. I mean, here I am, rushing around with a slingshot trying to, essentially, accomplish the same thing for my son and you come up with a smart bomb!

Stephanie: What are you suggesting? Don't touch my heart monitor.

Jackie: Well, it looks to me as though your heart is jumping for joy at the moment, as well it should be.

Stephanie: It's late, Jackie. I don't feel well.

Jackie: I bet those machines are programmable so that alarms go off or something happens if you just, oh, I don't know, hold your breath?

Stephanie: Do you have any idea how outrageous you sound?

Jackie: And Dr. Macclaine would know how to do that.

Stephanie: Dr. Macclaine is a man of integrity.

Jackie: Oh, I know. But you know what? Haven't you noticed that people of high integrity also have very high standards in things like sports cars, racehorses, and yachts. Oh, Stephanie, Stephanie! I mean, we've never been the best of friends. But tonight, I'm telling you. You have pole-vaulted me to the head of your fan club.

Stephanie: If you could just you stop being delighted with your own cleverness and look at me. Does this look like an act?

Jackie: No. No. Don't tell me that you actually gave yourself a heart attack, so that you could do a deathbed guilt-trip on ridge? No, don't -- don't -- don't say a word. Your secret is safe with me. What a mother won't do.


Ridge: Thank you for what you did for my family.

Dante: You're welcome. Strangely enough, I already knew one Forrester. Bridget.

Taylor: Bridget? You didn't mentioned that to me.

Dante: Well, in Europe, it's bad form to discuss one woman to another. Besides, that was before -- before I met you. When I -- later, when I made the connection, there was -- there wasn't any time. All you could think about was -- was your family. I do have a plane to catch. So if you'll excuse me, I guess this is good-bye.

Taylor: Thank you. For everything.

Dante: It was my pleasure.

Ridge: My god. What you've been through.


Jackie: Ridge is with Taylor, where he belongs. And that leaves Nick free to find happiness with the right woman. Okay, we have to agree to disagree on Brooke's merits.

Stephanie: Well, I can think of two obstacles.

Jackie: Oh, I know, I know. Bridget. I mean, she's a nice girl, but that's exactly what she is, Stephanie. She's a girl. Nick needs someone more schooled in the ways of the world. What's the second one?

Stephanie: Well, Brooke will definitely by more schooled by the time she gets out of prison.

Jackie: Prison?

Stephanie: She tried to kill me. Pulled the plug on the ventilator.

Jackie: And you're pressing charges? Is that wise? I mean, they're gonna have to determine just how close to death you really were. You can't press charges.

Stephanie: I don't care were in the hell she ends up. But right now, she's in prison.

Jackie: Well, what gave you that idea? I mean, she's with Nick. Well, at least she was when he called. And it didn't sound to me as though he was gonna be leaving her side anytime soon.

Stephanie: Some things never change. That woman never reaches for a tissue to dry a tear. She always reaches for a man.


Nick: What do we have to do to make this place livable?

Brooke: Everything's in the boxes, in the basement and upstairs. I was thinking about selling the house.

Nick: Let's hold off on that for a while, shall we?

Brooke: A while? Ridge has gone too far to turn back. They took their vows tonight.

Nick: Well, you took vows, too. You know what I think we ought to get out of mothballs? You. Where is that woman? That tell-it-like-it-is woman? Through all of the things you've been through, you've always had a handle on who you are.

Brooke: Well, I'll just have to do what I always do.

Nick: Well good. How about making this a home for your kids, what do you say? Because if you lose this, they're not gonna understand why.

Brooke: Don't you think I know that?

Nick: But do you understand why? That's the question here. It's not Stephanie. It's not Taylor. I want you to tell me you understand why.

Brooke: Yes, of course I understand why! It's not because Taylor and Stephanie are too strong. It's because Ridge is too weak! Is that what you want to hear?

Nick: That's a good start.

Brooke: I am trying so hard not to hate him. Is that all right with you?

Nick: It's just fine. But don't expect the same promise from me.

Taylor: You weren't upstairs with Brooke very long.


Ridge: She wasn't even there.

[ Phone rings ] Hello?

Stephanie: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Ridge: Mother, what are you still doing up?

Stephanie: I've had a lot of visitors, including Brooke.

Ridge: Brooke was there?

Stephanie: It didn't go so well. Let's leave it at that.

Ridge: Then she knows about tonight.

Stephanie: Yes. honey, it occurred to me that I didn't thank you for saving my life. And thank you for what you did for each other. When that happened, I -- I started getting my strength back. And I knew I could go on. I'll just say good night, because it's your wedding night. And I hope it's really, really romantic.

Ridge: Mother you just get some rest, all right?

Taylor: So Brooke knows?

Ridge: From mother. Not exactly the way I wanted her to find out.

Taylor: Well, I'm gonna go up to bed.

Ridge: Taylor?

Taylor: No, it's okay. You don't have to explain. I know you need to go see her.

Ridge: I just wanted tonight to really be special.

Taylor: We have tomorrow night, and we every night the rest of our lives.

Ridge: I don't even know where to begin to look for her.

Taylor: Oh, I'm sure she won't make herself too hard to find.

[ Phone rings ]

Nick: What do you got in here? You want me to get that? Hello?

Ridge: Where's Brooke?

Nick: She's with me right now. And I'm taking good care of her.

Ridge: Of course. Of course you are, Nick.

Ridge: Where are you, Nick? Where am I calling?

Nick: 50 guesses.

Ridge: Just put Brooke on the damn phone.

Nick: He wants to talk to you. She doesn't wanna talk to you, but thanks for the concern. You made your bed, forrester. Now sleep in it, if you can. I know that couldn't have been easy.

Brooke: It's too late for explanations.

Nick: Good girl. I'll grab some more boxes.


Taylor: "Plus qu'hier, moins que demain." "More than yesterday, not as much as tomorrow."

Ridge: I gave it to Brooke a long time ago.

Taylor: I'm sorry.

Ridge: It's all right. It's all right.

Taylor: I thought you were leaving.

Ridge: Well, I called Brooke's cell phone. Nick answered. He still wouldn't tell me where they were. His boat, I guess.

Taylor: What did Brooke say?

Ridge: She wouldn't talk to me. She's not gonna make this easy, Doc.

Taylor: I just wanted to find a place to maybe put this and some things.

Ridge: You should bring your things here. It's your room again. It's ours.

Taylor: I'll just put this one away.

Ridge: Taylor, don't go.

Taylor: Ridge, I want it to be right, okay?

Ridge: I love you. I love you. That much I know is right.

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