B&B Transcript Friday 1/28/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/28/05



By Boo
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Ridge: Yeah. Nice.

Brooke: The calm before the storm.

Ridge: Oh, trust me, calm is the last thing I feel when I'm kissing you.

[ Bridget clears her throat ]

Bridget: Excuse me. You wanted to see me?

Ridge: Yeah, we called Thomas. He's on his way home from the library.

Brooke: It's going to be okay, sweetheart.

Bridget: I know. We have to do it. Hearing this story from Amber.

Bridget: I just wish he didn't have to hear it at all.

Brooke: Well, Amber's made that impossible.

Ridge: What we have to do now is just keep her from putting her own spin on it.

Thomas: Hey.

Ridge: Hey, Thomas, come on in and sit down for a minute, will ya?

Thomas: What's going on?

Ridge: We need to talk to you about Amber.


Amber: Sal? Wow. Huh. Look at this.

Serge: Heavens, you're so strong. Do you work out? You! Stop!

Clarke: Don't touch the produce. Amber, this is our party planner.

Serge: Professional events coordinator. Serge.

Amber: Hi. Wow. Sally sprung for a party planner? Things really are changing around here.

Clarke: A lot more is to change when Thorne becomes partner.

Amber: So, he's really buying half the company?

Clarke: It's a done deal. All they have to do is sign the papers.


Darla: So you've made up your mind?

Thorne: I can't accept Sally's offer if mom and dad will not buy back my stock.

Eric: It seems to me there's only one thing you can do.

Sally: Spectra needs you as much as Forrester does.

Stephanie: No. Your father needs you more.

Eric: Thorne, I respect your abilities. I don't want to see you throw them away on a whim.

Sally: Our sales figures are rising because of your abilities, Thorne. We don't just believe in them, we're depend upon them.

Thorne: So the question I have to answer is which company has better prospects for me?

Eric: We do!

Sally: We do!

Thorne: Prove it.

Eric: We have, Thorne. Decade after decade. Forrester is an enormously successful company. Our collections are perennial winners.

Sally: Until this season, you mean, because, frankly, your preview wasn't all that stellar.

Eric: Well, once ridge and Thorne come back, we'll do better.

Sally: Thorne is already doing better -- under Spectra.

Thorne: That sounds like a challenge to me. Spectra's success isn't a fluke. And I'm not afraid to prove it. I will pit my designs against yours any day.

Eric: Another challenge, like the one you had with Ridge?

Stephanie: Honey, you had a very successful showing, but ultimately you lost.

Thorne: Okay. And if I lose again, then I'll come back to Forrester -- along with the Forrester name.

Darla: What?

Sally: No!

Thorne: But, if Spectra wins, you buy back my Forrester stock. The ultimate fashion challenge. You up for it?


Serge: Don't you think Ty is cute on that decorating show?

Amber: Well, um -- I can see you guys are busy, so I'll go.

Clarke: Oh, no, no. Amber -- why don't you stick around, okay?

Amber: No thanks. I'm really not in the mood.

Clarke: Hmm. Serge?

Serge: Hmm?

Clarke: Would you excuse us for a minute?

Serge: Oh. I'll just go trim my Chia pet.

Clarke: All right, let me guess. Your plan to help Ridge and Brooke had blew up in your face.

Amber: Yeah, Stephanie threw me out.

Clarke: Well, she's a lioness. Doesn't mess with her family.

Amber: Yeah, I just thought Brooke should know what's going on.

Clarke: You had something on Ridge. What was it?

Amber: You know, he's just -- he's been completely out there. Acting crazy, making all these crazy decisions for months, and nobody want to do anything about it.

Clarke: You tried.

Amber: A lot of good that did. Now, they have all the ammunition they need to use against me.


Thomas: I haven't had enough lectures about amber, and now you wanna drag Bridget into it?

Brooke: Thomas, I think you should listen to what your father has to --

Thomas: No, I know what he's gonna say.

Bridget: Thomas, this is not easy for us to talk to you about.

Ridge: And it's gonna prove that amber's not the woman you think she is. Look, the other night, she was sneaking around with a camera, trying to find some dirt on me.

Thomas: Dirt?

Ridge: Yeah. She saw something and got the wrong idea, too.

Thomas: What did she see?

Bridget: Your dad and me.

Thomas: I don't get it.

Brooke: Thomas -- there was a time when Bridget and your father had feelings for each other.


Sally: This is ridiculous, Thorne. We already have a deal. I have agreed to sell you half the company.

Thorne: But, Sally, I can't buy it if mom and dad will not buy back my stock.

Sally: They are holding you hostage.

Stephanie: Oh, please!

Eric: Thorne, $50 million is too much to pay for a company like Spectra.

Sally: Our company is worth every penny, and you know it. Thanks to throne. Stephanie, Eric, I would like a moment to speak to Thorne alone, please.

Stephanie: No!

Thorne: Mom -- just a moment, please.

Sally: Listen, hotshot. I admire your chutzpah and your optimism, but I don't want my company caught in the middle of this.

Darla: You're afraid we're gonna lose.

Sally: Oh, Darla. Come on. I'm not afraid of anything. I don't know the meaning of the word.

Thorne: Really? Well, if you feel that way, then Forrester doesn't stand a chance. Come on, Sally. Let's show them what we can do. Nose to nose. Chin to chin. Look, I'm staking my future on this. $50 million.

Sally: Okay.

Darla: Okay.

Thorne: That's my girl. Mom? Dad?

Sally: All right. You wanted a fight? You got one. We are gonna compete on the catwalk. And the winner gets Thorne.


Clarke: He's coming? What did he say? Oh, that's great. Great. I'll get everybody ready.

Amber: Thorne's on his way back?

Clarke: Sounds like he has good news.

Amber: I wish somebody had some for me. You think Sal will mind if I just take off?

Clarke: Don't worry, Amber. We'll get you settled in someplace.

Amber: No, I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about Ridge, and what he's gonna try to do now. You know, I've done everything that I can possibly do to try to show the Forresters that I am a good person, but they don't want to see it.

Clarke: You think Ridge could change that? I mean, how could he?

Amber: He can't. He knows Thomas will side with me. But I've gotta tell Thomas what I did before Ridge tries to use it against me.

Clarke: Unless he has already.

Amber: I gotta go.


Stephanie: You're going to redo the entire collection?

Eric: You bet I am. I'm gonna win this competition. This may be the only chance I have to get Thorne back here at Forrester.

Oh, for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow

for he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny

[ All cheer ]

[ Party horns blare ]

Bob: Congratulations, Thorne.

Thorne: Oh, my god, thank you.

Clarke: Now, Thorne, Sally wanted to throw you a big party to celebrate your first day as partner.

Thorne: Well, thanks. Thanks, guys. But you really didn't have to do this.

Sally: You're right, we didn't. Because there is absolutely nothing to celebrate.

All: What?

Thorne: Hold on, hold on. There will be, Sally.

Sally: I want everybody out of here. C'mon, this party's over.

Darla: But, c'mon, Sal, we're having a good time here.

Sally: I know, I know. But we should be working!

Clarke: All right, all right, all right. C'mon, everybody, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Sally: And as for you, glamorpuss, scoot. Beat it. Take a powder. We're busy.

Serge: Well, fine. I can just take my bikini wax.

Darla: We love you, Serge.

Clarke: All right, Sally, what's going on?

Sally: Thorne has challenged Forrester to another duel.

Clarke: What?

Sally: Oh, yes. If we win, the family buys back his stock and he becomes our partner. If we lose, he goes back to Forrester and takes his name with him.

Clarke: You and Sally had a deal.

Thorne: I can't buy into Spectra, Clarke, if I can't sell my shares in Forrester.

Sally: His parents want him back.

Clarke: Well, that's blackmail. That's extortion.

Thorne: Would everybody relax, okay? It's going to be --

Sally: Oh, relax, sure! That's easy for you to say! You gonna win either way. You go back to Forrester or you stay here, right? But if we lose you, Spectra's back to square one, and my dream of competing with Forrester is over. It's kaput.

Thomas: Amber took this picture because she thought there was something going on between you two?

Ridge: There isn't.

Bridget: But there was a time. It was a long time ago. After your mom died.

Brooke: Ridge and Bridget became very close.

Ridge: She was living here with us.

Thomas: Wait, when she was staying here, you two were --

Bridget: No. Nothing happened.

Ridge: It wasn't like that.

Bridget: Thomas, it was just an emotional time for all of us.

Ridge: Bridget was helping me take care of you kids. I felt quite overwhelmed.

Bridget: I needed something stable in my life. Something I could really depend on, and -- you know, I was able to find it here with your family.

Brooke: The point is Amber decided to use that period in our history to drive a wedge between Ridge and me. So she came here, and she took that picture and she gave it to me.

Thomas: Why?

Brooke: To try to convince me that Ridge and Bridget still had feelings for each other.

Thomas: No, no, that's crazy!

Bridget: Yeah. It is. I would never do anything to interfere with your family. Or my mother's marriage. You know that, don't you?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. And so does Amber. She wouldn't do what you're saying she's done.

Brooke: She did.

Ridge: And it just proves how messed up she is.

Bridget: Amber was trying to force your dad to accept her relationship with you. She wanted to hang on to you so badly she was willing to ruin your father's reputation to do it.

Amber: No, Bridget, you're wrong. I was trying to save his reputation.


 Thorne: What happened to your confidence in me, Sally?

Sally: Come on, I wouldn't have offered you half my company if I didn't believe in you.

Thorne: I want to buy it, Sally, but my parents will not release my stock.

Sally: So we'll find another way. We don't have to gamble everything on one showing.

Thorne: We can win. I wouldn't have proposed this challenge if I didn't think so, Sally.

Sally: Well, how can you be so sure? We have never beaten them before.

Thorne: Because we've never had this much at stake.

Clarke: That's a good thing?

Thorne: Yes, Clarke, it is. We have the motivation. We have the hunger. We have a cohesive team of designers with decades of experience. My father has two inexperienced designers. And he's missing his family.

Sally: And you think we can win because he's not at the top of his game?

Thorne: We're going to win, because we have the momentum. Spectra Couture is on the rise, Sally. We did this together. And we are going to stay together. We -- us-- Spectra Couture, is going to do something that we've never done before. We are going to beat Forrester Creations, and we are going to become the leading name in haute couture!


Eric: I'm going to win this competition, Stephanie, and I'm going to reunite this family.

Stephanie: You don't think Thorne can win?

Eric: No. No, I don't. His collection is selling, because Spectra has such high visibility. They're using our name.

Stephanie: Well, our name may get them the attention, but people are buying that line because the designs are good, sweetheart. The press was not exactly overwhelmed by your last preview.

Eric: I'm gonna fix all that. Look, I don't relish the idea of beating Thorne again. But if that's what I have to do to get him back, I'll do it. This collection's gonna be a winner. I can feel it, Stephanie. I'm not gonna lose my son to Sally Spectra, and I'm not gonna let Thorne throw away his legacy. He needs to be here with me and with his brother. This company is gonna be family business again.


Amber: Don't get involved, Bridget.

Bridget: You involved me when you took that picture, Amber.

Thomas: Did you? Did you show it to Brooke?

Amber: Thomas, I wasn't trying to threaten anyone. And I know that's what your dad thinks, but I was trying to help. Ask brooke, she knows. Go on, go on, tell them why I came to see you.

Ridge: We already told Thomas the truth, Amber.

Amber: Right? About you and Bridget after Taylor died?

Thomas: Yeah. They did.

Amber: So, then you know why I was so concerned.

Ridge: Concerned? You mean about yourself! You weren't concerned about the family. You were going to use that photo as leverage.

Amber: You know, I was trying to show Brooke how out of control you are.

Brooke: You're the one who's out of control, Amber. And you've just proven it again by bursting in here, trying to justify your actions.

Amber: I don't have to try -- you know, I don't have to justify myself. I didn't do anything wrong. Ridge and Bridget were --

Ridge: Ridge and Bridget are none of your business! Look, Bridget, you don't have to listen to any of this.

Bridget: Should I go?

Ridge: We can take it from here.

Amber: So you're just gonna let her bad mouth me and run, huh?

Thomas: She wasn't bad mouthing you.

Ridge: Go on, kiddo. It's okay.

Bridget: I'm really sorry that you got dragged into this. I never, ever wanted you to find out. Especially like this.

Amber: Because you know how wrong it is. That's why! You just heard her. She just said it, I was right.

Ridge: Oh, how dare you accuse her of anything? After what you've done to my family? Seducing my son, trying to ruin my marriage? You see, Thomas? You see what kind of person she really is?

Amber: Stop it. Okay? Stop trying to twist everything around -- Thomas -- Thomas, believe me. Come here. I would never do anything to hurt your family. Okay? I was -- I was trying to protect it. I was. If ridge could cross the line with Bridget like that, there is no telling what he could do.

Ridge: Oh, please. She's lying.

Amber: No, I'm not. I am not lying. I swear. I swear. You know me, Thomas.

Ridge: Yeah, well, he does now. The blinders are off, Amber. My son finally sees you for the sneaking vulture you are. This was about revenge, wasn't it?

Amber: No. No, it wasn't. Thomas, Thomas, listen, listen. Don't let them poison you against me. I mean, think of everything that we have been through, everything that we have shared. Do you think for one second that I would just throw all that away just to get even with your dad? I mean -- look in -- look in your heart. If you look into your heart, you will know that I am telling the truth.

Ridge: Thomas -- Amber here has lied to this family for years. And she's still at it. Taking pictures, making up stories. I know you want to believe she's changed, because of your feelings for her. Because you have this amazing, trusting heart. But this picture, this photo, proves she has not changed. She's never going to. You gotta break it off with her now. You're too good for her, my son. All she's gonna do is destroy your life and I love you too much to let that happen. So end it now. Look her in the eye -- and tell her that you want her out of your life forever.

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