B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/18/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/18/05



By Boo
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Stephanie: I don't know that I'll ever get over this.

Taylor: Yeah, it is a lot to absorb. But the important thing is that --

Stephanie: The important this is that you're here. You're home. It's such a miracle. It's such a blessing.


Nick: Hey, there. Bridget said I'd find you here.

Brooke: Hi, Nick.

Nick: Mind if I come in?

Brooke: No, no. Come on in. I just actually had to grab a couple of reports, and then I'm heading home.

Nick: Well, that must be an interesting place now.

Brooke: So, Bridget told you.

Nick: Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah, it's really quite miraculous, don't you think?

Nick: Well, for your husband and their kids, I guess.

Brooke: Well, for anybody who knew and loved Taylor.

Nick: I understand she was very well-liked.

Brooke: Yeah, she is. She's a wonderful person. An amazing mother.

Nick: How is she as a wife?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: God, a lot's happened since then. I guess she has -- she has a lot to adjust to.

Nick: Well, I guess that goes double for you and Forrester, wouldn't you say?


Bridget: I can't take it anymore. Where is she?

Ridge: Well, come on in. Taylor's downstairs talking with mother right now.

Bridget: Oh. Oh, my goodness. What that must be like for them. Losing Taylor was almost as hard on Stephanie as it was on --

Ridge: As it was on me and the kids.

Bridget: Oh, I remember everything you went through. That loss was unbearable.

Ridge: Yeah, it kind of felt like my heart had been ripped out. Didn't really know you could feel that much pain. But now --

Bridget: You didn't know you could feel this much joy. I'm surprised you're not downstairs right now.

Ridge: Well, I just thought I'd give them a little time on their own. I'm sure mother's got a million things to talk to Taylor about right now.


Taylor: Oh, we've been through so much together, you and I.

Stephanie: You know, when I walked into the hospital room, and Ridge -- Ridge said that you'd passed, I'll never, ever forget the pain that I went through at that moment.

[ Stephanie remembering ]

Stephanie: No. You're not finished here. What about the children? They're still babies. Are you gonna leave Ridge? Are you gonna leave me? Oh, god. Life can't just be this cruel. It can't be.

Stephanie: What a mistake we made. What a terrible mistake I made. The years that you've lost


Bridget: Details, details. I want all the details.

Ridge: About?

Bridget: Well, Taylor, the reunion and the kids.

Ridge: Didn't Brooke tell you anything?

Bridget: Yes, but I want to hear it from you.

Ridge: God, Bridget. I'll never forget this moment as long as I live -- to see the elation in Thomas and the girls' eyes. Seeing their mother, after all the trauma they went through, to finally have their mother back. Oh, god, one amazing moment, everything was reversed. No wonder they didn't want to stop hugging her. They even spent the night snuggling with her in bed, you know? They didn't want to let her go. Not that she wanted to let them go.

Bridget: So, since Taylor was with the kids, I guess you got to spend some time with mom. How'd it go?


[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: This is not an ordinary situation, nick.

Nick: No, people don't come back from the dead every day.

Brooke: You can't just turn back the clock. Life moves on. And it has moved on. Even if Taylor feels like it's only been a couple of months.

Nick: What about Forrester? What's this feel like for him?

Brooke: To have the mother of Thomas and the girls back? He's thrilled for them.

Nick: What about the two of you? How are you doing?

Brooke: Well, I guess we can just take it a day at a time.

Nick: That simple, huh?

Brooke: No, no. Nothing about this situation is really simple. But I have faith in Ridge, and in our marriage.

Nick: Good. That's the most important thing. You've thought about where your marriage is legally?

Brooke: Yes, I have. I mean, there's a lot that we have to work out here, nick. But if you came here to point out the fact that my marriage to Ridge might not be legal --

Nick: No, no. That's not why I'm here at all. I'm here to support you.

Brooke: Well, you have a very strange way of showing it.


Taylor: No, no, Stephanie. It was not your fault. It isn't anyone's fault.

Stephanie: But I should have called someone. I should have gotten a doctor, a nurse. I didn't, because Ridge --

Taylor: Because Ridge knew it was what I wanted. Which is why you have no reason to feel guilty. Okay? I took myself off those monitors. That was my decision, because I'd believed that it was inevitable.

Stephanie: But it wasn't inevitable. I mean, and if we'd known that, we could have acted.

Taylor: But you did act. You did what any friend would do. You did what any mother would do. You were there for Ridge. And you held this family together. What happened, happened. It's over. I'm here, and I'll always be so grateful to you.

Stephanie: Okay. I need to ask you something, though, because I'm concerned. Has Omar really accepted this decision on your part? Is he really going to leave you alone now?

Taylor: He is still in pain, but I think he has finally accepted the truth, that I had to come back to my family. He knows that I could never stay with him, because in my heart, there's only one man for me. There's only one place I really belong, and that's here. Here with my family.

Stephanie: Good.


Nick: I am here because I care about you, because I'm gonna make sure someone's looking out for you and your best interests. And I'll always do that. I made that promise, remember? I'm sticking to it, even though you make it very difficult at times.


Ridge: Your mother's happy for Thomas and the girls. We didn't really get into it much beyond that. It was a long day, and after Brooke went to sleep, I was so wound up I just went downstairs.

Bridget: You stayed there all night?

Ridge: Yeah, I just couldn't turn my thoughts off.

Bridget: Mom would have stayed up with you, you know. You two share so much, Ridge -- your life, and your child. She just wants to know what you're feeling, and help you sort it out. You do know that, right?


Brooke: I'm sorry, Nick. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that.

Nick: Well, that's okay this time. Just don't let it happen again.

Brooke: But you know, you're right. This is a very complicated situation -- having Taylor back, and the legalities of it all. But somehow, it's going to resolve itself. What I'm really concerned about, of course, is the children, Taylor's and mine, and how this is going to impact them.

Nick: Well, not only now, but the rest of their lives.

Brooke: I just would really hate to put Ridge in the position of having to choose between the two families.

Nick: What if it comes to that?

Brooke: Well, if it does, I believe that Ridge would make the right decision.

Nick: He's got no choice here. He pledged his love to you.

Brooke: He also pledged his love to her.

Nick: Well, that was then. Things are a little different now. Brooke, listen to me. You guys have built a life together. You have a young child. Now, that boy needs a father. That's got to be ridge's first priority.

Brooke: She's going to just have to accept that.

Nick: Well, it seems to me like the man that she thinks is her husband is in a no-win situation here.


Stephanie: So, you are gonna take the girls out of boarding school?

Taylor: I know they've enjoyed it up there.

Stephanie: Well, good. I think it's a good idea, now that you're home.

Taylor: They're such wonderful children, Stephanie. Only they're not children anymore. Thomas is practically a man, and the girls are so grown-up.

Stephanie: Yes, they are. But they can still use your guiding hand.

Taylor: I'm just so grateful to you, and Brooke, while I was gone. You did an incredible job.

Stephanie: We tried, but nobody can replace you.

Taylor: Ridge told me that Bridget helped, too.

Stephanie: Yes, Bridget was wonderful. She stepped right in.

Taylor: I can't wait to thank her. And apologize for ruining her wedding day.

Stephanie: Well, knowing Bridget, she -- she won't feel that way. Does she know?

Taylor: I guess that Brooke would have told her by now.

Stephanie: Taylor, how do you really feel about this marriage with Brooke? Honey, you can say to me whatever you want. Let it out. Let it all out. It's okay. It's okay. I know you love him. And he's never stopped loving you. He always will. You know that. Sweetheart, he was so lost and confused without you. You're his heart, his touchstone. You -- he couldn't make sense of his life without you in it.

Taylor: I know. I know that he needed to turn to Brooke. And he started a life with her and their son. And I am grateful to her for that. I know everything has changed. I know.


Ridge: Bridget, listen. I'm not shutting your mother out, if that's what you're thinking.

Bridget: No, no, no. I know you would never do that. You love her way too much. You love your life with her too much. But, with everything that's going on --

Ridge: There's a lot to work out. No one realizes that more than I do.

Bridget: I'm just saying, the home that you two have created together with all of the kids is her world. It means everything to her.

Ridge: I know. I hear what you're saying.

Bridget: It's a complicated situation.

Ridge: Yeah, and we'll work it through in time. But right now, just seeing my kids with their mom. Seeing my mother holding her best friend -- god, Bridget. I can't remember feeling this happy.

Bridget: You deserve it. Every incredible moment. Oh, you, and the kids, Stephanie -- everyone deserves this happiness.


Nick: I have a little question to ask you. Has Stephanie weighed in on all of this yet?

Brooke: No, she doesn't even know about it.

Nick: Bridget told me that they were close friends and all.

Brooke: Taylor can do no wrong in her eyes. But me, on the other hand --

Nick: No, now wait a minute. I don't want to hear that. You've given this woman a beautiful grandson. You've taken the dressmaker. You made him a happy man, not to mention what you've done for Taylor's children. Now, she should be on her hands and knees thanking you.

Brooke: Mm, that would be the day. But she does know how important it is for a little boy to have both of his parents. That's why I think she would support me on this. I really do feel sorry for Taylor. She will always have a place in this family.

Nick: But it's not gonna be as Forrester's wife. Brooke, it's up to him to make her see that.

Brooke: He will. We didn't fight for a lifetime to try to be together just to have it all fall apart. True, it's going to be the ultimate challenge. But I believe that our love will survive over anything. Even this.


Stephanie: The dynamics of the family have changed. I mean, that's -- that's true. Ridge and Brooke have a child. But what hasn't changed, I think, is the depth of feeling that he has for you. It's every bit as strong as it ever was. And what really matters is that you're here. You're home. We all need you, Taylor. All of us -- including me. When I thought you'd died, when I thought that I had lost you, I lost my faith in god. I was so angry. I thought, "how could god take my son's wife? How could god take the mother of my grandchildren? How could god make my family endure so much pain?" It made absolutely no sense to me. And then, today, you're here. And it's a miracle. It's a blessing. And with you returns decency and faith. My dear, sweet friend, you have such integrity, such strength. I respect you so much, and I love you so much.

Taylor: I love you, too, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Don't ever leave me again.

Taylor: I won't. I never will. Never.

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