B&B Transcript Monday 3/28/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/28/05



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Faux Brooke: It's good to see you, Ridge.


Darla: You're awful quiet tonight.

Thorne: I was just thinking about my mother. I could have lost her. But Helen's gone instead. And now Gabriela, who is a teenager, is without a mother.

Darla: We can all help Gabriela get through this. You know, she doesn't have to be alone.

Thorne: Ah, Darla, life can be so fleeting, you know.

Darla: I know.

Thorne: My mother could be gone now. Or you. Or our little girl. I never want to take anything for granted, not one single moment.

Darla: Oh, sweetie, you don't. I have never felt more appreciated in my entire life. And I'm so grateful for what we have. And, you know, I really see it when I look at other people's relationships.

Thorne: Ridge and Brooke?

Darla: They always seem like they're in the middle of a crisis. You know, just breaking up, getting back together.

Thorne: They always do get back together, though.

Darla: Yeah, but I thought that they were past this. They've been getting along so well. And for Ridge to just leave her like this --

Thorne: I don't know what's going on with my brother.


Morgan: Please, Brooke, come in.

Ridge: Brooke.

Faux Brooke: Morgan's told me about your concussion. I'm sorry that you were hurt, and I wish that we didn't have to do this. But let's just settle this once and for all.

Ridge: I have so many questions. I know things went wrong between us, but I have to believe that whatever happened, we can work it out.

Faux Brooke: No, Ridge, we can't. I have nothing in my heart for you. For us. This relationship is dead.


[ Door opens ]

Nick: Ah! Ah, no! No, no, no, no, no. No.

[ Brooke screams ] It's me. It's me. It's me. It's Nick. It's me.

Brooke: Oh, Nick.

Nick: Oh, my god. Give me this. Here, here, here, here. Come here. I'm sorry. Bridget and I had dinner out in the back, and I --

[ Nick breathes heavily ]

Brooke: You scared me.

Nick: I'm sorry. I forget my keys, and I didn't want to wake anybody. So I'm kind of just -- put this down. I was just kind of, you know, wandering around wondering how to get in the house. And I'm sorry. I told you I'm sorry. You okay?

Brooke: It's okay. I'm glad you're here.

Nick: What's the matter with you? You can't sleep?

Brooke: No, I can't sleep too well. Ridge's presence in this house is such a big thing, you know, for the kids and for myself. Now that he's not here, and we don't know when he's coming home -- I mean, the hours seem like days. And the days seem like weeks. And I've been up pretty much every night with R.J. And Hope's having all these bad dreams. I mean, what do I tell them, Nick? What do I say to the kids?

Nick: Well, it's a tough time. And you need support. And I'm here -- always.


Thorne: You know, none of it makes any sense. No matter how hurt or angry Ridge is, I know my brother. He's not someone to turn his back and just walk away from a problem.

Darla: Well, then where is he?

Thorne: Look, all I'm saying is, if he's not calling, then there's a good reason.

Darla: I hope you're right. You know, it's amazing. Everything that you and Ridge have been through lately, it would be so easy for you not to come to his defense.

Thorne: I'm just supporting my brother.

Darla: Well that's admirable of you, Thorne. Just one more reminder of what a wonderful man you are, and how lucky I am to be married to you.

Thorne: I'm the lucky one. I have you and your support.

Darla: You know, I just can't help but wondering, who's gonna be there to support Brooke.

Nick: Seriously. You know me. I wear a lot of different hats. You've seen most of them. I could be Hope's goofy chauffeur. Hmm? I make great boxed lunches. You know what else I do? I take those cookies and I crumble them up over the vanilla ice cream and a little hot fudge over it. Come on, die for that. You know what else I could teach her? How to put a worm on a hook.

Brooke: Hope would love that.

Nick: Hey. Kids are resilient. She knows she's loved. It's just the situation.

Brooke: The situation shouldn't be happening. I believe in Ridge. I really do. But he's gone, Nick. I wake up in the night and he's not beside me in the bed. My insecurities -- I just keep fighting them. And telling myself not to lose faith.

Nick: You can't. You can never do that.

Brooke: Hector came by earlier and he gave me some encouragement. He told me never to give up. I really don't know what Ridge is going through, but Hector was right. Until I know the complete truth, I can't assume anything. I won't assume anything. I just need to talk to him myself. And I need to hear his voice. He's been gone so long. I mean, what could be keeping him away? Why hasn't he come home?


Ridge: What did I do to you?

Faux Brooke: You're lucky that you can't remember. At least you don't have to re-live it. Maybe it's your guilt kicking in for all the things that you've ruined.

Ridge: Brooke, I've obviously hurt you really badly. But I'm sorry. Can't we just --

Faux Brooke: No! Forget it, Ridge. Forget about us. God knows I have.

Ridge: Oh, don't tell me there's nothing there, because I can feel it. I can feel somewhere someone needs me. I have this responsibility. I can feel that in my gut.

Faux Brooke: You're wrong about me and about us. Please, just let me go.

Ridge: What about our kids?

Faux Brooke: We don't have any children. See, that's something else we could never agree on. Here, take this. I don't want it. Stay here with Morgan. You're better off.

Ridge: No, I don't believe it. I don't believe a word out of your mouth.


Thorne: What we have together as a family is the most important thing. I can see how fast things can change now. Ridge is awol, my mother in a car wreck, Gabriela is without a mother. I don't ever want to miss another opportunity to show you how much I love you.

Darla: Promise?

Thorne: Yeah, I promise.

[ Alexandria cries ] I'll get her.

Darla: No, no, no, no, no. I'll get her. You stay here. You save your strength. You're gonna need it. And no worrying about Ridge and Brooke while I'm gone, okay?

Thorne: Promise.

Darla: Promise.


Brooke: I know Ridge's heart. I know it belongs to me and the children. I was just telling R.J. That his daddy would never leave us, that he would be home soon. I was telling that to Hope and to myself. And then another day goes by and he's still gone. We don't even hear his voice. What if something happened to him, Nick? What if he got hurt and he couldn't make it home?

Nick: Now, don't go there. Don't do that.

Brooke: I don't want to, but I have to. Because this isn't like Ridge. You heard that email. He can't "deal" with me?

Nick: I know, I know. It's just -- it's not him. I agree.

Brooke: That's why I am so confused. Whatever he is going through, whatever it is, he should be here with me and with his family. And going through it with us, with the people that love him the most.

Nick: You know, Brooke, sometimes you just have to be alone to get your head together.

Brooke: No, Nick. No. There is something wrong here. I can feel it. This isn't like Ridge. He is not like a cold person. And he wouldn't hurt his family. He just wouldn't do that.

Nick: Shh, shh, shh. It's all right. It's okay. Okay, all right.

Brooke: We've spent half of our lives loving each other. And those feelings, they just don't disappear into thin air. Those kind of feelings, you have them no matter what, whether you're with each other or not.

Nick: And he knows that. He knows that he's loved, and he knows that he's needed. He knows all that.

Brooke: Well, then he needs to come back home. And I just pray that he feels that connection. And I pray that it will guide him back here to me.


Ridge: You're unbelievable.

Morgan: Ridge, now hold on.

Ridge: No, Morgan, no, no. I can't believe I was ever married to you.

Faux Brooke: Ridge I only came here because you have a concussion. I wanted to help you remember. But if you can't, well, maybe that's for the best. It's over. And that's all you need to know. Morgan always did adore you. Want what was best for you. She was able to look past things and forgive you in ways that I never could. You don't deserve her, really.

Morgan: Brooke --

Faux Brooke: Good-bye, Ridge. Forever.


Thorne: Is everything okay with Alexandria?

Darla: Yeah. Yeah, she just had a bad dream.

Thorne: Mm, another dragon?

Darla: No, no, no. She said something about mommy and daddy being gone.

Thorne: What?

Darla: I told her not to worry, that we're always going to be here for her. Then she fell asleep. You know, Ridge should be home, honey, for his children if not anything else.

Thorne: I know. It doesn't make any sense. Ridge loves Brooke. And he loves those kids.

Darla: I thought they were the center of his world.

Thorne: I don't get it. What could be keeping Ridge away?


Morgan: You're better off without her.

Ridge: You tried to warn me. I should have listened.

Morgan: You needed to do that to see how wrong Brooke is for you.

Ridge: How could I have been married to that woman. She seems like such a stranger to me. I felt absolutely nothing.

Morgan: Look, don't be so hard on yourself. The important thing is that you know the truth. And now you can move on to a better life. Oh. Oh, you're still hurting. Look, you're so tired. Look, why don't you get some rest?

Ridge: Yeah.

Morgan: Ridge, I'm sorry.


Faux Brooke: Morgan, that was cruel.

Morgan: It had to be done.

Faux Brooke: Did it? I owed you, Morgan. But I can't believe that you asked me to do that.

Morgan: You did him a favor. Trust me, he'll be thanking you one day. Ridge's past is finally behind him. He starts a new life now, with me.


Brooke: Have I lost Ridge? Has he changed? I feel him slipping away.

Nick: Brooke, Brooke, please. Relationships, marriages -- they -- they have highs and lows, you know. Every sea turns stormy.

Brooke: So what do you do?

Nick: You got to fight to right the ship. You got to be tougher than the storm. You can't be beaten. And you can never feel like you're alone. You got to draw on Forrester. He's got to draw on you. No matter where he is, it doesn't matter. You can't feel alone. And you know what? When the storm clears, guess what happens. The sun comes out. God, does that feel good. Now, look, Forrester's a meathead. I've always said that. But you guys have built a family. You love each other. He knows that. You got to count on that. You are an amazing woman. You're incredible. He'd never throw that away. He's not that foolish. He'll be back soon.

Brooke: Thank you.

Nick: I know the guest room's empty. It's cold on my boat, so if you want me to stay awhile, I can. Huh?

Brooke: I appreciate the offer, but it's really not necessary.

Nick: I'd be on my best behavior most of the time.

Brooke: I know you would. But you're right, Nick. I'm not alone. I need to be strong for the children. I need to let them see that I'm okay. Bridget's very fortunate to have you. I was worried after she got back from Copenhagen, but to see her with you, to see that you bring out the best in her, in your very own special way, I'm grateful. You're a blessing to this family.

Nick: Aww. Well, I think I'm the one who's blessed.

Brooke: I did have my concerns, though.

Nick: Huh?

Brooke: Yeah. But -- no, no. I'm very glad to see Bridget with you. You're stable, and you're honest, and you're strong.

Nick: Funny. Let's not forget funny, please.

Brooke: Yeah. Funny.

Nick: Just everything a woman would want, right?

Brooke: Right.

Nick: Well, almost every woman.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: You're a fine man, Nick Marone. Always there when I need you. Always able to count on you.

Nick: That'll never change. Never, ever.

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