B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/17/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/17/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Ridge?

 Ridge: Hey there, sleepyhead.

 Brooke: What time is it?

 Ridge: It's late.

 Brooke: I didn't even hear the alarm go off.

 Ridge: Oh, I turned that off. I figured you could use the sleep. Yesterday was exhausting for all of us.

 Brooke: Are the kids up yet?

 Ridge: They already left. Taylor and the girls got up at the crack of dawn to make pancakes. They put me on bacon detail. You want me to go down and fix up a tray and bring it up to you?

 Brooke: No, no. I gotta check on R.J.

 Ridge: I already gave him his bottle.

 Brooke: Wow, you're on a tear this morning.

 Ridge: It's gonna be a great day.

 Brooke: You said the kids were gone? I was going to drive the girls up to Ojai.

 Ridge: Thomas already did that. He went up to help them pack up their things.

 Brooke: Pack? The school year's not even over yet.

 Ridge: Well, it will be in a week or so.

 Brooke: I know they're done with their exams, but they still have a paper.

 Ridge: Well, the headmaster said they can e-mail all that in.

 Brooke: You talked to the headmaster?

 Ridge: Yeah, he understands the situation. Don't worry, it's okay. He cleared everything.

 Brooke: So the girls are coming home?

 Ridge: Yeah, later today.

 Brooke: Ridge, I wish you talked to me about this. I mean, I wanted to be a part of this decision.

 Ridge: There wasn't really anything to talk about. Their mother's home, they want to be here.

 Brooke: I understand that.

 Ridge: Look, can we talk about this later? I gotta go.

 Brooke: Ridge, wait.

 Ridge: No, I can't. Mother called a little earlier and said she's coming over this morning. I for one can't wait to see the look on her face. She's gonna have the shock of her life when she sees Taylor.


 Stephanie: Why didn't I see this? Why didn't I realize that Ridge has so many unresolved feelings about Taylor's death? Why didn't I see that he's grieved all these years? I mean, it's perfectly natural that Brooke wouldn't want to acknowledge that. But why didn't I see it? And now, the way he's acting, it's just -- I guess the simple truth -- the simple truth is that Taylor will always be the love of his life.

 Eric: Look, I've been thinking about what you said. I absolutely agree. But Ridge -- RIdge is not going to like this.

 Stephanie: No, he won't.

 Eric: He's not gonna go willingly.

 Stephanie: Well, he certainly isn't going to go if he thinks the whole family is ganging up on him.

 Eric: No, you're right. He's agitated enough. We don't want to set him off.

 Stephanie: I can't figure what got into him yesterday.

 Eric: He was manic.

 Stephanie: I mean, the way he barged in. I mean, I should never have allowed him to take the girls.

 Eric: Well, Brooke's with them all. She would have called if there were a problem.

 Stephanie: I hope he doesn't tell the children he dug up their mother's grave.

 Eric: Oh, god no. That would scare them to death.

 Stephanie: Well, it frightens me.

 Eric: He needs treatment.

 Stephanie: And we're going to get it for him.

 Eric: What are you going to say to him?

 Stephanie: I don't know. I mean, whatever it takes to get him to go to the hospital.

 Eric: I have to believe that part of him knows that this whole thing is not real.

 Stephanie: Oh, Eric. He desecrated Taylor's grave. God, I was sitting there at Bridget's wedding, just thinking to myself, "isn't this wonderful? The whole family is together again. All of our problems seem to be behind us." And now this.

 Eric: He needs a psychiatrist. He needs someone to help him realize that this whole thing is a delusion.

 Stephanie: He needs to accept the fact that Taylor is dead.


 Ridge: What, do I still have that look on my face?

 Taylor: Yes, you do.

 Ridge: Well, I can't help it, doc. It's still such a surprise to me that -- that you're even here.

 Taylor: Well, you'd better get used to it, because I'm not going anywhere.


 Bridget: Mom?

 Brooke: Oh, hello, sweetheart. Sneaking in from your overnight with Nick?

 Bridget: Well, you know, I just thought you guys needed some space. How did it go -- the big reunion?

 Brooke: Oh, it was wonderful.

 Bridget: The kids have got to be so excited.

 Brooke: They are. They're very happy to have their mother home. In fact, they couldn't even leave her side. I think she spent the night in the girls' room last night with them.

 Bridget: So did they go back to school?

 Brooke: They just went back to get their things.

 Bridget: They're not gonna finish out the year?

 Brooke: Ridge talked to the headmaster, explained that Phoebe and Steffy need to spend time with their mother.

 Bridget: Well, um, where is Taylor?

 Brooke: Oh, I think she's downstairs with Ridge, cleaning up after breakfast. She made a lot of pancakes for everybody.

 Bridget: So, um, have you guys made any decisions yet?

 Brooke: No, not yet.

 Bridget: But you've talked about where everything stands.

 Brooke: I don't think there's anything to talk about. I mean, Taylor may be home, but nothing has changed.


 Taylor: There. Now, you'd never know there was a hungry swarm of teenagers even here.

 Ridge: Taylor, you didn't have to clean up.

 Taylor: Oh, no. I'm just getting started. I'm doing the kitchen next.

 Ridge: Oh, don't you dare.

 Taylor: Yes, I am. I want to. It feels familiar. It feels normal. Besides, it will pass the time until the kids get back.

 Ridge: Ow!


[ Doorbell rings ] Mother?

 Stephanie: Ridge.

 Ridge: It's so good to see you.

 Stephanie: It's good to see you. You seem a little calmer than the last time I saw you.

 Ridge: Yes, well, good news will do that to a person.

 Stephanie: Um, are the children home?

 Ridge: They'll be back later. Did you want to see them?

 Stephanie: No, actually -- actually, I want to talk to you.

 Ridge: Look, I realize that I was behaving a little strangely when I picked the kids up at your house.

 Stephanie: Yes, you were.

 Ridge: I'd like to explain that.

 Stephanie: Good. But I want to say something to you first, all right? Um, sweetheart, we've contacted a psychiatric hospital down in Palm Springs.

 Ridge: Lovely. A psychiatric hospital, huh?

 Stephanie: Yes, I think you need to talk to a doctor. You need to talk to a psychiatrist who can help you understand what's happening here.

 Ridge: Well, actually, I'm very happy, and I think if you listen to me, you will be, too.

 Stephanie: Ridge, I know what you did at the cemetery.

 Ridge: Mm-hmm. Why don't you listen to me and know that I am fine.

 Stephanie: I don't know what's causing these delusions, honey. But this isn't healthy, and it's certainly not healthy for the children to be around.

 Ridge: Oh, no, no. This is not a fantasy. It's not a fantasy.

 Stephanie: You think that you've seen Taylor. Ridge, the woman at the wedding may have resembled Taylor, but it was not her.

 Ridge: Actually, mother, it was her.

 Stephanie: Ridge, that's just -- it's simply not possible.

 Ridge: I am not crazy, and I'm not making this up. In fact, Taylor is about to walk right into this room.

 Stephanie: Do you hear what you're saying? Honey, this isn't real. I wish it was. I -- I wish that Taylor could be here as much as you do. And I mean, I miss her as much as you do. But Ridge -- honey, she's dead.

 Taylor: Stephanie?


 Bridget: So then you andR are fine?

 Brooke: Why wouldn't we be?

 Bridget: I'm not assuming the worst. I know your relationship is very strong. But come on, mom. This is a little stressful for you. You guys have got a lot to deal with.

 Brooke: Yes, and we'll deal with it. But right now, we're focusing on the children. And this is a blessing for them, Bridget.

 Bridget: I know, but it could get a little complicated. On the way over here, I called a friend that works at the family law clinic. And she wants to do a little more research, but there is some question about the legitimacy of your marriage, since Taylor never really died.

 Brooke: Why would you do that?

 Bridget: 'Cause I'm concerned.

 Brooke: Taylor just came back home, Bridget. Why would you call the lawyers? I mean, it's a little early to be calling lawyers.

 Bridget: Well, maybe. But if, you know, there is a problem, I think it would be great if you were prepared.

 Brooke: There is no problem. If Ridge and Taylor are still married, that's just a technicality, and we'll work it out. But Ridge made a commitment to me.

 Bridget: But if it's not legally binding --

 Brooke: You know what? If two people love each other, they don't need a piece of paper to stay together. Ridge and I love each other. We're married. We've built a life together. We have a son. Yes, Taylor is always going to be a part of our lives. There is no question about that. But ridge's future is with me.


 Taylor: It's me.

 Ridge: Mother --

 Stephanie: Oh, my god.

 Ridge: Mother, do you need to sit down?

 Taylor: It's okay. It's okay. I'm real. I'm alive.

 Stephanie: How? I saw you in the hospital. You were dead.

 Taylor: I know. I was unconscious, but I never died.

 Ridge: Mother, this is not a dream.

 Taylor: I'm alive.

[ Taylor laughs ]

 Stephanie: Oh, my god.

[ Stephanie sobs ] How?

 Taylor: Omar took me out of the hospital, and he faked my death certificate. I was on life support, and he brought in the best doctors from all over the world, and he nursed me back to health.

 Stephanie: Why didn't we know you were alive?

 Taylor: Because I was in a coma for a very long time. But as soon as I regained my consciousness, I came back. I did everything I could in my power to come back here.

 Ridge: Mother, omar was in love with her, and he was keeping her there, but he finally realized that the truth of the matter was she was not in love with him and that she would never be happy without her children.

 Stephanie: Do they know?

 Taylor: Yes. I got to spend all last night with them. It was just like I dreamed. Just like right now.

 Stephanie: Oh, oh, oh. Oh, you're home.

[ Stephanie sobs ] You're home.

 Taylor: Yeah.

 Stephanie: Your children have their mother back, and -- and you have your wife.

 Ridge: Yeah.

 Stephanie: How are you? How's your heart?

 Taylor: My heart is great. It's full to overflowing. Oh god, I have so much to tell you, Stephanie. I just don't even know where to begin.

 Stephanie: Oh!


 Bridget: Look, mom, you're right. There's probably nothing to worry about.

 Brooke: And I'm not.

 Bridget: I'm sorry if you thought that I was.

 Brooke: Oh, honey, you don't have to apologize. I really appreciate your concern.

 Bridget: Well, you know what's going on with Ridge. I don't.

 Brooke: I'm not naive. I know that this situation could be very difficult for everybody. But if we just stay strong and positive, and we put the needs of the children first, I think we can find a solution amenable for everybody.

 Bridget: Taylor must've come back with some expectations.

 Brooke: Yes. But she's an intelligent woman. I'm sure she understands.

 Bridget: So you don't think she's going to want Ridge back?

 Brooke: I'm not really sure if that's the issue. Taylor was a challenge for Ridge and me in the past. But our relationship has matured, and it's stronger than ever. Even Stephanie supports us.

 Bridget: So you think she's gonna be on your side this time?

 Brooke: I don't want anybody to have to choose sides. And I'm sure that Taylor will feel the same way. I know it seems confusing, but I think once Taylor and I can really sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk, I think we'll be able to work through some of this.

 Bridget: I'm just -- I'm really relieved that you're feeling this confident.

 Brooke: Well, yeah. I have every reason to be, right?


 Stephanie: Ridge, I'm so sorry. I --

 Ridge: It's all right. It's all right, Mother.

 Stephanie: I just -- you were just acting so crazy.

 Ridge: Yeah, well, for a while there, I was really wondering about myself, too.

 Taylor: It was me at Bridget's wedding. I was just trying to see the children, and then I got afraid of how they might react.

 Ridge: You probably made the right choice. Phoebe ran off and hid in her room.

 Taylor: Yeah, it was a huge shock for her. However, Steffy just sort of stood there and practically accused me of being someone who looked like her dead mother.

 Stephanie: That sounds like Steffy.

 Ridge: Just like grandma.

[ Phone rings ] Based on that, I'll take this in the other room.

 Stephanie: Things aren't exactly as you left them, are they?

 Taylor: No.

 Stephanie: I tried to look out for them.

 Taylor: I know you did. Thank you. You did a wonderful job.

 Stephanie: I don't know about that. Ridge seems to have given them all the guidance they needed. I mean, I tried. But it's never the same as having your father and your mother.

 Taylor: Believe me, Stephanie, I know that. That's what I want for the children. Unfortunately, Brooke wants that for R.J.

 Stephanie: So you've seen her. How did she react?

 Taylor: Oh, she was stunned. You know Brooke. But she -- she pulled together, and she came out of it.

 Stephanie: Things are different. But fate has brought you back. Don't let anything spoil your joy.

 Taylor: Ridge seems happy.

 Stephanie: He still loves you. He's never loved anybody as much as he's loved you in his whole life. Now things are different, but you are where you belong. This is your home.

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