B&B Transcript Friday 4/29/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/29/05



By Boo
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 [ Owl hooting ]

[ Siren blaring ]

Thorne: Stop. Stop, stop. Somebody could've called the cops.

Nick: They're not after us.

Thorne: Well, what we're doing is a crime.

Ridge: Just keep digging. We're almost there.

Thorne: No. No, ridge. This is insane. Defiling Taylor's grave? You know, I don't know how I let you talk me into this. But, you know, I'm finished. As of right now, I'm finished. So are you.


[Stephanie remembering]

Ridge: I remember what I saw at the funeral, mother. But I also know what I felt when I looked at that woman today. It was Taylor.

Stephanie: There.

Taylor: Are you sure that you want to part with this?

Stephanie: Oh, absolutely.

Taylor: What about Kristen and Felicia?

Stephanie: I have a lot of wonderful things for Kristen and Felicia. I wanted to give this to you because I want you to know that I really feel you are a part of  this family. You're like a daughter to me. I'm very grateful to you.

Eric: Stephanie? You still miss her, don't you?

Stephanie: Mm.


Thomas: So nobody's been able to get through to dad? He still thinks he saw her?

Bridget: I shouldn't have told you this.

Thomas: It's okay.

Bridget: Thomas, it's okay that you're so freaked out. I would be, too. Your mom died a long time ago. And now your dad's insisting that she's alive.

Thomas: Part of me is totally freaked. But another part -- I'm not saying I believe it. Because I don't. It's impossible. But I am kind of relieved.

Bridget: Why? What do you mean?

Thomas: We just don't talk about mom that much anymore. You know, Brooke's done a good job filling in. And the girls are really close to her, and that's great, but -- it's just nice to know that dad hasn't completely forgotten about my mom.


Thorne: Stop. Stop. Come on, man, think about what you're doing. Ridge, you have so many beautiful memories of Taylor. You don't want to remember her like this.

Ridge: I need to know, Thorne.

Thorne: Look, man, I do know. Okay? Ridge, I was here the day they put Taylor in the ground. And so were you, man. She's gone. And what you're doing, it's only going to cause you pain.

Nick: Man's got a point, Forrester. Are you really prepared to open this box?

Ridge: I need to know.

Nick: We can find the doctor that pronounced her dead.

Ridge: I told you, nobody knows who signed the death certificate.

Thorne: Well then we'll find somebody who does know what happened that day, Ridge.

Ridge: I need proof, Thorne. I'll do it myself if I have to. But I'm not leaving here until I find out if the woman I saw was Taylor or not.


Bridget: Thomas, Ridge would never, ever forget your mother.

Thomas: But he isn't just remembering her. He thinks she's alive. You know, I used to pray it would happen. I'd just come home from school oneday, my mom would just be there. Like nothing happened.

Bridget: On, honey, we all wish for miracles. Especially about people that we love so much.

Thomas: Yeah. But after awhile, you just have to accept that it's never gonna happen. You just have to let it go and move on.


Thorne: Nick, you got to talk to him.

Nick: I'd say he's pretty much made up his mind.

Thorne: So you're going along with this?

Nick: He's doing this with or without us.

Thorne: Look, I knew Taylor, okay? You didn't. She was a religious person. She would be horrified by this.

Nick: Well, who in the hell wouldn't be?

Thorne: Well then why are we helping him?

Nick: Because he's our blood. And we're almost there. Let him see what he wants to see, then we'll get him out of here.

Ridge: What are you two talking down there?

Nick: We're just trying to figure out what jail time is for grave robbing in this state.

Ridge: That's not what we're doing.

Thorne: Well, we're exhuming a body without permission, Ridge.

Ridge: I'm her husband, Thorne.

Thorne: My god, would you listen to yourself? You're not making any sense. None of this makes any sense.

Ridge: It will, as soon as I know the truth. It has to.


Bridget: I know this is confusing. Everything your dad's been saying, it's got to bring up memories and emotions.

Thomas: I know she's not coming back, Bridget.

Bridget: I know. But it's not like she's gone. I see her. I see her in your eyes and in your sisters' laugh and in your intelligence and your kindness. I -- Taylor lives in you every single day.


Stephanie: He wants Taylor to be alive.

Eric: Darling, he was there when she died. He was holding her in his arms.

Stephanie: I reminded Ridge of that. Then the doctor walked in with the death certificate and everything went right to hell.

Eric: How?

Stephanie: Well, they didn't recognize the signature. It was signed by a doctor who wasn't on staff at the hospital. And, of course, that's all ridge had to hear. Wheels started turning. And -- I mean, in one way, I do understand. Because he reminded me of something. She had taken herself off the monitor, so that when she died, there was no alarm, there was no flatline.

Eric: Stephanie, you and I were there. When we went in there, she was dead.

Stephanie: I know that. I know that.

[ Stephanie remembering ]

Stephanie: They've taken her off the monitors? Whose idea was that, honey?

Ridge: Taylor's.

Eric: Taylor's?

Stephanie: The doctors went along with that?

Ridge: They knew there wasn't anything more they could do.

Stephanie: Nothing more they could do? Oh, my god, Taylor. Oh.

Ridge: She's gone, mother. She's gone.

Stephanie: We never saw a doctor go in and examine her and make the declaration.

[ Eric remembering ]

Ridge: Who are they?

Orderly: We can come back later.

Mark: Why don't you do that?

Ridge: Come back for what? What the hell is this?

Eric: Look, Ridge --

Ridge: No! No, you just stay away from her. You're not touching her. Do you understand me?

Mark: Of course. Of course. We'll give you all the time that you need.

Eric: Somebody declared her dead. There's a death certificate.

Stephanie: I know that. I mean, we all know what happened. Taylor died. But I can understand his suspicions. Because, you know, once he started talking, I remembered that that day was so chaotic. We were all overwhelmed.

Eric: Stephanie, we were all at her funeral.

Stephanie: I know that. I'm just saying, put yourself in his shoes. If you saw someone who you thought was Taylor, and then you started thinking about all the strange things that have happened -- that phone call, a prowler on the property and somebody actually attacked him and hit him on the head -- well, I think you would be suspicious as well. Look, what I'm saying is, I don't think he's going to let go of this until he has some sort of iron-clad proof.


[ Owl hooting ]

Nick: You know, if this is your idea of family bonding, I wish I had asked the old man to be best man.

Ridge: Oh, just keep digging.

Nick: You know, Forrester, that woman at the wedding, you sure you got a good look at her?

Ridge: She was wearing a veil.

Nick: So you could be wrong.

Ridge: It was Taylor. I'm telling you, it was Taylor.

Thorne: Ridge --

Ridge: I don't want to hear it, Thorne!

Thorne: Look, I want to help you, okay?

Ridge: Well then just do what I'm asking!

Thorne: All right. Do me a favor, okay? I want you to think about your wife, Ridge. You think about your wife and you think about your children. They're at home, Ridge. They're probably worried sick about you. Ridge, that's where you belong, not here. Taylor is dead, Ridge. She's dead. And she's been dead for a very long time.

[ Thud ]

Ridge: Help me. We got to get this open now.

[ Owl hooting ]

Ridge: All right, you guys can go.

Nick: You said you needed us to help.

Ridge: I need to do this on my own.

Thorne: Ridge, we can't leave you out here alone.

Ridge: You guys didn't want to be here to begin with. Just go. Go on.

Nick: Forrester, I have a feeling that you might need us.

Thorne: Ridge, we'll just wait over there, okay? One of us should take you home.

Ridge: No, no. I want you to go. Now. Just leave me alone.


Eric: I am convinced, on the one hand, that this is all a result of Ridge's concussions and starting to get his memory back. But, on the other hand, I'm afraid this could all be a part of a cruel hoax.

Stephanie: If that's the case, then we do have to talk to lieutenant baker and see if they found anything out.

Eric: Yeah.

[ Phone rings ]

Stephanie: I'll get it. Hello?

Mark: Hi, Mrs. Forrester? It's Mark Maclaine.

Stephanie: Is everything all right?

Mark: We must have had a miscommunication. I thought we agreed that Ridge was going to spend the night in the hospital.

Stephanie: He isn't there?

Mark: The nurse went in to give him the sedative, and he was gone.

Stephanie: He's left the hospital?

Mark: You didn't know?

Stephanie: No.

Mark: Well, don't worry. His tests all checked out. We were just going to keep him overnight as a precaution.

Stephanie: Thank you for calling, mark. I think I should call Brooke and make sure that he's home and that he's all right.

Eric: That's probably where he is. It's been a long and difficult day for him. He probably just wanted to be home with his wife and kids.


Ridge: I'm doing this because I love you, Taylor. And because if there's a chance that you're alive somewhere, I want to know. I want to remember you the way you were, Taylor. So vibrant and full of life. Not like this. If I've made a mistake here and I've disturbed your resting place, please forgive me. But I have to know. Was it you, Taylor? God forgive me. I need the truth.

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