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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/22/04

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By Boo
Proofread by Becky

[this part of the transcript typed by hand. The closed captioning wasnít working.]

Eric: Oh my.

Stephanie: Youíre right, Iím glad we got it tuned.

Eric: No Iím talking about the eggnog.

Stephanie: Whatís wrong with the eggnog?

Eric: Not enough nutmeg.

Stephanie: No what you mean not enough Rum.

Eric: She can never take a hint, you know year after year I ask her..

Stephanie: And I donít want any complaints about the dressing this year because it is your motherís recipe.

Eric: Yes, and if itís good enough for my mother, itís good enough for us.

Stephanie: Weíre going to have a great time, a packed house, with both the boyís families and Bridget.

Eric: Yes, thatís the best Christmas surprise of all. Bridget is going to be here.

Stephanie: Look what I found, I thought theyíd been broke years ago.

Eric: Thorne, he has the same sweet smile now as he did then.

[Stephanie laughs]

Stephanie: And Ridge, pretty even then.

Eric: Yes indeed. Thatís the year that he decided he no longer believed in Santa Claus.

Stephanie: That was the year that you decided to put on a Santa Claus outfit go on top of the house and fell off the roof because there was too much Rum in the eggnog.

Eric: One time. One time I fell of the roof.

Stephanie: It only takes one time darling.

[both laugh]

Eric: this is going to be a great Christmas, you know that?

Stephanie: mmm hmm.

Eric: Itís going to be wonderful. Especially because we have our brand new two grandchildren having their first Christmas here. In our house.

Stephanie: I know.

Eric: Surrounded by people they love.

Stephanie: I know. Uh oh.

Ridge: Look at this place. All decked out for Christmas. just like the north pole.

Stephanie: My favorite Christmas elf, and it isnít you.

Eric: You didnít say that you were bringing R.J.

Ridge: Well, Brooke and Catherine took the other kids to go do some last minute shopping. I hope you donít mind, I know you wanted to talk business. 

Eric: Oh, itís perfectly appropriate. He can sit in with us. He can learn from us. He can hit the ground running.

Stephanie: Please, heís a Forrester. Heíll decorate. Heíll have a wonderful time. Weíll be very happy together.

Ridge: Remember you said that. Heís teething.

[kissing noises]

Stephanie: [whispering] See the tree, hmm?? Wanna see the tree? Look. See the balls, and theirs a picture of dad. How do you like that?


Darla: Merry Christmas everyone.

Clarke: Ah bah hum-bug.

Darla: Oh, what does that mean? What happened?

Thorne: Our first sales report came in. It isnít as good as we hoped for.

Darla: Oh come on, how bad can it be?

Sally: I donít know honey. I just donít get it. I know we came charging out of the gate like a winner with our fashion showdown against Forrester, and then we followed that up with our moon light publicity stunt at Jackie M.

Clarke: The whole world was talking about us.

Sally: So why did they stop?

Darla: Because we stopped. Like we fell into a black hole waiting for clearance to get the Forrester trademark.

Thorne: Darlaís right, and now that we have clearance we need to get our name back out there again, big time.

Sally: weíre talking about big time hmm. Well that happens to be my specialty. I mean you may not have noticed it but I have always had a tendency to do things in a rather broad way.

Clarke: you donít say.

Sally: you just leave the P.R. campaign to me. I guarantee you. I will have everybody buzzing about us again. Our name is gonna be huge.


Eric: Here we are, check this out.

Ridge: The latest sales figures

Eric: Letting spectra use our logo hasnít hurt our sales at all. In fact profits are up.

Ridge: You call me over here to tell me I told you so?

Eric: Yes, but thatís not the only reason. I called you over here because I want you to come back. Forrester needs you. I need you.


Amber: Stephanie, please tell me that that isnít Ridgeís car in the driveway.

Stephanie: Heís in the study with Eric.

Amber: okay

Stephanie: No no, look. His baby is here. [whispering] R.J., heís asleep. If he was awake Iíd say to him look itís Amber. Our good family friend.

Amber: Hello.

Stephanie: Isnít he adorable?

Amber: Your daddy doesnít think Iím your friend, but what does he know huh?? He doesnít know anything. Oh, he is so beautiful.

Stephanie: You wanna hold him.

Amber: Oh yea yea yea Iíd love to. oh wait hmmmm. [sighs] I donít know.

Stephanie: I think itíll be okay.

Amber: Oh. Oh. Heís so precious. Your such a precious big big boy arenít you? Oh he smells so good. You smell better than heaven. Yes you do. Thatís what I used to tell my little baby. I know what youíre doing. yep, why you wanted me to hold him. You are trying to prove that I am ready for a baby and Thomas isnít.

Stephanie: Am I?

Amber: Yes you are and itís not going to work because I can definitely put off having a baby.

[Stephanie chuckles]

Stephanie: Look me in the eye and tell me that one again.


Ridge: I donít get it.

Eric: Well I canít put it any plainer I want you back.

Ridge: According to these sales figures, youíre doing just fine with out me. But it is the holiday season and sales are up across the board.

Eric: mmm hmm. Thatís one explanation of course. But the other is that our clientele has seen our product. Theyíve compared it to Spectra and theyíve decided that we have the better merchandise.

Ridge: Well for your sake, I hope thatís the case.

Eric: Well look, if you wanna guarantee that, you need to come back. and you and I need to continue putting out the top of the line. And to do that I need your designs.

Ridge: Whatís wrong with yours?

Eric: Nothingís wrong with mine. I can keep us competitive but together you and I are unbeatable and besides I miss us working together. I miss the give and take there. I even miss it when you criticize my work. of course youíre hardly ever right.

Ridge: Oh please! Iíve saved your butt more times than I can count.

Eric: you wish.

Ridge: Do I need to remind you who tried to reinvent the powder blue leisure suit?

 Eric: Now wait a minute. Iím a big big fan of polyester.

Ridge: My point exactly.

Eric: Look Ridge. Come back okay? lets put everything thatís happened in the past few weeks behind us.

Ridge: What is this?

Eric: what? Whatís the matter?

Ridge: This is Spectraís new logo?

Eric: Yes, look I know what youíre gonna say.

Ridge: Not only is Thorne Forrester the same size as Spectra couture theyíre also using the same font as Forrester.

Eric: Ridge, just calm down alright?

Ridge: Calm down? Dad this is exactly what I said would happen. Theyíre totally taken advantage now.


Clarke: Sally, youíve got some explaining to do. have you seen this new press release?

Sally: yea, so. We all just agreed we were going to step up public relations efforts.

Clarke: yea, well nobody agreed to this.

Sally: agreed to what? Whatís the problem? It says spectra by Thorne Forrester.

Clarke: look at the Thorne Forrester part.

Sally: Yea, so?

Clarke: So well, Itís big, itís bold, itís bigger than Spectra, and the type font is the same as Forrester Creations.

Sally: Gee I didnít notice.

Clarke: You didnít notice, it jumps right out at ya Sally. I know what youíre up to and I gotta tell ya one thing, you are a genius.

Sally: Hmm yea well,  I am arenít I. A little change of font here. A little change of font there and uh, we will not only going to catch the publicís eye we will catch their wallets too.

Clarke: and our lumps of coal in our stocking will be turned into diamonds.

Sally: The crowned jewels. Thatís what we got here Bucky. We are going to de-thrown king Eric and queen Stephanie and we are going to rule in their place.

[Clarke laughs]

Sally: You know what? This is turning out to be a season of joy.


Ridge: well they didnít waste any time did they.

Eric: Thorneís a big selling point for them. Their doing what they have to do.

Ridge: This doesnít bother you?

Eric: Ridge the buyers out there are savvy. Come on they know the difference between the spectra product and the Forrester product. Our sales figures prove that.

Ridge: youíre being way too nonchalant about this.

Eric: I donít think so

Ridge: well then youíve got your head buried in the sand.

Eric: Ridge, if youíre so convinced of that then come back. Come back to Forrester and prove me wrong. I want you by my side son.

Ridge: Dad I appreciate that. Look I would do anything for you. You know that. but my reason for taking this leave of absence hasnít changed. Thereís a lot going on. A lot of things Iíve gotta deal with. I need this time for me and my family.

Eric: all right. But the offer will always be open.

Ridge: well, you never know when I may take you up on it. Spectra has fired the first shot. Iíve got a bad feeling thereís a lot more to come.


Darla: You still worried about that sales report?

Thorne: I know weíre headed in the right direction.

Darla: Try telling that to Ridge. Heís probably quoting those numbers to any body that will listen.

Thorne: If he even knows about it, and if he does I donít think heíll be gloating. Heís had a rough time lately you know. This battle with my dad has really taken itís toll.

Darla: God, who would have thought six months ago that you would be getting along so well with your father and Ridgeíd be on the outs.

[Darla sighs]

Darla: Itís gonna make for one interesting Christmas huh?


Amber: You think you know me so well.

Stephanie: Youíre telling me right now that you have no desire to be a mother?

[the rest of the transcript was ran with the ATI card.]

Amber: Yes. I am telling you that I -- I think about it sometimes. Okay, fine, I think about it all the time, but you know what, some things are not meant to be, so --

Stephanie: Oh, you're just gonna sweep all those feelings under the rug and wait until tom's old enough to make a commitment to be married and to have a family?

Amber: I can wait, because I love him.

Stephanie: That's very noble. But let me tell you, nobility has a price.

Amber: Yeah, I know. I know. I'll be an older mother, and I won't have as much energy to give my kids as I'd like to, but --

Stephanie: You're talking as though you could actually have a child.

Amber: You heard the doctor. He said if I get a surrogate, then --

Stephanie: We're -- we're talking about something that might a decade away. Why? Why are shutting yourself off from all possibilities? Because you want to date a young boy. Oh, come on Amber. You need a mature, wonderful man. Someone who's now ready to make a commitment for marriage and a family. Amber -- it's up to you.

Amber: You are so sweet and innocent.

Stephanie: I think I hear Ridge and Eric.


Ridge: It's true.

Eric: You're kidding.

Ridge: No, no. R.J. Sat on Santa's lap up and pulled his beard right off his face. Hello, Amber.

Amber: Ridge.

Stephanie: Amber was just saying how absolutely handsome your little baby boy is.

Ridge: Gonna make a play for him now, too?

Amber: Aren't you just brimming with the Christmas spirit. You know -- excuse me. I think I'm gonna go watch "The grinch."

Ridge: Why do you continue to let her live under your roof here?

Stephanie: Let's not get into it, Ridge. Please don't forget to bring the swing for the baby tomorrow.

Ridge: Listen, Mother, Dad -- Brooke and I had a little talk, and we decided we're gonna have Christmas at our house this year. Just a little thing with the kids.

Stephanie: What?

Ridge: You're welcome to come by. I'm sure there'll be enough food for an army.

Stephanie: But we always have Christmas here.

Ridge: And we love coming to that, we really do. We just felt like maybe it was time to start a little tradition of our own.

Eric: A tradition that does not include Thorne. I mean, that's why you're really backing out of this, isn't it? So you won't have to spend the holiday with him?

[ Phone rings ]

Stephanie: Don't answer that. Is Eric right? Are you doing this to avoid your brother?

Ridge: I just think you and dad should spend this Christmas with Thorne and his family this year. You wouldn't have to referee us, and he can has your complete and total concentration and attention. Whether he's right or wrong, the guy obviously needs that. I just don't want to play scrooge. Come on, big boy. Let's get you home. Yeah. Merry Christmas.

Stephanie: Merry Christmas.


Amber: Are you sure that's what you want to do? I know your parents are gonna be disappointed.

Thorne: Just tell them that we'll stop by and say hello, okay? Darla and I think it's best that we do our own thing this year.

Amber: You know, maybe I should go get them and you can --

Thorne: No, no. I don't want to interrupt them while they're talking to Ridge, okay? Just give them the message, will you?

Amber: Whatever you say, boss.

Thorne: Thanks, Amber. Looking forward to seeing you and Sally and the gang. Bye.

Darla: Well, that's quite a sacrifice you're making -- giving up Christmas with your family.

Thorne: Well, it's worth it, you know? Ridge and dad need this time together to get things back on track.

Darla: And because of you, they'll do that.


Stephanie: Christmas without Ridge and the children?

Eric: Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, he's probably right, that it'll make things easier for Thorne.

Amber: Stephanie, Eric -- that was just Thorne on the phone. He said that they decided to stay home for Christmas.

Eric: Staying home?

Stephanie: Did you misunderstand what he said?

Amber: No, no. He said he would have told you himself, but I said that you were talking to Ridge, and -- he said that they would stop by at some time --

Eric: Amber, thanks.

Amber: Sure. I'm sorry. I know how much you guys were looking forward to having the whole family together.

Eric: Well, Thorne is doing the same thing Ridge is doing, just trying to give us a peaceful holiday.

Stephanie: Well, it'll definitely be peaceful.

Eric: I'll call them. I'll call them both, I'll settle this thing.

Stephanie: No. No, they want to start traditions of their own. For goodness' sakes, they're grown men with their own families. I think we were silly to think that this could go on forever.

Eric: It's gonna be different. It'll be different, but it will still be wonderful.

Stephanie: Of course it will. You'll play the piano, and you'll sing songs, Christmas songs to me. And I'll put more Rum in the eggnog for you, and we'll both eat your mother's stuffing. And we'll love it. And the love that we had for one another will fill this house with joy.

Eric: We've had many, many, many many wonderful Christmases together. This will be just as wonderful.

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