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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/9/05



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Ridge: Don't be afraid, Logan. You aren't seeing things. It's her. It's Taylor.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Ridge: She's alive, Brooke. She's alive.

Brooke: No. No, no!


Jackie: Knock, knock.

Nick: Is that the start of a bad joke?

Jackie: Oh, if only. We could all do with a laugh, couldn't we? How are you doing?

Nick: I'm a little better than Forrester is.

Jackie: Yeah, Massimo's keeping tabs, trying to find out who put Ridge in the hospital and ruined your wedding.

Nick: Well, we prefer to think of it as a little temporary glitch in the ceremony, mother.

Jackie: Oh, so that means that you're just going to pick up where you left off, does it?

Nick: Why wouldn't we?

Jackie: You're a sailor, Nicky. You believe in omens.

Nick: Omens?

Jackie: This could be a sign.

Nick: Of what?

Jackie: That you're marrying the wrong woman.


Stephanie: What did I tell you?

Thomas: Grandpa's amazing, the way he got Steffy and Phoebe laughing again.

Stephanie: You sure you don't want to swim?

Thomas: No, no thanks.

Stephanie: I want you to stop worrying about your father. He's going to get through this. It's going to take some time and some therapy, but, eventually, he's going to acknowledge that the woman he saw is not your mother.

Thomas: Yeah, but that's not going to stop him from missing her.

Stephanie: No, no, it isn't.

Thomas: So, we just gonna keep going through this stuff every now and then, aren't we?

Stephanie: Maybe. I can see how hard this is on you, watching him go through it.

Thomas: I miss her as much as he does. I miss her so much.


Ridge: Take it easy, Logan. Try and catch your breath.

Brooke: I can't. I can't.

Ridge: Breathe. God, look, I'm so sorry. I know what a shock this must be. There's no easy way to prepare for something like this.

Brooke: Stop it. Stop it, ridge. This can't be real. This can't be happening. It just can't be happening. Taylor is dead. And she has been dead for --

Ridge: Take it easy. Shh, shh, take it easy. It's gonna be all right. Everything's gonna be okay, trust me. It's gonna be okay. Trust me. Shh.

Taylor: Brooke?

Brooke: Could it possibly be? Taylor?

Taylor: Yes. Yes, Brooke. It's really me.

Ridge: Brooke? Logan? Oh, god. Okay, you're gonna be okay, sweetheart. Okay.


Nick: I'm warning you, mother. I will throw you overboard.

Jackie: I'm just voicing an opinion. That's all.

Nick: I don't want to hear your opinion.

Jackie: Why? Have I hit on the truth?

Nick: I've told you before I love Bridget. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Jackie: It wasn't so long ago, Nicky, you were saying exactly the same thing about her mother.

Nick: That's enough! I don't want to hear this. Come on.

Jackie: Why? Would it be so wrong to take some time to really think about what you're doing?

Nick: Yes, it would.

Jackie: Why? Why? What's the rush? What are you running away from?

Nick: Nothing, mother. I'm actually running to something.

Jackie: You're sure, are you? Nicky, search your soul. You make absolutely sure you're at peace with this decision before you marry this girl.


Ridge: Logan, can you hear me?

Brooke: Ridge?

Ridge: I'm right here, Logan.

Brooke: Oh, Ridge.

Ridge: You fainted.

Taylor: I'm sorry, Brooke. I didn't mean to frighten you. I know this is a lot to absorb.

Brooke: Oh. Oh, my god. It's true. It's really true. You -- you've come back. You're --

Taylor: Home. I'm home.

Ridge: There's a lot explain, Brooke. There's a lot to explain here. How do you explain a miracle, though?

Brooke: A miracle? I --

Taylor: That's what it feels like.

Ridge: Taylor was in a coma. She didn't really die.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Taylor: I know it all seems beyond surreal. And you must have a million questions. But the moment I came out of that coma, the only thing I had on my mind was getting back to my family. Getting back to my babies. Dear god. How my heart ached for them. How it still aches for them. Oh, Ridge, I have to see them. I have to see them now. Please, I can't wait another moment. Please, I want to see them now.


Jackie: I'm sorry you heard that.

Bridget: Well, I'm not. Now I know how you really feel.

Jackie: Don't misunderstand me. I think you're a lovely, intelligent, compassionate woman who is going to make a lucky man very happy someday.

Bridget: It just won't be Nick. Is that right?

Jackie: It's just that he and your mother shared something so extraordinary --

Nick: Oh, for crying out loud, Mother. What are you saying?

Jackie: It would make any other relationship pale in comparison.

Nick: How do you know what's going on inside of me? Don't pay attention to her, please.

Bridget: Oh, I'm not. Nick and I have already discussed this. I even overheard him telling my mother how he feels about me and how devoted he is to me. And I believe him. What he and my mother shared is over. It's over for good.


Stephanie: You know what I've always found? If you've lost someone and you want to keep them close to you, like you do with your mother, then you relive those memories and you cherish them.

Thomas: I want to. I do. I just --

Stephanie: What?

Thomas: I don't know. I'm just starting to forget things.

Stephanie: Ah.

Thomas: Like there was this story that my mom made up about a 7-year-old knight who saved the rainforest. And I used to make her tell me that story every night before I went to bed. Every night without fail. And sometimes I would say it along with her, because I knew every word. So a few weeks ago, I thought I'd tell it to hope. And I started the first couple lines, and then -- why didn't we write it down?

Stephanie: That would have been nice. But that's not the way life works, sweetheart.

Thomas: You know what the worst part is? I don't remember what her voice sounds like.

Stephanie: Oh.

Thomas: I'll pop in a tape, and it'll come back. But then after awhile --

Stephanie: I remember her voice. I remember it very clearly. It had a sort of lilt. And it was the most caring voice that I ever heard in my life. You remember what you felt like when you were little and she held you?

Thomas: Heaven. It was like heaven.


Ridge: Doc, I know how anxious you are.

Taylor: I need to see them. I need to see them, Ridge. Are they upstairs?

Ridge: Taylor --

Taylor: What?

Ridge: The kids aren't here.

Brooke: I sent them to Eric and Stephanie's.

Ridge: Before I got here, Brooke was concerned about what condition I'd arrive in, because she knew I'd gone to the gravesite.

Taylor: You were protecting them.

Brooke: As if they were my own.

Taylor: Ridge told me how much you've done for them. You were a mother to my children when I couldn't be. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for that. If I thanked you a million times, it still wouldn't be enough.


Jackie: I know that you and nick would like to believe that he is free of Brooke.

Nick: Mother, please don't do this.

Jackie: I don't want to hurt you. I'm just trying to save both of you a lot of heartache, that's all.

Nick: Maybe you are, Jackie. But it's just not your place. It's for Nick and me to decide what's best for us.

Nick: Which we have.

Jackie: Right. After an engagement of what? A couple of days?

Nick: Mother, get it through your head. I love Bridget. She's my rock and my anchor. And I plan on being the exact same for her. She has all of me, and she always will. And no one -- not you, not Brooke -- will ever come between us.

Jackie: That is a very noble sentiment. But the reality is --

Bridget: The reality is that Nick and I are committed to each other. Just like my mom and Ridge are committed to each other. And like it or not, it's never going to change.


Thomas: She is so pretty.

Stephanie: I think it's safe to say she was beautiful.

Thomas: Even at the end, in the hospital, I mean, I knew she was sick and everything. But I never thought that she would actually -- when Phoebe and Steffy and I walked out of that room for the last time, we had no idea we'd never see her again. We just left. Like it was no big deal. Like we'd go there the next day and she'd be sitting up in her bed waiting for us. Like we had all the time in the world to tell her how we felt about her. But we didn't. And instead, she got nothing. Not even a good-bye. She's my own mother, and I didn't tell her good-bye.

Stephanie: Oh, honey, she knew. She knew how much you loved her.

Thomas: But I wanted to tell her. If only I could do it over again. If only I had another shot.


Ridge: You sure you're all right?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: It's gonna take everyone a little while to adjust, I know.

Brooke: Not the kids, Ridge. I mean, the moment they see their mother, my god.

Ridge: Yeah, yeah. I know. I know. How does it feel?

Taylor: Like home. Our home. I just -- I still can't believe I'm in this house. This place where so much has happened in my life. Where so much of our love has filled these rooms. A love so beautiful. But as beautiful as it was, right now at this moment it's even more beautiful. Because I have a second chance at life with my family. Which means everything to me. Dear god, I'm the luckiest woman on the face of the earth.

Ridge: You're home, doc. You're home to stay.

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