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Brooke: This really isn't a good time, Hector.

Hector: I know. I won't stay long. I just wanted to check on you.

Brooke: To see if I'm falling apart?

Hector: To see if there's anything that I can do to help.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to -- come in.

Hector: I completely understand. You're dealing with a lot. Ridge, your mother-in-law's accident.

Brooke: Yeah. Stephanie's going to be okay. Thank god.

Hector: And what about you? Now, Thomas told Caty that you reached out to Ridge, asked him to come home.

Brooke: For all the good that it did. Since he hung up on me.

Hector: And you haven't heard anything since?

Brooke: No, not directly. He sent Stephanie an e-mail.

Hector: What did it say?

Brooke: It's becoming increasingly clear that the issue isn't Bridget anymore. It's Ridge and me, our marriage. That is, if we still have a marriage.


Nick: I think I took a wrong turn somewhere. Where am I, exactly?

[ In French accent ]

Bridget: It is not about where you are, monsieur. It's about where you are going to be transported to. Which is what this evening is all about.

Nick: And where is that?

Bridget: Well, the French Riviera, but of course. To an elegant five-star restaurant, where fine dining, like a rare wine, is to be savored, never rushed.

Nick: Merci.

[ Glasses clink ] So, mademoiselle, do you want to come clean with me and tell me what this is all about?

Bridget: Oh, well, this is about the other night. Our romantic evening in the air on the Marone jet. An evening I will never forget. And I just wanted to return the favor.

Nick: By transporting me to the South of France.

Bridget: Oh, you haven't been to this restaurant before, have you?

Nick: They serve Buffalo wings?

Bridget: No.

Nick: Then I probably missed it. But, hey, if you recommend it, I'm in.

Bridget: Oh, so you're putting yourself in my hands?

Nick: Which should tell us both something, don't you think?


Eric: I still think you're rushing this whole thing a little bit.

Stephanie: I would have gone stir crazy in that hospital.

Eric: Yes, I know. But you're still recuperating, remember that.

Stephanie: Eric, I promise you I will not do anything to jeopardize myself. Believe me, the best medicine that I could have is being here with you.

Eric: All right, well, to that end, I want to keep your strength up. I'll get you something to eat. Do you want a bowl of soup?

Stephanie: I'm not hungry, thank you.

Eric: A cup of tea, huh?

Stephanie: Tea would be very nice, but a little later. Here. Sit down here with me. Thank you very much for being so concerned. I'm so lucky.

Eric: You are, honey. But I want you to keep in mind you are in no way responsible for what happened to Helen. This was not your fault.

Stephanie: Honey, I was driving the car.

Eric: You are not the person who ran the red light.

Stephanie: I just wish I could understand these things. I wish I could understand how someone as decent and good as Helen can just be gone. I mean, she's a wonderful, wonderful woman. And she's just -- she's just gone. It doesn't seem real to me.

Stephanie: Did you read this?

Eric: Yes, yes, I did.

Stephanie: Well, they don't -- they don't mention Helen. They talk about "the passenger" and they talk about "the deceased." I mean, it's -- I don't understand this.

Eric: Darling --

Stephanie: She was a person. I don't understand. They talk about me. They mention me by name. They mention the other driver's name, but they don't talk about Helen. It's as though she didn't exist, as though her life didn't matter.

Eric: Don't do this. You're just going to get yourself upset, all right? I'm sure the reason they didn't mention her name is that her daughter hadn't been notified yet.

Stephanie: Oh. You think that's it?

Eric: I'm sure.

Stephanie: Oh. What's that poor girl going to do?

Eric: I know.

Stephanie: Helen was all she had. What is she going to do when she finds out her mother's dead?


Brooke: And that's what he said in the e-mail. He said he just "can't deal" with me anymore. I don't know what to think. I don't know what to do. It's like I don't know who my husband is anymore.

Hector: Did he say anything else?

Brooke: Yes. Things I never thought Ridge would say.

Hector: Are you really sure it's him?

Brooke: What do you mean?

Hector: Well, years ago, I got letters from Samantha that didn't sound like her at all. And they weren't. Her mother wrote them, pretending to be Sam, telling me that she didn't want to see me anymore.

Brooke: So you think somebody might be forcing Ridge to -- ?

Hector: No, nothing like that. It's just, if your husband is going through something personal -- I guess my point is, don't give up. Hang in there, Brooke, because things aren't always what they seem at first. Or what someone wants you to think that they are. Like that picture of Ridge and your daughter.


Bridget: Oh, my. How gallant, monsieur.

Nick: Put a jacket on me, I'm not that uncouth. This has always just confused me -- all this silverware. It's very confusing for me.

Bridget: Oh, don't pretend. You've dined with Massimo. You know which fork to use.

Nick: But that's just the thing. I've never understood why you need more than one fork. One. Why?

Bridget: Well, it's just the ritual of dining. On the continent, it's an art. You know, a formal meal can take three, even four hours, depending on the number of courses.

Nick: Oh. Perfect timing, garcon. I am starving. Is this it? This is all we're getting?

Bridget: It's a seven-course meal, Nick. There's more coming.

Nick: Oh, okay. This one?

Bridget: Yes.

Nick: Well, it sort of looks like crushed minnows with paprika. Mm. Not bad. What is it?

Bridget: Crushed minnows with paprika.

[ Nick laughs ]

Nick: Are you gonna eat any of yours?

Bridget: Well, I'm just enjoying watching you.

Nick: Well, good. 'Cause I'm enjoying you watching me.

[ Glasses clink ]


Brooke: I'm not giving up, Ridge. I'm going to keep calling until you talk to me. No matter how many e-mails you send saying that you're fed up with me, I won't let you shut me out. Not after everything that we meant to each other, that we mean to each other.

[ Brooke sighs ] I miss you. And the kids miss you. And we really want you to come home. So, please, please let's just talk about this.

Hector: You okay?

Brooke: Yeah. I was starting to lose faith, but thank you for reminding me not to give up hope.

Hector: Sure. Has Ridge tried to contact anyone else besides his mother?

Brooke: If you're asking if Bridget's heard from him, no, she hasn't. And just so you know, hector, there is a special person in Bridget's life, a wonderful man that she has real feelings for, and it isn't Ridge.


Nick: Well, six courses down, one to go. I'm starving.

Bridget: That's because you've dined and not just eaten. It's part of the whole haute cuisine experience. You know, from preparing the food and the presentation, to tasting and savoring, and just enjoying and appreciating every wonderful aspect of the meal.

Nick: You know, Bridget, I have dined all over the world and done just about everything in the world, but this -- this is you, a reflection of who you are. It's very nice. So, I think we got a little time before that dessert soufflé comes. Could I interest mademoiselle in a dance?

Bridget: Of course. I'd be charmed.

In my wildest dreams I never thought I'd see

the day someone would change me

you walking into my life and now I feel so alive

I'm just not the same you're my soul reason

to feel this way come and warm me like the sun


Stephanie: "My beautiful angel." That's what Helen always called her.

Eric: Now, sweetheart, look --

Stephanie: I'm fine. I'm okay. I'm just -- I'm just worried that Gabriela won't be.

Eric: Yeah. You're worried about how she's going to find out about this.

Stephanie: Well, I don't want her just to drive up to their home and have a policeman, some stranger waiting to tell her. I mean, it shouldn't happen that way.

Eric: I know. And we will make certain that it doesn't, all right? We'll figure something out. You just relax here, all right? I'm going to go get us -- get us our tea.

[ Knock on door ]

Stephanie: Gabi.

Gabriela: Hi, Mrs. Forrester. I -- I just got back into town and I thought I'd surprise my mom and tell her all about -- oh, my gosh. Your arm. Are you okay? What happened?

Stephanie: Oh, I dislocated -- I'm fine. Come in, come in.

Gabriela: So, anyway, I can't wait to tell my mom all about Stanford. I mean, everything I saw and everything I did. She's going to be so happy. Is she done for the evening? I would love to drive her home. I mean, if that's okay, of course.


Brooke: Oh, god. I wish I didn't feel so helpless. What if Ridge really didn't send that e-mail? I mean, what if there is something more going on here than we know?

Hector: But you're not thinking of involving the police, are you?

Brooke: No. I know that Ridge sent that e-mail. And he talked to me briefly on the phone, so technically that would mean he isn't missing. But still, the longer he stays away -- what if he never comes back? A life without Ridge. What would I do?


Come and warm me like the sun you're my inspiration

every breath I take you're my soul reason

I laugh cry I live, I die

and I love you're my soul reason

Nick: What are you thinking?

Bridget: I'm thinking I could stay like this in your arms forever.

Nick: Forever's a long time.

Bridget: Not when you're feeling what I'm feeling.

Ain't nobody like you you're my soul reason

that I feel this way come and warm me like the sun

Nick: Which reminds me --

Bridget: Yeah?

Nick: You know I have this funny feeling that this whole thing tonight is not about a fine dining experience.

Bridget: I can't imagine where you're going with this.

Nick: But what matters is, I've figured it out. I got it.

Bridget: You figured what out?

Nick: I figured out what you've been wanting to tell me all night. I know what it is.


Gabriela: Are you all right, Mrs. Forrester? The way you're looking at me --

Stephanie: I was thinking how much you look like your mother. The same smile. She was so excited to think that you might go to Stanford.

Gabriela: Well, you don't have to tell me. I mean, my mom's my hero. She always will be. I mean, without her, I couldn't do anything. I know I'll always have my mother.

Stephanie: Yes, Helen will always look after you, won't she?

Gabriela: So, is my mom in the kitchen?

Stephanie: Gabi, could we sit down for a moment? I'd like to talk to you about something.

Gabriela: Yeah.

Stephanie: Gabi, there's been an automobile accident. And your mother --

Gabriela: She's hurt? She's hurt. She's in the hospital. I better to go to her --

Stephanie: No, no, Gabi -- Gabi -- Gabi, the doctors did everything that they could, but they were too late.

Gabriela: No. No. No, no. Where's my mother?

Stephanie: Gab --

Gabriela: Where's my mommy?

Stephanie: Gabi --

Gabriela: Where -- where --

Stephanie: Gabi, your mother's dead.

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