B&B Transcript Monday 6/27/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/27/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Mother. Mother. What is it? What's happening?


Thomas: What? I don't get to carry you over the threshold? You're upset.

Gaby: No.

Thomas: Good. Because it would be entirely way too soon to have marital problems. You think I pressured you into this?

Gaby: Thomas, no. No, if anything, I'm the one that --

Thomas: What? How do you figure that? It was my idea. I had to pester you like a telephone solicitor.

Gaby: I'm the selfish one. I let you. I can't believe I let you do this for me.

Thomas: Do you see me complaining?

Gaby: No.

Thomas: And you won't. Whatever happens. Because you getting to stay in this country, going to college, having every chance your mother worked so hard to give you is the right thing.

Gaby: I just -- I don't know how to act. I mean, here I am making you think that I don't appreciate you, when the truth is, you saved my life.

Thomas: I'm really not that chivalrous. You think I wanted to have you suddenly deported? You think that would've been easy for me? You know, my dad's a smart guy. And he says marriage is more than just emotions. It's a life decision. We made a life decision. For you. And it was the right one.


Dante: You're not happy to see me?

Taylor: Oh, of course I am.

Dante: Just, you told me not to come, and here I am. Here.

Taylor: What is it?

Dante: So, your daughters are up? You know, I met Phoebe, and I'd like to meet Steffy, too.

Taylor: You met Phoebe?

Dante: Yeah, here. She didn't tell you? Gee, and I thought I made a great first impression. Look, I just didn't wanna leave without seeing you first. But if you're uncomfortable with your husband being here, is there any reason why I can't meet him?

Taylor: Well, he isn't here. But Brooke is.

Dante: The other wife? Why?

Taylor: She lives here.

Dante: You're telling me the man still hasn't made up his mind?


[ Cell phone rings ]

Brooke: Hello?

Hector: Hey, well, you almost sound like I might be somebody important.

Brooke: Oh, Hector. Thank god, a friendly voice.

Hector: Well, now, you're not short of friends, you know that?

Brooke: I'm not short of people who wish I would drown in the bathtub, either.

Hector: I thought you might be feeling that way. I caught the press conference on TV. Now listen. You can't let those reporters get to you. They're insects.

Brooke: I can't worry about those insects when I have a t-rex bearing down on me.

Hector: Oh? And who would that be?

Brooke: Three guesses.


Ridge: Here, mother, take these aspirin.

Stephanie: I always said Brooke would be the death of me.

Ridge: All right, you just stay put. I'm gonna go get the car and bring it around the front, okay? We're gonna go to the hospital. Just relax.

[ Phone ringing ]

Eric: Where the hell are you?

Ridge: Dad, it's me. Look, we -- something's happened. I think mother's had a heart attack.

Eric: What?

Ridge: It might've been minor, but it sure didn't look that way. Anyway, she's insisting on going to the university hospital. Would you call ahead and have them meet us there?

Eric: Yes, of course. I'll call right now.

Stephanie: I want Dr. Maclaine.

Ridge: And call Dr. Maclaine as well.

Eric: Does she seem all right?

Ridge: I think she'll be okay. I'm hoping we got lucky here.

Eric: All right. Tell her I -- tell her I'll meet her at the hospital.

Ridge: All right. Thanks, Dad.

Stephanie: Don't take this on yourself, honey. Look, we fought, it's over, all right? Things happen. This is not your fault.


Thomas: So, first thing in the morning, we'll call Mr. Davis and get the green card in the works.

Gaby: What's he gonna think?

Thomas: Oh, lawyers know not to say what they think.

Gaby: And he has to keep it confidential, right?

Thomas: Yeah.

Gaby: As long as he's the only one that has to know. I mean, you know, nobody would understand. You know they wouldn't. Your family would think that I'm some kind of -- I don't even -- I couldn't even imagine -- I don't want you family to think anything bad of me.

Thomas: There is one problem. My Uncle nick. He knows. And I didn't tell him. He was just there at the chapel afterwards. He saw us.

Gaby: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, Thomas.

Thomas: Hey, hey, hey. Don't worry, okay? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vgas. Come on, he'll get it, once I explain to him. What was he doing in Vegas by himself? Unless he and Bridget were -- maybe he's not too excited to explain what he was doing there.

Gaby: How am I ever gonna face him, huh?

Thomas: Will you trust me to handle this? Have I let you down yet?

Gaby: No. I mean, he does look like a guy that can keep a secret.

Thomas: He's probably keeping a thousand of them. Yeah, some wedding feast. You're probably mad that I didn't get champagne, huh?

Gaby: It's weird enough as it is, thank you.

Thomas: I know. I know. No rings, no frills. Just a piece of paper. Still, we should do something special for our wedding night, even if nobody else knows.


Taylor: Listen, I have a very complicated life. I just can't get into the whole thing out here and outside the door.

Dante: You think I'm complicating it more?

Taylor: No. Well, yes. Yes, at the moment. Listen, I wouldn't even have a life if it weren't for you. And I'll never forget that. And I'll never stop being grateful.

Dante: You know, the only thanks I want is for you to be happy. I'm sorry, I just don't understand. I mean, what is your husband waiting for? What is there to think about?

Taylor: Well, see, when he thought I was gone forever, he made a life with another woman, and they have a child. It's not like he can just turn back the clock and pretend that it never happened. He's in a horrible position. And, I mean, what kind of man says, "I'm sorry, good-bye, it was all a mistake"?

Dante: What kind? If you walked back into his life?

Taylor: Things are changing. Very soon. Maybe tonight. I'm not unhappy. But you can't stay here, Dante. I'm sorry. I wish --

Dante: That's clear enough. It's late. And I'll be saying good night.

Taylor: Good night.

Brooke: Who was that?


Thomas: I should probably get going.

Gaby: Oh, you hardly ate.

Thomas: Well, neither did you.

Gaby: You don't have to go.

Thomas: No, really, I'm not that hungry.

Gaby: You don't have to eat.

Thomas: Look, I'm not trying to get you to say that --

Gaby: I'm not saying anything.

Thomas: That bed is interfering with our honeymoon. It's making you think I mean things that I don't.

Gaby: It's doing the same to me. Well, our first awkward moment as a married couple.

Thomas: And we got through it.


Brooke: A messenger from the office?

Taylor: Brooke!

Brooke: Don't those people ever sleep? I tell them not to ring the doorbell, just to leave there at the door. But, they never learn. Oh, good. Eric must have told Megan that I needed these files. I already checked on them. The kids are fine. I told Phoebe she could read for another 15 minutes. And Thomas, he is pushing his curfew. But then, that's what 18-year-olds do, right?

Taylor: Brooke, we said some pretty harsh things a little earlier.

Brooke: And we meant them.

Taylor: But, it's not like I don't respect you. And how capable you are, and just a great executive, a great mother. The children adore you, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you did for them.

Brooke: The challenge is, how to be good to them now? And you and I, at each other like this, is not good for them.

Taylor: We both wanna put the children first. We have common ground there. Can we try to start from there?

Brooke: But how, taylor? We don't even know who Ridge is gonna put first. Now, I know you wanna take the high road, but you don't even have a plan B, and neither do I. I wonder where Ridge is. He should be home by now. I'm gonna call him.

Taylor: Why? To say what? Or to see what you can make him say?

Brooke: Oh, please, no more disdain. I mean, it's easy for you to be poised when you have an 800 pound gorilla over there fighting your battles for you. She's probably telling ridge all of my sins right now. What good is that gonna do, huh? My sins aren't secrets anymore because they've been plastered all over every single headline. And you, you're a saint. So, you don't really have any secrets. I guess in some weird way, that makes us even.


Ridge: Hang in there.

Stephanie: Mark, I'm so sorry to drag you out at this hour.

Mark: It's okay.

Thorne: What the hell happened?

Eric: Don't make her talk. Just let Mark do his job.

Thorne: Ridge, what happened?

Ridge: We had words and she got upset. Her breathing got real labored. She started clutching at her arm and her chest.

Mark: Did she lose consciousness?

Stephanie: No. No.

Ridge: She did, actually, for a few moments.

Mark: All right, it's a little thready. Let's get her on Troponin, cpk times three and serial ekgs. I also want her in a monitored bed, d5w tko. Now, let's work up a blood gas. And tell them I want those results as soon as possible. I want them personally, call or fax them to me.

Ridge: Mark, thank you very much.

Eric: Stephanie, you're gonna be all right. Stephanie, what is it? What is it?

Stephanie: Don't worry. I don't want you to worry about me. Don't worry.

Mark: All right, let's get her moved.


Gaby: I loved those words.

Thomas: What words?

Gaby: You know. "To have and to hold. In sickness and health, forsaking all others."

Thomas: Yeah. I wasn't sure how I was gonna feel.

Gaby: Exactly. The same words that husband and wives have been saying to each other since forever.

Thomas: It's not how you imagined saying them, huh?

Gaby: No.

Thomas: You know, it wasn't exactly lying.

Gaby: Thomas.

Thomas: Well, I mean, they're the same words, but they probably don't mean the same thing to every couple.

Gaby: True, but --

Thomas: Well? I'm always gonna care about you. There will never be a time where I don't consider you a really important part of my life. And I can't see me ever stopping to want the best things for you.

Gaby: Me, neither.

Thomas: So what's so awful?

Gaby: You always just know what to say.

Thomas: Hey, that's a bad thing. I know too many people like that.

Gaby: Really? 'Cause I only know one.

Thomas: I'm gonna go. Brooke has this stopwatch mentality after 11:00. Well, good night, wife.

Gaby: Good night, husband.


Taylor: Well, we should probably go to bed. Either Ridge is going to come home tonight or he's not.

Brooke: Go right ahead.

Taylor: No, I need to stay up, actually, and wait for Thomas anyway.

Brooke: You're dying to know if it worked, aren't you? Whatever Stephanie did, whatever she said.

Taylor: Will you stop? Why do you have this absolute need to feel conspired against?

Brooke: Because, you haven't exactly called her off, have you?

Taylor: Well, no, no. Because I'm not in the habit of maneuvering people like chess pieces. No, no. Stephanie is Stephanie. She's Ridge's mother. She's going to say what she's going to say. So what? I mean, ridge is not going to change his whole entire life on the basis of who argues the loudest.

Brooke: No. But if a rabid dog's got its teeth in my leg, the person with the tranquilizer gun is going to look better and better to me. You and I could be civilized, Taylor, intermittently. As hard as it is, we could figure this out. But with her --

Taylor: There really is no winning an argument with you, is there?

Brooke: There wouldn't have to be an argument. At least not about this, if Stephanie would just disappear.


Thorne: Nurse said only two at a time.

Darla: Has the rest of the family been told?

Thorne: Do we even know what to tell them? Those lab results should be back soon.

Darla: I'm gonna go grab a cup of coffee while we wait, okay?

Stephanie: Sweetheart, I may have to stay, but you all need to go home. You do.

Eric: Nobody's going anywhere.

Ridge: Not until we know you're all right.

Stephanie: Well, Taylor's going to be worried about you.

Ridge: I'll call Taylor and tell her. Tell her what happened.

Stephanie: Don't call Brooke.

Eric: Stephanie, don't start.

Ridge: No, mother, please don't. That's obviously what brought all this on. And there is something that I didn't get a chance to tell you.

Eric: Ridge, Ridge, no.

Ridge: I wanted to tell you that I love you very much. That's something I take for granted, doing that. But hey, I figure, every couple of years, it's something maybe you should hear.

Stephanie: I know you love me. I love you, too.

Ridge: Sometimes, some of the things you do make me absolutely nuts. But I do want you to know that I do listen to you. The first time, at least. After the 10th or 15th time, it gets a bit much.

Stephanie: But honey, the truth, even after the 15th time, is still the truth. I mean, what kind of mother would I be if I didn't tell you --

Eric: Stephanie, stop now. This conversation's not gonna be about Brooke.

Stephanie: What the hell should it be about, the weather?

Eric: What the hell is that?

Ridge: Mother.

Stephanie: I'm okay.

Ridge: No, no, you're not okay.

Stephanie: Oh, for the love of god, please.

Eric: No, don't talk now. You've done enough talking. No more.

Stephanie: He doesn't listen to me.

Ridge: Yes, I do listen, Mother.

Stephanie: No, no, you don't.

Eric: I'm gonna get the nurse.

Stephanie: Don't go. I don't want you to go. I promise, this is the last time I'll say this. You belong with Taylor. And if you stay with Brooke, I don't wanna be here. I don't wanna see it. I don't. I'm telling you, you'll break my heart. You'll break my heart.

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