B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/23/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/23/05



By Boo
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Ridge: You have the nerve to say you want to put an end to all this hurt -- and you shove this picture in my face?

Amber: I didn't show it to Brooke, and I'm not going to.

Ridge: If I stand clear of you and Thomas, huh?

Amber: What do you say? Do we have a deal?


Nick: I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. I think it's a positive -- it's a very, very positive sign, the whole thing.

Bridget: Nick?

Nick: Yeah. Down here. Look, I've got to go. Bridget's here, okay? No, I promise I'll tell her. Promise.

Bridget: Tell her what?

Nick: I'll talk to you as soon as I can, okay pop? Thanks. That was the old man. He wanted to make sure that I thanked you for keeping your mouth shut about all of this.

Bridget: That doesn't mean that I agree with what he did.

Nick: He knows that.

Bridget: Hooking Deacon on alcohol is such a pathetic way to --

Nick: I know. There's a positive thing here, though. Deacon put himself into rehab, right? That's a good thing.

Bridget: That's not an excuse. Whatever. Look, I -- that's the only reason I didn't say anything.

Nick: Well, he just wanted me to let you know that he appreciates it. You know, my mother and father, they ran into each other at the office tonight. Things seemed to go pretty well.

Bridget: Pretty well like they're getting back together already?

Nick: No. Not -- no. Why do women jump to the end of things like that? Just right to the end.

Bridget: I don't know.

Nick: Huh?

Bridget: What can you say? We're romantics.

Nick: Well, if there is a happy ending here -- which I hope there is -- your tight lips are definitely responsible.

Bridget: Okay, I get your point. I won't say anything, okay? I know how much this means to you for your parents to have a second chance.

Nick: Well, it does. And I want to show you how grateful I am.

Bridget: Is this some sort of a bribery?

Nick: Absolutely.


[ Knock on door ]

Brooke: God, Stephanie! What on earth are you doing here?

Stephanie: Is there a camera? Are you doing another porno?

Brooke: Can this just wait till tomorrow?

Stephanie: No. Actually, I'm afraid it can't.

Brooke: You know what? Ridge isn't even here. He went to get us some dessert. And there is none to share.

Stephanie: Oh, thank you. I couldn't eat even if I wanted to.

Brooke: Is something wrong?

Stephanie: Yes. Eric has taken it into his head that he wants to take a trip around the world.

Brooke: And that's a bad thing?

Stephanie: Well, in order to do that, he would have to retire. I don't think that's a very good idea.

Brooke: He loves his work. Why would he want to retire?

Stephanie: Because the family business without the family is a rather lonely place for him.

Brooke: You mean because Thorne sold his stocks and he partnered up with sally.

Stephanie: That -- and Ridge's absence. He's, um -- he feels that his dream has come to an end.

Brooke: But it's not true. He's very important to the company. You told him that, right?

Stephanie: Of course I did. He doesn't want to hear it from me. I was thinking he might listen to Ridge. But would Ridge think that this is the opportunity that he's been waiting for?

Brooke: I'd be surprised if he did it. This time off has given him a new perspective. If anything, Ridge wants to keep his family together as much as Eric does.


Ridge: I give you free access to my son and, in exchange, you keep out of my marriage?

Amber: I think it's a fair tradeoff.

Ridge: Fair? How's this for fair, amber? I hold onto Brooke and Thomas and I throw you in an asylum where you belong. Like I would ever let you near Thomas after what you did to Bridget and me in that mine. Trapping us down there till we almost froze to death so you could get some kind of twisted revenge?

Amber: It's not about revenge! This is not about revenge! This is about justice. This is about people getting what they deserve.

Ridge: Oh, and you deserve Thomas?

Amber: A hell of a lot more than you deserve Brooke! I mean, look, you're still hung up on her daughter.

Ridge: Oh, shut up!

Amber: You know, I don't even have to say anything. A picture's worth a thousand words.

Ridge: Do not turn this into something it isn't.

Amber: You know, it's not my reaction you should be worried about. It's Brooke's. Imagine how she's going to feel when she sees your lips lingering over her daughter's? The child that she carried in her womb? One that she vowed to protect? She warned you not to confuse Bridget again. And that if you led her on, it would be the end of your marriage. Yeah, you should think about that. Think about a life without Brooke, because that's exactly what's going to happen if you blow this. And all that time in the mine was nothing compared to the pain you're going to feel without having the person you love most in the world. I ought to know. Because that's exactly the way I feel about Thomas.


Bridget: Wine?

Nick: Um-hmm. Yup. I thought just a little bit of a change of pace, you know? The guy at the liquor store said that it's really good stuff, so

Bridget: Wow.

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: Mmm. It's delicious.

Nick: Oh, good. Good. It was on sale for $3.99.

[ Bridget giggles ]

Bridget: It's perfect. Everything is, actually. It's a little scary. You know, it's just so -- so unlike you. You know, like where are the dirty dishes that are usually piled in the sink? And the clothes that are usually all the way up to the ceiling?

Nick: Well, I just made a commitment. I decided to make a clean sweep of the place.

Bridget: Hmm. How industrious of you.

Nick: Actually, I was trying to impress you.

Bridget: You know what I find most impressive?

Nick: Hmm?

[ Dishes crashing ]

[ Bridget laughing ]

Bridget: That you were able to fit everything in that tiny little space.

Nick: How did -- how did all that get in there? Huh?

Bridget: How did that get in there, right? And there I was, going to give you a pat on the back.

Nick: Oh, come on, give me the pat on the back. Please. I need the pat on the back. Come on. Please, can I have it?

Bridget: Why don't we see how dinner goes first?

Nick: Okay. I didn't skimp on dinner, I promise. Dinner's -- dinner is not skimped on. It's -- it's going to be good. You'll like it.

Bridget: Honestly, I just can't believe you did all of this. The silver and the candles and the china, it's -- I don't know I would've dressed up more if I had known.

Nick: What is it, too much? Is that what you're saying? You're probably right. I should've just followed my first instincts and taken you to chuck's for ribs, shouldn't I?

Bridget: No!

Nick: I mean, it's fine. Because it's easy. I can just lose the wine --

Bridget: No, wait, wait, wait. No, no, no. Don't you dare. Chuck's bar isn't going anywhere, and neither are we.

Nick: But seriously, if you really feel --

Bridget: Oh, god, just shut up. I can't think of a nicer way to spend an evening.

Nick: Okay.

***************************************************E eric feel isolated from the family.

Brooke: I know. And that's very unfortunate. But ridge did what he had to do. And look at the results. He got Thomas away from amber. He never would've been able to do that he couldn't focus all of his energies on that one situation.

Stephanie: Who's he focusing on now?

Brooke: Oh, he's just trying to get his life back together after what happened to him in Big Bear.

Stephanie: You think that's possible?

Brooke: What do you mean?

Stephanie: When you go through an experience like that, you face death, you think -- doesn't it change you?

Brooke: What are you getting at, Stephanie?

Stephanie: If you were worried about the two of them before --

Brooke: I wasn't worried about them, and I'm not worried about them now!

Stephanie: Then why did your voice just go up two octaves?

Brooke: Because I am sick and tired of this broken record that you insist on playing! "Ridge and Bridget, Ridge and Bridget, Ridge and Bridget." There is no Ridge and Bridget!

Stephanie: And the entire time that they were in trouble, they were trapped, you never -- you never thought that something might not happen between them? Your mind never went there?


Ridge: Do not compare you and Thomas to what Brooke and I share.

Amber: Yes, we're different and we're unconventional, but it's every bit as real as --

Ridge: Thomas is a pawn to you, Amber.

Amber: Oh, no!

Ridge: He's just a convenient way to get back into this family.

Amber: No, that is not true! Why do you think I had to go though such drastic measures with you and Bridget? Because I love Thomas, and I would do anything to get him back.

Ridge: Including breaking up a perfectly happy marriage.

Amber: Happy? Happy, really. Is that what you call it? Are you really the same man Brooke fell in love with? Huh? And then there's all that other stuff going on -- all your tirades, the way you treat other people. You know you're not the same as you were before --

Ridge: Before what?

Amber: Before you found out that you weren't a Forrester. I don't know. I think something must've snapped. And all this anger and resentment started welling up, and the only way you could deal was by pushing it on other people, like Thomas and me, like Thorne and Darla. You know, for god's sake, Ridge, you forced your own brother out of the family business. And as if that wasn't bad enough, you started gunning for your own dad!

Ridge: I'm not gonna stand here while you lecture me, Amber.

Amber: Fine, fine. Somebody's gotta make you realize what a jerk you've become.

Ridge: Oh, so, now you're doing me a favor?

Amber: Consider it a wake-up call. You'd better pay attention and clean up your act. Otherwise, you're gonna have to suffer the consequences. Just like you've made so many other people suffer. And I was even beginning to worry about Bridget.

Ridge: You were worried about what I was gonna do to Bridget? After you almost killed her, Amber. That was you, wasn't it? The woman that called out to Bridget? The one she risked her life to try and save? That was you.

Amber: I'm also the one who called the rescue team.

Ridge: Well, it was almost too damn late, wasn't it? And you still holding out hope that I'm going to accept you into my family, just like that?

Amber: I'd say, I still have reason to hope. Wouldn't you?


Brooke: Enough, okay? I refuse to let you talk about this. I'm not gonna let you drive a wedge between Ridge and me.

Stephanie: That's not my intention.

Brooke: Oh, isn't it? You find the little chink in the armor, and you work it until there really is a problem.

Stephanie: I'm trying to keep it from becoming a problem.

Brooke: By pushing all my buttons?

Stephanie: By making you face this. You ignore the truth, it doesn't go away.

Brooke: Stephanie, the truth is ridge loves Bridget like a stepfather would. He went into that mine to save her. Nothing happened there.

Stephanie: And I'm just saying that sometimes, under those sort of circumstances, people do things that they normally wouldn't do.

Brooke: The world could be coming down around them, and Ridge and Bridget would never betray me.

Stephanie: Not deliberately.

Brooke: Not for any reason. And I am more sure of that than I've ever been of anything in my entire life.

Ridge: You're fighting a losing battle.

Amber: I'm the one with the ammunition.

Ridge: Why don't you listen to yourself, amber? Ammunition. You're gunning for the very family you're so desperate to be a part of.

Amber: You know, I didn't want it to come to this. I tried every way I could think of to get through to you, but you wouldn't listen!

Ridge: What, so you try to kill me?

Amber: You weren't supposed to be down there that long.

Ridge: Why is that, Amber? Hmm? What, was I just supposed to give in to some passionate feelings for Bridget down there and ravage her right there in that mine? If anything, this picture proves my innocence.

Amber: Oh, give me a break.

Ridge: I could've made love to Bridget all day and night if I wanted to. Why would I wait until she's hypothermic to make my move, huh? Does it make sense? I don't think so. And I think the police are gonna see it that way, too.

Amber: Police?

Ridge: All this time you thought you were gathering evidence on me, but what this really proves is how guilty you are. Of kidnapping, assault, and attempted murder, Amber.


Nick: Wait till you taste this, kid.

Bridget: Wow, my goodness. This looks incredible.

Nick: I caught it, cooked it myself.

Bridget: You're kidding me, right?

Nick: No.

Bridget: Geez. What about the sauce?

Nick: This sauce is from a recipe I found in Bora Bora.

Bridget: Wow. It's so good. There must be a lot of lonely women pining away after you.

Nick: Huh. Especially now that I'm attached.

Bridget: Attached to what?

Nick: Los Angeles. My job in Los Angeles.

Bridget: Oh. Right. Are you blushing?

Nick: Hmm-mm. I don't blush.

Bridget: You're getting a little -- you getting a little bit red in the cheeks.

Nick: It's a sailor thing. It's a complexion, you know, from being out in the sun so long.

Bridget: Oh, of course, right.

[ Bridget giggles ] I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh.

Nick: God, laugh. Please laugh. Smile, laugh. It's good for you. You look good when you laugh.

Bridget: Oh, whatever. You think my laugh is "funny," remember?

Nick: It is funny, but it suits you. You're beautiful when you smile.

Bridget: Gosh, sometimes -- you always just make me feel better. You're like my little, private island in the middle of the ocean. A place where I can go and always feel good and, oh, it's sunny and warm and peaceful. I used to look for that place. Somehow, there'd be a natural disaster on that island, and it would flood and sink into the ocean. With you, it's just different. I feel so safe.

Nick: All those things you say are very nice. But don't forget something. It does rain on this island.

Bridget: You're not starting with this whole "you can do better than me" stuff again, are you?

Nick: Well, come on, Bridget. There's so many men out there.

Bridget: Yeah, well?

Nick: Well, I'm getting grumpier in my old age. Have you noticed?

Bridget: I can deal with grumpy.

Nick: What about "old"? The fact that there's a difference in our age. We've never talked about that. How you feel about that?

Bridget: Yeah, well, you have a couple years on me. So what? You're young at heart. Like a big kid.

Nick: Huh. Well, maybe you need a man.

Bridget: Would you stop? I have one. You know, you're playful and you're sweet. You're cute. You don't have to tell me what I'm getting involved with here. I know exactly who you are. That's why I don't need to look anywhere else. I found what I've been waiting for. I'm on board for the duration, captain. Full steam ahead.


Stephanie: In my mind, there are worse things than you and Ridge being together.

Brooke: Please, don't ever bring up that subject of Ridge and Bridget again.

Stephanie: I would like to give you my promise, but --

Brooke: Stephanie, Ridge and I went to dinner tonight. It was a celebration of our love. Of overcoming things. Even his time with Bridget. And he promised me that I would never, ever have to feel that pain again, and that that chapter of our lives is over. Now, you know Ridge as well as I do. He doesn't promise things that easily. And when he does, you can trust it. And I do, Stephanie. I have total and complete trust in my husband.


Amber: You can't bring charges against me.

Ridge: I won't have to. The state will oblige me on that one. That little "love nest" you created for Bridget and me, that was nothing more than a death trap, Amber. Look into my eyes.

Amber: Let go of me.

Ridge: Look into my eyes. Does it frighten you what you see, huh? Try looking into the eyes of someone who's dying, Amber! Dull, lifeless, haunting eyes. That's what I saw in Bridget that day, because of you.

Amber: I'm sorry it came to that, okay?

Ridge: Your apologies aren't good enough. Amber you're going to have to pay for it. Going to prison. That's what you're gonna have to do now.

Amber: You and I both know this will never go to court.

Ridge: The hell it won't!

Amber: The picture is the only thing connecting me to that mine, and you don't have the nerve to bring it to the police.

Ridge: Don't I?

Amber: No, you don't. Because you and I both know it'll be plastered on the front page of every paper, it'll be on every news show all across the world.

Ridge: If that's what it takes to bring you down, Amber.

Amber: Like you'd risk Brooke finding out.

Ridge: Not only am I going to risk it, I'm going to be the one to tell her.

Amber: Sure, right after I go to the cops and confess.

Ridge: Let me give you some advice, Amber. Don't ever play poker with someone who's smarter than you are.

Amber: I know you're bluffing, Ridge.

Ridge: That's just it, I'm not. I've got an ace up my sleeve, and I'm sure going to use it now.

Amber: Brooke will go ballistic.

Ridge: At you, for trying to kill her daughter.

Amber: You'd better hope that she sees it that way.

Ridge: I'm not the one who has to worry. Because after I let Brooke know about your sick little scheme, I'm gonna go straight to the L.A.P.D. And then you are going to go to prison for the rest of your miserable life.

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