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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/24/05



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Brooke: It's okay to admit it. If there are latent feelings, please just say so and we will deal with it. We can all three go to therapy together. For god's sakes, please don't keep it inside if you think it's something that I'm not gonna want to hear. That would be the worst thing possible. That would be the most painful thing. For everybody involved.


Darla: Well, sally is with Clarke. In his office working on a little Dutch courage.

Thorne: Translation -- she's getting looped.

Darla: Hmm. She hates this position that she's in, Thorne.

Thorne: The position I put her in?

Darla: She loves you dearly. You do know that, don't you?

Thorne: I do. And I love her, too. She's been almost like a second mother to me. But does that mean that I have to be satisfied with status quo?

Darla: No. No, no, no. That's not what I'm saying, honey. But I do understand why you want to do this.

Thorne: Look, I can take Spectra Couture to the top. But in order to do that, I have to have more control.

Darla: And if Sally doesn't agree?

Thorne: Then I'll take Ridge up on his offer.

Darla: And go back to Forrester?

Thorne: Be on equal terms with him and dad, yes.

Darla: Sally would be devastated.

Thorne: Well, I won't leave her hanging in the lurch. I'll -- I'll wait till my contract's up.

Darla: Still, I have to wonder if you'd even be thinking about this if Ridge hadn't planted that seed in your head that you were undervalued here.

Thorne: You don't think I am?

Darla: I think you've done incredible things for this company.

Thorne: But?

Darla: But Spectra is very close to Sally's heart. Thorne, you'd be asking her to give up a piece of herself. I just want you to realize what it is, exactly, that you are asking of her.


Stephanie: You can stand there and deny this till you're blue in the face. But the fact that you would take this photograph --

Amber: Doesn't mean that I'm trying to get even with Ridge!

Stephanie: Amber -- I see right through you.

Amber: Which is why I wouldn't lie to you. I mean, I know you'd be all over me like a cheap suit. Look, I know I went about this the wrong way, but this thing that is still going on between Bridget and Ridge, I mean -- look, we both know Ridge's history with women. So if we don't stop him --

Stephanie: No, you stop it! Amber, you are not part of this family. You have put your nose in the wrong place and I'm going -- I'm going to ask you to leave. No, I think I'm going to tell you to go. Go from this house and don't ever come back.


Ridge: Brooke, we told you --

Brooke: I know what you told me. And I know you both believe that you've been completely honest with me. And with yourselves. But that's the problem with latent feelings. Sometimes you don't know that they're there until it's too late. That's why I need you to do as I asked. I need you to take a long look at Ridge and search your heart and your soul for your true feelings.

Ridge: Brooke --

Brooke: I want you to do the same, Ridge. Because until you do -- you have feelings for Ridge. You love him.

Bridget: And I always will, Mom. But not in a sexual way. Never, never that way.

Brooke: And you love Bridget, too.

Ridge: Yeah. I love her warmth, her compassion, her sensitivity. But -- when it comes to passion -- desire and who I want to spend the rest of my life with -- I only have those feelings for you.

Brooke: I needed to hear that.

Ridge: I needed to say it. Because it's true. You don't deserve what happened tonight.

Brooke: We can't blame this all on Amber.

Ridge: If she hadn't taken that damn picture --

Brooke: But she did. And she forced us to deal with this in a way that we might never have. Not that I'm excusing Amber. I mean, what she did was wrong. But I may have brought some of this on myself by listening to Stephanie.

Bridget: Stephanie?

Brooke: She warned me I could lose everything, if I ignored what might be happening between you two.

Ridge: But nothing was happening. I told mother that, point blank.

Brooke: I know, and I told her that, too. But it certainly didn't stop her from --

Bridget: Mom, I am so sorry. Look, I've just caused you all this pain. All I ever wanted was just -- for you to be happy. Please, please know that the feelings that I have for Ridge aren't a threat to your marriage. They never, ever will be.

Brooke: It's okay, honey. I believe you. Both of you. Ridge, wait. I want to see that one more time. I want to see what was really there -- your happiness and concern for my daughter. Yeah. That's all I see now. It's over. We're never going to bring this up again. And we're never going to let this threaten what we have, as a family. Not what you and I have together. This is the last time we ever bring this up.


Amber: You don't mean that.

Stephanie: I do!

Amber: No. No, no --

Stephanie: Yes, I do! I have given you every opportunity, and this is how you repay me? You take this photograph and you go to Brooke? What were you thinking?

Amber: I thought that I was helping. Stephanie --

Stephanie: And I want to tell you something -- tears aren't going to work this time. You are way out of line.

Amber: And Ridge wasn't?! I mean, have you looked at that picture?! Have you really looked at it?! 'Cause if you did, you would see what ridge is up to and why I had to go to Brooke. Because she loves him so much and they have a little baby together.

Stephanie: No, you had to go over there with "proof," because you're angry with Ridge. You want to get back at him because he doesn't want you dating tom.

Amber: How many times do I have to tell you that that isn't what this is about? Yes, I am furious with Ridge, but --

Stephanie: I am not going to stand here and argue with you! Do you understand?! It's finished! You go over to the guesthouse and pack your things and you leave. You have done all the damage that you're going to do to the people that I love.


Sally: Darla, I certainly hope you gave Thorne lots to think about.

Darla: What do you mean?

Sally: All of the reasons why he shouldn't consider jumping ship. Not when we're on the verge of achieving the kind of success we've only dreamed of.

Clarke: We've waited a long time for this, Darla.

Darla: I know that, Clarke. And he's only asking for his contribution to be recognized.

Sally: Fine. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll take out an ad in all of the trade publications. Hmm? Telling one and all how Thorne Forrester single-handedly saved this company, and our collective behinds.

Darla: I don't think that's the recognition that he wants.

Clarke: Right, he wants a 50/50 split, or he's splitting.

Darla: Which he doesn't want to do. He loves it here. He loves you, Sally. Maybe you could just meet him halfway.

Sally: You know what I've been through all of these years. You know better than anyone what it's taken for me to try and keep this ol' tub of a company afloat. And now Thorne Forrester comes along, and he wants me to give it all away -- and I don't know if I can.

Thorne: Well, then you shouldn't. If you feel that strongly.


Stephanie: Oh, Bridget. I was --

Bridget: Where's Amber? Amber!

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Bridget: Is she at the guesthouse?!

Stephanie: Yes, but she'll be gone.

Bridget: Gone?

Stephanie: Yes, I told her to leave. And I'm sure you know why.

Bridget: Oh, did she show you the photo that she took? Told you her version of -- well, not that you believed a word that she said, did you, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Well, I think there's still some issues to discuss. What's going on with you and Ridge, for instance?


[ Door slams ]

Amber: What are you doing here? Did Brooke --

Ridge: Toss me out? Tell me we're through? You'd have liked that, wouldn't you, Amber?

Amber: No, Ridge. Hey, I never meant to --

Ridge: Never meant to what? Give that photograph to my wife? Along with a pack of lies? Oh, yeah, of course you meant it, Amber. Just like you meant every other contemptible thing you've done to my family over the years.

Amber: You know that's not true. I was only trying to protect your family.

Ridge: Oh, shut up! You've never been concerned about anything but yourself, Amber. That was true from the moment you slithered into town, and it's true now. Only this time, you've gone too far.

Amber: Look, just calm down, okay? I didn't mean to cause problems between Brooke and Bridget.

Ridge: The fact that you can even say that with a straight face shows me just how delusional you really are.

Amber: You know, I am not delusional! You know what? That's what you want everyone to believe. That's what you want to believe, because it makes it easier for you to live with yourself. But I know what I saw in that picture.

Ridge: What your sick little mind wanted to see. But that doesn't matter anymore, because Brooke and I are stronger than we've ever been. Quick getaway? Is that what happened in here?

Amber: Stephanie kicked me out.

Ridge: Ah, so mother has finally seen you for who you really are -- a cancer that's been preying on our family for years.

Amber: Not all Foresters feel that way.

Ridge: If you're referring to my son -- like I told you before, your relationship with him is over. It's history.

Amber: I think Thomas would have something to say about that.

Ridge: If you ever breathe one word of this about Bridget and me to Thomas, I will make sure that you regret it for the rest of your life, amber.

Amber: You know, I wouldn't do that, because I love him way too much!

Ridge: You don't know the meaning of the word, amber! Otherwise, you wouldn't have tortured my family the way you did tonight. A family you would love to be a part of again, wouldn't you? That's never gonna happen. You will never be in this family. 'Cause as long as I'm in this family, you won't be! And there's not a damn thing you can do about it!


Sally: Does what you just said mean what I hope it does?

Thorne: It means I realize how hard this is for you, Sally.

Sally: But you still feel entitled to get a piece of Spectra's action, hmm?

Thorne: I don't think what I'm asking is unreasonable.

Sally: Even though you've only been here, what, maybe six months, hmm? And the rest of us have worked a lifetime to bring this company to where it is right now.

Thorne: Well, let's talk about those six months, Sally. All the changes -- for the better. Think of the pride that you have when you walk into this building every day. How your dream for spectra has finally been realized. And how the value of this company has increased significantly.

Clarke: Thorne does have a point. Without him, we'd still be churning out knockoffs, getting zero respect in the industry. You don't want to go back to that, do you?

Sally: All right. All right. Obviously, I'm getting nowhere here, so I am prepared to make you an offer. One that I hope will save what we have all worked so hard to build together.

Thorne: You have my attention.

Sally: All right, bottom line -- I will split the company with you even-steven. But I can't just give it to you. You're gonna have to buy into Spectra 50/50. Now, I've had an investment banker assess the business, and he tells us it's worth 100 million.

Clarke: Which means, if you want a piece of this action, you're gonna need to come up with $50 million.

Sally: It's the best I can do. So, what's it gonna be?


Bridget: Are you accusing me --

Stephanie: No. But I'm not going to turn a blind eye, either.

Bridget: Meaning what? That pictures don't lie? What Amber saw was perfectly innocent. I don't care what the photo looked like.

Stephanie: So, you're saying that Amber was mistaken?

Bridget: What I'm saying is that -- look, mom and Ridge and I have worked through all of this.

Stephanie: And Brooke believes that Amber was wrong?

Bridget: Amber was wrong! There is nothing going on, Stephanie! That's exactly how it's going to stay. Never again will Ridge and I cross that line! Never again.


Brooke: You had it out with Amber?

Ridge: I think my mother got to her first. Apparently she found out what Amber had done, and she sent her packing. Look, all I want to focus on right now is you and me. What we have. An incredible family, this amazing life that we've waited so long for. I think without trust it can all be gone in a moment, Logan. For a moment tonight, that's what I felt almost happened. That photograph almost caused you to lose faith in me. That scared the hell out of me. The thought of my life without you and our kids is -- I can't even picture my life without you. You and our family. And that's why I will never do anything to make you doubt me again. Because you are my everything, Brooke. You are my everything.


Amber: You think I'm gonna let you just erase me from this family? Think again, Ridge. I'm going to teach you a lesson. One you're going to remember for a very, very long time.

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