B&B Transcript Friday 2/11/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/11/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

 [ Wind howling ]

Ridge: Bridget, hang on. Hang on.

Bridget: Ridge, I -- I'll try --

Ridge: It's okay. Help! Help! Somebody help us!


Brooke: Come on, Ridge, pick up! Out of service area?

Thomas: Brooke, they're gonna be fine. All right, you know how messed up the cell phone reception is in the mountains. Dad knows what he's doing. He's gonna find Bridget.

[ Doorbell rings ] Maybe that's them now. Oh, Mr. Ramirez. Hey.

Hector: Hi, Thomas.

Thomas: What's up?

Hector: Well, your step mom called, asking me to stop by.

Brooke: I didn't know who else to turn to. I thought that maybe you connections with the fire department. Oh, thank you, Hector.

Hector: It's no problem at all. Come on. Sit down. Tell me about it.

Caitlin: Hey.

Thomas: Oh, Caitlin --

Caitlin: I heard Bridget's missing?

Thomas: Yeah. So is my dad now.

Caitlin: Oh, my god.

Thomas: Yeah.

Brooke: Ridge and Bridget have been gone for more than 24 hours, and it just keeps getting colder out there. And what if they spent the night outside?

Caitlin: Well, dad knows some of the guys on mountain rescue, right, dad?

Hector: Yeah. My Brigade's helped out with some pretty huge fires out there, okay? The least I could is get you some more information. Let me make a call right now.

Brooke: Yeah, yeah. That'd be great. Thank you.


Nick: Bridget! Bridget! It's like they fell off the planet.

Bridget: Take your coat. Take your coat back.

Ridge: No, no, no. You need it. Been here longer.

Bridget: I'm not cold --

Ridge: You're not cold?

Bridget: No, I'm not cold. I'm not cold anymore. I can't feel -- I don't feel anything.

[ Bridget mumbling ]


Clarke: Amber, they're freezing down there.

Amber: I see them, Clarke.

Clarke: So how long are you gonna hold them hostage?

Amber: Long enough for Ridge to act on his feelings for Bridget, and you know what, I know it's going to happen.

Clarke: Amber, come on, think about this.

Amber: I have come this far. I'm not backing out now! Thomas needs to know that I was right about his father. Come on, ridge, just take her. I know you want Bridget. Just do it. Take her and it'll all be over with.


Hector: I've been told that Bridget's favorite trails are two-north-ten, and two-north-93. Yeah, as much ground as you guys can cover -- woods, avalanche areas. And if you need more volunteers, Eddie at Big Bear F.D. Said to give him a call. Okay? I'm available, too. Yeah. Thanks, deputy.

Brooke: What did they say?

Hector: Okay, well, they just sent out the second search party. That's snowmobiles, helicopters, the works. Now, Bridget probably just skied off course. But, at this point, they're not ruling anything out.

Brooke: Well, something happened to them, otherwise we would have heard something.

Thomas: Brooke, dad knows his way around the mountains, okay? And so does Bridget. They're not gonna do anything stupid.

Hector: You know, Ridge has probably found her by now. And as soon as they make it back to a house or a ranger station, they'll call.

Nick: Bridget! Forrester! Anybody? Damn it.

Clarke: They're huddled together, not because they're hot for each other. But because they're freezing to death. Nothing romantic is gonna come out of this.

Amber: No, it will! Okay? Okay, maybe it was a stupid plan.

Clarke: Maybe?

Amber: It was, okay? But Ridge drove me to it. He poisoned Thomas against me, and Stephanie. He twisted everything around to make it look like I was trying to wreck things when I was really just trying to warn Brooke about him and his sick feelings for her daughter. But, when they see this, when they all see this -- Ridge down there taking advantage of her and the situation like this -- then they'll see I was right. That I was the one that they should've been listening to, not Ridge.

Clarke: Okay, let me get this straight. You want to win the Forrester family favor by ambushing Ridge and Bridget, and keeping them prisoner down in the bottom of the mineshaft and watching them freeze to death live on tv? Oh, you're right. You're going to be a Forrester family hero!


[ Wind howling ]

Ridge: You can't feel?

Bridget: Not my hands or my feet.

Ridge: What can I do?

Bridget: Noth -- nothing. It's frostbite. The extremities are the first to go. 'Cause our body protects vital organs -- your brain, lungs, and your heart.

Ridge: How can I help?

Bridget: No, you can't. Body temperature keeps dropping. And one last violent -- violent spasm. And then your body stops shivering. Your muscles -- you don't -- you don't think anymore. 'Cause you lose consciousness. And there's cardiac, respiratory failure. So, it's -- it's okay. Just sleep. You sleep.

Ridge: That's not gonna happen.

Bridget: So take the coat. Take the coat. It's useless.

Ridge: No, no, no. No, no, no, no. No. You -- you keep it.

Bridget: Clothing -- can't generate heat. It just preserves the heat. I don't have -- I don't have heat. So, save your -- save your heat.

Ridge: I've got heat. I've got heat. I can share it. Let me share it with --

Bridget: Just take care -- take care of -- take care of yourself. You need to get home to mom and the kids.

Ridge: We both do. We both do. You hear me? You stop talking like that. Just -- just let me hold you. Just let me hold you. Bridget? Bridget? Bridget!

[ Wind howling ]

Ridge: You're coming home with me.

Bridget: I don't think so.

Ridge: Don't say that. Just stop saying that.

Bridget: It's okay.

Ridge: Bridget -- Bridget, hang on. Hang on. You have got so much to live for.

Bridget: I didn't think so. But Nick showed me. Nick -- he's really, really great, you know? He wants everyone to think he's so tough. The salty sailor man. He's just really so sweet -- funny. He's a really good kisser, too.

Ridge: He kissed you?

Bridget: Just once. I really liked it, too. We say it wouldn't work though. He -- he told me, "you can do better." He was wrong. Ridge? Ridge? Ridge? You be good to Nick. Okay? He -- he loves you. He really loves you.

Ridge: Hey, just -- come on. You stay awake. Stay awake for me here. Come on. Stay awake. Stay awake. No. Help us! Help! Help us!.

Nick: Bridget, where the hell are you? Bridget!


Clarke: Amber, call someone. The police, the ranger station, anyone.

Amber: Just five more minutes.

Clarke: You've been saying that all afternoon.

Amber: Okay, the police already know, okay? They've been missing long enough, Brooke's probably got the whole county looking for 'em.

Clarke: But we know where they are. Phone in an anonymous tip. All right, I'll do it.

Amber: No! No. I need the evidence. It is my only chance for a future with Thomas. It's gonna happen. Ridge is going to cross that line with Bridget.

Nick: Those are Forrester's skis. Footprints. Forrester! Bridget!

Amber: All right, okay? Hi, operator, could you please connect me to the Big Bear ranger station?

[ Phone ringing ]

Ranger: Ranger station, please hold. Ranger station, please hold.

Amber: I can't hold!

Clarke: You keep holding.


[ Wind howling ]

Ridge: Bridget, stay with me.

Bridget: I'm -- I'm here. Don't worry. They'll find you.

Ridge: Bridget, please.

Bridget: Make mom -- so happy. And yourself. I love you all. I love you all.

Ridge: We love you, too.

Bridget: I'm so -- so tired. So tired.

Ridge: You -- you sleep if you need to. I'll be right here.

Bridget: Okay.

Ridge: Good night, princess.


Clarke: Oh, my god.

Amber: I'm trying, Clarke, okay? They still have me on hold.

Clarke: You got it. He kissed her.

Amber: I got it?


[ Wind howling ]

[ Ridge sobs ]

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