B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/8/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/8/04



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

[ Wind howling ]

Amber: Come on. Pick up the glove.


Sally: Now this is the life, isn't it? The Spectra brass being wined and dined in one of the swankiest joints in L.A. By none other than the queen of swank herself, Jackie M.

Thorne: Yes, who is running fablioy late, apparently.

Sally: Which we will forgive her for, since she is courting us for a change. And why wouldn't she? After our triumph on the runaway, Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester is, "Hotter than hot." To quote Monsieur Jarrett in his most recent review.


[ Jackie remembering ]

Deacon: Jackie, I had one drink. And I feel good, man, I feel better than good. I feel better than I've felt in weeks.

Jackie: You feel good because you're drunk!

Deacon: No, come on, I've got a little buzz going on. What's the matter with that? It's no big deal. There's nothing to be worried about. Besides, I think it would be a real shame to waste it.

Jackie: Okay, don't, don't, don't.

Deacon: Would you just stop acting like such an English schoolmarm? Come here.

[ Deacon's voice mail ]

Deacon: "Hi, this Deacon, and I can't get to the phone right now, but leave your name and your number, and I'll get back at you. Thanks.

Jackie: Deacon, it's me, and I'm at Cafe Russe for our meeting with Spectra. I'm sure you're on your way, but -- but if you've been detained at an AA meeting, or -- darling, just call me, will you? Let me know you're all right.


Sally: Success. Hmm, how sweet it is.

Thorne: How sweet it is.

Darla: How sweet it is.

Jackie: And it is about to get even sweeter for both Spectra and Jackie M. Hello, everybody. Sorry, I'm late --

All: Hello.

Thorne: Let me get that for you.

Jackie: -- But when you hear what this is all about, all will be forgiven. Thank you.

Thorne: Sally mentioned something about a publicity campaign.

Jackie: Yep. But not just any publicity campaign, okay? Jackie m wants to feature Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester in a major media blitz, so that we can capitalize on terrific sales momentum already generated by your latest collection.

Sally: In other words, we are going to rake in the dinero for you, so you'll ramp things up, and --

Jackie: Both companies will benefit. Handsomely.

Thorne: Please tell me more.

Jackie: Well, actually, Deacon is the one that's actually drawn up the plan, and he's been detained, but when you see what he's come up with, you're gonna be so pleased.


Nick: You still haven't mentioned what this is about.

Massimo: It's an experiment. Hmm. Here's our subject now.

Deacon: Oh, hey! Come on, genius, watch it.

Waiter: I'm sorry.


Ridge: Thomas get everything under control?

Brooke: He's reading to R.J. And Hope.

Ridge: Ooh, that gives mom and dad a little down time together. Before you guys have to leave.

Brooke: You sure you don't mind us heading out before you?

Ridge: 'Course I mind. I don't want this trip to end. For all the obvious reasons. Bridget and I won't be that far behind you guys. Temperatures are dropping out there quickly. She'll be heading back here to thaw out before we drive home together. Which I think is definitely preferable to --

Brooke: Driving back with Nick?

Ridge: Which I'm sure he would've insisted on, if he hadn't had to leave early.

Brooke: Well, they're just friends. That's all. Nick assured me that's the way it's going to stay.

Ridge: Well, if I could just get my son to not be so drawn back in by Amber, it would be great.

Brooke: Why? Did something happened?

Ridge: He's worried about her. He's called her twice since he's been here.

Brooke: Well, she did lose both Thomas and her place in this family.

Ridge: Yeah. That was her doing.

Brooke: I know. Despite everything she's pulled, including showing that photo, I still think she cares deeply about this family. I know why she's so devastated. I just hope that Amber can hold it all together.


[ Wind howling ]

Amber: Grab it. Just grab it.

[ Bridget screams ]

[ Rubble crashing ]


Nick: Experiment? What's that supposed to mean? Mother's here. How did -- I think we gotta get out of here, huh?

Massimo: I'm not going anywhere.

Nick: I don't think it's a good idea that you're sitting here.

Massimo: No. I am not leaving.

Nick: I don't know how you do it. How can you just sit back and watch him be a part of my mother's life?

Massimo: Who says that's what I'm doing?


Jackie: Darling, you made it.

Deacon: 'Course I made it. I wouldn't miss a meeting with our sexiest business associate. How you doin', Sal?

Sally: How you doin', handsome?

Deacon: I'll tell you what, I'd be doin' a lot better if I could find a waiter. What do you gotta do around here to get a drink?

Thorne: So, Deacon, we're anxious to hear about this promotional campaign.

Jackie: Which is why we called this meeting. To show Spectra our marketing program, and the mock-ups that we've been working on.

Deacon: Oops. I knew I forgot something. I'm sorry. Listen, don't even worry about it. I'm gonna lay the whole thing out for you as I can get a drink! Oh! Hey! Nice of you to join us. Uh, do me a favor, give me a vodka on the rocks, um -- now. Thanks.

Jackie: Deacon, darling, please, you've had too much already.


Ridge: I love you so much.

Brooke: I love you, too. For the wonderful husband that you are. And a caring father -- always thinking about the family. Which is what you did when you put this trip together. You wanted the family to heal. Bring us closer together. And it did. Which is just another reminder of what an incredible man I married. My dearest love. Always.


Clarke: I was just coming out to find you.

Amber: I told you to sit tight, Clarke.

Clarke: Excuse me. Are you okay?

Amber: Where's my duffel bag?

Clarke: It's over there. So, what happened? Did you find Bridget? Did you follow her? I mean, what's the deal?

Amber: Not now. I need to find out if -- god. God. I never meant for her to get hurt. I never meant for Bridget to get hurt.

[ Wind howling ]


Deacon: Relax, beautiful. You got nothing to worry about, okay?

Jackie: How many drinks have you had?

Deacon: Oh, come on!

Jackie: How many?

Deacon: Two. All right, I had three. But you know what? They were little and I didn't like them much, either. I promise. Come on, come on. Sally's got a sweet buzz goin' on, don't ya, Sal? There's my man. Gently. Gently. Thank you.

Sally: Deacon, what's going on? You haven't had a drink in years.

Deacon: Well, Sally, records are meant to be broken. Much like Spectra's been doing with the skyrocketing sales. Guys, come on. Come on. This is a celebration here. It seems more like a funeral. Okay, all right. You know what? You're right. I, uh -- I did have a drinking problem. I stopped drinking. I got a handle on it now, and if it becomes a problem again, I'll stop again. But you know what? I got the drinking thing licked, so don't worry about it, okay?

Massimo: Well, that remains to be seen.

Deacon: Well, then, there now. If it ain't Popeye and Bluto? Why the long face, boys? Love lives in the toilet?

Nick: Mother, are you all right?

Deacon: She's never better. You're happy, aren't you?. You know, now that she found a guy that can satisfy her. Did I say that?


Ridge: Okay, drive carefully. It's really icy out there. Okay, Bridget -- ten more minutes. If you're not back here, I'm coming after you.


Clarke: So that's what was in the mysterious black box. And now, what's this connected to? What? An infrared camera?

Amber: Yes.

Clarke: Which you planted down in the mineshaft. Now, why would you do that? I mean, what's going on here?

Amber: Would you shut up? I think I'm getting something.

Clarke: Like what? There's nothing there. I mean, it's abandoned. There's -- oh, my god. Something's there. But they're not moving.

Amber: No, no, no! She's -- she's gonna be okay. She's just -- she's a little shaken from the fall, that's all. I mean, she's -- she's fine. Bridget's -- Bridget's gonna be fine.


Ridge: "I've gone out to look for you. Took the west trail. If you get in before I get back, stay put."

[ Wind howling ]


Jackie: Deacon, please stop. We're in a public place.

Deacon: So what? Who cares? I've got nothing to hide. My life's an open book. I think yours ought to be the same, don't you? I mean, the Italian stallion ought to tell us, huh? Inquiring minds want to know, Massimo. What's it like for the wealthy and powerful Massimo Marone to have lost his wife to a younger, more virile man? That's gotta hurt. I mean, I would think that would hurt for him. Wouldn't you think --

[ Whispering ] That's gotta hurt.

Massimo: What can I say?

Nick: What's the matter with you?

Deacon: No, come on, Nick. Confession's good for the soul, huh? Come on, tell us, what's it like? You're laying alone in that big bed all by yourself, knowing this gorgeous woman is lying in mine.

Jackie: Oh, Deacon -- Deacon, stop.

Deacon: No! No, I'm not gonna stop it.

Jackie: He doesn't mean it.

Deacon: No, no, no, I do mean it. Because I'm gonna tell you something -- you pointed a gun at me. And you did it twice. You treated your wife like a possession. So you know what, pal? You got this coming. And a lot more.

Nick: Are you gonna say something?

Massimo: It's all right, Dominick.

Nick: It's not all right. Do you know what's coming out of his mouth?

Massimo: It's all right. The man is just digging his own grave and showing Jacqueline what he's really made of. Isn't that the truth?

Deacon: All right, you know what? That's it. I mean, I'm not going to listen to this, all right? Don't even start that crap. As a matter of fact, I'm sick and --

[ Crowd gasps ]

[ Deacon groans ]

Sally: Somebody -- somebody help him.

Deacon: I'm all right. I'm okay.

Massimo: Enough! You've had you're say. Now it's my turn.


Clarke: My god, Amber. What have you done?

Amber: I haven't done anything.

Clarke: Why is Bridget --

Amber: She's fine. She's fine, okay? She -- she's -- it wasn't that far of a fall. She just got a little -- wait, wait. Do you see that? She moved. She moved. She's coming to. See, see? She's fine.

Clarke: She's just wondering what the hell happened, and so am I.

Amber: I told you.

Clarke: No, Amber, I'm not talking about the fall. I'm talking about what is Bridget doing at the bottom of an abandoned mine? Especially in this weather? Answer me amber. Is this some twisted attempt to get back at the foresters?

Amber: No! No, I am trying to save them.

Clarke: Save them?

Amber: Yes, from Ridge. From his interfering and his bullying and him always thinking he knows what's best for everybody.

Clarke: That doesn't explain why Bridget is at the bottom of the mineshaft.

Amber: They still have feelings for each other. I saw it with my own eyes. And, and I told Brooke. I tried to tell her how it really was. I warned her. But Ridge, he just -- he accused me of being a troublemaker. But I am not a troublemaker. My concerns are real. And I love that family, Clarke. And I love Thomas. And I don't want to hurt him by exposing his father for who he really is. But, I mean, someone has to stop ridge, which is what getting those two in the mineshaft together is about. So they'll act on their feelings and --

Clarke: You're gonna get Ridge in there, too?

Amber: I need to prove that I'm not the bad guy here. And when I do, I'll get Thomas back and then the family will -- wait. Listen.

Clarke: What?

Amber: There. Right there.

Clarke: Who?

Amber: It's Ridge, Ridge. He's putting on his skis. He's going to go look for Bridget. I was right. Everything is coming together.


[ Wind howling ]

Ridge: Bridget! Bridget!

[ Wind howling ]

[ Bridget coughs ]

Bridget: Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? Hello, somebody help! Help!

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