B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/15/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/15/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: No messages. No new calls. Nothing. I've left you a dozen messages, Ridge. And I waited up all night. Why haven't you come home?


Nick: Hey, sunshine!

Bridget: Hey, you. I brought you breakfast.

Nick: Oh, thank you.

Bridget: But, whoo, who needs bagels when you have -- donuts and French fries?

Nick: Oh, it's sort of a sweet/sour thing I kinda do.

Bridget: Yeah?

Nick: Uh-hmm.

Bridget: Kind of like us, huh?

Nick: Yeah. Well, you look all sparkly this morning. Hope you didn't sleep in that thing.

Bridget: Um -- actually, I didn't sleep much at all.

Nick: Really? Me neither. I kept wanting to come over and sing a song under your balcony.

Bridget: Why didn't you?

Nick: Because I thought Ridge would drop a flower pot on my head for waking the kids up.

Bridget: No, he's not home yet.

Nick: No call?

Bridget: No, no. And mom's been leaving him messages non-stop, too.

Nick: Well, it's only been 24 hours.

Bridget: So, you don't think she should worry?

Nick: No. I used to leave for six months, nobody worried about me.

Bridget: Yeah, but you don't have a wife and kids waiting for you at home. I just -- it's not like Ridge to be this out of touch.

Nick: So nobody's heard anything? Not a word?

Bridget: No. Not anyone.

Nick: He ever done this before? Take off?

Bridget: No. And, well, I mean, not unless you count the time that Amber dumped us down the mineshaft.

Nick: Amber. Andrea, I want you to find Amber Moore, and get her in here as fast as you can, please.


[ Speaking Italian ]

Bellman: Bene, signora?

Morgan: Molto bene. Grazie.

Bellman: The living room. The bedroom is in there. And from here, there is a view of the piazza. Beautiful, no?

Morgan: It's gorgeous.

Bellman: If you wish a dinner reservation or a gondola ride, the front desk is pleased to help you.

Morgan: Grazie.

Bellman: Grazie.

Morgan: It's good to be in Italy, isn't it? The people, they make you feel right at home. And Venice, it's so romantic. With the gondolas and the canals. It would be fun to take a ride, wouldn't it?

Ridge: Not tonight, though.

Morgan: No, of course not. So, are you hungry? Shall I call down for supper?

Ridge: No, I just feel like I need to rest. My head is still splitting.

Morgan: Oh, that's okay. Don't worry about it. Look, I'll call the neurologist. Just leave it to me, I'll take care of everything.


Stephanie: What do you mean he's not home yet? Where is he?

Brooke: I don't know.

Stephanie: He hasn't called you?

Brooke: Has he called you?

Stephanie: Well, no. But I'm not surprised, seeing the way we left each other the other day.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Just tell me what the bartender said again.

Stephanie: He said that he'd been drinking before he even got to the Cafe Russe.

Brooke: So the bartender didn't serve him?

Stephanie: He says he didn't. He says he only gave him water.

Brooke: And then he let him leave. I mean, maybe -- maybe that's why we didn't hear anything. What if he got in an accident or something? Or what if he was mugged? Stephanie, there's got to be some reason why Ridge hasn't returned my calls.

Stephanie: Well, perhaps -- just perhaps, he's angry and hurt. Have you thought about that?


Nick: God, what is that family of yours thinking? Amber Moore should be in jail.

Bridget: If she's prosecuted, this could turn into a public scandal.

Nick: A scandal? So they're all worried about their reputations here? You almost died out there.

Bridget: But I didn't. And no one got hurt. However, a lot of people could if this picture of me and Ridge gets out to the tabloids.

[ Knock on door ]

Andrea: Mr. Marone, Amber Moore to see you.

Amber: Like I had a choice.

Nick: Thank you, Andrea.

Bridget: Where's Ridge?

Amber: Excuse me?

Nick: A simple question she asked you. Where's Ridge?

Amber: I don't know.

Nick: You sure? You don't have him locked up or you haven't dropped him in another hole?

Amber: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Nick: Don't play games with me, girlie.

Amber: Ridge ruined my life. I'd be happy if I never saw him again.

Bridget: Just what did you do with him, Amber?

Amber: Nothing. Look, I don't know what's going on here, but it's got nothing to do with me.

Bridget: Well, Ridge is missing, and we both think that you're responsible.

Amber: Not this time. If Ridge is awol, it's not because of me.


Ridge: I just don't know what's wrong with me.

Morgan: Well, you're exhausted, and your head hurts. You've been traveling all day. What you need is just to go to sleep. So just lie back and close your eyes. In a few days, when you're feeling a little better, we can explore this beautiful city. I know this charming little restaurant nearby. It's very quiet and very private. All the locals eat there. And they have the best mussels in Venice. Ridge? Ridge? Hi. It's me. I just got in. I need to see you right away.


Brooke: You're blaming this on me. I don't know why I'm so surprised.

Stephanie: Well, what did you think was going to happen if you threw him out of the house?

Brooke: And if he doesn't come back, it's because he's fed up with me?

Stephanie: I'm not sure.

Brooke: I asked him to come home.

Stephanie: And you expect him to come crawling back just because you've decided to forgive him?

Brooke: You told me it was the right thing to do.

Stephanie: Obviously, Ridge needs more than forgiveness.

Brooke: Like what?

Stephanie: A little faith.

Brooke: Like you and Eric showed him? I'm not the only one who came down on him, Stephanie.

Stephanie: No. But you're his wife.

Brooke: Yes, and I want him to come home. What else can I do?

Stephanie: Well, don't start feeling sorry for yourself and, perhaps, give him a little space.

Brooke: Feeling sorry for myself?

Stephanie: Isn't that what you're doing?

Brooke: No, I am worried about my husband. He's missing.

Stephanie: Brooke, he has not disappeared off the face of the earth. He just hasn't called. Look, I've seen him. Eric has seen him, and the bartender saw him last night at the Cafe Russe.

Brooke: Yes, drunk. And that's not like him, Stephanie. Not calling his family, not checking in on the kids.

Stephanie: He's upset. And I think he has every right to be.

Brooke: Now, he's the victim? When you said I had every right to be upset with him? Stephanie, I asked him to come home. You told me to do that. For the sake of the children. And, now, I did and that's what I'm trying to do. What are you trying to do?

Stephanie: I'm trying to protect this marriage, from your mistakes and from his. I can't believe I'm actually saying this. After all the years -- all the years that I tried to keep him away from you, I'm standing here fighting for your marriage.


Amber: I understand why you suspect me.

Nick: Maybe because you've done it before.

Amber: Believe me, I'm not going to try something like that again.

Nick: That would be kidnapping, right?

Amber: I was desperate.

Bridget: Maybe you still are.

Amber: Look, I -- I told you that I am sorry.

Nick: You almost got two people killed. Do you realize that?

Amber: You wanna ream me out? Go ahead. Everybody else has. I lost my boyfriend. I lost my job. You wanna pile on? Knock yourself out. But don't drag me in here every time Brooke kicks her husband out of the house. That's what happened, isn't it?

Bridget: Don't pretend to be concerned now, Amber.

Amber: I told him not to show her that picture.

Bridget: Well, you shouldn't have taken it!

Amber: I know! But you have to believe me, this isn't what I wanted to happen. I know how much Brooke and Ridge mean to each other. And I wasn't going to interfere with that, but -- but he's the one --

Bridget: Don't you dare bring him into this!

Amber: I know. I am sorry. Okay? I am responsible. I am responsible for luring you into that mine. I'm responsible for taking that picture and I'm responsible for anything that happens because of it. But you have to believe me, I'm not a monster. I am just as disgusted with myself as you are.

Nick: For some reason, I seriously doubt that.

Amber: I wish there were something I could do to help.

Bridget: I think you've done enough.

Amber: If I see Ridge --

Nick: If you see him, stay away. Stay away from all of us.

Amber: I'm sorry. I should go.

Nick: Now, when I said stay away, I meant it. You stay away from Bridget, everyone in the family, otherwise you'll answer to me. And believe me, I'm not near as nice as Forrester.


Brooke: Oh, you're playing with my head, Stephanie. First you make me feel insecure because I didn't react to Ridge and Bridget. And now, you're making me feel insecure because I did.

Stephanie: All I wanted was for you to keep your eyes open. I didn't think you'd throw him out of the house.

Brooke: So you think I overreacted?

Stephanie: Well, I'll tell you, I don't think it's a good idea to throw the father of the children out of the house.

Brooke: I thought he was involved with my daughter.

Stephanie: Well, that's what Amber wanted you to think. That's what she wanted everybody to think. That damn photograph turned everybody against him.

[ Stephanie sighs ] Brooke, all the years that I was married to Eric and everything that we had been through, I never threw him out. I mean, there were times when I wanted to. Times I would have had the right to. But I didn't do it because of the children.

Brooke: And I'm worried about our children right now. I called Ridge and I left him messages. I begged for him to come home. So why isn't he here, Stephanie? Why hasn't he called me?


[ Knock on door ]

Natalie: Morgan.

Morgan: Mother.

Natalie: Oh, my darling. Oh, it's so good to see you. You look well. You look healthy. Beautiful. Oh, darling, you look so beautiful. I've really missed you.

Morgan: Well, you only came to visit me a few times.

Natalie: Well, I know, baby. I wish I could have spent more time with you.

Morgan: Mother, I was the one who was locked up, not you.

Natalie: Well, you know what I mean. I've just been -- I've just been so busy.

Morgan: So, how is that precious career of yours?

Natalie: Well, we are now one of the leading neurology practices in all of Europe. Didn't I tell you that?

Morgan: Oh, you wrote me about it.

Natalie: Well, I haven't heard from you in so long, I wasn't sure you've been reading my letters. But, of course you were, 'cause you took my advice. You're here. You're finally here. I knew you'd come. Come, sit down. Darling, Venice is going to be such a tonic for you. It's a brand new start. It's away from your past. Away from Los Angeles and the Forresters. Darling, you're better. You're so much better now. Free of them, free of that place. It's all behind you now. Haven't I always told you, life is full of choices? And you've made the right one. See, here you can have the life that you deserve. After all those disappointments, you're finally getting a second chance.

Morgan: That's why I'm here, mother. That's exactly what I'm after.


Nick: Well, you know Amber a lot better than I do. What do you -- do you buy her story or not?

Bridget: Yeah. I just -- I don't know if I should be relieved or what.

Nick: Come on, Bridget, this girl should be in jail.

Bridget: Well, I know. But she did seem pretty miserable.

Nick: Remember something -- you reap what you sow.

Bridget: I know. So I must've done something really, really good to deserve you.

Nick: Why did I get that?

Bridget: Just a thank you.

Nick: But I haven't found Ridge yet. Remember?

Bridget: No, but thank you for trying.

Nick: I can't stand to see you and your mother worried like this. It drives me crazy.

Bridget: I feel so much better now.

Nick: Well, don't forget, you know, we're half-brothers from the same temperament. He's just blowing off a little steam, that's all he's doing.

Bridget: You guys do that by running away?

Nick: I used to.

Bridget: What do you do now?

Nick: Now, I -- that's what this is for. Hmm?

Bridget: Oh, well, captain, I think you're going to have to come up with a much, much more exciting way to score.

[ Pinball machine rings ]


Natalie: You should be so proud of yourself, sweetheart. I talked to the doctors and the counselors at the -- at the clinic.

Morgan: Mother, it wasn't a rehab. It was an asylum.

Natalie: And you're much better for it. They tell me you really worked hard on your recovery.

Morgan: Well, it was a struggle. I mean, you know that my life hasn't been easy. But it could have been perfect. 17 years old. An exciting job. A great boyfriend. Everything I ever wanted. Until it all fell apart.

Natalie: I should have done more to protect you.

Morgan: You didn't know how much I was hurting. I hid it from everyone.

Natalie: But now you've dealt with it. And you've moved past it. You've paid for your mistakes and you've gone on with your life. Darling, is this a man's jacket? Are you here with someone?


Brooke: Tell me, Stephanie. You know your son so well -- why hasn't he called me? And I want a real answer. Not an insult.

Stephanie: I'm not sure.

Brooke: How do you know he's not hurt or injured?

Stephanie: Oh, please. Don't do this. Now don't start overreacting.

Brooke: No, then why hasn't he called the children? He knows they must be confused.

Stephanie: Well, you're the one that threw him out. So you're the one that's gonna have to come up with the explanation.

Brooke: No. No, he would not dump that on me.

Stephanie: I never thought he'd turn on Eric, but he did. When he thought we'd lost faith in him. When he thought he wasn't being heard.

Brooke: Nick was right. He's making me sweat.


Natalie: Darling, you can tell me if you're here with someone. I think it's wonderful.

Morgan: You do?

Natalie: Yes. It's a sign you've finally gotten over Ridge. It's all right if you didn't come to Venice just to be with me.

Morgan: But I did. You're the reason why I'm here. You wish you'd been there for me. Well, now's your chance, Mother. I need your help now.

Natalie: Why? Morgan, what's going on?

[ Phone rings ]

Ridge: Hello?

Brooke: Ridge? Ridge, it's me. Look, I've been so worried. I want you to come home. Okay? And we'll talk. And I'm sorry. I never should've thrown you out. Ridge? Ridge, please, just talk to me. At least tell me where you are.

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