B&B Transcript Monday 1/17/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/17/05



By Amanda
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Hello.

 Brooke: I dozed off?

 Ridge: Mm-hmm.

 Brooke: Some romantic I am.

 Ridge: It's okay. We can make up for it. Last night --

 Brooke: Last night?

 Ridge: Mm-hmm.

 Brooke: You mean, I slept all night?

 Ridge: Mmm.

 Brooke: Oh!

 Ridge: You looked so peaceful, I didn't have the heart to wake you.

 Brooke: I'm sorry. We'll make up for it today.

 Ridge: Yeah. And this time when the bell rings, let 'em wait.

 Brooke: Who was it?

 Ridge: A little nighttime visitor. Thomas' girlfriend.

 Brooke: Amber was here?

 Ridge: She came to see me.

 Brooke: Let me guess. She wanted to ream you out for pulling a fast one at the Jackie "M" party?

 Ridge: She wasn't real happy about that. But I'm not entirely sure that's the reason she showed up.

 Brooke: What did she say?

 Ridge: Something about mistakes and forgiveness. She was trying to draw a parallel between her behavior and mine.

 Brooke: Now that's a stretch.

 Ridge: She didn't seem to think so.

 Brooke: You know amber. She's always irrational when she thinks that somebody's trying to trick her. So I wouldn't take it too personally.

 Ridge: Well, normally, I wouldn't. But she had this kind of intensity about her. It made me wonder what kind of crazy stunt she was going to pull next.

 Brooke: Thank god she and Thomas aren't sleeping together anymore.

 Ridge: This vibe I got from Amber -- anyway, can we take a rain check on the rain check from last night?

 Brooke: You want to talk to Thomas?

 Ridge: I just think he's gotta keep his eyes open now. In fact, I think we all have to stay alert now.

 Amber: Perfect. Ready to prints. Ridge, you had no right to threaten me. Especially after what you've been up to. Look at the way they're looking at each other. And you're telling me that's just friendship? With any luck, I can stop this before it gets out of hand.


 Darla: Hey, Sal, would you happen to have you the latest sales -- ? Ooh! Here. Let me help you.

 Amber: Oh, no, no, no! No, no. It's okay. Got it.


[ Swing music playing ]

 Thomas: Yeah, lookin' good.

 Caitlin: You think so?

 Thomas: Yeah, it kinda has that Frank Sinatra feel to it.

 Caitlin: Hey, try this on for size.

 Thomas: Oh, yeah. I'm gonna be the best dressed guy at that dance contest.

 Caitlin: Well, it kinda helps having a designer as a partner.

 Thomas: Yeah that's a major bonus. So, where's your costume?

 Caitlin: Okay. So, I was kinda going for a Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner type look.

 Thomas: Yowza.

 Caitlin: Put your tongue back in your mouth, and hand me that swatch.

 Thomas: Hey. They're playing our song.

 Caitlin: I'm really glad we chose it. It's got a good beat to it.

 Thomas: Yeah, it does, doesn't it? All right. Let's get some dance on.

 Thomas: All right, check out this new move.


 Darla: Amber, you're not in any kind of trouble, are you?

 Amber: Oh. No, I just had another run-in with Ridge.

 Darla: Oh, great.

 Amber: You know, why can't he see that I'm not some sort of loser and that I have the same good points and faults as everyone else? I mean, name one person who hasn't done something that they shouldn't do?

 Darla: Hmm, well, that's easy. How 'bout Ridge? He's a saint, you know? At least, that's the spin he puts out to the rest of the world.

 Amber: God. I wonder how Brooke does it? I mean, being married to someone who's always right?

 Darla: I honestly don't think she see's it.

 Amber: Yeah, maybe someone should open her eyes.

[ Darla scoffs ]

 Darla: Yeah, right. Okay, good luck.

 Amber: She deserves to know how out of control her husband is.

 Darla: You're serious about this, aren't you?

 Amber: If I can do something to save that marriage, then I owe it to the Forresters to do it.

 Darla: Well, save it from what? Amber? Amber, wait.


[ Swing music plays ]

 Caitlin: That was amazing. I mean, that move you just added. It is going to blow everyone away.

[ Thomas sighs ]

 Samantha: Ridge, what are you looking at?

 Ridge: Take a look.

 Thomas: Hey. Looks like we have our first audience. I hope you sold tickets.

 Ridge: Hey, I could have. You guys were that good.

 Hector: Good enough at what? What did we just walk in on?

 Caitlin: Oh, um -- Thomas and I were just dancing.

 Hector: Really? I didn't realize that was in your job description.

 Caitlin: Dad.

 Thomas: No, he's right, Caitlin. Page 22 of the Forrester handbook. It gets your creative juices flowing.

 Samantha: Oh. Absolutely. You should see Eric and me on mambo Monday.

 Hector: Ooh. I'm just not sure I want to see that.

Ridge: Look, before we start any rumors around here, I think I can clarify all this. The kids are in a dance contest at Roxbury academy.

 Caitlin: For the winter formal. It's a really big deal, so we try and get in some practice on our breaks.

 Hector: Hmm. I see. How come you sent it to Caitlin and not Amber?

 Thomas: Oh, Amber's not really into the whole high school thing.

 Caitlin: Yeah. And Thomas and I are just going as friends.

 Thomas: But we won't be doing anything unless we get back to our day jobs.

 Caitlin: Yeah, sorry. I've got a load of work.

 Hector: It's no wonder.

 Samantha: Well, you do what you have to do. Your father just wanted to come by for a few minutes to say hi.

 Caitlin: Thanks.

 Hector: We'll see you tonight.

 Caitlin: Okay.

 Ridge: Hey, sport, got a minute for me when you finish here?

 Thomas: Yeah. No problem.

 Hector: Take care of yourself, honey.

 Caitlin: Thanks, Dad.

 Samantha: See ya.

 Caitlin: Bye. Love you.

 Hector: Love you.

 Samantha: Well, who knew we had the next Fred and Ginger right under our noses?

 Hector: Well, I wonder if Amber knows.

 Ridge: Oh, don't worry about Amber.

 Hector: Really? She could put her foot down, Ridge. Freak out, cause all kinds of grief, and where would that leave Caty?

 Ridge: Hopefully, in Thomas' arms.

 Hector: Oh, I see. And who cares if Caitlin ends up the punching bag in all this, right? As long as she pulls Thomas away from Amber.

 Ridge: Look, Caitlin is not going to get hurt. It's Amber's world that's about to unravel.


 Brooke: Amber, hi.

 Amber: Hi. Can I come in?

 Brooke: Sure, but Thomas already left for the office.

 Amber: Oh, I know. And I noticed Ridge's car isn't here either. 

 Brooke: Right. He's gone, too.

 Amber: Perfect.

 Brooke: Why do I get the feeling you didn't just stop by to shoot the breeze?

 Amber: Don't worry, this isn't a rag on Ridge session either.

 Brooke: Good. 'Cause I'm afraid you wouldn't get very far. Not that I don't understand your situation. I'm still trying to convince Stephanie I'm worthy of her son.

 Amber: Yeah, those Forresters are pretty protective of their kids, aren't they?

 Brooke: Especially when they've made up their mind about somebody and it's really impossible to get them to change. So I hope you're not here to get me to talk to Ridge.

 Amber: Oh, no way. Uh-uh. I wouldn't cause trouble for you like that. I mean, actually, I came here to do just the opposite. I came here to help you.

 Brooke: Help me?

 Amber: I think I need to warn you about something. Something about Ridge.


 Caitlin: Are they still out there?

 Thomas: Yeah. I'm pretty sure my dad's making his case for the two of us to hook up again.

 Caitlin: Um, is that really what he wants? Or is it more about keeping you away from Amber?

 Thomas: My dad would be happy if I was with a cockroach over Amber.

 Caitlin: Okay. Well, that answers my question.

 Thomas: No, wait, wait, wait! Let me clarify. Yes, my dad would be happy if I was with someone besides Amber. But if I ended up with you, he'd be doing cartwheels. The guy's crazy about you. How could he not be?

 Caitlin: I don't know if this dance contest is such a good idea.

 Thomas: Why not?

 Caitlin: I don't know, just the idea of us going together. I mean I wouldn't want to get anyone's hopes up about us.

 Thomas: Well, neither would I, but -- Caitlin, you just need to go. If not, then I --

 Caitlin: You'd what?

 Thomas: I'd lose out on a lot of fun. I mean, this thing comes along once in a lifetime.

 Caitlin: You're right, it does.

 Thomas: So, it's settled then. We're still on?

 Caitlin: We're on.

 Thomas: Good.


 Brooke: What's this all about, Amber? First, you promise me you're not going to trash Ridge. And now you're telling me you have to warn me about him?

 Amber: Well, it's for your sake. And for his. And for the whole family. I mean, this has got to stop.

 Brooke: What does?  Amber: Have you noticed how Ridge has been kind of out there lately?

 Brooke: "Out there"?

 Amber: Yeah. On the line, sometimes crossing it. I mean, he's like a loose cannon.

 Brooke: I know he's been frustrated about things, but I wouldn't exactly call him a loose cannon.

 Amber: Okay. What about the way he treats his brother? I mean, dodging the guy just because he's trying to break out of his brother's shadow.

 Brooke: Now, that may be your interpretation, but there's a lot more going on between those two than that. Besides, Thorne hasn't exactly been an innocent bystander.

 Amber: Okay. Well, what about the way he insults Darla? Calling one of the sweetest people on the planet a "dingbat"?

 Brooke: Amber! I don't know why any of this really is your --

 Amber: And what about Eric? Hmm? Almost booting him out of his own company?

 Brooke: That's an exaggeration.

 Amber: He was going to replace him as CEO. And anyway you look at it, that's crossing the line. That's why you voted against it. You knew ridge had gone too far. And he has. You know, he's lost perspective on everything.

 Brooke: On everything?

 Amber: You know what I mean. I mean, he has a problem and you just can't ignore it.

 Brooke: Okay, Amber. Look, I thank you for really trying to help here. But I'm sure Ridge can manage his problems without your help.

 Amber: Are you sure that's what he's been doing?

 Brooke: Yes, I'm quite sure.

 Amber: How can you be so sure?

 Brooke: Because I've seen his efforts with Eric, and Thomas, Thorne.

 Amber: Well, what about the efforts he's making when you're not around?

 Brooke: What does that mean?

 Amber: You work. You're a busy lady. Do you ever think about what Ridge might be doing when you're not around?

 Brooke: All right, Amber -- what exactly are you trying to tell me?

 Amber: I'm trying to tell you about Ridge, okay? Ridge and Bridget.


 [ Knock on door ]

 Ridge: Is this a good time?

 Thomas: Uh, yeah. Just finished.

 Caitlin: Um -- why don't I take that down to production for you?

 Thomas: Oh, cool, thanks. Lunch today. Another dance rehearsal.

 Caitlin: Okay.

 Thomas: We can just order in.

 Caitlin: Okay. How about Baja Cantina?

 Thomas: Baja Cantina?

 Caitlin: Sure I'll call.

 Thomas: All right.

 Ridge: You two have a lot in common.

 Thomas: I guess.

 Ridge: It's too bad she made that mistake with Rick. Think where you guys would be right now.

 Thomas: Well, there's no point in speculation. You can't turn back the clock, right?

 Ridge: Well, that's not necessarily true. Obviously, Caitlin still cares a lot about you.

 Thomas: So, just forget about Amber?

 Ridge: I know you think she's the one. But how can you even make that kind of decision unless you've --

 Thomas: Sown my wild oats, like you did?

 Ridge: Well, you know, I had a helluva time.

 Thomas: You were legendary.

 Ridge: When I was your age, I tried it all. I was out there. Experiencing different cultures, different foods --

 Thomas: Different women.

 Ridge: Well, it's a big world, my friend. And now is your time to explore it -- before life and all its obligations start beating down your door. You know? Don't let it pass you by. Don't get tied down now. It's not about where you end up. It's your journey you take getting there. That's what counts. Your journey's out there just waiting for you. All you do is hop on and enjoy the ride. Enjoy your freedom.

 Thomas: Yeah. I get it. Do you ever miss it?

 Ridge: It was great while it lasted. But you know what? It led me to something much greater. The life I shared with your mother. And now with Brooke. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Now I can't even imagine what my life would be like without Brooke in it.


 Brooke: You're really grasping at straws now. Implying that there's anything to discuss about Ridge and Bridget.

 Amber: You don't have to cover with me, Brooke.

 Brooke: Amber, I'm losing my patience.

 Amber: Look, I don't mean to dwell on a painful subject here, but I think if we just get what happened with Ridge and Bridget out on the table, we can --

 Brooke: All right, this has officially become a waste of time. I'd like you to leave.

 Amber: I know it's still an issue, Brooke.

 Brooke: And what is happening?

 Amber: I overheard Ridge and Stephanie talking about it.

 Brooke: What?

 Amber: Take it easy, okay? I'm not gonna spread this around to anyone. I mean, that's the last thing I want to do.

 Brooke: There's nothing to spread around.

 Amber: I am not the enemy here. Seriously. Look, I have watched you fight this amazing battle to win the man you love. You know, what anything anyone threw at you, you fought through that, and you got ridge. You married him. And now you have this incredible family. I mean, do you have any idea what kind of inspiration that is to me? You have shown me that happy endings are possible. Only now, there's something threatening that -- something that I might be able to help prevent. So, here I am, for you, for your family and for Thomas. He loves what you guys have so much. When I think about what an affair between Ridge and Bridget would do to him --

 Brooke: There is no affair, Amber, and there isn't going to be one.

 Amber: But with the two of them living under the same roof --

 Brooke: That is irrelevant. What happened between them happened in the past. It's forgotten. It's done.

 Amber: I know you said that if Ridge made another move on Bridget, then your marriage was over.

 Brooke: That's right. And I trust my husband to honor that. So we really don't need to have this conversation.

 Amber: But I think we do.

 Brooke: Amber --

 Amber: Look, Brooke, I would not push this if I didn't think that you needed to know. I mean, I think you need to know what's going on in your own home. I'm sorry, Brooke. Ridge has hurt a lot of people, and I don't want you to be one of them. He has to be stopped before it's too late.

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