B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/4/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/4/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Mustafa: There. It's done.

Omar: Yes.

Mustafa: We have to go now.

Omar: In a moment.

Mustafa: We've already been here too long, sire. Sire, she's gone.

Omar: Perhaps. For now. Leila was with me for years, Mustafa. She will always remain in my heart.

[ Omar remembers ]

Omar: I let her go once, and she almost died. She was safe with me. I brought her back to life. But her heart belongs to Ridge. She will now be reunited with Ridge and her children. But it may not be the homecoming of which she dreamed. You fought your way back from the dead, my love. But your greatest challenge may be yet to come.


Thomas: Hey. Are the girls okay?

Brooke: They're still worried about your dad.

Thomas: So am I.

Brooke: Don't worry. Dr. McClaine's taking very good care of him.

Thomas: You think he'll be home tomorrow?

Brooke: I certainly hope so.

Thomas: What if he's still talking about mom?

Brooke: Well, he might be.

Thomas: The girls can't find out he thinks she's alive.

Brooke: And if they do, I'll just tell them that somebody's playing a very cruel trick on their father and that we're doing possible to get to the bottom of it.

Thomas: What about you? The things he's saying, don't they don't bother you?

Brooke: I can handle what's going with your dad. But you and the girls shouldn't have to.

Thomas: Neither should you. You've been through so much lately. What happened at Big Bear, dad's disappearance. And now this. It's okay. You can talk to me, Brooke. You don't have to hold this family together all by yourself.


Stephanie: I can't begin to fathom this.

Eric: Look at this. This sod had just been replaced.

Thorne: I told you.

Stephanie: He's actually come here and dug up Taylor's grave.


Taylor: Oh, it's all the same.

Ridge: God, Taylor, I just don't believe this. I don't believe it.

Taylor: It's true.

Ridge: Oh, you beautiful, beautiful thing. I've wished this. I've prayed for it and you're here.

Taylor: Yes. I am.

[ Ridge growls ]

Ridge: I just don't want to let you go.

Taylor: Don't.

Ridge: Not ever, not ever, ever, ever, never.

Taylor: I won't let you.

Ridge: Oh, god, you smell like Taylor. You taste like Taylor.

Taylor: I could be like this forever. Omar had me and he wouldn't let me go, but I fought, I ran to get back to this. To be in your arms. Hold me tighter. Hold me tighter.

Ridge: It's over. It's over now. You're safe. You're safe. You're home. You're home.


Thomas: I know the last few months haven't been easy for you.

Brooke: For any of us.

Thomas: But that's what I'm saying. You've made it easier. You made us feel like everything was gonna be all right.

Brooke: Because I knew it would be.

Thomas: I'm not a kid anymore, Brooke. The girls are away at school. But I'm here and I saw what was going on. When dad left, and everything you went through when he was away.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I didn't want that to affect you.

Thomas: See, there you go again. You're always putting us first.

Brooke: Of course I do. You're my family, Thomas. And I love you and your sisters every bit as much as R.J. And Hope. Now, I know I'm just your stepmother. And I'm never gonna take Taylor's place in your lives, but you have to know how important you are to me. I think of you kids as my own. I hope that's okay.

Thomas: Yeah. It is.


Stephanie: We'd better find Ridge.

Eric: Where would he go?

Thorne: Home?

Stephanie: Oh, I'm not so sure, after what he must've seen.

Eric: It seems like he would want to clear his head before he talked to the kids.

Thorne: But we don't know what he saw, dad. He made Nick and me leave before he opened the casket.

Eric: And then he reburied it? He must've seen what he came here to see. Come on, let's go.

Stephanie: Now I realize how much he misses her. I guess he's just never recovered from this. But I mean -- well, I guess that's what's driven him to come here and do this. I mean, to do something this gruesome. God forgive him.


Ridge: I'm afraid if I let you go --

Taylor: -- I'll disappear. Never again.

Ridge: I won't let you. To me, to me, you are an angel from above.

Taylor: Back with you forever. Oh, I saw you at the wedding. I saw our kids, all grown up. I've missed so much time. But now, everything I hold dear, I have it all back. I have you.

Ridge: Yes, you do. Yes, you do.


Stephanie: Taylor, you were the most compassionate person I ever knew in my entire life. So I think if anyone could understand why ridge would do something like this, it would be you. And you would be the only person that would probably forgive him for doing it. And if it were anyone else but you, he would've had more sense. It's just -- he's so convinced that he's seen you. I mean, it's -- I guess it's just brought back a lot of memories. He's missed you. And he's loved you. I think that's why he's done this thing tonight. I think that's why he's done this terrible thing. The truth is, I think he's still in love with her.


[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Oh, you were right. Your father couldn't go to sleep without saying good night. Hello?

Mark: Hi, Brooke? It's Mark McClaine.

Brooke: Is my husband giving you problems, doctor?

Mark: He should've signed out before he left, but we can take care of the paperwork tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure that he got home okay.

Brooke: Ridge was released?

Mark: Well, not officially.

Brooke: But you said he left. He just walked out?

Mark: Well, I already spoke with his parents. We assumed he was with you.

Brooke: No. No, he's not. Does that mean he's wandering around somewhere?

Mark: Well, he's not in any danger. His tests came back negative.

Brooke: So where is he?

Mark: I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say. Listen, I'm sure he's on his way home right now.

Brooke: I hope so. Well, thank you, doctor, for letting me know.

Thomas: Brooke, what's going on?

Brooke: Your father's on his way home.

Thomas: But he just left the hospital without permission?

Brooke: Well, I think he's just anxious to get home for you kids.

Thomas: You can tell me the truth if you're worried.

Brooke: No. No, I'm not worried. The doctor gave Ridge a clean bill of health.

Thomas: Yeah, but what if something happened to him? Somebody's been playing tricks on him. They could've been watching him.

Brooke: Thomas, your father can take care of himself. He gave me his word when he came back from Italy. Ridge will never let anyone take him away from his family again.


Ridge: Look at you. Look at you. You are a vision in our old home, here. You are. I feel -- I feel like I've won the lottery.

Taylor: In every state.

Ridge: Every state. God is up there, he is with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Taylor: I said a million prayers.

Ridge: Oh, my god, you beautiful creature. Beautiful, beautiful creation, you are.

Taylor: I'm glad you still think so.

Ridge: Taylor, you have been with me. Your strength, your love. It's the only thing that's kept me going all these years. But I gotta tell you, it's nothing like the real thing. Nothing at all.

Taylor: You haven't changed at all.

Ridge: Oh, a few more gray hairs, I guess.

Taylor: No. I think you look distinguished.

Ridge: And you, a few blonde ones.

Taylor: I wanted to look pretty for you and the girls and Thomas. I need to see them.

Ridge: Oh, you will, you will. You're going to have the rest of your life with them.

Taylor: Oh, that sounds so good to me. You have no idea. Tell me everything.

Ridge: Oh. It hasn't been easy. The first many months were hell. I didn't think Steffy and phoebe were ever going to stop crying. Thomas was so angry. They missed their mom. They needed their mom, they needed your advice, your strength, your love. Taylor, they never stopped missing you. Never. You have no idea what it's going to do to them to have you back. They love you so much. We all do. I do. I love you so much.

Taylor: I love you. I always have. I always will.


[ Brooke remembering ]

Ridge: She's alive.

Taylor's alive.

Brooke: Oh, poor Ridge. What this is doing to you. I know how much she meant to you. How much you loved her.

[ Crickets chirping ]

[ Brooke remembering ]

Brooke: Ridge, it's all right.

Ridge: She was supposed to be here. She's supposed to be with me now. Watching our children grow up. Watching our grandchildren someday. She said we'd sit on the front porch in our rocking chairs, that we'd go for long walks on the beach. That I wasn't going to be afraid of growing old, because we'd be doing it together. We had a deal. Damn it, we had a deal. I can't do it on my own. I can't do it by myself.

Brooke: Ridge, when you get this message, please call me as soon as you can.


[ Doorbell rings ] Stephanie, I was just going to call you.

Stephanie: I need to talk with my son right now.

Brooke: Well, he isn't here. And why didn't you tell me he left the hospital?

Stephanie: He isn't home yet?

Brooke: Where would he go?

Stephanie: Well, obviously, I don't know where he is at the moment, but I can tell you where he's been. The cemetery.

Brooke: To visit Taylor's grave?

Stephanie: I'm afraid so.

Brooke: That means maybe he's getting over this silly idea that Taylor's still alive.

Stephanie: Are the children upstairs?

Brooke: Yeah. Why? What's going on?

Stephanie: He didn't go to that cemetery to visit the grave. He went there to dig it up.

Brooke: What?

Stephanie: He's exhumed Taylor's body.

Brooke: No, no. Ridge would never do something like that.

Stephanie: Oh, yes, he would. And he did.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Stephanie: He needs help. I don't know -- I don't know whether it's the concussion or the memory loss that has brought this all on. But whatever it is, it's obviously very traumatic for him. I mean, whether it's a hoax or a delusional state of mind, it's taken him over the edge. Brooke. Brooke, listen. Your husband needs you now, more than ever. No matter what he's done. No matter how convinced he is of what he saw at that wedding, and whatever has transpired at the cemetery, that doesn't matter. We have got to make him come to terms with the fact that Taylor is dead. And the dead don't come back.


Taylor: It's all so overwhelming.

Ridge: Oh, it's incredible. I mean, these feelings. This relief, the joy. I never thought that --

Taylor: -- You'd feel this way again?

Ridge: Or see this face. Or hold you in my arms again.

Taylor: You never stopped loving me?

Ridge: Not for a single day, not for a single minute.

Taylor: You weren't angry with me? I wouldn't blame you if you were, because it's a natural part of the grieving process.

Ridge: No, Taylor. No, never.

Taylor: I was.

Ridge: With Omar?

Taylor: I was furious with life. I was in a coma and I could feel death reaching out for me and I fought it off 1,000 times.

Ridge: Oh, sweetheart, sweetheart.

Taylor: And when I finally I woke up, I had to keep fighting. I had to regain my strength so I could get back to you and the children. But I never gave up. I never gave up. I couldn't, because I knew if it was you, you'd never give up on me. All we've lost is time, sweetheart. We can pick up right where we left off. Your ring. You're still wearing our ring. That's so sweet.

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