B&B Transcript Thursday 6/16/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/16/05


By Boo
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Taylor: A press conference?

Megan: Eric called it.

Taylor: Why? Why? I wanted to find my father first.

Megan: I understand that, Taylor, but when Ava saw you earlier, she couldn't stop talking. It took about ten minutes for the entire building to find out that you're alive.

Ridge: Taylor --

Taylor: Ridge, your dad just called a press conference.

Megan: He just wants to stay ahead of the rumors which are flying.

Ridge: Maybe it's better this way.

Taylor: Better for my dad to read about this?

Ridge: It's obviously going to happen. Let's just go with it. Let's do it in style, okay? Come on, let's go find you something great to wear.


[ Gaby laughs ]

Gaby: I don't know if I'm allowed to bring a guy home.

Thomas: A guy? A guy? Gaby, I'm the grandson. The much loved, often doted upon and usually spoiled rotten grandson.

Gaby: Oh, okay. Then, that's all right then.

Thomas: Exactly. What? What is it?

[ Gaby sighs ]

Gaby: It's from Larchmont College.

Thomas: Well, maybe it's your scholarship. Open it.

Gaby: Oh, my god. I'm so nervous.

Thomas: The dean of admissions practically said you had it.

Gaby: Yeah, but you know, I still get nervous.

Thomas: Come on, come on. Open it up. And then we'll go celebrate your good news.

Gaby: Okay. All right. I can't even open it, I'm so nervous.

Thomas: Two reasons to celebrate in one day. Can you believe that?

Gaby: "Dear, Gabrielle" --

Thomas: What? What is it? You didn't get in?

Gaby: Thomas, it's worse than that.


[ Audience chattering ]

Eric: Not good. I can't believe the word got out so fast.

Stephanie: Oh, Ridge knew this is exactly what would happen. That's why he had Taylor come down here. So he could make the announcement.

Eric: You're assuming that he is choosing Taylor.

Stephanie: Absolutely, of course.

Brooke: I wouldn't bet the house on it, Stephanie.

Stephanie: You're still here. Why are you staying around?

Brooke: I can think of several reasons.

Stephanie: Well, if you want to be humiliated in public, that's up to you.

Brooke: Ridge would never do that to me.

Ridge: Taylor's almost ready.

Eric: Do you want me to make the announcement?

Stephanie: No, no. Ridge has to do that. It's their miracle. This is the only chance you really have to control this story. And make no mistake about it, it's your story -- yours and Taylor’s.

Megan: I can't hold them much longer.

Stephanie: I'll get Taylor. You know what you have to do.


[ Elevator dings ]

Megan: Excuse me. Excuse me, I need to shut this. Are you here for the press conference?

Dante: Excuse me?

Megan: The press conference -- you with one of the magazines?

Dante: Yeah, yeah.

Megan: Yeah, well, you better get in because I'm shutting the doors, okay?


[ Applause ]

Ridge: All right. Hello, hello. Thank you. What's going on here? Did somebody call a press conference?

[ Laughter ] Okay, we're having too much fun now! There have been some recent developments at Forrester Creations.

Jarrett: Are the rumors true, Ridge? About your wife? And I'm not talking about Brooke Logan.

[ Audience murmuring ] We've heard rumors of grave diggings and mysterious sightings.

Ridge: Anybody out there believe in miracles? Anybody out there believe if you want something badly enough, if you hope and pray with every ounce of your being, that your dreams really can come true?

Jarrett: What kind of game are you playing here, Ridge? Your wife, Taylor, she was a beautiful woman, an incredible human being, but she died. There was a funeral, a burial. You want us to believe she's come back from the beyond?

Ridge: Well, then don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, it's with my deepest and most profound pleasure that I'm able to present to you Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester.

[ Audience murmuring ]

[ Audience ohs ]

[ Applause ]

Jarrett: My god, it is true.


Thomas: Gaby, what is it? What's happened? And the scholarship, is that what it's about?

Gaby: Illegal.

Thomas: What?

Gaby: It, um -- it says -- it says "out of status." That I'm illegal. That my status ran out.

Thomas: Out of status? What is that? What does that mean?

Gaby: I don't know.

Thomas: Then it's got to be a mistake.

Gaby: I've spent my whole life in this country. I have a social security number. That means I'm a citizen, right? That means I'm a citizen, right? I have to be a citizen. That's what my mom wanted. She took care of everything. She always took care of everything. Oh, my god.

Thomas: It says that you've been denied your application because you're an illegal alien. But that they'll hold your spot until September so you can get your citizenship straightened out.

Gaby: What if they're right? What if -- what if I can't -- ?

Thomas: Then the dean recommends you -- "go back to your homeland and get a student visa and reapply."

Gaby: That could take years. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, Thomas.

Thomas: No. There's got to be some clerical error. I mean, some bureaucratic mix-up.

Gaby: God.

Thomas: And we're going to get to the bottom of it right now, okay? Don't worry, it's gonna be all right. Hi, may I speak with Connor Davis please? This is Thomas Forrester.


[ Applause ]

Stephanie: He's so proud of her. He's so in love. They can face anything together.

Eric: Stephanie, for god's sake, leave it alone.

Jarrett: So -- so, Taylor -- Taylor, tell us how you came back from the dead.

Taylor: Obviously, I wasn't dead. But I was in a coma for a very long time.

Ridge: Look, we'll be releasing a press release with a lot more details very soon. But in the meantime --

Jarrett: Oh, come on, Ridge, let her talk. Unless you have something to hide?

Ridge: No, Jarrett, we have nothing to hide.

Taylor: Actually, I was the one who wanted to keep it quiet because -- well, I've been trying to locate my father and I wanted to let him know first. But we'll let you know. In a couple of days, maybe we'll have a little bit more information.

Ridge: Taylor, you all right?

Taylor: Like I said, I don't know where my father is.

Jack: I can tell you exactly where Jack Hamilton is. He's right here. Looking at the most beautiful girl in the world.

Taylor: Daddy. Daddy. Oh, god, daddy, I missed you.

[ Taylor sobs ] I missed you so much.  


Gaby: You think there's anything he can do to help?

Thomas: Connor's a brilliant attorney. He's done a lot for our family. Don't worry, he'll get this straightened out, prove you're not an illegal alien. Then the dean will have to accept you at Larchmont. Mr. Davis?

Connor: Gabrielle, I'm sorry. Apparently, the information the college has is accurate. You're out of status, which legally means you're undocumented, illegal.

Gaby: There's -- there's no way. I've lived in this country my whole life.

Connor: But you weren't born here. So the only way for you to get into college is to go back to your birthplace and reapply.

Thomas: And how long would that take?

Connor: Unfortunately, because her status is expired, your petition wouldn't be considered for at least three years. It could take as long as ten years before you're granted re-entry. I'm sorry.

Gaby: How could this happen? I don't understand.

Connor: Well, my guess is that your mother assumed that since she was able to stay here and work that you would be able to stay indefinitely also. But you weren't born here, you were never a citizen, and no steps were ever taken to secure your citizenship. Look, I am sure that your mother just didn't know what the procedures were. It's not her fault. I wish there was something I could do.

Gaby: My mother's dreams, my education, my whole life here –


[ Applause ]

Ridge: Let's give my wife and her father a little privacy, shall we?

[ Applause ] I know what it's like to be reunited with someone that you lost. All right, I'll take a few questions.

[ Reporters shouting ]

Reporter #1: Ridge! How did you feel when you first saw her?

Ridge: I don't think there's any way I could possibly describe that.

Jarrett: More to the point, who are you married to? Taylor Hayes or Brooke Logan?

Reporter #1: Tell us, Ridge.

Ridge: That's a complicated issue.

Jarrett: Well, let's hear what Brooke has to say about it.

[ Reporters shouting in agreement ]

Eric: All right, everyone. Hello. Quiet, quiet please.

Sophie: Mr. Forrester, we want the details, everything.

Eric: Sophie, we'll let you all know as soon as we have a prepared statement to make.

Jarrett: Oh, come now. Eric, we know Brooke is backstage. Why are you hiding her? I mean, are you afraid that we'll get the truth?

Eric: We're not hiding anyone, Jarrett.

Brooke: I'll talk to them, Eric. Yes. Yes?

Jarrett: So, Brooke, how do you feel about your husband's wife returning from the dead?

Brooke: A mother's return to her children is a miracle. We're all very grateful to have her back.

Jarrett: But doesn't this invalidate your marriage?

Eric: All right, that's enough.

Jarrett: But I just want to clarify --

Eric: I said that's enough! This -- this press conference is over.

Jarrett: What?

[ Reporters shouting ]

Eric: I'm sorry.


Thomas: Gaby --

Gaby: Don't tell me everything's going to be okay, please.

Thomas: We will find a solution.

Gaby: The only solution for me is to go back to my birthplace.

Connor: Is there family you could call?

Gaby: Family? The only family that I have -- that I had was my mother. And she's not here anymore. I don't know anybody over there. Not one single person. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to go back to a country and start my life over where I don't know anybody?

Thomas: You're not going to have to do that, okay? There's got to be another option, damn it.

Connor: Not a legal one.

Thomas: What? What? Tell me.

Connor: Gabriela could stay in the U.S. If she had a green card.

Thomas: Well, how do we do that?

Connor: I really shouldn't be telling you this and you didn't hear it from me. This is illegal, but it happens.

Thomas: What? What?

Connor: She could marry a citizen. Someone who was born here.


Ridge: Africa? You were in Africa?

Taylor: With my brother.

Jack: Who sends his love. Would be here if he wasn't injured. He just can't wait to see you.

Ridge: No wonder we couldn't find him.

Stephanie: How did you know to come home?

Ridge: Massimo.

Jack: Your father is a very resourceful man. And I will be forever indebted to him for flying me back here to be part of this truly wonderful and amazing time.

Eric: Ridge, the press really beat up on Brooke.

Ridge: Logan?

Brooke: They're laughing at us, Ridge. At me, at your children.

Ridge: Oh, sweetheart.

Brooke: We can't go on like this. If we're gonna stay married, you and I, I need to know now.

Ridge: Look. We'll go to the beach house. We'll spend a good day there. We'll reconnect, okay?

Stephanie: Wait a minute. What -- what are you going to do?

Ridge: Mother, just calm down. Taylor and I are going to spend a day at the beach house, and then Brooke, the next day, will spend the day. I just need a day with each of them.

Stephanie: What? You can't do that.

Eric: Stephanie, let's go.

Stephanie: Oh, god.

Brooke: Thank you. It's been kind of a tough day. I need your support.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah.

Jack: What the --

Taylor: It's all right. It's all right. Come here. Come here. Dad, Ridge made a life with Brooke while I was gone. He's in the process of letting go. Dad, we are going to survive this. In the end, rRidge is going to be with me and our children.

[ Ridge and Brooke whispering ]


Announcer: On the next "bold and the beautiful."

Ridge: I'm sick of listening to you cheerlead for Taylor at Brooke's expense. I need to spend time with both women. Get it through your head.

Taylor: Maybe I can somehow make this all a whole lot easier for you.

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