B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/27/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/27/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

[Note: The first 13 minutes are missing.]

Thomas: Yeah, if that had happened to dad a couple of years ago, I could understand. But now? He's got Brooke. He's got a whole new life.

Gaby: And maybe the wedding reminded him of your mom. Sometimes the happiest times can be the saddest times, too. Especially if the people that you love aren't there to share it with you.

Eric: Good news. I spoke to Dr. McClain. He tells me all the tests came back normal.

Thomas: Then why is dad still saying all of that stuff about mom?

Eric: Look, they're probably going to come up with some Latin word to describe this whole thing. The fact is, your dad's going to be fine.

Brooke: And now that he is, maybe you could do something for us? Run home and make sure that everything's okay there. We just ran out of there so quickly --

Thomas: But does dad still think that --

Eric: Don't say anything to your sisters. All right? Everything's going to be fine tomorrow.

Thomas: You think so?

Eric: Yeah. Your dad needs a good night sleep, and he's going to be good as new. I promise you.

Thomas: Thanks, grandpa. You're going to stay, right?

Eric: Yeah, for a little while.

Thomas: I'll take Gaby home.

Gaby: Tell Mr. Forrester I'm thinking about him, okay?

Brooke: Thank you, Gaby.

Eric: Drive carefully.

Brooke: I hate to think how Thomas is going to feel if tomorrow comes around and we were wrong.

Eric: What the hell is going on with Ridge?

Brooke: You should have heard him speaking in there. It almost as if he was possessed.


Stephanie: You've been through a difficult ordeal, and you're very fortunate that there has been no permanent damage. But if you continue to carry on this way, you're going to impede your recovery. And I'm not going to allow that.

Ridge: I'm not going to let this go.

Stephanie: Yes, you are. You have to. Your wife and children are depending on you. Taylor's children are depending on you. Look, I understand. I do understand how you could cling to something like this, honey, because I know how much you loved Taylor. But there are just some things in life that aren't possible and this is one of them.


Nick: I'm afraid I'm going to need you to explain this to me a little more.

Bridget: I'm just telling you what my dad told me. He said Ridge was so convinced he saw her it'll send a chill up your spine.

Nick: What about the hospital, though? They said he was 100%. Are you telling me they were lying?

Bridget: No. He did. He sailed right through those tests.

Nick: Okay. Now, supposedly, some guys whacked Forrester over the head and they take off with Taylor, right?

Bridget: Yeah, and apparently Ridge has no idea who they are.

Nick: But they weren't a figment of his imagination. He was hit and there was definitely a woman screaming. We heard that.

Bridget: Yeah. Yeah, not to mention all the other weird stuff that's been going on.

Nick: Well, not to worry. We'll get it all figured out. Okay? You know, technically, it is still our wedding day. The girls are upstairs, so we have a little privacy.

Bridget: Right.

Nick: Maybe we should make the most of that. What do you say?

Bridget: Maybe we should.


Eric: Look, there has to be some kind of a logical explanation. What we have to investigate is the screaming on the phone and this prowler around your house last night.

Brooke: You and Stephanie are thinking along the same lines. She's wondering if it might be a set-up to haunt Ridge.

Eric: My god. The viciousness of that. Although, given everything that's been going on with Ridge, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Brooke: Amber doesn't have it out for Ridge anymore. She swears.

Eric: Okay, well, she has sworn that before. And don't forget, Morgan is out there now.

Brooke: I guess either one of them could be behind this.

Eric: Well, when you consider the alternative, that's the only answer it could be.


Gaby: Thanks for dropping me off.

Thomas: Yeah. You sure you're gonna be okay in there all by yourself? My grandparents will probably hang out at the hospital for a while.

Gaby: I'll be fine. What about you?

Thomas: I -- I just -- I hope that my grandpa's right about my dad being back to his old self by morning.

Gaby: I'm gonna say a prayer for him.

Thomas: You still believe in heaven?

Gaby: Yeah. I mean, I'm not sure that it's what everybody makes it out to be, you know? A place where the trees are always green and everybody gets everything that they ever want. But I do think that there's a place after this. And I think our moms are there.

Thomas: Watching over us?

Gaby: I think that's the only way mine agreed to go with St. Peter, if she could keep one eye on me all the time.

Thomas: My mom made a promise to me like that once.

Gaby: You should trust that then. I'm gonna let you go. Get back to your sisters.

Thomas: Thanks for coming. It helped.

Gaby: I'm really glad. Good night.

Thomas: All right, see ya.

[ Thomas remembering ]

[ Thunder ]

Thomas: Not again.

Taylor: You know what that is? That's just the angels up in heaven bowling.

Thomas: Bowling?

Taylor: Yeah. You know how we go bowling. I guess sometimes after the angels have a long day of saving people's lives and guiding people in the right direction, they just want to go out and throw a few balls.

Thomas: Huh-uh.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah, they do. They've got their own league and everything.

Taylor: Yep.

[ Thunder ]

Ridge: Hmm.

Taylor: That was seven pins down, wouldn't you say? Seven pins?

Ridge: Yeah, seven. Seven, at least, yeah.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. Yep.

Ridge: I'd say.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: Hey, a spare.

Ridge: Ha-ha!

Taylor: See?

Ridge: Now you're getting it.

Taylor: See? See, that thunder's not so scary, is it?

Thomas: Mom, when I'm an angel, I'm going to go bowling on disco night. How about you?

Taylor: When I'm an angel, I don't think I would have any time. I'd be way too busy looking over my little angels on earth.

Phoebe: For real?

Taylor: Yeah, for real. That's my job, isn't it? I'm watching over you all the time even now.

Phoebe: You can't be in two places at once, mom.

Taylor: Well, my love can. Even though you can't see it, it's always there. You know how humming birds' wings beat so fast? You can't see them, but you know they're there.

Thomas: Cool.

Ridge: Yeah. Very cool.

[ Thunder and lightning ]

Ridge: Whoa. Well, I'd say that was a --

Everyone: Strike!

Ridge: Big, old strike.

Taylor: That's right, a strike. Oh, come on. Let's get some pizza. That was scary.

Steffy: I like pizza very much.

Phoebe: Yummy pizza. Hey, my pizza. Mine, mine.

Taylor: No, wait, no, don't you grab your sister's. Stop that.

[ Laughter ]

Thomas: I hope you're still watching over us, Mom. Dad needs you now more than ever.


Stephanie: Taylor died in your arms. You felt the life go out of her. You saw her dead. You saw her in the casket. You saw them put her into the ground. I'm sorry, honey. I'm so sorry, because I can see how you want this to be true. And I wish it could be. You know I loved her as though she were my own daughter. Ridge, if I thought for one second, one second, that she was alive somewhere, I would go with you. I would go with you anywhere. I would go with you to search the ends of the earth. Honey, she's not. She's in her final resting place and she's at peace. Ridge, Taylor is gone.

Ridge: I know what I saw. And she's alive. Taylor is alive.

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