B&B Transcript Thursday 1/6/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/6/05



by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Jackie: Since our corporate office is right here in our flagship store, your position will also include our customers, who can be quite difficult sometimes. In fact, even Deacon and I have to step in to assist them.

Heather: Well, that's certainly no problem, Mrs. Marone.

Jackie: Heather, I've told you time and time again that it is Jackie.

Heather: Jackie! I'm sorry. But my duties will primarily involve assisting Mr. Sharpe? Deacon.

Jackie: What a quick study. Yes. As his executive assistant, you'll be handling all his personal and his business.

Heather: Any special preferences I should know about? Favorite restaurant, a favorite beverage, perhaps?

Jackie: Oh, root beer. He's crazy about root beer. In fact, he's quite hooked on it.

Heather: Root beer. I'll be sure to keep plenty on hand.

Jackie: That's good. Actually, apart from that, oh, he's a health nut, really. You know, he this a protein shake every afternoon that is -- what is it? Fish oil, and -- just lumpy things. It's vile.

Heather: You know, I saw a blender in the kitchenette. I'll get the recipe, and I'll make him one today.

Jackie: Thank you for indulging him.

Heather: Not at all. I mean, it is what I'm getting paid for.

Jackie: Bye-bye. Your new assistant? She's fabulous.

Deacon: Apparently, so's my girlfriend. "Retail couture's undisputed 'it' woman" -- get this alliteration. "A beguiling blend of British charm and effortless L.A. Pizazz"-- "so damn foxy you just want to ravish her in the Jackie m show window." Can you write that? 'Cause --

Jackie: What? They can't say that! Where'd they get that quote from?

Deacon: The "Deacon Sharpe observer." It's a very respected magazine.

Jackie: Oh, you are a bad, bad man.

Deacon: Well, honey, you'd know. But, hey, listen -- it's all true. Jackie, they're writing about our party at bikini beach in magazines all over the world. I mean, this is exciting.

Jackie: Yeah.

Deacon: Yeah.

Jackie: It's wonderful. And it's wonderful to see you happy again.

Deacon: No, I just -- I got to admit, I felt a little freaked out the night that I wanted to have a drink, but it'll be okay. I just can't figure out what triggered it, that's all.

Jackie: Can you come up with anything?

Deacon: I think it's like I told you at the beach house, you know? I had such an amazing night, it was incredible. And the party was a success, professionally and personally. I just guess on some level, I don't really feel like I deserve it, you know? I guess I'm afraid I'm gonna screw it up.

Jackie: And I told you, deacon, those days are over. You have earned your success, and you are not going to mess it up.

Deacon: No, I guess I won't. 'Cause I got you next to me. I can beat anything. Come here.


Thomas: Well, I think we found our music. How did you get so good at swing dancing?

Caitlin: Are you kidding? My nana was a champion. She taught me. What's your excuse?

Thomas: Well, I'm just a swingin' kind of guy.

Caitlin: You know, it's getting kind of hot in here. Maybe I should get us something to drink?

Thomas: Yeah, that's a good idea. Hey, that was fast.

Amber: What was?

Thomas: You -- you finding me here. I totally forgot you were coming.

Amber: You're all sweaty! Don't tell me your grandpa's trying to build character with manual labor.

Thomas: No, not exactly.

Amber: You know what? I don't care. I like you like this. A lot.


Jackie: Massimo. Nicky told me that you were doing better, but this is wonderful. Look at you. It's good to see you like this.

Massimo: Is it?

Jackie: I wish I'd known you were coming.

Deacon: Oh, I think Massimo enjoys the element of surprise, don't you?

Jackie: Deacon, please.

Deacon: Okay. Sorry.

Jackie: Would you like to sit down? I'll get you a drink.

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no. I'm fine. I just came to see for myself how -- how you're doing.

Jackie: Oh, you mean the store. Of course you do. Well, we've been working hard, and --

Massimo: Mm, so Dominick tells me.

Jackie: I know that you believe your faith in me was misplaced. But I intend to prove to you, at least as far as my business abilities are concerned, you were not mistaken.


Amber: So what are you doing here anyway?

Thomas: Practicing for that dance contest.

Amber: Dance? Oh. Oh, right. That thing at your school. Isn't it kind of hard to practice by yourself?

Thomas: I wasn't. She just went to get us something to drink.

Amber: She? She who?

Thomas: Caitlin.

Amber: Caitlin?

Caitlin: Oh, hey, Amber.


Massimo: I think that you've struck just the right note here.

Jackie: Oh, you think so?

Massimo: Well, elegant. But welcoming. Not at all austere.

Jackie: Thank you. Because that's just what we were striving for.

Deacon: Yeah, we wanted Jackie M. To be like the woman herself -- warm, inviting.

Massimo: I'll leave you to your work.

Jackie: Massimo -- it means a great deal to me that you came here today. Thank you. And -- we still have a son together. So I'm hoping that we can be friendly with each other.

Massimo: Considering the current circumstances -- I don't see that as a possibility. I wish you luck, Jacqueline.

Jackie: Deacon?

Deacon: What was that? Tell me. Please. Why was he here?

Jackie: He was just checking in.

Deacon: No, he was checking in on us. That guy is hanging out, just waiting for me to self-explode.

Jackie: That is ridiculous. He doesn't want me. He's made that perfectly clear. And if he did, he wouldn't just be waiting around for me. He'd be doing something. He'd be taking action.

Deacon: Why bother? Why? I'm just gonna push you back into his arms. I mean, he thinks I'm that big a loser.

Jackie: Oh. Since when has his opinion mattered to you?

Deacon: Since maybe I'm worried that he could be right?

Jackie: What?

Deacon: What if I am just waiting around to self-destruct, Jackie?

Jackie: That's insane.

Deacon: Oh, is it? Is it? You see, you didn't really know me when I was drinking. I was a real piece of work, let me tell you. I drank to numb the pain, all the little clichés that we say. But see, I had to take it a step further. When I drank, I tormented everyone around me. I inflicted pain on everyone else.

Jackie: Well, you're a different person now.

Deacon: Sometimes I think that same person is still inside of me. It's like he's doing push-ups inside, just getting stronger, just looking for that opening to come out. Let me tell you something -- this guy, he really is a bad man. He's cold, Jackie, and he's -- he's cruel. And doesn't give a damn who he hurts.

Jackie: That's not the man that I know.

Deacon: No, baby, he's not. He's not. 'Cause if you knew this guy, he's enough to make you sick to your stomach. Makes me sick to my stomach, you know, think about the things he used to do. The women he used to seduce, and just toss aside like they meant nothing. All the sleazy things that he would do, and didn't care about, you know? He didn't give a damn about anybody. I think sometimes that maybe, he was as addicted to the misery and the pain as the alcohol.

Jackie: Deacon, you can stop right there. You're absolutely going to stop, because this horrible, horrible person that you are talking about is dead! Do you hear what I'm telling you? He is dead!


Thomas: Thanks. Caitlin, I was just telling Amber that you agreed to go to the winter formal with me.

Amber: Yeah, I think it's fantastic. I am so glad Thomas isn't going to miss out on my account.

Caitlin: Great. Oh, hey, Thomas, Megan was looking for you. She had a question on something you were working on.

Thomas: Okay, I'll go check it out. Be right back.

Amber: You know, it's really nice of you to say yes to Thomas like that. Gutsy, too. I mean, going with a guy who already has a girlfriend.

Caitlin: Oh, we're just going as friends. I don't know why anyone would care.

Amber: And if they do, I mean, so what, right? I mean, if they think it's kinda pathetic, or, you know, kind of sad. I mean, you know how people are.

Caitlin: Yeah, Amber. I know how some people are. You know, he only asked me because he thought that you didn't want to go.

Amber: I don't.

Caitlin: Well, it seems like you don't want me to go, either. So, if that's true, you just need to tell me.

Amber: No, Caitlin, of course not. I'm sorry if it sounded that way. Yeah, I want you guys to go to this dance, and I want you have a great time -- and win that dance competition.

Caitlin: Yeah, well, we just might.

Amber: Good. You know, I'm really glad that Thomas can still enjoy this kind of teenage, high school type of fun.

Caitlin: Why wouldn't he?

Amber: Caitlin, Thomas and I, we have a very adult relationship. His maturity level is pretty far past anyone else in his class. This dance will be like a final good-bye to all of that kid stuff for Thomas. So I hope it's really nice. I gotta get going. I should be back at spectra, but tell Thomas that I'll call him, or I'll see him later, 'kay?

Thomas: Hey. Where's Amber?

Caitlin: Oh, she had to go back to work.

Thomas: Do you think she's okay with us going to the formal together?

Caitlin: No.

Thomas: No?

Caitlin: Well, I don't know. She seemed kind of uncomfortable with it, but she wasn't about to show it. Thomas, I don't think we should do this.

Thomas: For real?

Caitlin: Well, I just don't want to cause any problems between you and Amber.

Thomas: You're not. Really, we're solid.

Caitlin: Right. Okay, so you still want to go with me?

Thomas: Totally. You still want to win the dance contest?

Caitlin: Totally.

Thomas: Well, consider yourself in training.

Caitlin: I don't know. I might have a thing or two teach you.

Thomas: Uh-huh. I hope so.


[ Birds chirping ]

Massimo: Hello, Heather.

Heather: Hello.

Massimo: How did deacon respond to my little visit?

Heather: Not well.

Massimo: Really?

Heather: He was pretty shaken up, I'd say. Was that your intention?

Massimo: Alcohol is not the only weapon at our disposal, Heather. It's not even the most powerful one. That is Deacon's own weak nature. His insecurity. His sense of doom. We've harnessed it now. Heather, I can tell you exactly what that man is picturing in his mind's eye right now. His own self-destruction. You've heard about the power of visualization, right? What you can imagine, you achieve? Well, our Mr. Sharpe, one way or another, is gonna fulfill his own prophecy.

Heather: With a little help from us.

Massimo: Speaking of which --

Heather: Oh, I'm already on it. Massimo, what are you visualizing?

Massimo: Deacon's own self-destruction. Jacqueline's despair, her pity and her eventual disgust.

Heather: And her return to your waiting arms?

Massimo: Let's not keep deacon waiting. I am sure that he is getting very thirsty.

Heather: Yes, sir.


[ Blender running ]

Heather: I hope I'm not interrupting. I've made you a protein shake. I'll just leave it right here.

Jackie: Look, even if this other person, this sociopathic alter ego that you're so terrified of, even if he does exist, what makes you so certain that he's suddenly gonna come out?

Deacon: Why did I want to have a drink all of the sudden? That's what I'm not understanding, and that's -- that's what's scaring me.

Jackie: Okay, let me tell you something. I am not gonna meet this other Deacon.

Deacon: Maybe you'll already have left by the time he shows up.

Jackie: I'm not going anywhere. Neither are you. And neither is this other person. He is going to stay exactly where you put him. You banished him through your own self-determination and your own self-discipline.

Deacon: Self-determination -- determination, self-discipline, huh? Okay. What happens if we only get, you know, like, a finite amount of that, and I've already burned through mine?

Jackie: Because it doesn't work like that. The stronger you are, the more you resist these demons, the stronger you become. And you've proved that. The very fact that you've been able to acknowledge it, talk to me about it, you've proved it, Deacon. You can do this. You're committed to doing the right thing.

Deacon: I'm committed to you, that's for sure.

Jackie: I know you are. We've been through so much together. We're gonna get through this, too.

Deacon: God, I love you. Man, I wish with all my heart that I could just promise you that I wasn't gonna screw up, but I can't. But I can tell you this much -- I will fight. I will fight like hell. I'll go to my meetings, and, you know, I'll do everything I can to keep this thing inside of me locked up. And I'm gonna do it for you.

Jackie: No. For you.

Deacon: You gave up your marriage. You gave up your house. You -- you risked your relationship with your son, because, for some reason, you think I'm worth it. That's why I love this thing that we have so much, and I'm not gonna risk losing it, so I'm gonna stay strong, and I'm gonna stay healthy.

[ Jackie giggles ] And I vow that will never let alcohol touch my lips again, okay?

Jackie: I know you can do this, Deacon. I know you can. I believe in you.

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