B&B Transcript Thursday 4/14/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/14/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Nick: You did not just say that.

Ridge: You raped my wife, Nick.

Nick: Where's this coming from, Forrester?

Ridge: I'm remembering everything. It's all very clear to me now.

Nick: Let it go, Forrester. Let it go.

Ridge: Brooke was out of her mind with grief, Nick, and you took complete advantage of her.

Nick: What happened in Puerto Vista was a mistake. I admitted that. But to accuse me of -- all right, listen, you just got back, and you're still recovering. So I'm gonna forget you said that. Just like you should forget.

Ridge: How you hurt Brooke? So you can now make Bridget your next victim? No way. No way, Nick.


[ Knock on door ]

Amber: I'm sure I'm the last person you wanted to see --

Stephanie: You're right.

Amber: Just wait, okay? You have every right to hate me after trapping Ridge and Bridget --

Stephanie: Oh, I see. You think all is forgiven, because you found Ridge and you "saved" him. You're wasting your time.


Brooke: You're going to make such a beautiful bride.

Bridget: Thanks.

Brooke: So what kind of wedding do you want?

Bridget: Oh, I don't know. Nothing too big or fancy, just --

Brooke: Just family?

Bridget: Yeah. And a couple of friends.

Brooke: Hmm. So, something simple. We could have it in the country club or the church --

Bridget: Well, how about here?

Brooke: At the house?

Bridget: Only if it's okay. You know, I wouldn't wanna --

Brooke: Yes. Yes, we would be delighted.

Bridget: Do you think Ridge would think it's all right?

Brooke: Ridge would do anything for you, sweetheart.

Bridget: Even accept my fiancé?


Nick: No, Forrester, I would never hurt Bridget.

Ridge: Oh, please. You violated Brooke when she was at her lowest, Nick. God knows what else you're capable of.

Nick: Let it go, Forrester. My god, this is ancient history.

Ridge: When it comes to my wife and my kids, I'll never let it go.

Nick: You wanna beat a dead horse? Fine. But let's get the facts straight.

Ridge: No, I know exactly what happened here.

Nick: We thought you were dead, for god's sake! I had no idea what she was going to do. She was desperate. And I was there.

[ Ridge remembering ]

Ridge: Yeah, it's coming back to me all right. Crystal clear. You had sex with her.

Nick: I can't justify what happened.

Ridge: No, you can't, can you? How much you wanted Brooke. How much you're always going to want Brooke. So admit it, Nick, huh? Why don't you just be man enough to admit you're still in love with my wife?


Amber: I know that finding Ridge in Venice doesn't make up for my mistakes. But I think it's a step in the right direction.

Stephanie: Who are you, Amber?

Amber: I don't really know myself, anymore. I've done a lot of soul-searching and -- I really want to change. And I think that I can.

Stephanie: Honey, I've heard this sad old song before.

Amber: Please, just -- just know that I am trying. I don't know if it would count for anything, but when I was in Venice, I actually considered just looking the other way when I saw Ridge. Just leaving him behind, just leaving all of my mistakes behind. But something in my heart just told me it was wrong.

Stephanie: And is that supposed to vindicate you?

Amber: No. No, it's not. I brought him home because of you, Stephanie. Because I heard your voice in the back of my head, saying "for god's sake, Amber. Just stop thinking about yourself for once. Do the right thing." You turned me around once, Stephanie. And you're still turning me around. Inspiring me to be a better person. Even if you can't stand the sight of me right now, is -- is there any chance that that might change? Any chance at all that you might find it in your heart to forgive me again?


Nick: It's Bridget I love. It's Bridget I’m going to marry.

Ridge: Over my dead body.

Nick: I would think you'd be happy, Forrester, that I'm committed to her. I mean, given how paranoid you obviously are about Brooke and me.

Ridge: Come on, you're not fooling anyone, Nick. It's obvious you're just using Bridget to get to Brooke.

Nick: She's no substitute for anybody. If you can't see that --

Ridge: Oh, I know exactly how special she is. In fact, she and I have shared more than you will ever know, Nick.

Nick: That's right, you have, Forrester. What story does that tell? Is that what's going on here? The fact that you realize she's not going to be fawning all over you anymore? That she's put you behind her and chosen me instead?

Ridge: Oh, please. Bridget hardly even knows you. You sing her a few songs, take her out on your love boat here, slip a ring on her finger before she even knows what hit her. 'Cause you know a woman like Bridget, there's no way she's going to be with you. Especially when she knows what kind of guy you really are.

Nick: Get it through your thick skull, Forrester -- I love her, she loves me. She wants me.

Ridge: Oh, like my wife wanted you in Puerto Vista?

Nick: Oh, god! This again?! Forrester, come clean with me. What the hell is going on with you?!


Bridget: It's so funny. When I look at it in this light, it -- it looks even more sparkly!

Brooke: It's beautiful. So you never did tell me, how did Nick pop the question?

Bridget: Oh, Mom, it was so romantic. He rented out Chuck's and transformed it into this paradise.

Brooke: Chuck's?

Bridget: Yes. Oh, it was amazing. Then he wrote the most beautiful song for me, I think -- I think I've ever heard. And you know, he just -- oh, he has this way of making you feel like you're just the only woman in the world. When he sang to me, I mean -- oh, and he turned the marlin into this romantic hideaway. Oh, the whole night -- you just -- you can't imagine how perfect it was.

Brooke: I'm so happy for you, sweetheart.


Amber: Please, Stephanie, I know it's a lot to ask, but if there was any chance --

Stephanie: Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

Amber: What do you mean?

Stephanie: That you're not in jail.

Amber: I know.

Stephanie: No, I don't think you do. The only reason that I don't press charges against you is because I don't want my family dragged through a big mess. They need this time to heal. But don't make the mistake and think that this is forgiveness. If I find you anywhere near my family again, you'll find out the true meaning of sorry.


Brooke: Nick wants everyone to think that he's just a crusty sailor.

Bridget: But he's such a romantic at heart.

Brooke: So full of surprises. Like when he turned out to be the one person that you could count on. Somebody who's always there for you. I've known a lot of men in my life, but very few stand out. Like Nick, Ridge, your father. I feel so blessed to have Ridge in my life. And you, my beautiful daughter, you are so blessed to have Nick.

Bridget: You really are happy for me?

Brooke: Yes. You deserve to have happiness with Nick. It's long overdue.

Bridget: Actually, speaking of overdue --

Brooke: Oh, yeah, I thought Ridge would be back now.

Bridget: You're concerned, huh?

Brooke: Well, Ridge was very angry when he remembered that Nick is the one who punched him.

Bridget: You think one of us should go by the boat?

Brooke: Can you watch the kids?

Bridget: You got it.

Brooke: Thanks. And don't worry, I'm sure everything will be all right.


Nick: Listen, Forrester, I don't know why all this business with Puerto Vista is coming up now. Maybe it's because you were just separated from Brooke, maybe it's because you're just remembering for some reason. But I can see how much it hurts you. I see what kind of pain you're in. I wish I could go back and erase what happened, but I can't. All I can give you is I'm sorry.

Ridge: Well that just isn't good enough, Nick.

Nick: You want to hold what happened with Brooke and me against me? That's fine. You go ahead and do it. You want to live in the past, Forrester? You go ahead, but I'm moving forward. I'm moving ahead with my life with Bridget, and you're not standing in my way. Now, I know that you love Bridget and you love your family. How about giving them a little happiness for a minute?! How about giving them something to celebrate! For god's sake, there has been enough drama in the Forrester family, hasn't there? Especially for Bridget. Her whole life has been one drama after another. She deserves to be happy, Forrester. You should know that more than anybody. You should encourage that. Now, listen, I'm not asking this for myself, I'm asking for Bridget. Your approval matters to her. You matter to her. Now out of respect, I'm going to ask you to give her your blessing in her decision to be with me. And I give you my word, I'll never let her down.


Stephanie: Your car is over there.

Amber: I'm not really sure what to do without you. I'm kind of scared to find out. I'm actually really scared. But you're right. I have to start doing things on my own, and I can't rely on you or Thomas or anyone else to help me figure things out, I just -- I'm an adult now. I need to do it on my own. What I can't live with is you thinking that you wasted your time on me. Because your friendship and your faith meant more to me than Ii think you'll ever know. Someday -- someday, I'm going to do it right. I'll figure it out. When I do, you are the first person I'm going to come to see. And I'm not going to stop until Ii've proved myself to you. Thank you, for everything. And I'm sorry I let you down.


Brooke: I heard about your big night. Congratulations.

Nick: Thank you.

Brooke: I'm really happy for you and Bridget. I mean that sincerely.

Nick: I believe you.

Brooke: Well, that's not the only reason I came over here.

Nick: Forrester just left.

Brooke: How is he? Nick, tell me. I know why he came over.

Nick: Why did he come over? I don't even know if I remember. Oh, because I punched him and he lost his memory. Believe me, that was the least of it.

Brooke: What else could there be?

Nick: That boy's got a lot of anger goin' on.

Brooke: So he found out that you and Bridget got engaged?

Nick: Yeah.

Brooke: Well, he's very protective of Bridget. So just give him some time, and he'll get over it.

Nick: You're wrong.

Brooke: Why would you say that?

Nick: He brought something up that he hasn't gotten over. He kept going on about the two of us, when we were in Puerto Vista.

Brooke: What? That was such a long time ago.

Nick: He accused me of raping you.


Bridget: "It wasn't my lips that you kissed, but my soul. It wasn't my" -- Ridge? I'm so excited to see you!

Ridge: Hey, kiddo.

Bridget: Oh, man. How are you feeling?

Ridge: Great, now that I'm home.

Bridget: I missed you so much.

Ridge: Obviously, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Bridget: Nick told you we were engaged, huh?

Ridge: Yeah.

Bridget: Well, listen, please, just -- before you say anything. Because I know what you're thinking, and you're right. It is a little bit sudden. But you were the one who always told me when I met the right person, I would know, and I wouldn't want to wait. And I've met him.

Ridge: You just realized this while I was gone?

Bridget: No, no. I think I've known for quite awhile that there was something really special there between us. I was just a little afraid, you know, that I might jinx it or something. But I'm not afraid anymore. That's the point. I'm just -- free of everything that's ever really held me back. Look, um -- Nick just really brings out the best parts of me. You really wouldn't believe it. He can -- he can really make me laugh, he evens me out, and he's teaching me every day things that I didn't even know about myself. Like the fact that I can't wait to have kids.

Ridge: You're already planning a family?

Bridget: Yeah, we talk about our future a lot. And we both want the same things. So his proposal wasn't imprudent. Matter of fact, the minute that he asked me, I didn't even have to think twice about it. Me, the girl that over thinks everything. I knew immediately. It's just really coming together. And it's because of Nick. Ridge, are you going to say anything?

Ridge: There's no way you're marrying Nick.

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