B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/15/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/15/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Ridge, please, we can't go on this way. We have to know. The woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, is it Taylor, or is it me?


Gaby: Hi. Hi.

Thomas: Oh, hey.

Gaby: I was -- was glad you called.

Thomas: Yeah?

Gaby: Yeah. I was -- I was thinking about you.

Thomas: Moi?

Gaby: Well, I needed to smile, and you always make me smile.

Thomas: Ah, well, at least I'm not so boring you needed to bring a book or anything.

Gaby: No, no, no, hardly. I just didn't know who was gonna get here first -- and oh, I see somebody had the same idea.

Thomas: Ah, well, you know what they say. Great minds --

Gaby: -- Think alike.

Thomas: There you go.

Gaby: So how's that going?

Thomas: Summer's gonna go by fast. So now that I'm Spectra's latest, greatest hire, I wanna prove myself, show that I've got what it takes.

Gaby: I'm already sold.

Thomas: My first fan. And more?

Gaby: Much more.


Stephanie: Brooke really did a number on you.

Eric: That's what you always think, isn't it? It's what you always think when this has to do with Brooke.

Stephanie: 'Cause it's always true. And if you can't see that after all --

Eric: You know what I see?! You know what I see here?! I see this woman standing in front of me that I don't even know -- a woman I have asked repeatedly, time after time, to leave our son's decision up to him. But you can't do it, can you? You talked to Taylor. You told Taylor about Brooke and Nick, and Brooke and Deacon. When is this whole thing gonna stop?

Stephanie: When we get rid of Brooke once and for all.

Eric: There's your agenda. There it is, right there. You're gonna convince everybody that if Brooke is forced out of that home, she's gonna run right to Nick, my daughter's husband.

Stephanie: They're not married yet.

Eric: No, but they will be, unless you -- you've already gone to Bridget, haven't you?

Stephanie: I'm trying to protect her from being hurt all over again by her mother.

Eric: You're not trying to protect her! This is about your vendetta against Brooke!

Stephanie: No, it isn't. I really am worried about Bridget. And I pray to god he makes the right decision. I pray that he does. Because in my mind, the alternative is absolutely unthinkable.


Ridge: Two beautiful, intelligent, amazing women who've touched my life in the most profound and wonderful ways. Who've given me the greatest gift a man could get -- children, a family. No matter how hard I've tried to make this decision so it benefits everybody, I realize that --

Brooke: One family is going to be destroyed.

Ridge: That's the last thing I want.

Taylor: But you can't keep us both.

Ridge: I realize that. It feels like some cruel joke being played on all of us. Mostly on the kids. Do they think there's some logic, some divine plan behind this decision their dad's about to make? How do I choose one family over the other? It's a damned hard decision to make.

Taylor: I know, sweetheart.

Ridge: You are two totally different women who've captured my heart. I hope you both never forget that.

Brooke: I won't.

Taylor: I never will.

Ridge: This time in New York has given me a clarity. It's given me a chance to see what I need to do. I'm just not sure -- I'm not sure you're gonna both like what I've decided.


Eric: For the last time, Stephanie, this is Ridge's decision, and his alone. You need to stay out of it. Whatever he decides, we have to respect it, and you have to accept it.

Stephanie: I will accept it, when you accept the simple truth. When he dumps Brooke, she is going directly to Nick. That is the only reason that I went to talk to Bridget. I love her, and I cannot stand the idea that she's going to be hurt all over again by her mother.

Eric: Stop turning all this around on Brooke! Stop it. Now, Bridget is in love with Nick. They're happy together. They're deeply in love. And for you to try to undermine her faith in him, it's wrong. It's -- it's hurtful. This has got to end.

Stephanie: You know what has to end? This obvious hold that Brooke has on you.


Brooke: What does that mean, you don't think either of us will --

Ridge: No, I just didn't -- in struggling to make this decision, I realized that I -- I need more time with Taylor. I need time with you alone, just to talk and reconnect. We've been away from each other for so long.

Taylor: I've wanted the same thing.

Brooke: I don't understand. Does that mean you haven't made a decision?

Ridge: I have, and I haven't. I just need more time with Taylor. But I need time with you, too, Brooke. Your selflessness, your generosity in letting Taylor stay at our house so she could be close to her children. But I know it's come at a cost, to us and our relationship. I know that.

Brooke: I missed you so much. Just being with you, the way we used to be.

Ridge: I know what you both have been going through. But I just need to have some time with both of you alone. I need that, I really do. I can't -- I can't make a decision like this, that's going to effect so many people, unless we can do this.

Taylor: How do you want to do it?

Ridge: I thought we'd go to the -- the beach house in Malibu. And you and I could spend a day there alone. And then the next day, Brooke, you -- you come down there, and we spend the day together. Is this okay with both of you?

Brooke: It's a good idea, Ridge. You shouldn't be rushed. Time alone, away from all the outside influences -- I think it's exactly what you need.


Eric: Our history -- yours, mine, and Brooke's -- is not the issue.

Stephanie: Well, isn't that convenient?

Eric: What's important here is that you stay out of Ridge's decision.

Stephanie: I am not going to stay out of it, not after what Brooke has done to me and to my family. She stole you from me. She stole my husband, the father of my children.

Eric: And you're still bitter.

Stephanie: You bet I'm bitter. You bet I'm bitter. And I am never, never gonna forgive her. I -- I -- I compromised when Taylor was gone for the sake of the children. But Taylor is back now, and everything has changed. So the simple truth is, there is no end to this war between me and Brooke.

Eric: And while you're fighting this battle, what's gonna happen to us, Stephanie? Our marriage?


Ridge: Could I have a moment alone with each of you?

Brooke: I'll wait outside.

Ridge: I know you were hoping for more. I hate asking for this extra time.

Taylor: Then don't.

Taylor: Then don't. I'm really kind of surprised that you even wanted to do this. I mean, I -- I would think that you know what we have. I've been married to you a long time, Ridge. I still think of myself as your wife, and it's really tearing me apart to not be able to be with you. I want our life back. I want our marriage. I want what we shared as husband and wife. I want our home back the way it was. All of the years we've shared together, all of the love that we have, it still lives inside of me.

Ridge: And in me. Don't ever doubt that.

Taylor: Then let's keep it. Let's keep what we have.


Thomas: Thanks for coming out tonight.

Gaby: With Spectra's hottest new designer? How could I pass that up?

Thomas: You know, Sally keeps telling me I have it in my blood, but between you and me, I'm definitely counting on some guidance from my Uncle Thorne and Clarke. 'Course, I only signed on for the summer though. So maybe there's not that much pressure.

Gaby: And after summer?

Thomas: Larchmont College, here we come. I know how much your education means to you.

Gaby: It was my dream, you know? My mom's, too. I just really wanna to make her proud of me.

Thomas: You will. Look, I'll make you a deal -- you help me make my folks proud, and I will make sure you have some fun. You do know how to have fun, right?

Gaby: Hmm, fun. Maybe you could show me how?

Thomas: I hope you don't mind a little sand between your toes.

Gaby: Uh, what did you have in mind?

Thomas: Do you want to go see the ocean?

Gaby: Up close?

Thomas: As close as you want to get. Let's go.

Gaby: It's so pretty tonight.

Thomas: It's beautiful, isn't it? Watch out, there you go.

Gaby: Thanks.

[ Gaby laughs ]

Thomas: Look at the ocean. Is this better?

Gaby: Yeah. I love the ocean at night. I just can imagine all the life below the surface.

Thomas: I wanted to do that all night.

Gaby: I wanted you to do that all night. I don't know what it is. Whenever I'm with you, I just -- I feel so --

Thomas: I feel it, too.


Eric: Tell me, when did I stop mattering to you?

Stephanie: What are you talking about? Of course you matter to me. It's just, when it comes to Brooke, we -- we differ.

Eric: No, you're missing my point.

Stephanie: And what is it?

Eric: I've lost you. I've lost my loving, caring wife, who put me and our marriage first. I look at you now, and all I see is a bully -- a woman who's absolutely intent on meddling in everyone else's lives, and it just -- I've -- you've got to stop this crusade.

Stephanie: Eric, it's Brooke who's at fault here, not me.

Eric: Look, even if that were true -- if Brooke really were the despicable person that you say she is -- why wouldn't Thorne or Ridge -- why wouldn't I hold that against her?

[ Stephanie laughs ]

Stephanie: Well, you know, that's something that I have never been able to figure out.

Eric: It's because she's a feeling, human being, Stephanie.

Stephanie: And I'm not? That you would have the nerve to say that to my face --

Eric: I'm talking about us. I'm talking about you and me. I need you. I need my friend. Not Stephanie the warrior, the manipulator, not this person who's become someone so full of hate. That's a person I want nothing to do with.


[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: She's upset with you. She thought she had it all wrapped up. So did Stephanie.

Ridge: You're not upset with me?

Brooke: No, no, not at all. I see this as a positive sign. 'Cause I have faith in you, in us. Your decision is just what I needed after your mother's worked so hard to get rid of me. But you know, your mother can plot, and Taylor can analyze all she wants. They can take their swings at me, but they'll never understand what we have. And I am going to be everything to you -- a determined and confident woman.

Ridge: And I haven't decided anything yet.

Brooke: I know. And I have to admit, when you brought up the beach house, I did get a little intimidated.

Ridge: Why, because it's Taylor's?

Brooke: You and Taylor share some wonderful memories there. And it is her home court advantage. But I have my ways of making you forget all about that.

Ridge: Now Logan, it's not that kind of meeting.

Brooke: We'll see about that.

Ridge: How can you be so charming at times like these?

Brooke: Because today is a victory for me. You needed clarity. You knew just where to find it. Today, I walked into this room the underdog. But I feel like the favorite. Because every time I'm alone with you, I feel like everything else just disappears, and there's nothing left in the world but you and me and the connection we share. Our love, like so many times before -- our love will prevail.

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