B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/8/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/8/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Morgan: Ridge? Ridge, can you hear me? Ridge? Are you all right? Ridge, it's me -- Morgan. Are you okay?

Thorne: You did this?

Amber: It wasn't supposed to turn out this way.

Thorne: Bridget and Ridge could've died, Amber.

Amber: Yeah, but they didn't. I made sure that they didn't.

Thorne: I'll tell you one thing -- if it was up to me, I would prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law!

Amber: Okay, I know I went too far.

Thorne: You're damn right you did! And you're gonna pay for it, amber. If Ridge and Brooke do not come through this, neither will you.


[ Doorbell rings ]

Brooke: Ridge.

Nick: Hey.

Brooke: Oh, hi, Nick.

Nick: I'm sorry. I don't mean to intrude or interrupt at all --

Brooke: No, no, you're not.

Nick: I just wanted to see if you and Forrester are back on track.

Brooke: He's not here.

Nick: Not here?

Brooke: No.

Nick: Well, has he called?

Brooke: No.

Nick: Well, I thought he'd be here by now.

Brooke: You've talked to him?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, we spoke. I thought I got through to him.

Brooke: I guess you thought wrong.

Nick: Well, maybe he just needs some time to digest what we went over.

Brooke: If Ridge wanted to be here, he would be.

Nick: What if he was? What if he did come home? Would you take him back?

Brooke: I don't even know if he will. He hasn't called. He hasn't left a message. I have this terrible feeling, Nick. What if he doesn't come back home?


Morgan: Ridge? Are you all right?

Ridge: I'm fine. What happened?

Morgan: You fell off the barstool. You scared me to death.

Ridge: Sorry.

Morgan: Could you get him some water, please? Did you hit your head?

Ridge: I feel so dizzy.

Morgan: Here, um -- drink this. Are you better?

Ridge: Thanks.

Morgan: Yeah.

Amber: I wasn't trying to break up their marriage, Thorne. I wasn't going to show Brooke that picture.

Thorne: No, you were going to blackmail Ridge with it. I can't work with her, Sally. She's out of here.

Sally: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute.

Thorne: No, there's no time to wait. She's done enough damage already.

Sally: It's nothing we can't handle with a little spin and a little Sally Spectra PR razzle dazzle.

Thorne: Oh. You're gonna repair the rift between Brooke and Ridge? You gonna erase the image of that photo from Brooke's mind?

Sally: It has nothing to do with Spectra.

Thorne: And as of this moment, neither does Amber. I want you out of the building now. You're fired, Amber.


Nick: Why are you talking like that? That he won't come back?

Brooke: I know it sounds crazy. I kicked him out and I'm worried about him coming home. But this whole situation is crazy.

Nick: You got no argument there.

Brooke: I've just have this feeling, Nick.

Nick: That's understandable. You're concerned about him.

Brooke: He was so upset. You know, he was trying to explain what had happened, and I just didn't believe him.

Nick: It's hard to believe when you've got that picture staring you in the face.

Brooke: Stephanie believes Ridge about the kiss, that it was nothing sexual.

Nick: Stephanie? Stephanie's been here?

Brooke: She said he's tired of being treated like the villain.

Nick: Well, no wonder you feel the way you feel.

Brooke: She's worried about him, too.

Nick: Well, he should be worried about you. He betrayed you. Now, whether this kiss was romantic or not, he did the one thing that you begged him not to do.

Brooke: I just still can't understand how he could do it.

Nick: Neither do I. But he loves you. I'm sure about that. And that's the one thing that you can be sure about.

Brooke: Well, then why isn't he here, Nick? I mean, if he really did love me, why isn't he here, trying to fight to save his marriage?


Morgan: I'll have the bartender get you more water when he gets back.

Ridge: Okay.

Morgan: Are you sure you didn't hurt yourself?

Ridge: I just have such a headache.

Morgan: I know, I bet. Ridge -- you know, about what we were talking about before --

Ridge: We were talking?

Morgan: Wow, you really did take a tumble.

Ridge: Oh. I need to go. I think I --

Morgan: Are you sure?

Ridge: Whoa. God, I don't feel well.

Morgan: I don't think you should drive like this.

Ridge: My head.

Morgan: Oh, god, I'm so sorry. This is my fault. I never should have pushed all my problems on you like that. I shouldn't have asked you for your forgiveness. I mean, of course, you can't forgive me.

Ridge: Forgive you?

Morgan: Are you dizzy? Look, Ridge, you need to lie down. I have a hotel room downstairs, and you can rest while I call you a cab.

Ridge: That sounds -- that sounds good to me.

Morgan: Ridge, you're going to be okay. I promise you. I'm going to take good care of you.


Nick: You're right. I agree with you. He should be here.

Brooke: You talked to him. What did he say?

Nick: I'd rather keep that to myself. But the point is you. Look at you. Now, you promised me that he would never do this to you again. Ever. But here you are.

Brooke: And here you are. Right where you said you'd be.

Nick: Because I know how to keep a promise. Now, I'm not here to badmouth him. I'm here because I'm looking out for you. We just gotta keep our heads here, because he'll be back as soon as he can admit to himself that he's done anything wrong.

Brooke: So, he really doesn't think he's done anything wrong?

Nick: He never thinks he does anything wrong, ever. That's the problem here. What he's done to Bridget -- kissing your daughter when you told him that is off limits. There's no excuse for that.

Brooke: Did he give you one?

Nick: You can't do that. You can't justify this. Look what he's done to you right now -- to Bridget. But the truth here, Brooke. You're the only one who can make him see that.

Brooke: I tried.

Nick: I know you've tried, but you've had time to sleep on it. And so has he --

Brooke: It's not going to change what happened.

Nick: But don't you see? You're his anchor here. You're what matters in his life. You're the one who could actually bring him down off of his high horse that he's on, and deflate this big fat ego he has.

Brooke: What are you saying? You think I should forgive him?

Nick: I'm saying that you're always gonna love the guy, no matter what. You've got a family. You've built a life together, which is what you've always dreamed. He'll be back. Because he wants that dream just as much as you do.


Amber: I can't lose my job over this.

Thorne: Well, you should have thought of that before.

Amber: Ridge is the one who betrayed his wife. He is the bad guy, not me.

Darla: Amber, you sat by and watched as Ridge and Bridget nearly froze to death.

Amber: I was trying to put Ridge in his place. Thorne, I thought you of all people would understand.

Thorne: Well, I don't, Amber. I don't understand how anyone could be reckless like this. And so vindictive, and I will not have anyone like that working for me.

Amber: Oh, like you've never done something crazy to prove a point? I knew that there was something going on between Ridge and Bridget, but no one would believed me, so I had to prove it.

Thorne: You had to prove -- that picture doesn't prove a thing, Amber. I know my brother. And he would never deliberately do anything to jeopardize his marriage. But you did, Amber. You jeopardized his marriage, and you jeopardized his life!

Amber: Thorne, you have to understand --

Thorne: You know, I can't even look at you! You get out of this building, Amber -- now!

Amber: Yeah, but I --

Thorne: Get out!

Sally: Thorne, we do have to talk about this.

Thorne: No, we don't.

Sally: No one is trying to justify what Amber has done. But you have to think of the business. Amber is one of our best designers.

Thorne: If we keep her on, we're condoning her behavior, Sally. We're complicit. And I won't do it. I'm not going to do it to my family, I'm not going to do it to my brother. He and Brooke have been through enough already. If they're gonna get through this, they're gonna need all the support they can get, Sally.

Amber: Good-bye.


Ridge: What are we doing here?

Morgan: Well, you weren't feeling well, and you wanted to rest.

Ridge: I'm so tired.

Morgan: Let me help you. Here. Lie down, and -- close your eyes. I'll be right here if you need anything.

Ridge: Morgan?

Morgan: Yes, Ridge?

Ridge: Thank you.


Brooke: You would think I wouldn't have any more tears left.

Nick: Well, you may have to give yourself a little bit of a break, you know? It's been a rough couple days.

Brooke: It'd be easier if I knew it was getting better.

Nick: It'll get better.

Brooke: But if Ridge and I aren't talking --

Nick: You'll be talking. Until then, you can talk to me. It's better than sitting around here, talking to yourself.

Brooke: I've taken up enough of your time.

Nick: Hey! I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere until I know you're okay, until I know the kids are okay and until I see that big old happy smile on your face again.

Brooke: I think that might be too much to ask for.

Nick: Oh, it's gonna happen someday. You know the old saying -- "life's like the weather. Rain don't last forever."

Brooke: Apparently, neither does the sunshine.

Nick: Now, come on. He's gonna be walking through that door in no time, and he's gonna be begging for your forgiveness on his hands and knees, like I told him. There is one little thing. You know, you may have to crack that door open yourself.

Brooke: I understand.

Nick: He's got a lot of pride. Maybe too much for his own good. I don't think he's all that bright, but I think he realizes what a great woman he has and how lucky he is to have you.

Brooke: Because you reminded him?

Nick: Hey, I'm not going to do everything here. You know, there are some things that you're going to have to do. You're gonna have to make sure he remembers that. Okay?

Brooke: I will.

Nick: Good. Now, I don't want to see any more tears or any more sad faces from you.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Yeah, I hope so.

Nick: No, no. That's an order, sailor. When he gets back in here, you tell him. No more tears. No more sadness. No more pain. Ever.

Brooke: Aye, aye, captain.


[ Cell phone rings ]

Morgan: Ridge, it's your phone. Ridge, your phone is ringing. Do you --

[ Cell phone ringing ]

Morgan: One missed call from Brooke. She left a voice mail.

Brooke: Ridge. It's Brooke. Please call me back. When I kicked you out last night, I was angry. I'm still angry. But I want you to come home so we can talk about it. Please, just come back. I love you.

Morgan: Ridge, wake up. You've got a call, Ridge. You have to wake up. Brooke called. She wants you to come home. She sounded worried.

Ridge: Brooke?

Morgan: Yes, Brooke. Your wife.

Ridge: Who?

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