B&B Transcript Friday 5/13/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/13/05



By Boo
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[missing the first two minutes. Sorry]

Brooke: A lot has happened since you've been gone.

Taylor: Ridge, Jr.

Steffy: We call him R.J. Do you wanna hold him?

Ridge: Oh, maybe that isn't a good idea right now.

Phoebe: Yeah, come on, Brooke, let mom hold him.

Brooke: Uh -- all right. Here you go.

Taylor: Your baby.


Nick: You know, I'm no legal eagle here, but if your dead wife isn't dead, she's alive -- are you still married?

Bridget: Well, they definitely are in Taylor's mind. That's for sure.

Nick: Forrester is not going to leave your mother.

Bridget: You know, my mom has -- she's never been able to overcome the pull that Taylor has on Ridge.

Nick: Well, he's never been committed to her like he is now.

Bridget: You know, I don't know.

Nick: Well, I do. If that's not enough to keep him there, then there's something else that definitely will.

Bridget: R.J.


Phoebe: Are you okay, mom?

Ridge: Your mother is just a little overwhelmed right now, sweetheart.

Brooke: It's been a while since she's held a baby in her arms. But there's really nothing like it, is there? The day he was born I looked down onto that precious little face, knowing that Ridge and I had created him, the baby that we've wanted for so long. He is a miracle. In so many ways. He really brought this family together.

Steffy: We have a little sister, too.

Brooke: Stepsister.

Ridge: Brooke's daughter, Hope.

Taylor: Oh, oh, of course.

Steffy: R.J. Took his first steps the other day. He rides this little basket we have for him and he dunked the ball right in it.

Taylor: He's walking.

Brooke: It's hard to believe. Time just goes by so fast.

Phoebe: Are you sure you're okay, Mom?

Taylor: I just have a lot to get used to.

Steffy: Hey, look. I think he likes you!


Nick: You know, I'll be the first one to admit that Forrester has got some screwy ideas. But when it comes to his family, his priorities are straight. And he knows his responsibility to that baby comes first.

Bridget: Well, R.J. Does have more pressing needs then Thomas and the kids. And then there's little Hope.

Nick: Oh, please. If anybody deserves a little stability, it's her. She's been bounced around so much already.

Bridget: Well, I'm sure that Ridge will keep that in mind, but I --

Nick: What? What?

Bridget: Just because Ridge is focused on making sure that R.J. And Hope and okay, I don't know that Taylor will be.

Nick: Well you said she's a shrink? She should know what's going on. She should know what's best for everybody.

Bridget: Yeah, and she's also the kindest, most considerate person there is. But she has fought so hard to get back to Ridge, I don't see her giving up now.

Nick: Well, maybe they can all live in the same house as one big happy family.

Bridget: Mom and Taylor in the same house?

Nick: Bad idea, huh?

Bridget: Well, that's what happens when you have two women competing for the same man. And just like before, I don't think either one of them will agree to give him up.


Phoebe: Mom, don't cry.

Ridge: Here, let me give you a hand. Come here, big boy, come to daddy.

Brooke: He's got a tooth coming in, and it's been making him miserable.

Ridge: Yeah, you'd never know it, though, he's such a brave boy. I'm sorry.

Taylor: There's no reason to apologize.

Ridge: Yeah, there is. You had a hell of a surprise sprung on you. Never should've let that happen. All right, guys, I think your mommy and I need a little time to talk.

Thomas: Ah! No, no, no, no.

Steffy: You've already had enough time to do that.

Thomas: She's ours.

Phoebe: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Taylor: Well, you heard them. Actually I'm not -- I'm not ready to let them go yet.

Ridge: All right, but don't tire her out, okay?

Taylor: Oh, no. I think it'll be the other way around. They have a lot to catch me up on. Come on, come over here, guys. Come on.

Steffy: This is so nice.

Phoebe: Can we stay like this forever?

Taylor: That's just fine with me.

Ridge: Coming, Brooke?

Steffy: We can talk about boys.

Taylor: Uh-oh.

[ Laughter ]

Phoebe: We talk about everything.

Steffy: Yeah.


Nick: So, why do you think this is all just gonna come to place and fall together in Forrester's lap -- this whole, kind of fantasy of which woman wins?

Bridget: I'm not saying that it will. Mom and tTaylor -- they're two very different women. They both brought very different things to ridge's life.

Nick: Well, explain that to me. How different?

Bridget: Okay, well, for instance -- Taylor -- Taylor had this calming effect on Ridge. It was amazing. His life could be completely crazy, I mean, really insane. And she would walk into the room and suddenly everything started to make sense for him.

Nick: Hmm. Well, shrinks have a way of doing that, don't they?

Bridget: It was more than that though. She's just very self-assured. There's a sense of peace about her. And her decisions. And you know, and it showed. It showed in the way she dealt with her patients, and -- the way she dealt with her children, the kind of wife she was. Not saying that she and ridge never had problems. Because, they did, what married couple doesn't? You just knew that they would always work it through. And they did.

Nick: Well, it seems as though she made quite an impression on you.

Bridget: Does that surprise you?

Nick: I don't know if surprise is the right word, but let's not forget about your mother, how special she is, too.

Bridget: Nick! I'm not forgetting about my mother. Why would you say something like that?

Nick: I know that you love your mother. And I know Forrester loves her, too. But when the smoke clears to this whole bizarre situation, Ridge is going to be with your mother.


Ridge: Cynthia's reading to R.J.

Brooke: I had no idea that Taylor didn't know about R.J. I mean, he woke up and he wanted to see his daddy. It never occurred to me that you didn't tell her. Why didn't you tell her?

Ridge: It was everything I could do to bring her up to speed about the family.

Brooke: What, so R.J.'S not a part of that?

Ridge: Well, I mean, our family. Her family. Hers and mine. This is all so confusing now.

[ Ridge sighs ] Brooke, I didn't intentionally want to slight anyone here. I don't really know what end is up right now. Between coming face to face with Taylor like I did and having to spend the last 24 hours trying to convince everyone I'm not completely out of my mind -- it's a wonder I can make any sense of anything. Should I have mentioned R.J.? Yes, of course. Did I intentionally omit that information? No, I didn't.

[ Brooke sighs ] Brooke, believe me. I'm not trying to put you or Taylor in an awkward position here.

Brooke: I know. I know that you're trying to do your best. We all are. But there's just so many feelings and emotions --

Ridge: I am aware that this is completely overwhelming for you, too.

Brooke: Yes, yes. My head is spinning.

Ridge: But what I think we have to remember is that -- the thing that is most important here is that Taylor is alive. And she's home.

Brooke: Yes, she is.

Ridge: I'm hearing something in that, "she is."

Brooke: Yeah, Taylor is home. In our home. And you and I really need to talk about that. 


Nick: I swear, your family.

Bridget: I know.

Nick: It doesn't matter what the situation is. There's always some storm on the horizon.

Bridget: How can something so beautiful end up hurting so many people.

Nick: Well, it seems to me she's only been alive for a few hours, hopefully they'll do the right thing.

Bridget: What is the right thing? Both mom and Taylor have children with Ridge. Both of them have made commitments to him. Just like, he's made a commitment to each of them. There is no clear winner.

Nick: He's gonna have to choose between the two.

Bridget: I know. Which one will it be?


Taylor: This must be what heaven is like.

Steffy: I'm glad you never found out.

Thomas: So, are you really okay? Totally recovered and everything?

Taylor: If I wasn't 100% before I saw you three, I am now.

[ Laughter ]

Phoebe: Were you really in a palace all these years?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, I was in this big marble room with gold everywhere.

Phoebe: I just thought of something. Mom was like a real-life sleeping beauty. With her own prince to wake her up.

Thomas: Yeah, some prince. The guy kept you from us.

Taylor: Well, in a way, he saved my life, too.

Steffy: Did he love you?

Taylor: Yeah, he did.

Thomas: Did you love him?

Taylor: Thomas, there's only one man I will ever love.

Steffy: Now you're safe.

Taylor: Yeah, I'm safe. And I'm surrounded by the people that I love most in this world. Never to leave again.

Phoebe: You won't, will you?

Taylor: No. No, sweetheart. No, you don't have to worry about that ever, ever, ever again. I am here to stay.

Phoebe: I love you.

Steffy: I love you, too.


Ridge: I know this is going to take a lot of adjusting.

Brooke: It's so hard to imagine how it's going to affect everybody.

Ridge: We're all stumbling around in the dark right now. When you consider where we are today as opposed to yesterday, we have a world with Taylor in it. The kids have their mother back. God, when I see them in the room with her right now, it just --

Brooke: I thought I knew how much those children really missed their mother. But the depth of feeling in that room -- if I had 1,000 wishes for Thomas and Steffy and Phoebe -- all of them combined couldn't compare to this.

Ridge: We are very, very blessed.

Brooke: And as fortunate as we are, we have to realize that things aren't going to fall neatly into place. Taylor feels like it's only been months. And for all of us, it feels like a lifetime. You and I have put rings on each other's fingers. The children have grown inseparable. A baby's been born. We've become a family, ridge. A real family.

Ridge: Yes, we have.

Brooke: And Taylor is always welcome to be a part of that.

Ridge: Thank you for saying that.

Brooke: I know it's vital that Thomas and the girls spend time with their mother. And, of course, I can understand why she would want to spend time with them.

Ridge: We'll work all of this out.

Brooke: We'll cut a space out for Taylor and the kids. And help her deal with this new reality that she found herself in.

Ridge: Yeah, sounds like a plan. Or at least the beginnings of one.

Brooke: Tonight she can spend the night in the guest room, or with the kids. Whichever they want.

Ridge: Oh, I don't think anybody's gonna leave that room -- anytime soon.

Brooke: And then tomorrow, we'll find a place for her to go.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: The beach house or your mother's and father's. Someplace that it's easy for the kids to go visit. Maybe, even stay for a while.

Ridge: You're going to ask her to leave?

Brooke: As wonderful as it is to have Taylor here, we can't let it affect what we've built.

Ridge: Yes, of course we do, but --

Brooke: Ridge, we have a child together. And Hope looks at you as if you're her father. She worships Thomas and the girls. Now we have a responsibility to keep that intact. We have a family to keep intact. I'm sure you can see that. Ridge?

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