B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/24/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/24/05



By Boo
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Brooke: Are you asking me to leave?

Thomas: I'm sorry, Brooke. But you have to understand, now that my mom's back -- things have changed.

Ridge: Thomas, now we're trying to sort those things out.

Thomas: And until you do, I don't think it's right for you to be sharing a room with Brooke. Not with mom back.

Brooke: Ridge and I aren't doing anything wrong. I am his wife.

Thomas: So is my mother.

[ Knock on door ]

Taylor: Excuse me, Ridge? Thomas, what are you doing in here?


Stephanie: I wanted you to -- to be aware of everything that is going on. And I was also concerned that there might be some reporters at the front.

Gabrielle: Thomas' mom is alive?

Stephanie: It's really rather extraordinary, isn't it?

Gabrielle: Stephanie, this is amazing! Has Thomas seen her?

Stephanie: Oh yes, she's with them at their home.

Gabrielle: Oh, gosh. They must be out of their minds. I am so happy for them.

Stephanie: Of course you are, because you're Tom's friend. Does it seem a little unfair?

Gabrielle: That's why you were hesitant to talk to me, 'cause you thought I'd be jealous.

Stephanie: Oh no, not that. No, I -- but honey I know you're still dealing with your feelings about your mother.

Gabrielle: Well, that's -- I can only imagine how thrilled that they must be to have their mom in their lives again.

Stephanie: And hopefully that she'll be a big part of their lives again.

Gabrielle: I can't wait to see her. Do you think it'd be okay if I went over there?

Stephanie: Oh, I think that would make Thomas very happy.

Gabrielle: Thank you, Stephanie. And again, congratulations. This is great news.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Gabrielle: Hey, Jackie. Bye. Gotta go.

Jackie: Stephanie. Stephanie, is Gabi all right? I mean, the way she rushed out of here, you'd think the house was on fire.

Stephanie: Oh, no, no. Everything's fine. Are you looking for Eric? Because he's not home.

Jackie: Good, because I want to talk to you in private.


Taylor: What's going on?

Ridge: Thomas was just giving us his thoughts on the current situation. He was thanking Brooke for being such a great mom to him while you were gone.

Brooke: And then he told me to leave.

Taylor: Thomas --

Brooke: I'm sorry if my being here is uncomfortable for you.

Taylor: Sweetheart, please would you let us handle this?

Thomas: You know, I thought dad and Brooke were up here working things out. But they weren't, they were getting ready for bed.

Ridge: Look, there's a lot to deal with. Let's wait until tomorrow to do that.

Thomas: What about tonight?

Ridge: Nobody's leaving the house tonight.

Thomas: I wasn't asking Brooke to leave the house.

Brooke: That's what you want.

Thomas: No. No, that's not what anybody wants. All this stress and tension. This should be an incredible time for our family. But it isn't right. I know it. The girls know it. And we're not just going to pretend that it's okay for you two to be up here together with mom downstairs. Look, I'm sorry, Brooke. I know it's not your fault. But my dad can't be married to two women at the same time.


Stephanie: I can't imagine what you want to see me about.

Jackie: I know that we don't see eye-to-eye on most things.

Stephanie: Anything.

Jackie: But there is one thing that we have in common.

Stephanie: Certainly not my genuine respect for your husband.

Jackie: It's not my marriage that I'm concerned about at the moment.

Stephanie: Of course it isn't. Your marriage has never been your priority.

Jackie: But our sons -- they're a major priority for both of us.

Stephanie: Our sons?

Jackie: You want ridge with Taylor. I want Nicky with Brooke. That makes us allies, don't you think?

Stephanie: Whatever happens in my family is none of your business.

Jackie: Right. Because you don't have any trouble passing judgment on my relationship with my husband, do you?

Stephanie: Massimo and I have been friends for a long, long time, Jackie.

Jackie: I could be your friend too, Stephanie, if you just listen to what I have to say. Okay. I want what's best for Nick. You want what's best for Ridge. And from what I've heard -- you and Taylor, you were the dearest of friends. And I know that there's no love lost between you and Brooke.

Stephanie: What has any of this to do with you and Nick?

Jackie: The point is, I would be just as thrilled to have Brooke as a daughter-in-law as you would to see Taylor reunited with Ridge.

Stephanie: There's just one problem.

Jackie: I know, you don't want to have anything to do with me. But what do you care if I can help you get Brooke out of your son's life?

Stephanie: I thought Nick was engaged to my step- daughter.


Brooke: Thomas, a few days ago our family was happy together.

Thomas: And I'm not saying we weren't.

Brooke: But you're not happy now?

Thomas: Not with things like this.

Brooke: With me in your house?

Taylor: Listen, Ridge and Thomas and the girls have all told me what a wonderful job you did while I was gone. They're very appreciative of you. They are.

Brooke: But I'm not their mother.

Taylor: Brooke, you know how teenagers can be. They tend to see everything in black and white.

Brooke: Well, Thomas isn't like a normal teenager. He's been very sensitive to other people's feelings.

Thomas: Somebody has to look out for my mother.

Brooke: And what about Hope and R.J.? This is their home, too.

Ridge: They are every bit as important to me as you and the girls. I'm not gonna be forced to play favorites here.

Thomas: But you are playing favorites. How do you think mom feels when you're up here with Brooke?

Brooke: Your mother has been looking forward to this reunion for a very long time. But she expected to pick up her life where it was left off, and that's just not possible. A lot of things have changed. Ridge and I are married now, and we have a child. Hope calls him daddy.

Taylor: At this stage in their lives, they do really need their father, I know.

Brooke: And I realize your children need to spend time with you, and you want to be close to them, too.

Taylor: Yes, I do.

Brooke: Okay, so we'll make an offer on a house next door, down the street. Something -- we'll make it work out. But this is our home now, Taylor. Ridge and I have worked a long time to get to this point in our lives, and we're finally together. And it's going to stay that way.

Taylor: It's obvious you love Ridge, I can see that.

Brooke: Please, don't misunderstand me. I meant what I said before. I don't want to shut you out, and your children want you here in the house where you've had all these memories. But I have to speak for my children, too, because they don't have a voice in this. Thomas, please, think about Hope and R.J. They're just babies. How would they feel if Ridge was suddenly out of their lives? You are grown up. You're going off to college. You understand what's going on here.

Thomas: I understand we can't all stay here together, not like this. You have to choose, Dad. Somebody has to go. Who's it gonna be?

Ridge: Thomas, can you wait downstairs? I need to speak to Brooke and your mother alone.


Thomas: Gabi --

Gabrielle: Oh, hey, Thomas.

Thomas: Hey. I didn't know you were down here.

Gabrielle: Phoebe just let me in.

Thomas: Oh, did she go back up to her room?

Gabrielle: Or maybe upstairs to see your mom?

[ Thomas sighs ]

Thomas: Grandma told you.

Gabrielle: I'm so happy for you.

Thomas: Thank you, thank you.

Gabrielle: You must be so excited.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. The last few days have been amazing.

Gabrielle: I can imagine.

Thomas: Yeah, so did I. Lots of times. But as great as you think it would be, as often as I've dreamed about it, getting another chance to know my mom -- to talk to her, to hold her -- it's better. It's so much better. It's also the same. You know, nothing's -- nothing's changed. She's exactly the same as I remembered her.

Gabrielle: She's your mom.

Thomas: I'm sorry. Is this hard for you?

Gabrielle: No, I got 18 years with my mom, Thomas. You know, I wish I could have had more, but you and your sisters didn't even get that, and now she's back.

Thomas: For the time being.

Gabrielle: She's not gonna leave you again.

Thomas: She doesn't want to, but --

[ Thomas sighs ] It's complicated. Dad's remarried, he's got a new little boy and a stepdaughter --

Gabrielle: He's moved on with his life.

Thomas: But to her, no time has passed. She came back thinking she could pick up right where she left off.

Gabrielle: Wow. That is complicated.

Thomas: And dad and Brooke aren't doing anything to make it easier. They're acting like nothing's happened. Mom's staying down here while they're upstairs in her old bedroom.

Gabrielle: Is your mom okay with that?

Thomas: No! And neither am I. She doesn't deserve to be treated like an outsider. This is her house. Dad bought it for her. She has every right to be here as Brooke does, and I told him that.

Gabrielle: You told them?

Thomas: Yeah, just now. Mom wanted me to stay out of it, but somebody has to stick up for her, right?

Gabrielle: Yeah, good for you.

Thomas: Yeah. Probably won't change anything though. Nobody listens to us.

Gabrielle: I bet your mom did. And I will bet that she's really proud of you. I know I am.


Stephanie: You seemed to have forgotten that Nick and Bridget were getting married the day Taylor returned.

Jackie: But they didn't get married, Stephanie. And it's given them a chance to think about what happened and how Taylor's return could affect their relationship. Look, I'm not going to deny that Nicky cares about Bridget, but it is nothing compared to the passion that he felt for Brooke.

Stephanie: Brooke? Brooke loves her daughter. She is not going to betray her again.

Jackie: That is exactly why we've got to get this out in the open. We have to talk about it; we have to get them to admit their attraction for each other before Nicky marries Bridget, before they have children. I mean, Stephanie, we've got to act now. This may be our only opportunity to stop them from making a decision that they will regret for the rest of their lives.


[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: I'm sorry. I shouldn't let his get to me, but to hear Thomas talking like that, like I'm the enemy --

Ridge: Brooke, you're not. No one's in the wrong here. Thomas does have a point.

Taylor: Look, look, the kids are just not equipped to deal with this kind of ambiguity.

Ridge: Which is why we're going to have to make some decisions. Not for ourselves, but for the kids. For all of them.

Brooke: But what's good for Thomas and the girls may not be good for R.J. And Hope.

Taylor: Well, there has to be a solution that somehow benefits all of them.

Brooke: One that doesn't include the three of us living here together.

[ Brooke sighs ] Well, here we are again. The same place the three of us would always end up in.

Taylor: Yeah, but this is different this time, Brooke. This isn't about you and me, this is about the children.

Ridge: And I want to protect all of them.

Brooke: We just can't let this drag out, because it's gonna get more difficult. You heard what Thomas said. He and the girls are suffering. They're concerned about their mother, they're worried about their future. And meanwhile, we're just sitting here, stuck in limbo, wondering which family is going to get through intact.


Caitlin: Thomas? I thought I would surprise you with some popcorn and a movie.

Thomas: Caitlin.

Caitlin: I talked to Steffy earlier, and she said that you had a surprise for me and -- the way that she said it, I thought it was good.

Thomas: It is.

Gabrielle: She doesn't know?

Caitlin: I should go.

Thomas: No. No, wait, Caitlin, wait.

Gabrielle: Wait, Caitlin, just please let him explain.

Thomas: I have something to tell you. Something amazing has happened.

Caitlin: Yeah! Yeah, I can see that. Excuse me.

Thomas: No, Caitlin, don't go. Caitlin


Stephanie: Jackie, Nick and Bridget aren't going to have any regrets because they're committed to one another.

Jackie: At the moment, but if Ridge and Taylor end up together it's --

Stephanie: Well, then, both of our sons will be happy.

[ Jackie scoffs ]

Jackie: Stephanie, Nick and I, we do not share your very low opinion of Brooke.

Stephanie: Well, he might if she would become involved with him while he's engaged to her daughter.

Jackie: But you just said that she wouldn't do --

Stephanie: She won't.

Jackie: That's exactly why Nicky has to end his involvement with Bridget. He does -- give her time to heal before Brooke and --

Stephanie: Oh, stop it. Brooke and Nick are ancient history. You've got to accept that and stop meddling. I'm telling you, Bridget and Nick are going to get married, they're gonna be happy, and so, hopefully, will Ridge and Taylor.

Jackie: Ridge and Taylor?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Jackie: So where does that leave Brooke, hmm? With no one?

Stephanie: That's the way life works sometimes. Someone loses.


Ridge: Taylor, when I saw you at the cemetery, I was elated. To be able to bring you back to the kids, I can't even tell you what that felt like. To have you back in our lives -- it's a miracle.

[ Ridge sighs ] I feel like the luckiest man in the world right now. But the reality is that that miracle is gonna cause people I love to be hurt.

Taylor: People you love are already hurting.

Ridge: I know this wasn't what you expected, after having fought your way back from the edge of death. It wasn't really what I planned either. I just got my feet back on the ground, and now the whole world seems to be upside down again.

Brooke: And it's nobody's fault. That's what makes this so tragic.

Ridge: Somebody's gonna wind up feeling punished and I don't want that. Doc, the kids and I have missed you every day since you've been gone. You've been in our hearts and our thoughts every moment. Your spirit has been a guide to us, even in your absence. And Brooke, you're love has made us feel alive again. You made me happy when I didn't think I would possibly ever be happy again. And we built an incredible future together.

[ Ridge sighs ] How can I possibly be any happier than this? I don't know. You two have brought so much joy to my life, I just want to thank you both for everything you've given me. But you're right. We have to make a decision here. As much as I don't want to, we have to decide. Brooke?

Brooke: Yes, Ridge?

Ridge: I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

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