B&B Transcript Monday 3/14/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/14/05



By Boo
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Brooke: So you haven't heard from him either, Megan? No, no, it's not that. It's just -- look, if Ridge does check in with you, just -- never mind. I've got to go. Ridge, is that you?

Bridget: He still isn't home?

Brooke: Obviously not. Have you heard from him?

Bridget: No. Oh, Mom, I'm sure he's okay.

Brooke: Honey, I threw him out of the house.

Bridget: I know, but you were really upset and things got out of hand. Plus, Nick said that you're willing to work this out.

Brooke: Well, I'm not gonna forgive him for crossing the line with you when he kissed you. But I've made my share of mistakes in this relationship, too. If you love somebody and you have a family with them, then you need to find a way to deal with those problems, and that's what I am determined to do.

Bridget: Right. Oh, I'm so relieved to hear that. So you'll talk and you'll iron things out and make up like you always do. That's the best part, right? Making up?

Brooke: I was afraid that you had disappeared, too.

Bridget: No, I was just at Nick's. Mom, I don't have ever had a more incredible evening in my whole life.


[ Nick gasping ]

Jackie: Nicky, I'm waiting.

Nick: For what? Waiting for what?

Jackie: Details. Details about your evening with Bridget.

Nick: How did you know about that?

Jackie: Your father told me. He asked me over there for dinner and he --

Nick: He what? Wait a minute. He what? Over for dinner? What do you mean? What does that mean, over for dinner?

Jackie: It means that I'm not allowing you to change the subject.

Nick: So we can talk about my personal life but not about your personal life. Is that it?

Jackie: I knew I raised a bright child. Now, Massimo told me you requested the jet. You obviously went all out to impress her.

Nick: Well, just a little plane ride, little necklace. No biggie.

Jackie: A necklace? You gave Bridget a necklace? Nicky, you haven't given a woman jewelry since you were -- so tell me. Oh, please, Nicky, tell me. Did you at least have a good time?

Nick: And if I said yes, Mother, would you be happy for me?


Stephanie: I was hoping that an evening out would at least lift your spirits a bit.

Eric: It's gonna take a lot more than a cocktail and a nice meal for me to feel better about Ridge taking advantage of my daughter.

Stephanie: Honey, if -- if Brooke can move through this, you should too.

Eric: What makes you think that she has?

Stephanie: I went to see her.

Eric: What, to plead Ridge's case? I thought you were as upset about this as I am.

Stephanie: I am. I don't want to see the marriage break up. Now, look, he told you -- he kissed Bridget because he thought she was dying, and he wanted to comfort her. Now, did he use the best judgment in the world? No. But should it cost him his wife, his marriage? Brooke is the only one that can make that decision. It seems to me that the marriage still means everything to her. I just hope that Ridge is home right now where he belongs.


Morgan: Here, darling. Take these.

Ridge: Aspirin?

Morgan: Yes. Your headache should ease off soon.

Ridge: Where'd you say we were going again?

[ Voice echoing ]

Morgan: Venice. By way of Rome. It's a very long flight. But it'll be worth it. I know someone there who can help you.

Ridge: A doctor?

Morgan: A neurologist. One of the very best in the world. Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm gonna take very good care of you.


Bartender: Excuse me, Mr. And Mrs. Forrester? I couldn't help overhearing. I hope your son made it home okay.

Eric: I beg your pardon?

Bartender: Your son was here earlier.

Stephanie: Ridge?

Bartender: Yeah. I was tending bar. I guess he'd had a rough day. He was pretty out of it.

Stephanie: Are you saying that he was drinking before he got here?

Bartender: Apparently. I only served him water. I hope I'm not out of line.

Eric: No, no. Not at all. Thank you.

Bartender: Excuse me.

Eric: God. What is going on with our son? It's like Ridge isn't even in control of his own life anymore.


[ Ridge thinking ]

Ridge: Why don't I remember this woman? She obviously cares about me. But who is she?

Morgan: Darling, what's wrong?

Ridge: Oh, my head still aches.

Morgan: Well, maybe you should get some sleep. That's the best thing for you right now.


Jackie: Nicky, all I've ever wanted is your happiness, and that is the only reason that I expressed my reservations about you and Bridget.

Nick: Mother, I know you have concerns about me being with Brooke's daughter. Believe me, there are plenty to go around.

Jackie: You've discussed this with Bridget?

Nick: I would say "discussed" is putting it mildly.

Jackie: What did you tell her?

Nick: The truth. That I couldn't deny what her mother meant to me. And that if things had worked out differently, we'd be together today. But that's not the case. Brooke's moved on and so have I.


Brooke: That necklace -- did Nick --

Bridget: I know. Can you believe it? I mean, it's more than I ever dreamed. I just -- oh, Mom, I just feel like I'm floating on a cloud. It was the most magical evening I could ever ask for, starting with nick just whisking me away on the Marone jet.

Brooke: Floating on a cloud.

Bridget: You know what he told me? He said for me to just pick a place and he would fly me there.

Brooke: While plying you with champagne and caviar.

Bridget: Oh, no, more like Buffalo wings and beer. But hey.

Brooke: Oh, right. This is Nick we're talking about.

Bridget: It was just all so romantic. Oh, my god -- have I been dancing around the room? I'm acting like a lovesick schoolgirl.

Brooke: Is that how you feel?

Bridget: Oh, Mom, I know you've been worried about me falling for the same men that fall for you.

Brooke: No, you know what? I think I was being a little harsh when I said that. But I do have my concerns.

Bridget: Well, would it help if I told you you don't need to worry?

Brooke: Honey, you've been through so much. I just think that you deserve a man who can cherish you for the special person that you are.

Bridget: And you don't think that that is Nick? Is that what you're saying?

Brooke: Sweetheart, you're a grown woman. I can't tell you who to see or how to live your life. As a mother, I just don't want to see you hurt again.

Bridget: Well, I don't want to be hurt. That's why when you said what you did about Nick, I was really concerned.

Brooke: Worried that he might still have feelings for me.

Bridget: Yeah. So I just asked him, point blank. And he said of course, he's always gonna care about you, and what you guys shared was incredibly special. But what we share is incredibly special too. And unique and real. Nick was able to fix a place inside of me that was really broken and empty. Please, Mom -- be happy for me.

Brooke: Oh, sweetheart. Your happiness means everything to me. That's why I had to talk to nick and, you know, because I had my concerns for you.

Bridget: And?

Brooke: And he's a good man. He's very kind, very caring. And --

Bridget: And?

Brooke: I think I can trust my daughter's heart with him.

Bridget: Thank you, Mom.


[ Morgan remembering ]

Morgan: I remember this. All our talks. How incisive you were about this was the right thing to do. And everything would be okay. And then there was that hateful morning. When everything was done and I felt so empty inside. I felt hopeless. And I was so sure that I had done something just so wrong. And so irreversible.

Stephanie: I know it was a terrible time in your life. I do know that. But it didn't destroy you, did it? If anything, it's made you stronger. Stronger. I mean, look at you now. Look at what you've accomplished.

Morgan: Oh, Stephanie, everything I've accomplished was only a reason and a way to keep my mind occupied. I mean, my success in design and my infamous work ethic, it was never joyful, it was never rewarding. It was only a way to keep my mind occupied so I wouldn't think about that time before I left L.A. And even now, it doesn't go away. No, those thoughts, they just never leave my mind. They just keep swimming around, eating up my heart and my soul. And you know what? At night, it seems to get even worse. 'Cause that's when I hear the sounds.

Stephanie: What sounds?

Morgan: I hear the sounds of the baby -- Ridge's baby, crying in my dreams at night. The baby that you made me destroy.

Morgan: This could be our second chance, Ridge. Our second chance.


[ Phone rings ]

Nick: Bridget.

[ Phone rings ] Yeah, I said pepperoni, no olives.

Bridget: What?

Nick: This is Giuseppi's, right? This is about the pizza order, right?

Bridget: Oh, my gosh, how can you think about food after all those Buffalo wings?

Nick: How would you know about that?

Bridget: I was there, remember?

Nick: Who is this?

Bridget: It's the girl you gave the diamond necklace to.

Nick: Oh. Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. What was your name again?

Bridget: Very funny.

Nick: I'm glad you called. I've been thinking a lot about you.

Bridget: Have you? I just called to say thanks for a such a special night. I guess I didn't want it to end.

Nick: Well, who says it has to?

Bridget: Is this really happening? I mean, are we really happening?

Nick: What do you think?

Bridget: I think I'm happier than I've ever been.

Nick: Well, then, that's your answer. That's the answer for both of us.

Bridget: This game is fun. Can we play it again sometime?

Nick: I hate games. I'm a straight shooter, remember?

Bridget: I like straight shooters.

Nick: You like all of them or just one in particular?

Bridget: What do you think?

Nick: I think we have a good thing going here. And it's only gonna get better. I want you to do something for me, okay?

Bridget: Okay.

Nick: Have sweet dreams.

Bridget: You, too.


[ Brooke remembering ]

Ridge: Celebration of our love. That's what tonight's about. That's what the rest of our lives are about. Because nothing can destroy what we have. Nothing and no one.

[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Ridge?

Stephanie: No, it's Stephanie. So is he not home yet?

Brooke: No.

Stephanie: And you haven't heard anything?

Brooke: I left many messages on his cell and I called everybody that I know. Where could he be, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Well, I can tell you where he was. Eric and I are here at the Cafe Russe, and the bartender said that he was in earlier this evening and he'd been drinking.

Brooke: Oh, no. Well, did he know where Ridge was headed maybe after that?

Stephanie: No, no, of course not. I just hope that he's sleeping it off somewhere.

Brooke: That would explain why he hasn't called me. What about the guesthouse?

Stephanie: I spoke to Helen and she checked. He's not there.

Brooke: Then where could he be? This isn't like Ridge.

Stephanie: I know.

Brooke: I'm really worried, Stephanie.

Stephanie: He'll come home. He'll come home. Just call me as soon as he does.

Brooke: Yeah. Where are you, Ridge?


Morgan: Are you feeling better?

Ridge: A little.

Morgan: Would it help if I --

Ridge: Um --

Morgan: Darling, what is it?

Ridge: Look -- you've been really wonderful. The truth is -- I don't remember who you are. It's obvious we're involved.

Morgan: Sweetheart, it's the concussion. That's why you don't remember. But the only thing that you need to know is that I love you. And I'm going to get you all the help that you need.

Ridge: In Venice. This doctor you mentioned --

Morgan: You're gonna be fine. We're gonna be fine. Okay? Trust me, my love.


Brooke: Come home, Ridge. Please, just come home.

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