B&B Transcript Friday 4/8/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/8/05



By Suzanne

Jackie: Here. Have some tea.

Amber: Thank you. You're all being so nice to me.

Jackie: After what you did for ridge, the least we could do is give you a ride.

Massimo: Amber, if you hadn't found him when you did, ridge might not be on this plane. He might be with morgan, and god knows what could have happened.

Ridge: I don't think morgan would have hurt me.

Massimo: Well, you know, we don't know. Ridge, look, the thing is, she could have caused the concussion. Now, we can't believe anything she said. We have no idea if things happened the way she said they did.

Jackie: No, but massimo, does it really matter what happened? I mean, isn't what's important that ridge is going to be reunited with his family?

Massimo: Oh, yeah.

Ridge: Hey, how much longer?

Massimo: Well -- okay, we should be descending into l.A. At any moment.

Ridge: All right, i'm going to give brooke a call and tell her I'm almost home.

Massimo: Right!

Stephanie: Are the police looking for morgan?

Brooke: I don't know. Ridge didn't really say very much about that.

Stephanie: She always wanted his child, you know.

Brooke: That didn't happen. Ridge loves me, stephanie.

Stephanie: I shouldn't be surprised.

Brooke: But you are.

Stephanie: Welli was beginning to have some doubts. I mean, he didn't come home after my accident. And those messages that he left you. He said some terrible things. But you didn't lose faith in him, did you?

Brooke: Nobody knows ridge better than I do. I just wish I remembered that before i threw him out.

[ Phone rings ] hello?

Ridge: Hey, sweetheart, it's me.

Brooke: Ridge. Where are you?

Ridge: We're just about to begin our descent into los angeles. So i will see you before you know it.

Brooke: I can't wait.

Ridge: Neither can I.

Brooke: Oh, there's somebody here that wants to say something to you.

Stephanie: Hi, honey.

Ridge: Hello, mother.

Stephanie: How are you, sweetheart?

Ridge: I'm okay. I'm okay. I'll explain everything when i get home.

Stephanie: Oh, I'll see you tomorrow. I'm sure you want to be with your wife.

Ridge: Yeah, you bet I do.

Stephanie: Okay, honey. Take care and hold on.

Brooke: It's me again.

Ridge: Hey, sweetheart. I'm sorry. I've got to get off the phone here. We're about to land. So i will see you very, very soon.

Brooke: I'll be waiting.

Bridget: Is this what i've been waiting for?

Nick: Is there a problem?

Bridget: Well, no. It's just we're at chuck's.

Nick: Well, i told you I was going to surprise you. So, surprise.

Bridget: I just -- I feel a little overdressed. I thought you had something really big planned.

Nick: Bridget, it's all-you-can-eat wing night and dollar draft. It's the biggest night of the week. Did I mention we're having dinner under the stars?

Chuck: Ah. May I show you to your table, mr. Marone?

Nick: Thank you, charles.

Bridget: Thank you. I get it. "Under the stars."

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: What is all this?

Chuck: How do you do?

Nick: Well, i told you tonight was gonna be special.

Bridget: It's wonderful.

Nick: Well, save your applause, 'cause we're just getting started.

jackie: We've started our decent.

Amber: I bet brooke's excited to see you.

Ridge: Almost as excited as i am to see her.

Amber: I can't imagine how relieved she must be.

Ridge: I guess she has you to thank for that.

Amber: Look, I know it doesn't make up for all the mistakes i've made.

Ridge: No. No, amber, it doesn'T.

Amber: Look, ridge, you have to understand. Everything i have done -- all of the good stuff and the bad stuff -- it's all for the same reason. I wasn't lying when I said i wanted to protect your family. I know that you didn't understand that before, but now --

ridge: Amber, could i give you some advice?

Amber: Sure.

Ridge: Quit while you're ahead. I don't really want to think about what happened in venice. Or in big bear, for that matter. 'Cause i feel like i'm trying to move beyond all that now.

Massimo: The man just wants to get back to his wife and children.

Jackie: I'm sure ridge is very grateful for everything you did for him.

Ridge: I am. I am very grateful to you. But I just don't want to have any more explanations or excuses or any of that. Not anymore.

Amber: Got it.

Stephanie: I should go.

Brooke: You're not going to wait? It shouldn't be that much longer.

Stephanie: You need some time. I'll see him tomorrow.

Brooke: Oh, stephanie, I know you're anxious to see your son.

Stephanie: Well, I am, but I think he needs this time with just you and the children.

Brooke: Oh. Well, that's very kind of you. I know you didn't agree when i threw ridge out of the house.

Stephanie: Oh, that's water under the bridge.

Brooke: Well, i'm not apologizing. But I am trying to thank you. You really could have taken his side in all of this.

Stephanie: As hurt as you were, you were really willing to try and work things out for the sake of your family, and I respect that.

Chuck: First course.

Corky: It's an appetizer.

Bridget: Oh. Very impressive.

Nick: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Bridget: Well, I see silverware on the table, which means we're not eating with our hands. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Nick: No. Just thought we'd try something different tonight.

Corky: May I offer you a beverage, ma'am? I have pilsner, pale ale, honey brown?

Bridget: Oh. Pilsner, please.

Corky: Pilsner.

Nick: Me, too.

Corky: Yes, sir.

Nick: Glass. In a glass.

Corky: Of course, sir.

Chuck: Do you require anything else, sir?

Nick: No. Thank you.

Corky: Oh, of course.

Bridget: So, what are we toasting to?

Nick: Taking it slow. Unless you had something else in mind?

Bridget: Oh, no. No.

Nick: Because you've taught me how to savor every moment, and I just wanted you to know that i was paying attention.

Bridget: Oh. So are we having a seven-course meal?

Nick: Well, more like five, four. Five. I'm really not that hungry anyway.

Bridget: You not hungry?

Nick: I didn't bring you here to dazzle you with chuck's cuisine.

Bridget: No? Really?

Nick: Just my way of saying thank you.

Bridget: Oh, for showing you which fork goes with which food?

Nick: For opening me up to something new. So, let's see what we've got, shall we?

Bridget: It's a french fry.

Nick: I told chuck you like french food. Do you want something else?

Bridget: Oh, no. It's perfect. Just like you.

massimo: Right. Get here as soon as you can.

Ridge: Hey. What's the hang-up?

Massimo: My driver is stuck in traffic.

Ridge: How long is it gonna be?

Massimo: Why, he should be here momentarily.

Ridge: Look, if it's all the same, I think I'm gonna take my chances with a cab, because I need to get home.

Massimo: I understand.

Jackie: Give brooke our love.

Amber: The whole family.

Ridge: Right. Thank you for coming to get me.

Massimo: Next time, don't make it so hard to find you.

Ridge: There isn't gonna be a next time. Because I'm staying right here where I belong. See you all later.

Jackie: So, amber, where should we drop you?

Amber: Um -- I gave up my place when I left for venice. So i'm not really sure where to go.

Brooke: I can't take all the credit. I had a lot of support, from nick, bridget, you.

Stephanie: Well, if i had had any idea, I would have called the fbi.

Brooke: How could you know that morgan would be involved in all of this?

Stephanie: Well, because I know that things are never what they seem to be.

Brooke: That's true.

Stephanie: There is one thing i want to say. You could have made this situation all about you, which is what you usually do. But you didn't. You held it together for the sake of your marriage and your family.

Brooke: I had a good role model. What you said about sacrificing yourself for your children and being there for them, that really hit home with me, stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, I was wrong about something.

Brooke: Well, i guess something good may come out of this after all.

Stephanie: What? Because I said i was wrong? Which I rarely am.

Brooke: No. Because of everything that we've been through, all the fights that we had, i think it's just made our family stronger.

Stephanie: Well, does that mean that your family is now going to be your number one priority?

Brooke: Oh, yes. And that includes you. I want to have a better relationship with you, stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, you've changed. Though you are still the most stubborn, headstrong woman that i've ever met in my life. But I will say one thing. And I never thought I would. You've grown up.

Brooke: Thank you. Thank you.

Stephanie: I'm leaving. Ridge -- ridge will be home any moment, and I'll see him tomorrow. Okay? You -- you have a good time tonight. The two of you deserve it.

Nick: Got a little stressful lately, hadn't it?

Bridget: Oh, yeah, but all i can remember is just being with you.

Nick: Me, too. Listen, bridget -- when i told you that i loved you --

bridget: Yeah.

Nick: -- I believed that you deserve to hear that. That's what I believe.

Bridget: Every time i'm with you, I can feel it.

Nick: I want you to be sure. I want you to feel as though we're on the same page, 'cause i know relationships you've had in the past haven't been like that. So i want -- i want this to be right for you.

Bridget: Oh, it is. It is. I -- you saved me. And I'm not just talking about on the mountain, either. From the moment that you walked into my life, you rescued me.

Nick: Well, a sailor can't leave another ship stranded at sea.

Bridget: It's more than that, though. You -- you get me more than anyone ever has.

Nick: I want to know that you need me. I want you to feel safe with me.

Bridget: I do. And you do, too, which is why you brought up family the other night, right?

Nick: Yeah. I've been a loner my whole life. At sea, away.

Bridget: I know.

Nick: So to do this, to find somebody in person that you -- you have to chart a new course, and you have to go on a voyage together.

Bridget: I think it would be amazing to go on a trip with you.

Nick: Oh, good. Well, that would be nice. This isn't coming out right.

Bridget: What are you talking about? It's --

nick: Because i'm trying to tell you something. I'm trying to tell you something, and it's -- I knew this would happen. I knew it.

Bridget: What? Where are you going?

Nick: Hey, chuck, hit the lights, will ya? Hey, boys, i need your help now. Words can't do justice to what you inspire in me. Today there are over 100 wrinkle creams...

brooke: Just a few more minutes. Ridge is almost here. Back where he belongs.

[ Brooke sighs ]

ridge: Logan. I'm home.

Nick: I didn't know you very well when I started to write this song. I didn't quite know what it meant back then, but i think i do now.

In my wildest dreams i never thought I'd see the day someone would change me

you walked into my life and now I feel so alive i'm just not the same me

you're my sole reason that i feel this way come and warm me like the sun

you're my inspiration you're every breath I take

you're my sole reason i laugh i cry i live

i die and I love

you're my sole reason out of nowhere a smile might cross my face

it can happen dear anytime anyplace ain't nobody like you ain't nobody like you

you're my sole reason that i feel this way come and warm me like the sun

you're my inspiration you're every breath I take

you're my sole reason i laugh i cry i live

i die and I love

you're my sole reason

nick: Bridget forrester, I'd like to ask you to marry me.

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