B&B Transcript Friday 5/27/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/27/05



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Taylor: Oh, Ridge, this is a wonderful surprise.

Ridge: Totally unexpected, right?

Taylor: Well, I was hoping.

Ridge: What, that I'd stop by after picking Hope up from preschool?

Taylor: Where is Hope?

Ridge: Gaby took her to find the gang. Thomas and the girls down at the pool?

Taylor: Um, no, they're at the tennis courts. I just came in and made some sandwiches, and Eric took 'em down. Should we join them?

Ridge: Ah, later. Why don't we sit down and take advantage of this time together?

Taylor: Yeah, we haven't had much of that since the night in the beach house.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: I mean, being with the kids is incredible, but -- I just spent so many months thinking about what our first few days would be like. And this is -- this is heaven.

Ridge: I just never thought I'd get the chance to be with you and hold you like this again. Ah, and it feels amazing, doc. You feel amazing.


Bridget: Hi, dad.

Eric: Did you see Thomas and the kids up at the tennis court?

Bridget: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did. They said that they came to hang out and swim and see their mom.

Eric: Yeah.

Bridget: At the moment, though, they are feeding their faces and listening to Hope's latest knock-knock jokes.

Eric: Hope is here? With Ridge?

Bridget: Yeah, he picked her up from preschool.

[ Eric sighs ] Well, Gaby said that he asked her to take Hope and go find the other kids.

Eric: Well, I'm sure he wants to spend some more time alone with Taylor. Look, I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean to --

Bridget: No, no. Dad, believe me, it's fine. It's wonderful -- really wonderful to have Taylor back.

Eric: You just don't want it to be at your mother's expense.

Bridget: No, of course not. Ridge is the love of mom's life. They've overcome so much to finally be together. And they're not together. Did you know that mom spent the night in my room last night?

Eric: Yes, I know that. Look, Ridge doesn't want to hurt your mother. He doesn't want to hurt Taylor, either.

Bridget: Yeah, he's gotta be so torn. But at some point, one of those women will have to leave that house. But don't get me wrong. I -- look, you know how much I love and respect Taylor. But she has got to accept that Ridge has a life and a family now with my mother. This is why I came by. I -- I was really hoping I could get your help and Stephanie's in getting everyone to realize that.

Eric: Oh, honey. I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.

Bridget: What do you mean? Dad, come on. What is it you're not telling me?

Eric: Look, I know that your mother is under the impression that she has Stephanie's support, but she doesn't. Stephanie wants Brooke out of that house in the worst way.


Brooke: Stephanie. I've been expecting you.

Stephanie: Thank you for letting me come over.

Brooke: I'm glad you called. I've been feeling a little at loose ends.

Stephanie: I can imagine. I mean, I can't even begin to fathom what it must have been like under this roof for the past few days.

Brooke: The children have their mother back. And you have your best friend back. What could be more amazing then that? Please, have a seat.

Stephanie: Thank you. It is amazing. Actually, it's a miracle, isn't it, in so many different ways? Although I imagine it's not easy for you.

Brooke: We've all had to adjust.

Stephanie: Yes, but you more than everyone else. Taylor said that you and Ridge are not sharing a bedroom anymore.

Brooke: It's only temporary.

Stephanie: Is that true? Or is that what you're hoping?

Brooke: My husband is a very compassionate man. He's taking everybody's feelings into account.

Stephanie: Thank you. Including Taylor's.

Brooke: Yes, of course, including Taylor's. He knows how difficult it must be for her to come home and find that the man that she loves is married to somebody else. That's why he made this decision.

Stephanie: And now even more difficult decisions have to be made. I'm happy that you're being so reasonable about all of this.

Brooke: I just want what's best for the family.

Stephanie: So do I.

Taylor: I don't want this moment to end.

Ridge: Who says it has to?

Taylor: If only that were true.

Ridge: You've been so patient, doc. We will work this out.

Taylor: I know. It's just, being back here in your parents' home, there's just so many wonderful memories here. I mean, this house hasn't changed, but everything else has.

Ridge: Except my love for you. That hasn't changed. And it never will.


Bridget: I don't understand. I thought that -- even mom thought that --

Eric: Yes, I know. But make no mistake, Stephanie is no friend of your mother's.

Bridget: But that doesn't make any sense. Dad, they've grown so much closer. And Stephanie has even praised mom for the way that she's handled -- dad? What is it? Dad, what's going on?

Eric: Honey, my wife is injecting herself right into the middle of this whole thing. She's trying to take matters into her own hands, and she's on a mission. I told her it was up to Ridge and Brooke and Taylor to --to work this and for her to stay out of it, but she won't.

Bridget: Oh, dear god.

Eric: No, I know. I know this whole situation should be settled with conversation and discussion. Not divisiveness and hostility.

Bridget: Exactly. But if Stephanie goes after mom, that's just gonna open up all of those old wounds.


Stephanie: I know that Taylor has told you how appreciative she is. You know, of how wonderful you were with her children.

Brooke: I love Thomas and the girls as if they were my own. I would do anything for them.

Stephanie: Well, you stepped up, and we're all grateful to you. But, of course, you're a different person now, aren't you? Even Taylor commented on how mature you are. And you and ridge have built a wonderful family around your children. Which is pretty amazing when you consider the way it all came down.

Brooke: What do you mean?

Stephanie: Well, Bridget and Deacon for one thing. Hope is his daughter. And Ridge didn't even know that R.J. was his baby through your entire pregnancy.

Brooke: Look, I don't even know why you're bringing this up. I don't see any need in rehashing the past.

Stephanie: Well, I think -- I think it isn't necessary for Taylor to find out about Ridge and Bridget and -- I mean, as long as you are willing to do what's best for the people that you claim you love.

Brooke: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: I'm talking about a person who's able to put aside their own needs and do the right thing. Ridge and Taylor should be together. I realize that's a huge sacrifice for you. But I expect that it's one that you can make.


Eric: I'm afraid the old wounds have never healed, not where Stephanie's concerned.

Bridget: Wait, what? Are you saying that all this time she's pretended to accept mom?

Eric: Yes. When the truth is that she still harbors a great deal of resentment and hatred for Brooke.

Bridget: No, no. Oh, god. This cannot be starting all over again.

Eric: Look, I wish to god it wasn't, Bridget. I wish it wasn't. The truth is, Taylor coming back has reawakened feelings in Stephanie that have been dormant for a long time. They just never, never went away.

Bridget: Her hatred for my mother.

Eric: Yeah. Look, the fact is that Stephanie believes there's only one woman who's right for Ridge.

Bridget: Taylor.

Eric: I know my wife. I know her better than anyone. She's not gonna stop until --

Bridget: Wait, wait, Dad. She's over there right now, isn't she? Stephanie has gone over there to tell my mother to stay out of ridge's life for good?


Brooke: You're asking me to just step aside and pretend that my marriage to Ridge never really happened?

Stephanie: Well, I'm just asking you to accept the inevitable. The future of this family is Ridge and Taylor.

Brooke: You're really serious.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: You expect me to just --

Stephanie: I expect you to stop acting as though you're still married. Your marriage to Rridge never measured up to his with Taylor's. You've never measured up. Brooke, you're still the same little tramp from the valley that set her sights on my son all those years ago.


Ridge: What's with all the photo albums?

Taylor: Well, what better way to catch up on everything that happened while I was gone?

Ridge: This mother's idea?

Taylor: Actually, it was mine. You don't think she'll mind, do you?

Ridge: Are you kidding? Since when has mother ever minded anyone pulling out the photo albums? Oh, god. Whoa, talk about a trip down memory lane. Oh, yes. Look at us in St. Thomas.

Taylor: That was right before you whisked me away on that little treasure hunt, remember?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: And then you asked me to marry you. Tell me why you want to marry me.

Ridge: Isn't the answer obvious?

Taylor: I want to hear the words, Ridge.

Ridge: I love you, doctor.

Taylor: I want to hear that again.

Ridge: I love you.

Taylor: And you want me.

Ridge: And I want you.

Taylor: And I'm the most important woman in your life.

Ridge: You are the most important woman in my life.

Taylor: No, no. The only woman.

Ridge: The only woman.

Taylor: You want my answer?

Ridge: Yes, I want your answer.

Taylor: My answer -- is yes, Ridge. I want so much to marry you.

Ridge: Thank god you said yes.

Taylor: Like I would have said anything else. Despite the hard time I gave you.

Ridge: Oh, remember this?

Taylor: How could I ever forget? Our wedding ceremony. Remember that the little chapel?

Ridge: The one at Pepperdine University.

Ridge: I, Ridge Forrester take the Taylor Hamilton Hayes to be my wedded wife. And I do promise and covenant before god and these witnesses to be thy loving and faithful husband in plenty and in want in joy and in sorrow in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live. Oh, you were so beautiful.

Taylor: That was the happiest day of my life. I never thought I could love you any more than I did right at that very moment. But now that I've been gone, and I'm back with you now and -- we've lost so much time together. I just don't want to lose any more. I don't want to lose one more moment.

Taylor: I promised myself I wouldn't do this. I know it's not fair to you. But still, at the same time, I just can't help.

Ridge: Doc, it's okay. You don't have to explain. I do understand. What you're feeling right now, it's like --

Taylor: It's like I have you. But I don't have you, not completely. Which is why I can't keep hanging on like this. You've got to talk to Brooke. More than anything I need to be back in our house. I want it to be our home, our children together. That's what I need more than anything. I want that all back. I want every moment of it. I just --I want to hold you. I want to make love to you. I want to fall asleep in your arms. The thought of being in the same house, being under the same roof, in separate rooms, it's -- my heartaches for you, Ridge. I need you. I need you so much. I want you. I want us to be together in every way. Oh, god, I need you. I need you and I want you. I want you so much. I want you. I want you. I want you. I need you. I need you.


Stephanie: All the years of your whoring around this family are over. And my son is never going to have to go through another pregnancy with you knowing or not knowing if it's his child. And he's never gonna be humiliated by a wife who fornicates with his brother. It's over. And don't -- don't start to cry. Don't turn those waterworks on, miss. Don't think you're gonna get any sympathy for poor, little Brooke from me.

Brooke: I'm not looking for sympathy for anybody, least of all you, Stephanie. Yes, yes, I've made mistakes. We all have. And I just thought once I had R.J. --

Stephanie: Oh, I know. Once, you thought, you had R.J. That that baby would ensure your place in this family.

[ Stephanie chuckles ] I never wanted this marriage. You forced me into accepting this marriage to Ridge in order that I could see my son and my grandson. I didn't like that. So I just gritted my teeth, and I played your game.

Brooke: And that's what you did when you came over here today.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Right? You thought if you just stroked me -- god. I can't believe that I ever thought you would ever give a damn about me.

Stephanie: I don't know. Maybe you're desperate. But you always did want my approval. Well, Brooke, it's a new day for this family. And your hold on my son is finished. You've always believed that your destiny is to be with Ridge. Well, fate has interceded, hasn't it? Taylor's come back from the dead.

[ Stephanie laughs ] And I'm so thankful that she has. I never thought it would be possible, but she has broken your hold on this family and on my son. My friend is back. Taylor is back. My daughter is back. Goodness is back. Decency is back. And believe me, it's been a long time coming.

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