B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/3/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/3/05



By Boo
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Ridge: Doc? Doc? Is it -- is it you?

Taylor: Yes. Yes, Ridge, it's me.

[ Ridge crying ]

Ridge: Oh, god.

Ridge: Oh, god. Oh, my god. You're alive.

[ Taylor crying ]


Bridget: Oh. I didn't get to scrub your back.

Nick: Hey. What are you doing here?

Bridget: How quickly they forget. This was supposed to be our wedding night. Remember?

Nick: Yeah, yeah.

Bridget: Honey, what is it? What happened?

Nick: Been kind of a weird night. I want to ask you some questions.

[ Nick sighs ] I want to ask you some questions about Taylor.


Stephanie: You helped your brother dig up Taylor's grave? Are you insane?!

Thorne: I know it's a shock, Mother.

Eric: Wait -- you and Nick were helping Ridge desecrate Taylor's grave?

Thorne: Yes. Dad, look, I was wrong. I know it, okay? And I -- look, I can't believe that I did it, either. But if you'd have heard Ridge, if you would have seen him --

Eric: All right, where is he? Where is your brother right now?

Thorne: He's at the cemetery with Taylor.


[ Both crying ]

Ridge: This isn't real. It can't be happening. You're real? Is this happening? Oh, my god. Doc -- your face. That beautiful smile. Those eyes. Doc -- oh, my god, doc.

[ Taylor crying ]

Ridge: Oh, dear god. How I've prayed for this moment. The moment I'd see you again. I just thought that it would be in --

Taylor: In heaven.

Ridge: Oh, thank you. Thank you for bringing this amazing woman back to us. Back to me. Oh, my god. You're home. You're home, doc.


Stephanie: You didn't leave him alone at the cemetery?

Thorne: He insisted that we leave, Mother. Hell, he ordered us to go.

Eric: Oh, god. The very thought that Ridge would want to open Taylor's coffin.

Thorne: I know.

Stephanie: I know that he thinks he saw Taylor at this wedding, but I just didn't -- I just didn't realize how desperate he was. I mean, to go to this extreme --

Thorne: Well, maybe nick's right. Maybe ridge needs to come face to face with taylor's corpse to prove to himself that she is dead.


Ridge: It was you -- it was you I saw. Everyone thought I was losing it. But I knew. I knew, I felt it. I felt you. Oh, god, Taylor --

Taylor: I know. I know. It's beyond overwhelming. It was exactly the way I felt when I first saw you -- and the kids -- after all this time. Being at the wedding and I saw Thomas -- he's so handsome -- and the girls, and they're all grown up. And I was just going to call out and then -- I've missed you. I've missed you so much.

Ridge: But here you are in my arms. It's a miracle. It's a miracle. It's a miracle. Oh, my god. Oh, god, Taylor, the kids -- the kids. When they see you, they're gonna -- they're going to run into your arms and they're never going to let you go. Because that's what you do when you're given a miracle. You hold on and you never let go. Oh, my god, Taylor. Oh, my god.

Ridge: How? How can this be happening? How could I explain this to our children when I can't possibly begin to understand it myself? You died in my arms.

Taylor: I almost died. I slipped into a coma. That's why you thought I died.

Ridge: How could I think that you had died?

Taylor: No, no, ridge. Wait, wait. I was the one who took myself off the monitors. That was my choice. There's no way. There's no way you could have known.

Ridge: Then how? Tell me how.

Taylor: Apparently, Omar's men came to the hospital and they found that I still had a heartbeat. And they got me stabilized and they took me to his palace.

Ridge: That's where you've been this whole time?

Taylor: I was unconscious for a very long time. And then, finally, I did come out of the coma.

Ridge: Did you remember us?

Taylor: Of course. Of course. That's the first thing I thought of was you. I thought of you and our children. And that was the most painful part. Because Omar kept me in isolation the last two months, hoping that I would accept a life with him. And I had no way of contacting anybody. I couldn't reach anyone. But I never stopped believing. I never stopped searching for a way to get back to you and to get back to our family. I never stopped. And then finally, I did have a chance.

Ridge: He's gone? He's gone?

Taylor: He knows. He knows that my heart belongs to you. Actually, I'm -- I am grateful to Omar, because he gave me a second chance with you. And he gave me a second chance with our children. I'll never leave them again. I'll never leave you again. Never. Never. Never.


Bridget: Nick, all these questions about Taylor -- what's going on?

Nick: Like I said, it's been a weird night.

Bridget: You haven't explained why.

Nick: Forrester left the hospital tonight.

Bridget: Left?

Nick: Without being discharged.

Nick: He asked Thorne and me to meet him at the cemetery. And he brought shovels, because he wanted to dig up the grave to prove that she was gone.

Bridget: Oh, my god.

Nick: We tried to talk him out of it, but he was gonna do it one way or the other, with or without us. So we helped him. It gave him some closure, I suppose. And I hope he got it.

Bridget: You hope?

Nick: We left. He asked us to leave, so we left. Well, the only sense I can make of this is that he needed to do this, so he could finally accept that she was gone.

Bridget: Oh, dear god. Poor Ridge. It's like he's willing to do anything to hold Taylor in his arms one more time.


Ridge: I still can't believe this is actually happening.

Taylor: From the day I woke up, this is the moment I've waited for. What it would feel like to be in your arms again.

Ridge: Oh, sweetheart, what you must have been through.

Taylor: I never stopped believing. That's what pulled me through.

Ridge: You never gave up?

Taylor: I couldn't. How could I? My heart wouldn't let me. Even when everything seemed completely hopeless. But then, I'd think of you and I'd think of our children. And I'd remember all of the times that we had together. I'd think of our family and I would fight that much harder to try to get stronger, so that one day -- all that time that I was in the coma, the only thing that must've helped me get through that was knowing that my family needed me.

Ridge: And we did. We did. We do. We need you so much, Taylor. Oh, my god. The prayers I said for you. All the prayers that our kids said --

Taylor: I felt them. I felt every one of them. Even though we were oceans apart, I knew we were still connected by the one thing that's always connected us -- our love. It's a love so strong it can overcome anything. Which is exactly what's happened. Your love and the children's love -- that's what brought me back to you. And nothing -- nothing and no one can pull us apart again. Ever. I love you. I love you so much.

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