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By Boo
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Eric: Come home, Thorne. I need you here. Look, I'm struggling. All right, I admit it. Without my family around me, I've lost my motivation. I built this company for you and your brothers and your sisters. It's always been about working with my children. I have to believe that's what you want, too.


Massimo: May I offer you something?

Heather: A drink to toast deacon's first drink?

Massimo: Ah, I told you. It's just a matter of time.

Heather: You know, I have to admit; I thought it would take longer.

Massimo: I'm surprised it took this long. Deacon Sharpe is a weak man, Heather. Men like him spend their entire lives just teetering on the edge of self- destruction. And then all it takes is just one little push to send them over.


Deacon: Jackie, baby, I'm home!

Jackie: I'm in the kitchen. Hi.

Deacon: Hey.

Jackie: Oh, you're in a good mood.

Deacon: Oh, yes, I am. Come here.

Jackie: I guess the AA meeting worked wonders.

Deacon: Nah. You work wonders for me. I don't know what the hell I was so upset about. You know, my life is great. I've got this fantastic job. I've got this beautiful woman. I'm on top of the world.


Serge: Ooh, ooh, ooh, that's perfect. Perfect. Ewww! What's that?

Sally: Clarke, I thought I told you to call the exterminators last week.

Clarke: I did.

Sally: Serge, my darling, what seems to be the problem?

Serge: Well, it's -- it's that! Next to my crudités.

Sally: Crudités? Right here in the good ol' U.S.A. We refer to that as a vegetable tray.

Serge: Please, you buy a vegetable tray at the supermarket. This is raw food. All organic. From the most exclusive growers in the area.

Clarke: Looks like cauliflower and carrot sticks to me.

Serge: Oh, put that carrot stick down, you brute. That's for your guests now, you may just dispose of that anyway you like.

Clarke: It's pigs in a blanket.

Sally: Wait a minute -- pigs in a blanket are a Spectra party tradition.

Serge: But this is not a Spectra party. It is a serge party. And I don't serve anything in a blanket, unless he's six foot two and built. Like you.

[ Serge growls ]

Clarke: No, thanks.

Sally: Ah, Serge -- Serge. I've got a little news flash for you. You are going to serve all of my guests, hmm? No matter what they look like, okay? Because that is what I am paying you for. And, I suggest now that you go into the outer office and spruce something up, because the guest of honor is going to be here any minute.

Serge: Hmm!

Clarke: Sally, are you okay? You seem a little keyed up.

Sally: Well, I'm not surprised. I'm going to be giving up half my legacy.

Clarke: You nervous?

Sally: I don't know. Listen, I know that Thorne is going to be a great partner. I'll just feel better when the whole thing is official.


Thorne: Dad, I want this family to start healing, too. Just as much as you do.

Eric: Then come back, Thorne. Come back to Forrester.

Thorne: It's not that simple.

Stephanie: Honey, are you still angry with us?

Thorne: No.

Stephanie: You know you've got all of our love and our support.

Thorne: I know that and I love you for it. Okay? But the way that I look at it -- Dad, you have already accomplished your dream. And you have taught me everything that I know. Now, I want to take that and I want to fulfill my own dream.

Stephanie: Well, honey, you can do that here. With your father. Thorne, let's be really honest about this, all right? When we offered you the presidency, we sort of thought of it as a gift. You know, you felt overlooked all those years and we thought we were doing you a favor. But sweetheart, the tables are turned now. If you come back here, you'll be doing us a favor. It's what your father just said -- we need you. We need you. We've seen exactly what you can do at spectra. We want you to come back here and do that for us. With us.


Heather: So what now?

Massimo: Well, that's up to Deacon. We launched this ship, but its course is going to be charted by --

Heather: By a drunken captain.

Massimo: If his past history is any indication -- I don't see that it could be any other way -- it's going to be a wild ride.

Heather: Well, not just for him. Let's hope your wife has her seatbelt fastened.


[ Jackie laughing ]

Jackie: Oh, wow. You are feeling better.

Deacon: Yes, I am. And I'm going to tell you why.

Jackie: Why?

Deacon: Because I have realized what an incredible life I've got going for me. Look, I know I've been a downer lately. I've been obsessing about stuff and I've been stressing about nothing.

Jackie: It's not nothing.

Deacon: Compared to what I've got with you, it is. My English rose. My cup of tea. As long as I've got you, baby, it's all good.

Jackie: Deacon, you're a recovering alcoholic. And you were craving a drink.

Deacon: Well, that's true. But, you know, right now I'm craving a little something different.

Jackie: Deacon, have you been drinking?


Sally: Clarke, what time is it?

Clarke: It's time to get on that microphone and call the troops.

Serge: With that?

Clarke: Yes.

Serge: May I?

Clarke: Sally?

Sally: Certainly. Knock yourself out.

Clarke: It's quite an honor.

Serge: I feel like Elvis.

[ Imitating like Elvis ] Priscilla -- get in here and bring me another peanut butter and banana sandwich, would you, baby?

Sally: Hey, on second thought, why don't you just go out there and get them yourself, hmm? That would be better. Something is obviously wrong. Thorne and Darla should be here by now.

Clarke: Yes, they should. That can mean only one thing. That Eric and Stephanie, they're trying to talk Thorne out of selling his shares and throwing in with us for the long haul.

Sally: No, no. No, no. It could mean one other thing. It could mean that they have already talked him out of it. I got to get over there. I got to get over there right now.


Darla: Hey.

Thorne: Hey. Did you hear what my mother said?

Darla: Yeah. Forrester needs you.

Stephanie: Well, he's certainly earned our admiration and our respect.

Eric: Darla, your husband is well on his way to becoming one of most respected executives in this industry. But we're trying to pull our family together.

Stephanie: And you and Thorne are an integral part of that.

Eric: We need you here, Thorne. The family needs you. The business needs you.

Thorne: And the people at Spectra need me, too, Dad.

Eric: But they're not your family.

Thorne: Yes, Dad, they are. Just like all of your employees are part of the Forrester family. Look, I have put together an incredible team of designers, Dad, and extremely loyal staff. And they are willing to give me and Sally everything that they have. And I am willing to do the same for them.

Stephanie: Well, honey, that's wonderful. But that's business. We're talking about blood here.

Thorne: These people have put their blood, and sweat and tears into Spectra for decades, mother. And it's finally starting to pay off. I have a responsibility to them.

Eric: What about your responsibility to your wife and your daughter? You're just gambling with their future. Alexandria's legacy. You're thinking about selling your Forrester stock and buying into a company whose success is, at best, temporary.

Thorne: I understand the risk that I'm taking.

Stephanie: Honey, have you really looked at spectra's history? I mean, come on. Sally's had some success. Yes, that's true. She's had some good collections and ever once in a while, a good designer. But her upswings are short-lived. It never really lasts.

Thorne: And it definitely won't if I jump ship.

Eric: Thorne -- you could be risking everything you have.

Thorne: Or I could be signing on to a company that is about to take the fashion world by storm, Dad.

Stephanie: Well, it certainly isn't -- it certainly isn't that we don't think that you can do it.

Thorne: It's okay. I know you're just trying to protect me.

Eric: And your family.

Stephanie: Darla? Darla, I know that you want to support your husband. I understand that completely. But you, better than anybody -- you know sally longer, you know what she's been through, the stress, the disappointments, I mean, is that the position you really want to put your family in?

Eric: All right. No more calls, Megan. Thank you.

Thorne: Don't let them drag you into this, okay? I can handle it.

Darla: So can I. You'd like to know how I feel about all of this?

Stephanie: Yes, I would.

Darla: Okay. Stephanie, you asked your father to take a chance on Eric. Now, that was pretty risky move.

Stephanie: Well, we were just starting out. We didn't have anything to lose.

Darla: Well, neither do we. This is a new era in our lives. A new start for us. A new start for Spectra.

Eric: Darla, your husband is risking $50 million.

Darla: Oh, and I can appreciate that, Eric. And the fact that you asked him to come back because you believe in him -- I think that is just incredible. But so is the opportunity for ownership at Spectra.

Eric: You think that's better than the opportunities he's going to have here?

Darla: Yes. Yes, I do. At least he'll know where he stands with Sally. He and Sally will be in charge.

Eric: He'll be in charge here.

Darla: No, he won't. He'll have to share that responsibility with you and Ridge. What if there's a disagreement? What if a major decision has to be made and it comes down to two to one?

Eric: That doesn't mean I'll always side with Ridge.

Darla: You'll have to side with somebody. And I don't think that would be good for the family or for the company. My husband has come into his own at Spectra. He's working harder than he ever has before. He's under a lot more pressure. But he's energized. And god, Stephanie, he's happy.

Stephanie: You don't think he'll be happy here, do you?

Darla: If he leaves Spectra, we'll never know what he's capable of. He'll be a full partner at Spectra, Eric.

Eric: Sally doesn't need a partner. She's only offering to sell because it's a shrewd business move. She's securing the Forrester name for years to come, and it's only costing her half her profits.

Sally: Is that so?


Massimo: No, that's fine. Thank you. Sorry about that. What were you saying?

Heather: I was talking about your wife. Ex-wife.

Massimo: Ah, yes.

Heather: Seeing the real Deacon up close and personal, it's not going to be pretty.

Massimo: Uh-huh. It's just a matter of time. A man like him --

Heather: So better now, you're thinking, before she's tied to him permanently. This is your way of protecting her. You know, Massimo, I used to wish you'd fall in love with me. I think now I'm rather relieved you never did. Being loved by you is a very dangerous proposition.


Jackie: Deacon, talk to me. Have you been drinking?

Deacon: Yes. Yes, I had one drink. Okay?

Jackie: Oh, no.

Deacon: No, Jackie, come on, it's okay. It's okay. I can handle it.

Jackie: An alcoholic can't have a drink. Not one. Not ever.

Deacon: Well, you know what I've been thinking about? Maybe I'm not really an alcoholic.

Jackie: What?

Deacon: No, I've got to tell you, because I've had one drink and I feel great. I do. You know, I don't know what I was so worried about. You know I think it's like I've made alcohol the bogey man in my life or something.

Jackie: You were worried. You were worried because you have a problem.

Deacon: Okay, yes. Yes. I've had of problems. I've had a lot of problems; I've made a lot of mistakes. But I think the biggest one has been pinning everything on alcohol. You understand?

Jackie: No, you've lost me. I don't understand.

Deacon: Listen, what I'm saying is I think, somehow, I made alcohol like this big excuse. You know, this was like a way for me to, I don't know, run away from my responsibilities. But I don't need an excuse anymore. I don't. It's not the booze. Jackie, I had one drink, and I feel good, man, I feel better than good. I feel better than I've felt in weeks.

Jackie: You feel good because you're drunk!

Deacon: No, c'mon, I've got a little buzz going on. What's the matter with that? It's no big deal. There's nothing worried about. Besides, I think it would be a real shame to waste it.

Jackie: Okay, deacon, don't, don't, don't.

Deacon: Would you stop acting like such an English school marm? Come here.


Massimo: Jacqueline is not in any danger.

Heather: You don't think so? We've unleashed a monster in her home.

Massimo: Heather, he's always been a monster, see -- the only thing is he was able to disguise better when he was sober. I hope you understand, Heather, why I am doing this. When I had my stroke, I was totally helpless. I was strapped into a chair. And Deacon used to come right up into my face and he would taunt me. He would torture me with the idea that he was going to take my wife, my home, my business. Because he knew I couldn't do anything. I was totally helpless. But, I fought my way back. With every fiber in my body. And now I'm back. And I am doing something. So, the best thing is for Jacqueline to just simply see him without his disguise and then get the hell out.

Heather: Assuming she can get away. I mean, what if he drags her down with him?


Jackie: Deacon, let me go.

Deacon: Never! Massimo might have been dumb enough to let you slip through his fingers, but not me, honey.

Jackie: You're holding me too tight.

Deacon: Listen, I want you to be close to me, that's all.

Jackie: I want that, too, which is why I really want to talk to you.

Deacon: You know something? I think talking is very overrated. You know, I think that we could probably find a lot more interesting way to communicate.

Jackie: I'm just not in the mood, okay?

Deacon: If you would just relax, maybe I can get --

Jackie: How can I relax when you're being like this?! Stop it!

Deacon: Jackie, I'm sorry, I -- it's happening again.

Jackie: No, it's okay.

Deacon: No, it's happening again, and I don't understand why I'm --

Jackie: We'll -- we'll get you help.

Deacon: I don't want any help. I want to be alone right now. Let me be alone right now. I just want to be by myself! Please! Just go! Please, just leave me alone! Please, Jackie, just go.


Eric: Sally, we have every right to try to talk Thorne out of taking this enormous risk.

Sally: Don't worry, Eric. I'm not here to cause trouble.

Stephanie: Oh, and why are you here?

Sally: I just wanted to see the look on your faces when Thorne chose me over you.

Darla: Come on, Sal, you mean Spectra over Forrester.

Sally: Look at it any way you want. Fine. But let's not kid ourselves. This is more than just a business decision. This is about Thorne -- realizing who is really in his corner. Now, I understand you don't want to lose your son. But you turned your back on him when he needed you the most.

Thorne: That's water under the bridge, Sally.

Sally: Yeah, and it's pretty murky, polluted, unhealthy water, too. Poisoned by your family's lack of faith and your brother's disrespect. Thorne may have forgotten all the names that Ridge has called us over the years, but I haven't. I mean, to listen to him talk you'd think we were a pack of no talent thieves. Well, maybe he was right. Before Thorne came on board. But under his leadership, we've become a winning team. Now, he wants to be more than just our coach. He wants to be part owner. That doesn't mean he doesn't love you. He will always be your son. But he has another family now. One that took a chance on him when you didn't. And now, he wants to take a chance on us. And if you really admired and respected the man he's become, you would let him.

Thorne: Thank you, Sally. Mom, Dad? You've given me a lot to think about.

Eric: Well, you take your time, son.

Thorne: I don't need any more time. I've heard from all of you and I know what I have to do.

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