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By Boo
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Bridget: This picture. Mom it was a moment of desperation. There’s nothing romantic or passionate about this. Please don’t over react to this.


Nick: What’s wrong with Brooke’s daughter?

Jackie: Nothing. Nothing. Bridget is a … a lovely young woman. But for you to be dating her?

Nick: What about it?

Jackie: You’re in love with her mother.

Nick: Was in love.

Jackie: No Nicky. You’re not over Brooke and you know it.

Nick: Don’t tell me how I feel mother.

Jackie: Well someone has to.

Nick: I’m cured of Brooke. She’s been exercised from my system.

Jackie: Uh huh. Thanks to Bridget?

Nick: Well give the woman a cigar.

Jackie: Why don’t you try giving the woman the truth.

Nick: I am.

Jackie: So you’re telling me that if Brooke were single, you wouldn’t want her back?

[Nick sighs]


Caitlin: Hey. What are you doing here?

Hector: Well, I was driving by and I saw your car parked in the lot.

Caitlin: Are you checking up on me?

Hector: No. No. Look, I know you have plans tonight --

Caitlin: No, actually, not any more.

Hector: What?

Caitlin: Yeah, Jodi's grounded, if you can believe that.

Hector: Yeah, I can believe that. So, are you hungry?

Caitlin: Yes, I am.

Hector: Yeah? How about a Don's chili dog?

Caitlin: Oh, my gosh, excellent. That sounds so good. Let me just put clean up and then we'll go. So, I guess mom's not coming if we're going to Don's.

Hector: No, no.


Sally: I'm sorry to drop by so late unannounced, highness, I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't so important.

Stephanie: Oh, it's fine. What's on your mind?

Sally: You are. You and your family, despite all of our differences in the past, I have always been concerned about you and your family. Let's see, the last time you and I had a real conversation together was over Christmas, wasn't it?

Stephanie: Yes. And as it turned out, it was a wonderful Christmas day.

Sally: Yeah, it was. It was nice seeing Ridge and Thorne getting along so well together. In fact, it was one, great big Forrester love fest, wasn't it?

Stephanie: I don't know if I'd go that far.

Sally: Well, you'd be surprised how close people get. Closer than any of us really realized. And from all indications, it is still going on.

Stephanie: What are you getting at, Sally?

Sally: There's really no easy way to tell you this, so here. Have a look for yourself.


Brooke: You have no idea how much I want to rip up this picture and pretend I never laid eyes on it.

Ridge: Well, then do it.

Brooke: If that could only make me forget.

Bridget: You've got to try to understand.

Brooke: This image isn't gonna just go away, Bridget. For the rest of my life, every time I see the you and Ridge together --

Ridge: Brooke, how can I make you understand this is not a threat to our marriage? It's nothing to do with what you're thinking.

Bridget: We've told you, Ridge was saying good-bye. I know you've done things in the moment that in retrospect you wouldn't have done.

Brooke: Yes, of course, but -- is that what this is all about? My mistakes? With Nick? With Deacon? Is this your way of punishing me?


Nick: Do you really expect me to answer that?

Jackie: Why not?

Nick: Because Brooke's not single, and she's never going to be single again.

Jackie: Well, you know what, things happen.

Nick: Well, not to Ridge and Brooke.

Jackie: They have before.

Nick: I am not going to play the game of "what if," mother. I wanted one thing for Brooke, and that's for her to be happy.

Jackie: And what do you want for you?

Nick: I told you.

Jackie: Right. A substitute for the real thing?

Nick: What is it with you, anyway? Why can't I have feelings for someone else? Bridget is a beautiful, vibrant, young, intelligent, feisty young girl. She likes my cooking.

Jackie: Oh, well, she must be very special.

Nick: And the more time you spend with her, the more you'll love her.

Jackie: Okay, but will you with the same passion that you feel forB?

Nick: Oh, god, Mother!

Jackie: There was magic there, Nicky.

Nick: You know, you have been in my life exactly an hour and a half, and already, you're meddling. What am I gonna do with you?

Jackie: Listen to me.

Nick: Not this time. Let's just let Ridge and Brooke have their marriage, because I'm moving on with my life with Bridget.


Stephanie: Where did you get this?

Sally: From the camera Amber planted in that mineshaft.

Stephanie: Is this for real?

Sally: Oh, yes. That is the real McCoy. My cracked designer and her reluctant accomplice, Bucky, the boy blunder, set a trap for Ridge and Bridget, complete with a little camera program to capture just that warm Kodak moment.

Stephanie: Clarke? What the hell was Clarke thinking?

Sally: He says he was trying to do some damage control. But that kiss was harder to come by than amber initially thought it would be.

Stephanie: Well, she got it anyway, though, didn't she?

Sally: Yes. Look, I'm really sorry to have to lay this on you, highness, but I thought you'd want to know.

Stephanie: I can't believe they'd do something this.

Sally: Well, I'm afraid that cat is way out of the bag. Amber tried to blackmail Ridge with it, but he turned the tables on her and showed it to Brooke.

Stephanie: He did what?

Sally: I suppose he figured honesty was the best policy. But if you ask me, that picture is just a little bit too honest.

Stephanie: My god, this will destroy their marriage. The people this is going to hurt -- Brooke, and the children -- Eric. I mean -- and you.

Sally: Me?

Stephanie: Yes, you. What do you think is gonna happen to your business when those two go off to prison?

Sally: Oh, that's where you're wrong, highness. My very valued employees are never gonna see the inside of a jail cell. And you are gonna make sure of it.


Ridge: You think we're trying to get back at you?

Brooke: For hurting you the way I did.

Ridge: Brooke, I've made peace with what happened between you and Nick.

Brooke: What about you, Bridget? Did you make peace with what happened between me and Deacon?

Bridget: Yes. Mom, we've worked through all of that.

Brooke: Did we? Really?

Bridget: Mom, I'm not trying to take away your husband. All I feel for Ridge is just a close friendship.

Brooke: You had a pretty different story when you came back from Copenhagen.

Bridget: Yeah, but that was before --

Brooke: Before what?

Bridget: Before I started falling for Nick.

Brooke: What?

Bridget: Yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you when I came over tonight. We're getting a lot more serious. I've definitely moved on.

Brooke: And you don't see a problem with this?

Bridget: Because he's older?

Brooke: I almost married him, Bridget.

Bridget: What does that have to do with anything?

Brooke: You are attracted to the same men that I was involved with.

Bridget: No, Mom, it's not like that at all.

Ridge: Come on, Brooke.

Brooke: What, are you gonna defend this now? You were opposed to it before.

Ridge: He saved her life. He's been a good friend. I mean, it seems only natural --

Brooke: There is nothing natural about this, Ridge. This is a psychological pattern.

Bridget: No, it's just a coincidence.

Brooke: Well, I'm sure a therapist would see otherwise.

Bridget: Well, then let's go. Let's go to therapy. All of us -- you, me and Ridge. You have nothing to worry about. We'll do whatever it takes to convince you.

Brooke: I wish there was some way you could. I really do.

Ridge: Brooke, I understand you're upset right now.

Brooke: I think I have a right to be.

Ridge: I'm just saying that in the morning, when you've had a chance to just calm down --

Brooke: In the morning, I'm going to feel better about this? My husband kissing my daughter, when you both promised me --

Bridget: But, Mom -- Mom, what Ridge is trying to say is that you're just emotional right now, and when you get emotional, sometimes you do things that --

Brooke: What? What are you saying?

Bridget: When you're emotional, you do things that you wouldn't normally do, and I wouldn't want this to be one of those times. Just for your kids' sake.

Brooke: Oh, great. Now you're going to use my children to justify this.

Bridget: No! Mom, no, you're not -- you're not listening to me. I've been there, all right? I've been one of those kids that can't figure out why mommy's mad at Ridge, or Ridge is mad at mommy. "What's changed? Or what did I do wrong." Just don't go there with this, all right? Don't do this to them.

Ridge: Bridget --

[ Brooke sighs ]

Ridge:  I think your mother and I need to take it from here. Brooke --

Brooke: Ridge, don't. Please.


Caitlin: You don't like it.

Hector: It's beautiful.

Caitlin: Eric's been helping me. I've never done a wedding gown. But, I don't know, after this, I'm thinking about specializing in them. I mean, I know that you think the fashion world's frivolous --

Hector: I didn't say that.

Caitlin: Dad, it's okay. It is, most of the time, but not with wedding gowns. Eric and I were talking about it. There's not another article of clothing that has so much significance. Or that carries so many memories from generation to generation. Eric says when he's designing a gown, he thinks about how the woman's going to feel when she's wearing it. Just bursting with love and joy, and just all the best things that life has to offer. You know? I mean, how cool just to be a part of that moment.

[ Caitlin sighs ] Sorry. I'm probably not making any sense to you.

Hector: No, no, you are.

Caitlin: I was totally going to wait until it was finished, but, I don't know, I think I might give it to her tonight.

Hector: Caty --

Caitlin: Because if I don't, she's going to find something that she likes somewhere else, and then -- oh, no. She already has?

Hector: No. No.

Caitlin: Then what's the matter?

Hector: Your mom and I have been talking about holding off a little bit.

Caitlin: Holding off?

Hector: Yeah. On the wedding. Until we get some things, you know, squared away.

Caitlin: Like what things?

Hector: Well, you know --

Caitlin: You've been fighting?

Hector: No. No, sweetheart, it's -- honey, there's a lot to work out. A lot of things that I hadn't really considered. I've been a bachelor a long time, and I'm kind of set in my ways. And it's been -- it's been a big adjustment for your mom. You know? It's been hard on her. But we're gonna work it out.

Caitlin: Yeah, I know.

Hector: I mean, really.

Caitlin: I know. Because you guys love each other, and you've waited so long to be together, you wouldn't just -- you wouldn't let it just slip away. I'm sorry.

Hector: Oh, honey. It's okay.


Stephanie: What the -- what are you talking about?! Amber and Clarke have committed a crime. They have to answer for it.

Sally: Even if it becomes an international scandal? Let's see Ridge and Brooke's marriage survive that. And then there's going to be all of the ugly stories, the ugly divorce, the custody case, where Ridge's morality is called into question.

Stephanie: Well, that's not going to happen.

Sally: There are always ways that evidence can be delivered to the press.

Stephanie: You wouldn't do that, would you, Sally?

Sally: Wouldn't I? Hmm? I'm serious, Stephanie. You lay off Clarke and Amber, or I will personally see to it that stomach turner of a photograph is splashed all over the cover of every cheap tabloid from here to Timbuktu.

Stephanie: Are you telling me that you're going to protect people that tried to murder my son and Bridget?

Sally: I am protecting my company and my other employees, including your son, Thorne.

Stephanie: Oh --

Sally: You haven't thought about him, had you? This is still all about Ridge, isn't it? Fine. All right, fine. You get to keep your company scandal-free. But you are gonna have to do the same thing for us.


You're my soul reason that I feel this way come and warm me like the sun

you're my inspiration you're every breath I take you're --

Nick: Hey.

Bridget: Hey.

Nick: This is good timing. I was just thinking of you. You okay? Bridget?

Bridget: Please just hold me.

Bridget: I know I owe you an explanation.

Nick: Shh, shh, shh. You don't have to say a thing. You stay like this as long as you want.

Bridget: I think this is what I needed. Just to block out what's going on in my head.

Nick: Oh. Your head's starting to spin on you a little again, huh?

Bridget: I just -- I can't stop seeing her face. That look in her eye -- I'll never forget it. Oh, Nick, I hope they're gonna be okay.

Nick: You hope who's gonna be okay?

Bridget: Mom. Ridge. I'm afraid they're breaking up.


Ridge: R.J. Okay?

Brooke: He's fine.

Ridge: We're gonna be fine, too, Brooke.

Brooke: That's all I needed to hear from you. Was a little reassurance. And that look -- that look I knew was just for me.

Ridge: All these doubts, all these insecurities -- I really thought we were beyond that now.

Brooke: Yeah, I thought we were, too, Ridge. There were so many times where I had to convince myself that there was nothing to worry about.

Ridge: Well, there isn't.

Brooke: And that's what you would say. Of course, that's what you always say.

Ridge: What do you mean what I always say? When I'm trapped down in a mineshaft by a psychopath?

Brooke: Ridge!

Ridge: Brooke, it's not like that was an everyday occurrence for me. Come on.

Brooke: But it is. Maybe not that specific circumstance, but there is always an excuse. Always some good reason why you can't let go of Bridget of Taylor of Caroline. Some good reason why I'm not good enough.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Brooke, you're talking crazy now.

Brooke: Oh, am I? Ridge, I don't know what's up. I don't know what's right, what's wrong, what's real. Is this --is this real?

Ridge: Brooke, you and I -- you and I are real. In your heart, deep down, you've got to know that's true. Come on. Come on.

Brooke: Ridge, Ridge, that is not what I need right now.

Ridge: What do you need? Tell me.

Brooke: I don't know. I just need you to go.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: I can't be here with you right now. Just go.

Ridge: Brooke, listen –

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