B&B Transcript Friday 5/20/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/20/05



By Boo
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Bridget: Hey.

Nick: Hey. How did it go?

Bridget: Good. It went really well. It was really good to see Taylor. It's just a little strange, you know? I kept -- it's like, I kept wanting to touch her, to make sure it was really her.

Nick: Huh. Yeah, she'll probably be getting a lot of that.

Bridget: Thorne and Darla are gonna come over tonight, and I'm sure Thorne is gonna want to hug her, like, a million times. I can't wait to see the look. I mean, I can only imagine the look on dad's face when he sees her for the first time.

Nick: Does he know she's alive?

Bridget: No. He's gonna be shocked. Overjoyed. Everybody in our family is so happy, except, you know, maybe one person.

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: You know, mom is trying to so be gracious. She really is. But her whole world has been turned upside-down. I mean, she's got to be freaked out. I mean, of course she is. I would be, too.

Nick: Well, you don't have to be, because you don't have anything like that to worry about.

Bridget: Mm, I know. It's so safe and secure in your arms.

Nick: Good.

Bridget: You know, this is what mom really needs. With everything else that's up in the air tonight, she just -- she needs her husband. She needs to be in ridge's arms. Maybe more than she ever has.


Thorne: I can't believe it. I'm sorry, it's just so -- I --

Taylor: It's good to see you again, Thorne.

Thorne: You know, when Ridge called and said you were alive, I --

Ridge: You thought I was crazy, didn't you?

Thorne: Yeah, Rdge, I did. God, the kids. They must be ecstatic.

Taylor: Almost as much as I am.

Darla: God, it's such an amazing story, Taylor. How Prince Omar took you from the hospital and took care of you.

Taylor: Well, what's really amazing is that I'm finally back home with my family. Which I'm also delighted to see has gotten bigger.

Thorne: That's right.

Taylor: I haven't been able to welcome you yet.

Darla: Thank you, Taylor.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Eric: What are we doing here? What are you being so mysterious about?

Ridge: Hey, Dad. Mother. Something amazing's happened, Dad. Come on in. Please.

Eric: Thorne.

Taylor: It's me, Eric. Taylor.

Eric: But, god, that's --

Stephanie: It is, honey. It's Taylor. It's Taylor.

Eric: How? We were all there when --

Taylor: It's a long story.

Eric: My god. Taylor?

Eric: Taylor, wait. Let me look at you. You're actually here. The children, have you told them? Have they seen you?

Taylor: Yeah, I got to spend all last night with them. I got to hold them all night. I got to watch them sleep. I got to hear them call me "mommy" again. Oh, they're so beautiful. I'm just so proud of them. They're amazing. This whole -- whole thing is incredible.

Eric: And they need you. They -- god, they need you so much. Well, I'm sure you're gonna be able to make up for lost time, aren't you? I can't believe how much time has gone by.

Taylor: Well, to me it feels like I just left.

Eric: Does it really? Well, now, that's because you're here. You're here right -- right where you belong. You have so much to -- no, let's wait -- let's wait for another time. What a gift. What an amazing blessing. This family's all together again. And we're never gonna be apart again. Ever. Ever.

Ridge: That's right, Dad.

Eric: Taylor's home. Thank you, god. Oh, my god.


Nick: Why don't we start by giving your mother a little credit here? You know, she's dealing with a very unusual situation, and I think that she's handling it better than most women would in her shoes, don't you?

Bridget: I just really want this to work out for her. It's nothing against Taylor. I think the world of her. And whatever happens, we'll be here for her. But mom's --

Nick: She's your mom.

Bridget: Yeah. And she belongs with Ridge. And they have a life together, and a family together. And to just have that ripped away from her is --

Nick: Now, hold on a second. A lot has happened since this woman has been around. There's been a child that was born. Now, if she's as terrific as you say she is, she'll respect that. She'll respect the life that your mom and Ridge have built together.

Bridget: Taylor is extremely logical, and very rational. But we all know that logic just goes out the window when it comes to love.


Brooke: Well.

Ridge: It's been quite a day.

Taylor: It certainly has.

Ridge: You doing okay? You must be pretty overwhelmed.

Taylor: Yeah, I am. But in a good way. In the best way.

Brooke: There are still things we need to discuss.

Taylor: I know, I know. But I did promise the kids that I would go say good night.

Brooke: Of course. Well, I guess it is getting late. So, I'll go to bed. Ridge? You coming?

Taylor: Ridge, I did want to talk to you for just a moment before I go say good night to the kids.

Ridge: Sure. Sure. You go ahead, sweetheart. I'll be -- I'll be up shortly.

Brooke: I'll be waiting.

Ridge: Okay.

Ridge: There you go. Herb tea. Skim milk.

Taylor: Perfect.

Ridge: Some things never change, huh?

[ Taylor sighs ]

Taylor: Look, Ridge. I know a lot of things have changed for you. Your life has moved on, and I respect that. But my life hasn't. My heart still aches for you as strongly as it did when you were holding me in the hospital. And every day before that. I am aware it's a lot more complicated for you. But still, I want you to know that even though you thought I died, my feelings, and my love for you, never did. It's taking everything in me not to just reach out and stroke your hair, and kiss your lips, and climb into your arms again like I've done so many times. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

Ridge: No, no. Um, I just think this is something we all need to -- to talk about.

Taylor: I already know what Brooke wants. She wants me out of the house. She wants me to leave, so you two can have the family that you have together.

Ridge: She told you that?

Taylor: I can't really blame her. In her position, I might have done the same thing. She was talking to me as the mother of your children. It was a mother's plea -- a plea asking me to give up everything that's most precious to me. My home. My children. You. Everything I fought so hard to come back to. And I just can't do it. I'm not asking you to decide anything right now. I just want you to know what's in my heart -- that I love you, and I want our life back. It's already been on hold for so long, my life has just been -- and I don't want to waste any more of it. I want to be with you, as your wife. I'm gonna go say good night to the kids.


Eric: Taylor's alive. It's almost impossible to believe. Why did you drag me out of there so fast for? I barely had a chance to say anything.

Stephanie: Because you would've stayed there all night, and Taylor needed time with her children, and Ridge.

Eric: Oh, my god. I was just so thrilled to see Taylor again, I haven't had a chance to wrap my mind around how complicated the situation really is. I mean, with Rridge married to Brooke --

Stephanie: Eric. Ridge is married to Taylor. He and Brooke aren't legally married.

Eric: Oh, of course.

Eric: My god. Ridge and Brooke are not legally married.

Stephanie: Well, everything's changed. I just hope that Rridge is smart about this. He can't sleep with Brooke. He can't make that mistake.

Eric: Stephanie, Ridge and Brooke consider themselves married. They've been living together as husband and wife for almost a year now.

Stephanie: That's true. But he can't sleep with her. I know he's confused, and he's overwhelmed. But he can't sleep with her. He can't allow himself to be seduced by Brooke. If that happens, he'll lose this opportunity. He'll lose a second chance at a life with Taylor.

Eric: Stephanie, don't. Don't start this. Ridge and Brooke and Taylor are adult people. You let them solve this problem on their own. Do not inject yourself in the middle of this thing. Stephanie?

Stephanie: I'm just concerned, that's all.

Eric: Yeah. So am I. I'm gonna go up.

Stephanie: I'll be up in a minute.

[ Taylor sighs ]

[ Phone rings ]

Taylor: Hello?

Stephanie: I didn't wake you, did I?

Taylor: No, no, not at all. I was just telling the girls good night.

Stephanie: How wonderful. Ridge with you?

Taylor: No. I think he's upstairs.

Stephanie: With Brooke?

Taylor: I assume so. Why?

Stephanie: Don't let that happen, Taylor.

Taylor: You know, Ridge has to make his own decisions.

Stephanie: You cannot just sit back and do nothing. This is your house, and your husband, no matter what Brooke claims.

Taylor: I already told Ridge the way I feel.

Stephanie: Well, I think you're going to have to do more than just talk. You're going to have to take the bull by the horns. Which is exactly what Brooke is doing right now, I'm sure.

Taylor: Stephanie --

Stephanie: I know it's not your style to fight, honey, but you have to reclaim your life. Brooke is up there, right now. She's using her children, her sexuality, whatever she has to. Whatever she has to, in order to hold on to Ridge. Now, you can't let this happen. You cannot let him sleep with her.

Taylor: Oh, he won't.

Stephanie: Taylor, you can't take any chances. Not now, and not tonight.

Taylor: I trust Ridge to make e right decision, okay, Stephanie? I have to.


Ridge: Would have thought you'd be asleep by now.

Brooke: No, I stayed up. I've been looking forward to spending some time with my husband. Alone.

Ridge: I know it's been like a revolving door around here recently.

Brooke: And that's okay. It's more than okay. It's been wonderful, having all the happiness in the house for the last few days. But, no matter how great it is that Taylor is back, it still raises a few questions.

Ridge: Yeah, we got a lot to talk about, huh?

Brooke: Yeah. But we don't have to talk about that now. Like you said, this is just about you and me, reconnecting. So, how you doing, mm? You seem a little tired.

Ridge: Oh, I just haven't slept much in the last few nights.

Brooke: Well, you've had a lot on your mind.

Ridge: How about you? This can't be easy on you.

Brooke: Well, it's -- it's been challenging. You know, I feel like I've been on a seesaw -- emotionally, I mean. You know, on one side, I -- feel the happiness for the children, that they have their mother back. And Taylor, even. And on the other side, I feel the concern, that everything that you and I have built and strived for might just disappear. I can understand you not spending the night in our bed last night, because everything seemed so fresh right now. But Ridge, you and I have so much to share. We have a marriage, and a son, and those things bring joy to us. And that is what we have to celebrate. I just need you to look at me, and I want to see the love reflected back into my eyes. I need your reassurance. I need you, Ridge. I need you more than I ever needed you before. Oh, make love to me, Ridge. Oh, make love to me.  

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