B&B Transcript Monday 5/23/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/23/05



By Boo
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Ridge: I want to be here for you, Logan. I just -- Taylor. I'm asking you to be sensitive to me, too. In just one day my world changed. And I wasn't sure about anything anymore. I didn't feel safe. Help me feel safe again.


Massimo: This had better be good because I was half way through an exceptional cigar.

Bridget: Well, I think you're going to appreciate this even more.

Massimo: All right, then, come on. Give me the good news.

Jackie: Yes, what is it? I'm dying to know.

Massimo: You asked your mother here, too?

Nick: Yes, this isn't something I felt we should discuss over the phone.

Massimo: Well, for god's sake, come on. Out with it already.

Nick: What if I told you Forrester really wasn't crazy after all? He wasn't hallucinating, he wasn't seeing ghosts, and he'd actually come face to face with the real thing?

Massimo: Taylor?

Nick: That's right. She's alive.


Taylor: Hi, sweetheart. Did you get what you needed at the office? Thomas, you okay?

Thomas: I still can't believe you're actually here.

Taylor: I am. Does this help?

Thomas: Yeah. Where's dad? You guys have so much to catch up on.

Taylor: Well, we got a good start a little bit ago.

Thomas: Just a start?

Taylor: Yeah, I went upstairs to tuck your sisters in and when I came back he was gone.

Thomas: He went out?

Taylor: No, um -- he's here -- he's upstairs with Brooke.

Thomas: Oh, saying good night to her.

Taylor: I don't know.

Thomas: Well, sure he is. What else would he be doing?

[ Taylor sighs ]

Thomas: No. Way. He wouldn't do -- not with you back. Look, he's probably just having a talk with Brooke. You know, laying the ground work.

Taylor: What do you mean groundwork?

Thomas: Well, he can't just send her packing. You know, Brooke's been good to him. And to us, the girls and I. Dad's gonna want to take it slow.

Taylor: You think he's going to ask her to leave?

Thomas: At some point. You can't both stay here.

Taylor: No. No, that's for sure.

Thomas: Mom, you're not going. Listen, there's no way you are ever leaving this house again. Do you understand me? No way.


Brooke: I don't want you to think that I'm not grateful that Taylor's alive, because I am. I am so thrilled that the kids have their mother back. And you, Ridge, I am so happy for you.

Ridge: I know. I know you are.

Brooke: And I'm trying to be supportive -- I'm trying really hard.

Ridge: But you need support, too.

Brooke: I need you. I need you so much.


Nick: You all right?

Massimo: All that pain. All those tears, and now -- the children, do they know?

Bridget: Oh, yeah. They're floating on air. I don't know if they will ever come down.

Jackie: What about Ridge?

Bridget: He's just laughing and smiling and throwing his arms around everyone.

Massimo: Thank god. You know, we really should celebrate. How about breaking out some champagne?

Nick: Ahh -- let's see. How about a warm beer. My fridge is broken.

Massimo: Doesn't make any difference at all, tastes like the finest wine anyway. I mean, she's alive. I mean, Taylor's alive. I --

Bridget: What is it, Massimo?

Massimo: Brooke. What does this mean to Brooke?

Bridget: We've been wondering that ourselves. And so has she.

Massimo: Oh, boy. This is one hell of a dilemma for Ridge. A man with two wives.


Thomas: That's not gonna happen. He made a commitment to you. Mom, dad was devastated when we lost you. He wouldn't risk losing you again. This is your house. You and dad raised a family here. Those memories don't just disappear. Dad knows that and so does Brooke.

Taylor: I'm not so sure she does.

Thomas: Well, then somebody's gotta make her see it. As hard as it's gonna be, she's the one who has to move out.

Taylor: Well, if that happens she'll have to take R.J. And hope with her. And I just -- I don't think you want that.

Thomas: Dad would share custody, at least of R.J., and Hope could visit anytime she wants.

Taylor: Those are some really big issues. I don't think we're gonna get them all solved tonight. Why don't you go on up to bed, okay?

Thomas: Mom, wait. I need to know that you want this family together in this house. Do you?

Taylor: I want that more than anything in the world. Now go to bed. Go. Come on.

Thomas: It's gonna be all right. Love you.

Taylor: I love you.


Brooke: Oh, Ridge. I love you. And I love this family. It means everything to me.

Ridge: To me, too, Logan.

Brooke: Does it? You know, we fought for it. We got it. We earned it. And I just never want to see it change.

Ridge: Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, all right?

Brooke: You said it.

Ridge: What did I say?

Brooke: Oh, whenever something goes wrong and I start making a big deal out of it, you put your arms around me and you say, "let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay?" And then you kiss me. And you whisper how much you love me.

Ridge: I do love you. And that's never going to change.

[ Knock on door ]

Brooke: Oh, don't get it.

Thomas: Dad, it's me. You in there? I need to talk.

Ridge: I'm sorry.

Thomas: Did I catch you at a bad time?

Brooke: No, not at all. We always have time for you.

Ridge: What's up, sport?

Brooke: I'll leave you two alone.

Thomas: No, don't go. This is about my mother and you, Brooke.


Jackie: So, Ridge is still married to Taylor?

Nick: It's a good question.

Massimo: I'm going to call my attorneys because he's going to have to consult with them.

Bridget: I think it's still a little early for any major decisions.

Jackie: When do I get to meet Dr. Forrester?

Bridget: I think she's laying low right now, just concentrating on her immediate family. But Nick and I plan on inviting her to the wedding. So, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to get to know her then.

Massimo: To Taylor's return.

Jackie: Here, here.

Nick: Hey, I thought you might want one of these.

Massimo: A-ha! What took you so long?

Jackie: On deck, please.

Nick: We don't have those rules here, Mother.

Jackie: Oh, yeah, you do when I'm aboard.

Nick: Let's go. You two going to be okay alone?


Jackie: Why wouldn't we be? Well, quite a turn of events, don't you think?

Bridget: Not in the way that you're thinking.

Jackie: I don't follow.

Bridget: Well, I'm sure it's crossed your mind that with Taylor still married to Ridge, that frees up my mom for Nick.

Jackie: Why would that make a difference? Nick is completely committed to you.

Bridget: I'm glad you still understand that. You know, I know there's a lot to work through. But even so, with Taylor's return, it's not going to break up my mom and Ridge.


Thomas: I know this is a tough subject. And you might not want to hear what I have to say about it.

Brooke: Of course we do, Thomas.

Thomas: I just figured I'd better get in my two cents before you make a decision.

Ridge: What decision is that?

Thomas: Who stays with you. And who goes. I mean, it's got to come down to that eventually, right? We can't all live here like this.

Ridge: No. No, we can't.

Brooke: How would you like this to end up?

Thomas: For everyone to be happy. Yeah, I know, I know. Dream on, right? Why does it have to be so unfair? You, mom -- there couldn't be two better people in the world. Or two people who have been more important to me.

Brooke: You really feel that way?

Thomas: Do you remember in Porto Fino when you showed us that program that you'd made up for that fashion show we were having? There was my mom's picture. And this incredible tribute you wrote in her honor. From that moment, I loved you. And I haven't stopped since.

Brooke: Oh. Oh, Thomas. I love you, too.

Thomas: You were the difference, Brooke. The difference between me resenting the rest of the world for being alive and enjoying even the littlest things again. Especially when you moved in here. The echo disappeared.

Ridge: Echo?

Thomas: I was just so quiet and lonely that I could hear my own footsteps. Now I hear Hope and R.J. Laughing, or Phoebe and Steffy on the phone. Or you and dad talking. You took a house and turned into a home again. You turned us into a family. My mom may be back in my life again, but I'll always think of you as my mom, too. I hope that's okay.

Brooke: Okay? Yes, I couldn't think of anything better. Thank you, Thomas. Thank you.


Jackie: Sorry that I took so long, it's just I dropped my compact and, um -- oh, your father and Bridget left.

Nick: They got tired of waiting for you. How convenient.

Jackie: Oh. You think that I stayed behind on purpose?

Nick: Don't get yourself caught in a tough card game, Mother, because you've got a bad poker face.

Jackie: Okay. But I am a good prognosticator. I told you it was an omen.

Nick: What was an omen?

Jackie: That scream -- that interrupted your wedding.

Nick: I knew you would do this again. I knew you would.

Jackie: Nicky, you think about it. That was Taylor. She was crying out for help. Ridge's wife. I mean, it was as if she were saying, "don't do this. Don't go ahead with this marriage."

Nick: You can't be serious! You can't tell me you really believe that?

Jackie: I believe things happen for a reason. Taylor showing up when she did kept you available.

Nick: But mother, I'm not available. Now, even though Bridget and I don't have a legal contract, we are husband and wife in my mind.

Jackie: Uh-huh. Up here. But what about in here? Who are you pledged to?

Nick: I just told you.

Jackie: Well, don't tell me, all right? Tell yourself. And you be honest. Because this is your chance, Nicky. Yours and Brooke's. Don't turn your back on it.

Nick: I've heard what you had to say. But it doesn't change anything. Mother! It doesn't change anything! It doesn't change anything.


Thomas: I'm not the only one who feels this way. Steffy and phoebe think of you as their mom, too.

Brooke: Did they tell you that?

Thomas: They didn't have to. I see it all the time.

Ridge: The first time I saw it, I felt this huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. 'Cause I knew my little girls were going to be okay. Because, once again, they'd have both a father and a mother.

Thomas: There's another reason I'm so grateful to you -- what you've done for dad. He was dying inside before you came into our lives. You tried to hide it, but I knew. Late at night when you thought we were asleep, I would sneak over to your room and look in and just stand there forever watching you, afraid you were a man with a broken heart. And you fixed it. You healed dad. You healed all of us. And there's really no way I can ever thank you.

Brooke: You just did.

Thomas: No, not enough. It's -- it's never going to be enough.

Brooke: Of course it will, honey. It's always going to be enough.

Thomas: God -- we even proposed to you.

[ Brooke laughs ] Phoebe and Steffy and I came to you and asked you to marry us. And now I'm gonna --

Brooke: You're gonna what?

Ridge: What is it, Thomas?

Thomas: Mom's back and we need her. More than anyone. Our family needs for mom and dad to be together and things just to go back to the way they were. I miss her so much, Brooke. Now that she's back, we have a chance to be a family again. And I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. As much as I love you, as much as we all love you, you need to -- you need to leave.

Brooke: What?

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