B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/19/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/19/05



By Boo
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Bridget: Okay, but it's a wedding. And there's a lot of arrangements that go into planning a wedding.

Nick: No problem. I already thought about this. A friend of mine owns a fishing charter company. I saw his number the other day, which is what made me think about -- here it is. What I want to do is get one of his boats. We get married off Catalina Island.

Bridget: Wow, now that's every girl's dream, to get married on a fishing boat.

Nick: Well, we'll take "The Shady Marlin" then. Either way, it doesn't matter.

Bridget: That's not going to work either.

Nick: Why not?

Bridget: There's not enough room here.

Nick: Well, how much room do we need? It's me, you and a minister. What are we talking about?

Bridget: Well, my mom, my dad, your mom, your dad.

Nick: No, not all these people. No.

Bridget: Besides, I want to make sure everything is just perfect. You know? I have to pick out invitations and meet with a caterer and get music and a florist. I mean, do we want to have a band or -- you know. And the wedding party, who's going to be in that. You know, a wedding takes a lot of time.

Nick: What's more important? All of those things you just mentioned, or you and me in front of a man of god?

Bridget: That's what I love about you.

Nick: At least you love something.

Bridget: See, I wish everyone could see how good we are together.

Nick: Who's everyone? Forrester.

Bridget: Well, and my dad. You know, and then there's your parents. They don't know about this yet. We don't know what they're going to say.

Nick: The old man's overseas. He's back today. I'm going to talk him, and I'm going to talk to my mother.

Bridget: Jackie always thought you and my mom belonged together.

Nick: So what? It doesn't matter what she thinks. It doesn't matter what anybody thinks.

Bridget: You know, I had this realization.

Nick: What?

Bridget: The minute that I walk down the aisle and that minister pronounces us man and wife, all my fears and my insecurities and my issues with my mom, they're just -- they're going to be gone instantly.

Nick: Let's get married tomorrow.

Bridget: Tomorrow?

Nick: We can pull it off.

Bridget: No, Nick. There's no way, honey.

Nick: Do you think we can do it?

Bridget: Well, I mean, I guess -- mom did say we could have it at their house.

Nick: No, not that house. There's too many memories there for you.

Bridget: No, but that's what makes it perfect. And I can let go of all my memories there.

Nick: Forrester's going to love this one.

Bridget: Okay. Well, I could scout out other locations, and it will take a lot of time --

Nick: No, no, no, love your mom's house. Love the house. Love it.

Bridget: I'm ready to make a list. Number one -- get dressed.

Nick: Well, good luck with that one.

Bridget: Do you have designs on me, sir?

Nick: I have nasty, sexy, despicable designs on you.


Eric: Boho chic, huh? Very, very nice. You might think of raising the hemline here two, three inches, and then letting it graduate back to the back. Keep the fullness in the skirt, though. I like the belt. It's nice.

Ridge: Is this the way it's going to be from now on? You just lurking over my shoulder? Improving my design?

Eric: You thought things were going to be different? That's the way I like it. And I do like it. I love having you back here, son. I like this. I've missed it, you and I working together. Although, when you said you wanted to start last night, I didn't think you meant it literally.

Ridge: Well, had a few things on my mind. She can have her pick of any guy in the world and she has to pick Nick.


Massimo: Dominic, you aboard?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, come on down.

Massimo: Ah, good. Okay. So, you said this was urgent.

Nick: Yeah, I'm waiting for one other person, actually. She should be here -- oh, there she is.

Massimo: All right, I left a very important meeting.

Jackie: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm interrupting. I'll come back.

Nick: No, no, no. No, no, I want you here. Please, I want both of you here. There's something that I have to tell you, and I want to tell both of you right now. The truth is, I don't have that much time left.


Eric: Bridget has been through so much. She deserves a man who can bring her a sense of safety and stability, not some vagabond who can't stay in the same place for ten minutes.

Ridge: Dad, you're preaching to the choir here. It really irks me that she's marrying a man that's not worthy of her at all.

Nick: He's never committed to one woman. He never has.

Ridge: Except Brooke.

Eric: Yeah. Well, thank god there's still time.

Bridget: Time for what? I get the impression that you guys are talking about my wedding.

Eric: Yeah, well, it seems to be the subject du jour.

Bridget: How did they get this? We didn't even announce it.

Eric: We could issue a denial.

Bridget: Dad, I'm marrying nick. We both love each other. I'm extremely happy. Happier than I've ever been. Happier than I ever thought would be possible. Can you think of better reasons to get married?

Eric: No.

Bridget: Well, good. Then you can both come and share in our joy at the wedding -- tomorrow.

Ridge: Tomorrow?

Bridget: Yeah, tomorrow. Well, you're not going to have to go far. It's going to be at your house, Ridge. And it's going to be perfect. I know, because I have seen it a thousand times in my head. I'm going to walk down that aisle in a beautiful dress, and I'm going to see the man that I love so deeply and profoundly. Until recently, I just -- I didn't know what he looked like. But now I know. He looks exactly like Nick Marone.

Ridge: I'm sorry, kiddo, but I can't accept this.

Eric: Honey, you're going to have to give everybody a little time to get -- to get used to this whole thing.

Bridget: Well, you know, Ridge has a complicated history with Nick.

Eric: I'm not talking about Ridge's history with Nick. I'm talking about your mother's.

Bridget: Dad, that's just not a problem. Not for us.

Eric: Not yet, anyway.

Bridget: Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Eric: I'm not talking about you, Bridget. I'm talking about Nick. He's not -- he's not the kind of man to settle down.

Bridget: Actually, Dad, he is. And he's going to prove it to you, tomorrow.


Nick: It's actually only a matter of hours, to be honest.

Massimo: Hours? What are you saying? Are you sick?

Nick: Yeah, I guess it is a kind of a sickness, actually.

Jackie: You're not sick. You're leaving again. You're going out to sea.

Nick: Wrong. Actually, it's the opposite, mother. I'm dropping anchor. I'm getting married to Bridget Forrester.

Massimo: You asked Bridget Forrester to marry you? And she said yes?

Nick: Yeah.

Massimo: Oh, great, great! Oh, my son, that's great. Oh, you son of a -- you have absolutely no idea how your life is about to change. See, I always hoped that you would find the right woman to share your life with. That you decided that that woman is Bridget, that's just great. Yes, yes, yes. We're going to have a wedding. Good.

[ Nick clears throat ]

Jackie: Of course, I'm happy for you, darling. If you're absolutely certain that this is the choice that you want to make.

Nick: I knew I could count on your unconditional support, Mother.

Jackie: Well, okay, have you set a date?

Nick: Tomorrow.

Massimo: Tomorrow?

Jackie: No, you can't. Not tomorrow, that's too soon. It doesn't give us enough time.

Nick: It's not till afternoon.

Massimo: No, no, no, that is absolutely wrong.

Jackie: Absolutely. You see?

Massimo: See, you should have it first thing in the morning, so that Bridget won't be able to change her mind.

Jackie: Okay, you guys, you can joke all you want. Marriage is a very serious matter.

Massimo: Look at the boy. Hmm? Look how happy he is. Huh? We should all be happy for him. No negativity.

Nick: Ridge is handling that department.

Massimo: Well?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Massimo: Well, I will take care of your brother. Congratulations, son. Oh, it's great. Oh. Well, tomorrow afternoon, right?

Nick: Yeah.

Massimo: I have a lot to do. You son of a gun.

Jackie: When you called me and you asked me to come over, I really did think you were sailing away.

Nick: Say what you want to say, Mother.

Jackie: Okay. Running away.

Nick: Well, I may be running, but I think I'm running in the right direction.

Jackie: Really? Are you really sure that you're running toward Bridget and not running away from Brooke? 

Jackie: Can you look me in the eye and tell me that it isn't Brooke that you're running away from?

Nick: Stop it, Mother. Stop it. I know you love me. I know you mean well, but I am sick of hearing about Brooke.

Jackie: But, of course, you are, because deep down, she's still in your heart. You still love her, and that is too painful for you to talk about, but I'm your mother and you are going to discuss it with me.

Nick: There's a scar there that's never going to heal, you know that. Do you know how many times I wanted to pack this boat up and head out to sea?

Jackie: I know. I know.

Nick: But that's changed, Mother. It's all changed, because I found someone I want to share my life with. I found someone I want to wake up with in the morning and know we're in this together for the long haul.

Jackie: What does that mean to you, Nicky? "The long haul"?

Nick: Family. Do you remember what I was like when I knew I was going to be a father? Do you remember that? I've hidden so much. I've suppressed it all, and I don't want to do that anymore. I want to share what I feel with Bridget. I want to have a life with her. You know, she's an amazing woman, mother. And I'm incredibly lucky to have her.

Jackie: No one deserves a second chance at love more than you do, Nicky. No one. And if Bridget is the woman to give you this second chance, then -- oh, you have my love and my support 100%, because I don't want to bring you anymore heartache.

Nick: Mother --

Jackie: I've caused you too much pain. And I want you to be happy. Congratulations, darling.


Bridget: Look, I understand why you feel the way you do. I really do. But there is just no doubt in my mind that this is right. And I'll tell you something else -- this is a new beginning. Not just for us, but for the whole family.

Eric: Honey, this sounds like an adolescent girl's fantasy.

Bridget: And all the conflict and strife that we've had to deal with in the past -- the trouble with Amber and Morgan and Sheila, and even the difficulty between Ridge and Nick, we're going to be able to put all of that behind us. You'll see, eventually. Dad, I just wish you had the faith in me that I have in myself and you could give me your blessing.

Eric: I can't, honey. Not until I'm sure that nick is going to be able to give you the love and the respect that you deserve.

Nick: Then maybe you should talk to me.

Nick: I thought maybe we'd have a talk sometime. How about now?

Eric: I think this is an excellent time, yes.

Nick: I've been thinking to myself, "what's it like to be you? What's it like to be the father of such an extraordinary daughter?" It's got to be tough knowing you got to let go one day and you can't protect her from the world anymore. She's got to live her own life, and she's got to follow her own dreams. Scary. But then again, not scary, because you've raised a daughter who can face the world head-on. A lot like you. Of course, I'm sure you've seen that, haven't you? What you haven't seen is who I am. All you know is I'm someone who's drifted about, doesn't know a whole lot about marriage or family life.

Eric: If this is this your way of reassuring me --

Nick: No, sir. No, it's not, because I can't do that. I know I can't. I know that I can't tell you I know how to make somebody happy, and I can't promise you I won't make mistakes. But I can tell you my weaknesses are my strength, because I know who I am and I know who I'm not. And I am not some man who's jumping into a marriage who's going to be wondering the rest of his life what he's missing. 'Cause I'm not missing a thing. There's nothing like seeing your daughter's face at sunset. We're lucky men. I'll do anything I can to make her happy. I'm determined. I'm committed. And I'm in love with your daughter, sir.

Bridget: I'd really hoped that you would see what we had.

Eric: All right, that's enough. All right, enough. I love you. I trust you. I want you to be happy. I want you both to be happy.

Eric: Megan.

Megan: Mr. Forrester.

Eric: Oh, give me that.

Megan: Oh, Mr. Forrester, come on.

Eric: No, no, no. I'm going to need it for inspiration. I'm about to design the most incredible gown of my career. My daughter needs it for her wedding. And what a wedding it's going to be.

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