B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/12/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/12/05



By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Okay. Out with it. What's going on?

Thomas: What do you mean?

Ridge: I slave all morning over a hot griddle to make my famous harvest nut and grain pancakes, and nobody wants any.

Thomas: Well, I can't speak for the rest of us, but I'm watching my figure.

Ridge: Yeah? Since when?

Bridget: Since the big winter formal is almost here?

Thomas: Who told you?

Bridget: Oh, come on. I went to Roxbury, too, back in the dark ages. It's always been a really big deal.

Thomas: Well, then, what about the dance contest? Did they have that when you were there?

Bridget: You planning on struttin' your stuff?

Thomas: Caitlin and I are thinking about giving it a whirl, yeah.

Ridge: You and Caitlin? Does this mean --

Thomas: It means that amber's not too big on going to high school dances, so Caitlin and I are going as friends. Just friends. Amber's still my girl, despite your meddling at the Jackie M bash the other night.

Bridget: By the way, Thomas, that's something I wanted to discuss with you.

Thomas: What's that?

Bridget: The whole Amber involvement. Believe me, I know the last thing you want is unsolicited advice, I understand.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Thomas: Hmm. Picture message from Amber. What the -- oh, man, is that --

Brooke: What's going on?

Thomas: I'm sorry. I gotta jet.

Ridge: Thomas --

Thomas: See ya later, troops.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Ridge: Somebody remind me again what breakfast with the family was like before cell phones?

Bridget: Hello?

Nick: Hey, it's Nick. I'm over at Chuck's. I want you to come over and join me.

Bridget: Mm, for greasy ribs and fries? I don't think so.

Nick: Come on. Get out of that house, have a little fun. Promise you won't be disappointed.

Bridget: You're up to something.

Nick: I'll see you in a few. She's on her way.

Bridget: Oh, wow. Thanks for breakfast, guys.

Ridge: You're going, too?

Bridget: Um, yeah. Got to. Bye, kiddo. I'll see ya later. Bye, little one. I love you, mom.

Brooke: I love you.

Bridget: Bye.

Ridge: Logan, you okay? You haven't said ten words this morning. Tossed and turned all night. Is everything all right?

Brooke: Not according to Stephanie.

Ridge: Oh, no. What is she doing now?

Brooke: I paid her a visit yesterday to reassure her that I had everything under control with Bridget.

Ridge: She didn't believe you?

Brooke: Not only did she not believe me, she seemed convinced that you and my daughter were going to give in to temptation before I know what's happening.


Eric: Are you sure about this?

Stephanie: I spoke to Oscar. He said that Bridget broke the engagement quite a while ago.

Eric: Why? Did Oscar do something, because if he did --

Stephanie: Eric, Eric, you're missing the point.

Eric: Which is?

Stephanie: She didn't tell anyone about this, including you. And you're her father.

Eric: Maybe she has high hopes for their relationship. Maybe that's why she's still wearing Oscar's ring.

Stephanie: She's hiding behind that ring, because she doesn't want to face her feelings for Ridge.

Eric: Oh, for god's sakes, Stephanie!

Stephanie: Eric, she has not gotten over him. Now, I know you don't want to hear this --

Eric: Wait, do you honestly believe that Bridget would come on to her mother's husband?

Stephanie: Eric, I know you love your daughter --

Eric: No. You know, no. Let's not even go there. Bridget is a moral, decent young woman.

Stephanie: Of course she is! Nobody's saying that she isn't. But we're talking about feelings here, emotions. Those are hard to control when you're young. Hell, they're hard to control at any age. If this gets out of hand, Eric, it'll be disastrous. Now, we cannot let that happen.


Johnny: Who knew, huh? Who knew? Nick Marone, sea captain turned matchmaker.

Nick: Now listen, this Bridget's a good kid, but she's run into a few squalls lately.

Johnny: Right, and you think I could help steer her past them.

Nick: I think you two have a lot in common. Just be yourself, maybe you'll hit it off with her. Believe me, you'll make a sea captain very happy. Hopefully make her happy, too.


Eric: Now, just what exactly is it that you expect me to do about this?

Stephanie: I expect you to face the situation, and not bury your head in the sand.

Eric: I'm not! Stephanie, everything is different now. Everything has changed. Now, Ridge is a happily married man, and Bridget is a beautiful, mature young lady who will have no trouble finding someone to love. I'm certain of that.


Nick: Makes me a little nervous, that coffee. Oh, here she is. Hey!

Bridget: Hi.

Nick: Hey, thanks for coming.

Bridget: Yeah, well, like you gave me a choice?

Nick: Well, first things first. I want to introduce you to somebody. This is Dr. Bridget Forrester, I'd like you to meet Dr. Johnny Berlanti. Bridget, Johnny. Johnny, Bridget. Bridget, Johnny.

Johnny: It's nice to meet you, Bridget.

Bridget: Yeah, it's nice to meet you, too. Only, I'm not a doctor.

Johnny: Right, you just play one on TV, right? Sorry, it's a bad joke. You want to join us?

Bridget: Sure.

Johnny: Great.

Bridget: Thank you.

Nick: Funny guy, you know? Very funny. And fun, fun. Actually, he's suffering from jet lag right now. Why don't you tell her about the jet lag, Johnny?

Johnny: I've been in Africa couple of months. Working with an outreach program, which is actually sponsored by Marone Industries.

Nick: He travels around the world, bringing medical aid to underdeveloped countries. It's very humanitarian.

Johnny: The long story short is, I've been tapped to run the program here in the United States, which I'll be doing from the L.A. Offices.

Nick: Impressive, huh?

Bridget: Your family must be really proud.

Johnny: Ephram and Ami.

Bridget: Your parents?

Johnny: My Irish setters. My only family.

Bridget: Oh.

Nick: He's a heck of a guy, isn't he? Cares for people. Loves animals.

Johnny: Look, enough about me. I hear your life's been pretty interesting lately.


Amber: Mm, that was fast. Did you check out those pictures I sent?

Thomas: Actually, it was kind of hard to tell. Were those Laker tickets?

Amber: Check it out. Floor seats to the Miami game.

Thomas: Get out! That means a Kobe/Shaq match-up.

Amber: I know. I know. Awesome, right? So, we're on?

Thomas: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the -- oh.

Amber: What?

Thomas: The game. It's the same night as winter formal.

Amber: Really? Well, I didn't realize.

Thomas: Uh, Caitlin is all psyched about the dance contest. I don't really want to --

Amber: Disappoint her.

Thomas: I knew you'd understand. You're the best. Thanks, babe.


Brooke: Thanks, Catherine. I'll be up to check on them in a few minutes.

Ridge: When I get my hands on mother -- what the hell's she thinking, making a comment to you like that?

Brooke: Stephanie claims that she's concerned. And in her own way, maybe she is. But I still think she's up to her old tricks.

Ridge: She's just trying to make you feel insecure, that's what she's doing.

Brooke: I never should've told her what I saw that night.

Ridge: What you saw?

Brooke: After the Jackie M party, when I came downstairs and saw you reassuring Bridget.

Ridge: And that's all it was. You know that.

Brooke: Unfortunately, Stephanie jumped to conclusions, just like I did. She doesn't want you anywhere near Bridget.

Ridge: Oh, for god's sakes. Logan, I made you a promise. What happened in the past was never gonna happen again.

Brooke: I know. And I believe you. I do. I know you wouldn't do anything to jeopardize what we have. But, ridge, you know Stephanie. She's not gonna give up on this. Especially when she thinks there might be a chance --

Ridge: What, that I'm going to cross the line?

Brooke: I just don't want her going to my daughter, Ridge. She's been hurt enough already. The last thing she needs is Stephanie to dump all that guilt on her. That would be the worst thing possible, especially after everything that Bridget is dealing with right now.


Thomas: Listen, about the tickets --

Amber: You change your mind?

Thomas: Hey, you know I'd love to go. It's just -- I'm the one who invited Caitlin, since you have like, a thing against high school dances.

Amber: I don't have a thing against -- but, look, it's okay, because I could probably just exchange them for another night. What?

Thomas: I just realized there's four of these.

Amber: Oh, yeah. I thought maybe we could bring your dad and Brooke along. I mean, I know how much he likes the Lakers. Plus, after what happened at that Jackie M party, you know, with Ridge asking me to dance. I really feel like he's starting to accept me. It's a lame idea, right?

Thomas: No, no, no, no. It's cool, what you're trying to do.

Amber: But? Is it still Brooke? Is she still coming down on me? And that's putting your dad in a weird spot? 'Cause if that's what it is --

Thomas: No, it's not Brooke. It's my dad who still has a problem with you.


Ridge: You're right. Bridget's got enough to deal with without mother getting involved.

Brooke: Which I tried making Stephanie understand, but --

Ridge: Given everything that's happened, what choice does she have?

Brooke: She's worried about the family.

Ridge: She's worried whether I'll be able to keep my hands off my wife's daughter. That's what she's worried about.

Brooke: Oh, Ridge --

Ridge: Look, we both know what she's really saying here.

Brooke: I'll tell you what I know. I know how much you regret hurting Bridget and me. And how you wish that whole thing never happened.

Ridge: You just shouldn't have to deal with all of mother's constant harping. Neither should Bridget. And you're not gonna have to, either. Because I'm gonna put a stop it, once and for all. Right now.


Bridget: Why do I get a funny feeling, um --

Nick: What feeling?

Bridget: The feeling that your friend knows more about me than I know about him.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Nick: Yeah? Yeah, yeah. Hang on. I gotta take this, okay?

Johnny: You want us to --

Nick: No, no, no, no. Just stay here. I'll make my move to my "office." Yeah, go ahead.

Johnny: Hell of a guy.

Bridget: Yeah, and about as subtle as a ten-ton tanker.

Johnny: So, lay it on me.

Bridget: What?

Johnny: "Bridget Forrester: My life, birth to present."

Bridget: Oh, jeez, you really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Johnny: All right, let's just fast forward, then, to the last couple of weeks. You were living in Europe, right?

Bridget: Denmark. I was going to medical school. And I just decided to put that on hold for right now.

Johnny: What, you're not going back?

Bridget: No, I'm just taking a break. You know, spending some time with my family seems to --

Johnny: Be exactly what the doctor ordered. In more ways than one.

Bridget: Yeah.


Stephanie: You haven't heard one thing that I've said.

Eric: Yes, I have. I have. And want you to drop it, right now. I know my daughter. And she's not the same little girl she was when she left L.A. She's grown, and she's matured, and there's no way she -- she's never gonna let this thing happen again. And neither is Ridge.

Stephanie: You sound like Brooke.

Eric: Like Brooke -- you brought this up to Brooke? My god, what are you thinking, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Of course I brought it up. I'm concerned.

Eric: No, stop! Not another word. This is a complete overreaction on your part. And the fact that you would even bring it up is so hurtful and insensitive to both Ridge and Bridget. And there's nothing to be gained from it, except to be hurtful to the people we love. I'll call you later.

Ridge: Mother? I need to talk with you.


Amber: No. No, I mean, that can't be right, because Ridge and I, we were getting along so well at that party.

Thomas: That's what he wanted you to believe.

Amber: What he -- um, I don't understand.

Thomas: It was a set-up, Amber. He wanted to give me some time with Caitlin out on the patio.

Amber: What?

Thomas: He's trying to push Caitlin and I together, and he figured if we had some alone time -- look. It doesn't matter, okay? Because I'm on to my dad now, and he knows it. And if he ever tries anything like this again -- I just hate to get your hopes up.

Amber: I just -- I just thought that he was finally starting to give me a chance, you know? That he was starting to -- I'm so stupid. I'm such an idiot.

Thomas: Hey, don't turn this back on yourself. You've done everything possible to show him how much you've changed. How good you are for me. And you are good for me. If my old man can't see it, it's because he doesn't want to see it. It's totally his loss.

Amber: Why? Why does it have to be this way? I love your family so much. And being accepted by them, I want that more than anything in the world. Because I know how much it would mean to you. To us. But now, I mean, I realize that I was just being played by Ridge, and nothing's changed. Not really. And it hurts. It hurts a lot.


Bridget: So, your father steered you toward medicine?

Johnny: Well, no. He didn't have to steer . I was performing appendectomies at the ripe old age of 8. They were on the dolls of the girl next door. Really small appendixes.

Bridget: Well, that explains why you didn't marry the girl next door.

Johnny: Yeah, I guess you're right. And somehow, Ms. Forrester, you have managed to steer this conversation back to me. Tactfully, of course. But what really I want is to get to know you.

Bridget: Well, your life is a lot more fascinating than mine, I'm sure.

Johnny: Look, I doubt that. But either way, let's find out.

Bridget: Oh, what makes me tick?

Johnny: Yeah. I've already got a few ideas, which I'd like to explore further. Say, over dinner?

Bridget: Um --

Johnny: Look, unless you think that's too forward.

Nick: Oh, please. What's forward about asking a beautiful woman to dinner? Is that forward to you?

Bridget: Well, your heart's in the right place.

Nick: Well, maybe your heart should be in a different place.


Stephanie: You must have gotten an earful from Brooke.

Ridge: This is not about Brooke. This is about you. And this insanity you're trying to pawn off as concern.

Stephanie: And you don't think Bridget living in your house is a threat?

Ridge: No, I don't. And neither does Bridget. Mother, I love my wife. We have a son together now. Do you honestly think I'm going to give all that up for Brooke's daughter? I just don't understand what you're trying to do here. I'm happier than I've been in a long, long time, mother. Don't you want me to be happy? Or is that why you're trying to ruin this for me?

Stephanie: Oh, honey, I'm trying to keep you from ruining it, because you won't see the situation for what it is.

Ridge: Oh, for god's sakes.

Stephanie: Bridget is very alluring for you. Don't deny that.

Ridge: Stop it.

Stephanie: You have feelings for one another.

Ridge: Oh, Mother, stop it! Come on!

Stephanie: I'm not going to stop until you open your eyes up.

Ridge: My eyes are open.

Stephanie: I've heard that before, those exact words. And that's what concerns me. And you should be concerned. Honey, there's a certain combination of you and certain women, and Bridget is one of them. Look, she has the same qualities that Caroline and Taylor had. Qualities that you admire and respect.

Ridge: So, what, now you're trying to promote this?

Stephanie: Oh, don't be silly. You've opened your heart to so few people in your life. Bridget is one of them, and now you've got her living in your house.

Ridge: So, you think we're tempting fate.

Stephanie: I think you're bringing everything back up all over again. All of those feelings all over again. Now, I know you never meant for anything to happen, and yes, there were extenuating circumstances.

Ridge: I probably should have realized what was happening, and stopped it before it even started. But I didn't. Now I regret that. I regret what happened, Mother. I regret bringing all that pain and confusion into Brooke and Bridget's life. But I'm not going to repeat that now!

Stephanie: Not on purpose, no. But honey, it only takes one moment of vulnerability. Temptation. And I'm not saying that it will happen. What I'm saying is, why put yourself in harm's way? Think of your family. Think of Brooke. I know you're in love with your wife. I have finally come to accept that. You have a wonderful baby. I want you to protect your family. If I didn't love you, do you think I would be standing here telling you this? Please, face this. Think about it. You've got to get Bridget out of the house before something happens that will cost you your whole world.

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