B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/9/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/9/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Morgan: Ridge? Did you hear what I said before? Brooke called. And she left you a message. It sounded important. Don't you want to call her back?

Ridge: Who's Brooke?

Morgan: What is happening to you?


Amber: Studying hard?

Thomas: Get away from me, Amber.

Amber: I didn't mean to put your dad or Bridget in any danger.

Thomas: You trapped them in a mineshaft, Amber. You're lucky they're still alive.

Amber: I know. I know, and I shouldn't have done it.

Thomas: Then why did you?

Amber: Because I was desperate.

[ Thomas sighs ]

Thomas: I should've listened to them.

Amber: Listened to who?

Thomas: To my dad. Everyone. They warned me you were as bad as they come. They were right all along.


Nick: Thought I'd make you a little coffee.

Brooke: Oh, thank you.

Nick: Yeah.

Brooke: Why hasn't he come home yet?

Nick: He'll show up.

Brooke: I thought that between the talking you gave him and the message I left him, he'd be --

Nick: Now, hold on. Hold it. Hold it. I said that he'd show up. He has trouble admitting that he's ever done anything wrong. You know that. He's probably just spending some time someplace, trying to make you suffer a little more.

Brooke: I did say some pretty hurtful things.

Nick: It's understandable after you saw that picture.

Brooke: I just don't like the way we left it. I just wish that we --

[ Brooke sighs ] I'm sorry.

Nick: For what?

Brooke: For making you listen to all of this.

Nick: Oh, please. You know me. I'm like the army reserve. I volunteer.

Brooke: Hours ago. You probably weren't counting on staying all night.

Nick: I certainly will if you need me.

Brooke: Isn't Bridget waiting for you? She said that things were getting pretty serious between you two.

Nick: A little.

Brooke: I thought you and Bridget had a conversation that it would be best that you two didn't see each other?

Nick: We changed our minds.

Brooke: Well, I guess that leaves me then.

Nick: Leaves you?

Brooke: As the only one left with reservations.


Morgan: Is that better? You lie still. I'm going to find out what's wrong. "Symptoms. Disorientation. Headache. Lethargy. Sensitivity to light. Concussion. A violent jolt of the brain against the skull. Causes damage to nerve fibers and vessels. Prevents normal flow of brain signals. Can lead to troubling and sometimes serious consequences."


Amber: Look, I am not a bad person. I made a bad choice, and some people do at some point in time in their lives.

Thomas: Not like this.

Amber: Your dad made a bad choice -- Bridget.

Thomas: I don't want to hear about this, okay?

Amber: No. No, you don't. No one in your family does. You all just look the other way. But I was the only one who saw through him, and that's why he hated me. All I wanted was a picture. Just proof that your dad was out of control, and I thought that if I showed it to him, then he would back off of us and he would clean up his act. And you and I could be together, and I would be doing your family a huge favor. I was just trying to protect you.

Bridget: The only person that we need protection from is you.


[ Morgan remembering ]

Ridge: Just being here with you now -- talking, dancing --

Morgan: It's just like old times.

Ridge: Mm-hmm. Let's get out of here.

Morgan: Oh, maybe you should keep that there. You took a pretty nasty blow to the head.

Ridge: I did?

Morgan: You fell off a bar stool at Cafe Russe.

Ridge: Cafe Russe.

Morgan: The name doesn't sound familiar?

Ridge: Hmm-mmm.

Morgan: I'm going to call the house doctor just to take a look at you.

Ridge: No. No.

Morgan: But you probably have a concussion.

Ridge: No, no doctor.

Morgan: All right. I'm just trying to help.

Ridge: You're sweet.

Morgan: Me? You think I'm sweet?

Ridge: Yeah. Why wouldn't I? Oh.

Morgan: Take it easy.

Ridge: I just need to splash my face with some water.

[ Water running ]

Morgan: "After a head trauma, an individual may exhibit personality and/or memory changes. Depending on the severity of the injury, these symptoms may last indefinitely."


Brooke: I wish I could give you and Bridget my blessing. But I just don't think --

Nick: You don't think what? Say it.

Brooke: Nick, you know how I feel about you. Any woman would be lucky. I was lucky to have you in my life. But that's the issue here, isn't it? The fact that we were so close. Now, Bridget deserves to have a man that loves her, fully and completely.

Nick: And I completely agree.

Brooke: You believe you can do that?

Nick: I don't do anything halfway, Brooke. You know that about me. The reason you know that about me is because I think that you're built exactly the same way. And you are committed to Ridge. Am I wrong?

Brooke: No. You're not wrong. But a commitment -- it's not like a vow or a decision that you make, and then it's done.

Nick: No one ever accused you of being disloyal.

Brooke: We have a son. We owe it to him to stay together. But it's more than that. I really do love ridge. I wish I didn't. But then I feel his touch, hear his voice say my name, and I just couldn't imagine life without him.

Nick: He's a lucky man. He should be telling you that right here, right now.

Brooke: Well, it's probably like you said, he'll come back after he thinks that he's made both of us suffer enough.

Nick: I should probably take off. Last thing you need is him finding me here.

Brooke: Well, I want to thank you for everything that you've done.

Nick: Be happy.

Brooke: You too.


Amber: I am not a threat to you, Bridget. I know that may be hard to see now, but it's the truth. Okay, I wasn't out to cause trouble. I was actually trying to help.

Bridget: The only person you wanted to help was you. You didn't care who you sacrificed to make it happen.

Amber: No, you're wrong.

Bridget: Every move you made was calculated and cruel. Disguising yourself, pretending to need help, so you could lure me into the mineshaft. Planting a rope there and then cutting it, so that Ridge would fall in after me. And keeping us there until we almost froze to death.

Amber: I'm sorry. Okay? I really am. But I am so sure the end justified the means.

Bridget: Nothing justifies this. And what you've done to my mother's marriage, you've devastated her. Everything she's ever believed in and hoped for has disintegrated before her eyes. It is your fault.

Amber: Brooke will get over it. And she'll be stronger because of it. You'll see.

Bridget: No, Amber, you'll see. You've gone way too far this time. Nothing will ever be the same. No one's life will be the same, especially yours. My family is finally through with you. Each and every one of us.

Amber: Is she right?


Morgan: You feeling better?

Ridge: You said I hit my head?

Morgan: You don't remember anything, do you?

Ridge: No.

Morgan: Well, like I told you before, you took a fall in a bar, but there's more to the story than that. The reason why you were in the bar in the first place -- you were angry and trying to cool off.

Ridge: Why was I so angry?

Morgan: Well, you had argument with --

Ridge: Look, I'm -- I'm just not feeling myself tonight. If I snapped at you -- I did, didn't I?

Morgan: Well, yes.

Ridge: I can't even remember what had me so upset. I'm hoping you can just forget about it, though. Can you do that?


Pilot: We're all fueled up, Mr. Marone.

Nick: Oh, good. Good. How about the fridge? You get it stocked with what I asked for?

Pilot: Everything, right down to the extra napkins. Sounds like my kind of party.

Nick: Right.

Pilot: Let me know when you're ready to take off.

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: Hey. What's going on? Why'd you want me to meet you here?

Nick: Because we are leaving town.

Bridget: We are?

Nick: Yeah. We're out of here. Away from the people, the traffic, L.A., Everything.

Bridget: Wow.

Nick: A problem with that?

Bridget: No, I'm -- no, I just -- I ran into Amber.

Nick: Oh. How did that go?

Bridget: Well, there's no doubt she knows how angry I am.

Nick: Yeah. I bet you wish you could just throw her butt in jail right now.

Bridget: Mmm. Yeah, but she has that picture of Ridge and me. She'd find a way to get it out there, and my "relationship" with him would be public knowledge, and I just can't do that to my mom. You know -- oh, gosh. Can I take a rain check? I just feel so funny leaving town when they're in such a bad place.

Nick: Well, things have sort of changed.

Bridget: What do you mean?

Nick: I went over and had a talk with your mother. And I think that she's going to have a word with Ridge.

Bridget: She is? She's not gonna hold the kiss against him?

Nick: Well, I don't know about that, but I know she doesn't want it to ruin the marriage.

Bridget: Oh, thank god. Thank you.

Nick: Why me?

Bridget: 'Cause I know you encouraged her to follow her heart. And that'll always lead her back to Ridge.

Nick: Well, I guess we'll see. So, in the meantime, you wanna fly away with me or what?

Bridget: I'm ready when you are.

Bridget: So, where are we going?

Nick: Where do you want to go?

Bridget: Me?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. You. I'm captain all the time. This time, you get to decide. Pick your place. We can go east coast to New York, we can go to Vegas, if you'd like, we can shoot up to Frisco --

Bridget: Oh, I love San Francisco.

Nick: San Francisco it is.

Bridget: Wait, isn't it a little chilly this time of year? I'm just -- I'm not really dressed for it. I could catch a cold, you know, I mean --

Nick: Okay, all right. It's good. How about Acapulco?

Bridget: Oh. Wow. That sounds so nice. The warm breeze and beach and -- oh, it sounds perfect.

Nick: Okay. Acapulco it is.

Bridget: Isn't it hurricane season this time of year, though? I mean, you know -- maybe we should plan this. We could do a little research. I could pack. We could just take our time --

Nick: What is the fun in that? Sometimes you just have to pick up at the spur of the moment and do things. You know? You have got to be spontaneous.

Bridget: Yeah, I just don't really feel spontaneous right now.

Nick: Come on, I think you are.

Bridget: No, I'm really not. I'm --

Nick: I think you are.

Bridget: Mmm. Well -- okay. I think I could get the hang of this.


Amber: Have I totally blown it with you? It figures. I usually lose the things I love the most.

Thomas: I think you try too hard to for 'em. My mom used to say that at some point, you just have to let go. And if you're meant to have it, it'll come to you.

Amber: You are so much like your mother. Sweet, and gentle, and you're caring.

Thomas: Not anymore. You know, I thought I could be the person that could help you change. But I've realized the kind of help you need is more than I can offer. I'm through with you, Amber.

Amber: No. Don't.

Thomas: Good-bye.

Amber: Good-bye.


Ridge: So, am I forgiven?

Morgan: I think I could forgive you anything.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Ridge: Aren't you going to answer your phone?

Morgan: They'll leave a message.

Brooke: Hi, Ridge. It's me. Just wondering why I haven't heard from you. Look, I know you're hurt. And I'm hurt, too. But we're not gonna solve anything by not talking like this. I really wanna work it out. I hope to see you soon.

Morgan: Your head still hurts? Well, there's pain reliever in the bathroom.

Ridge: Okay.

Morgan: And then you could get some rest while I finish packing.

Ridge: Packing?

Morgan: You don't remember that either? We're flying out tonight.

Ridge: Where are we going?

Morgan: Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.

Ridge: Okay.

Morgan: The aspirin's in the blue bag on the sink.

Ridge: Thank you.

Morgan: I'm sorry, Brooke. Ridge is unavailable. Anyone who would throw him out doesn't deserve him. International reservations, please. I loved you so much, Ridge. And we never got our chance. Until now. It's finally our time.

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