B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/6/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/6/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Hello? Amber? Hello?

[ Dial tone ]

Brooke: Oh, my god. What have you done to my husband?

Amber: Put the cord back in, Morgan.

Morgan: I am afraid you're finished.

Amber: What are you doing here?

Morgan: What am I doing here? You broke into my room.

Amber: Aren't you supposed to be locked up in an institution?

Morgan: You know, I could have you arrested.

Amber: Oh, please. Please, let's get the police into this after what you did to Ridge.

Morgan: Ridge is fine.

Amber: That wasn't the impression I got when I talked to him. He told me everything. Everything about the concussion, the memory loss, the way you dragged him with you to Vvenice.

Morgan: He came here willingly.

Amber: You tricked him. In fact, he is in the bedroom right now getting his stuff together to go home. Sorry, Morgan, your little fantasy's over.

Morgan: I have been good to him. You should have seen him when I found him.

Amber: Then why didn't you take him to a doctor?

Morgan: I did. To my mother. She lives here. She's a neurosurgeon. One of the best there is. I got ridge the help he needed.

Amber: Yeah, but you could have gotten him the exact same help in L.A., But you wanted him all to yourself.

Morgan: So what if I did? His family doesn't appreciate him.

Amber: His family is worried sick about him.

Morgan: Did they send you here to find him?

Amber: I'm on vacation.

Morgan: So this is just a coincidence?

Amber: Or maybe it's god watching out for him. Why don't you go over there and plug the phone back in so I can finish my call to Brooke?

Ridge: The real Brooke -- not the one you've been trying to pass off as my wife.

Morgan: Ridge, I can explain.

Ridge: Are you gonna explain why you've been lying to me since the first moment you saw me? Why you kept me from my wife and my children? How the hell do you explain that, Morgan?


Brooke: I need to get in touch with Massimo. He needs to know what happened to Ridge. Please, Shelly, just hurry.

Bridget: What about Ridge?

Brooke: Oh, honey, he's --

Bridget: What? Was he hurt? In an accident? What?

Brooke: She has him in Venice. That's what she said on the phone. And she made this incredible demand, and then the phone cut out.

Bridget: Wait, a demand? What are you telling me?

Brooke: I don't know. He has been kidnapped.

Bridget: What? Why would anyone want to kidnap him?

Brooke: For revenge, that's why. She vowed to get him back, and that's exactly what she did.

Bridget: Who is "she"?

Brooke: Amber. Amber has my husband.

Bridget: Wait, Mom, calm down. Are you sure it was amber?

Brooke: Honey -- honey, I know what she said. And I know what amber is capable of. I just hope we get to Ridge on time.

[ Phone rings ]Brooke: Hello?

Massimo: Is it true?

Brooke: Yes.

Massimo: Oh, dear god. Has she specified the ransom?

Brooke: She said something like, "this is what I want you to do --" and then the phone went dead.

Massimo: Anything else? Where they may be in Venice?

Brooke: No. I don't know. I have no idea. I don't even think we were on the phone for ten seconds.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Massimo, what if Amber hung up the phone because Ridge was trying to escape? I mean, what if something terrible went wrong?

Massimo: No, no, no, no. Brooke, please, do not do this to yourself.

Brooke: Well, you got to find him. Please just find him. You've got to bring him home safe.


Massimo: Yes, that's right. Amber Moore. And check any recent transaction on her credit cards. Yes, as soon as you can.

Jackie: That was the embassy?

Massimo: Yeah. They're giving us their full cooperation, not that it should have been necessary. Damn, damn, damn. I should have dealt with Amber right after she trapped Ridge and Bridget in that damn mine.

Jackie: Massimo, what could you have done? It wasn't your responsibility to press charges or --

Massimo: I know. But there are other ways to have stopped her. As it is, I practically handed my son over to her.

Jackie: No, that isn't true. This is Amber's fault, no one else's.

Massimo: Right. And she is going to suffer for it. I am personally going to see to it.

Jackie: Please, let the authorities handle it.

Massimo: No, what, and let her slip through their fingers again? No, no, no, Jacqueline. This is mine to finish.

Jackie: But she's dangerous, Massimo. I mean, if anything should happen to you --

Massimo: I'll be fine. Don't worry. I'll be fine. And I'm gonna bring Ridge home to his family.


Brooke: Why hasn't Amber called back?

Bridget: Mom, there could be all sorts of reasons. None of which mean that Ridge is in trouble. There's probably problems with the phone. You had trouble getting a hold of Massimo, right?

Brooke: Yes, but --

Bridget: Mom, look, you've got to stop thinking this way. You've got to keep believing and fighting that he's gonna come back.

Brooke: I want to. But then I keep thinking about how I almost lost Ridge to Amber once before.

Bridget: I know. But you believed that he would never walk out on you, and you were right. And you believed that he would never stop loving you, and you were right about that. Now you've just got to believe that he's coming home to you safely. Besides, I just -- I know that Amber's capable of some horrible stuff. I just don't see how she could have --

Brooke: Oh, honey -- honey, I told you what she said.

Bridget: I know. I know what you said, Mom. I just -- I don't think she could have managed this. Abducting Ridge and taking him all the way to Europe? There's just got to be more to this story.


Morgan: I admit that I with held some information from you --

Ridge: Look, I don't want to hear anymore about it, okay? There's no justification for what you did. Trying to fill my head with a bunch of garbage about my family turning against me.

Morgan: They abandoned you. And that goes for your wife, too. I mean, why do you think you showed up at Cafe Russe the way you did? Because your wife threw you out of the house.

Amber: You know, even if she did, it was up to them to work it out. You don't go taking ridge's whole future into your own hands.

Ridge: Talk about my mother playing god. You rewrote my entire history, Morgan. And when I started to question it, you hired a woman to play my wife.

Morgan: I -- I told you I just needed a little bit more time. I told you it wasn't going to be forever. It's just I needed enough time -

Ridge: It was wrong!

Morgan: It wasn't, okay? It wasn't wrong. What Stephanie did to me was wrong. This was -- look, you owe it to me.

Amber: What is she talking about?

Ridge: Morgan brought me here to try and brainwash me into believing there was something between us, so she could get pregnant with my child. Never mind my kids that are already at home. As long as you got what you wanted, you didn't give a damn what you were stealing from those children, did you? Come on, Amber. Let's get the hell out of here.

Morgan: No, Ridge, no. You can't go. Please, don't leave me here. I won't let you.

Amber: I'll call the police.

Natalie: I wouldn't do that.

Bridget: Mom, can I get you some tea or anything?

Brooke: No, no, it's all right, honey. It's just so hard with all this waiting.

Ridge: Ho, ho, ho. You've reached the Forrester family.

Brooke: Leave a message and we'll return your call.

Both: And Merry Christmas!

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Brooke: We never did get around to changing that.

[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Amber?

Massimo: It's Massimo. Good news, Brooke. I have the name of amber's hotel in Venice, and I have a police speedboat waiting to take me there as soon as I land.

Brooke: Oh, Massimo, that is incredible. Any word on Ridge?

Massimo: Nothing yet. But I'll call you as soon as things break.

Brooke: Okay. Oh, Massimo, just tell Ridge that I love him.

Massimo: You can do that yourself, Brooke, -- okay? Very soon.

Brooke: Thank you. I'll be waiting for your call.

Massimo: Good. We're almost there. I need to be ready.

Bridget: Oh, Mom. See, I told you Massimo would come through.

Brooke: So much could still go wrong.

Bridget: Well, it won't.

Brooke: How can you be sure?

Bridget: Because, Mom, I just -- I know. You know, I was never able to tell you what it was really like being in that mineshaft with Ridge, but the last few minutes when I thought that I was dying, this intense sense of peace came over me, and I knew I wasn't gonna have to worry, because Ridge was gonna make it. His love for you is so powerful, it kept his mind and his body a lot stronger than it should have been. He needed to get back to you, and he need d to get back to those kids. You'll just -- you'll never know what it did to me seeing that vision of the two of you raising a family and growing old together. It gave me the courage to leave the world, if that's what was meant for me. 'Cause I was holding on to you, and I knew then that you would never be alone. He would always be there for you. And he will.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: My beautiful, sweet daughter, if I knew how good and pure your intentions really were, I would have done everything so differently. I would have torn up that picture the moment I saw it. Then I would have put my arms abound Ridge and never let go.


Natalie: Don't complicate an already complicated situation by bringing in the police.

Amber: Who are you?

Ridge: This is Morgan's mother.

Natalie: What matters now is that all of us get out of this as unscathed as possible.

Ridge: Well, it's a little late for that, don't you think?

Natalie: Oh, how much does he know?

Ridge: The whole demented story.

Natalie: You remembered?

Amber: I filled him in.

Morgan: My luck Amber decided to vacation in Venice. And we all know each other from Los Angeles.

Natalie: Then you also know that my daughter is deeply disturbed.

Amber: That's putting it mildly.

Morgan: Look, you try going through what I have and come out without any scars.

Amber: "Scars"?

Natalie: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Morgan needs to take responsibility, but so do I. When Morgan went through her crisis, she had absolutely nobody to rely on. Her father had gone off years before, and I was about as unavailable a mother as you can get. Consumed with my career, teaching positions, consultations, research grants that took me thousands of miles away from her. And I left her in a house about the size of this hotel with a small handful of staff members to look after her. Faces that changed every couple of months. No one for her to attach to. No one to be there when she came home from school or sing to her on her birthday. Or read her a story at night. Or tell her how much they loved her. Sometimes I think the reason she wants a baby so much isn't about the abortion and more about my abandonment of her. She's so desperate. The need she has to give a baby what I didn't give her, but she was just trying to right a terrible wrong. And, darling, that's not for you to do. That's the burden that I have to bear. I have to try to make up for the heartache that I caused you. And you, Ridge. Will you please let me -- let me take care of her. Let me try to get her the help that she needs. And let me try to be the mother to her that I never was. Oh, darling, I love you. I do. I'm sorry. I love you. I'm so sorry.

Morgan: Ridge, I'm sorry for separating you from your children. I just wanted all the pain to go away. There's so much pain.

Ridge: Hopefully, that's a lot less now.

Morgan: You were the first person who ever loved me.

Ridge: Not the first. She just didn't know how to -- to let you know.

Natalie: Thank you, Ridge.

Ridge: Take care of her.

Natalie: I will.

Natalie: Baby, I'm so sorry.


Brooke: It's all starting to make sense now. Why Ridge sent that e-mail to Stephanie and why he left that cold message for me. Amber forced him to do it. I just want to hear him say my name the way he used to. Then I'm sure everything will be okay.

Amber: Nervous? It'll come back to you. It's ringing.

[ Phone ringing ]

Brooke: Hello.

Amber: Brooke, it's me again.

Brooke: Amber. You let Ridge go. Do you hear me? Kidnapping is a federal offense.

Amber: No, no, no. No, no, Brooke. You have this all wrong. I did not kidnap Ridge. Okay? I saved him from Morgan Dewitt.

Brooke: Morgan Dewitt?

Amber: Yeah, I am not making this up. Okay, Morgan -- she sprung from the mental institution, and she ran into Ridge, and she lured him away with her.

Brooke: Ridge would never go anywhere with that woman.

Amber: Well, he would if he couldn't remember who he was.

Brooke: Will you please be straight with me?

Amber: I am being straight with you. Okay? Ridge -- he has a concussion or maybe worse. You know, it's hard to tell. But he is here with me, and he's safe from Morgan. And he wants to talk to you. Okay?

Ridge: Brooke?

Brooke: Ridge. Ridge, are you all right?

Ridge: Uh -- I'm -- I'm okay, I guess. I -- I'm still a little shell-shocked. I'm not too clear on my past.

Brooke: So what Amber's saying is the truth?

Ridge: Yeah. Morgan tried to convince me that my life was with her. If it wasn't for Amber, I don't even want to think where I'd be right now.

Brooke: The important thing is that you come home, and you're with the people who love you and that can take care of you. There's so much I want to say and so much I just want to make right. I never should have kicked you out of the house that night.

Ridge: Brooke, why did you?

Brooke: You really don't remember?

Ridge: I wish I did. It's right there. It's so close. But nothing.

Brooke: No, it's okay. Don't push it. You will remember. With my help, you will. The kind of love that you and I share, it doesn't just go away.

Ridge: Brooke, I'm sorry for all this.

Brooke: No, don't say a thing, okay? You'll get it. You will. I mean, you'll know, just like I know. When you lift up your son and you look into his eyes and see your eyes, then you'll feel it. And when hope curls up on your lap when she falls asleep there, you'll feel that. And when I'm sitting down next to you and my heart is beating next to yours, you'll feel that, too.

Ridge: Logan?

Brooke: What did you say?

Ridge: "Logan" -- I don't even know why I'm saying that. Oh, god, just -- you're Logan.

You're Logan. You're my Logan.

Brooke: Yes. Yes, yes.

Ridge: Oh, Brooke, just keep talking, will you? I -- hearing your voice is opening some things for me. Just keep talking. I need to hear your voice, please.

Brooke: Okay, okay, yeah. I'll just -- I'll just keep talking, if that's gonna help you. I'll just -- I'll just keep on talking, okay? Oh. Ridge, you're coming home. Oh, Ridge, you are coming home.

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