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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/17/04

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By Boo
Proofread By Becky

Announcer: The role of Bridget Forrester is now being played by Ashley Jones.

[ Knocking ]

Brooke: Oh, Bridget! My gosh, what are you doing here?!

Bridget: A lot of sleeping in, I hope. Hi, Mom.

Brooke: Hi honey! I can't believe this. This is such a great surprise. Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

Bridget: It was just a last-minute decision. Is it okay? I mean, do you have the room? 'Cause I can always do, you know --

Brooke: Oh, yes, yes. Of course we have the room. Don't be silly. I just wish you called. I could have picked you up at the airport and stocked up the refrigerator with all your goodies.

Bridget: I figured you were probably pretty busy.

Brooke: No busier than you are. When we talked over thanksgiving, you said you're gonna be studying all through Christmas vacation and that you didn't even think that you and Oscar could get away, even for new year's eve. Where is Oscar?

Bridget: Oh, he stayed in Copenhagen. He just -- he really couldn't get away.

Brooke: Oh. Sorry to hear that. I'm not gonna complain that I have you all to myself this holiday. Look at you. You look great. I'm so relieved.

Bridget: You're relieved? Why?

Brooke: I am relieved. Because you're in medical school. I know how tough that curriculum is. You probably don't even get much sleep at night, let alone have time to e-mail your mother or phone your mother.

Bridget: I know I haven't kept in touch. And I feel terrible about it. I'm really sorry, Mom.


Nick: So is our target in sight?

Paige: Aye, aye, captain. And his periscope is definitely up.

Nick: Oh, good. He's seen you. You just keep shopping until he moves in.

Paige: That might require an actual purchase. And we never discussed an expense account.

Nick: Ah, well, I do miss that sense of humor of yours. You just keep those pearly whites showing, and I promise you you'll have a bottomless Jackie M card.

Paige: But I thought it was your mother that owned the chains.

Nick: Believe me, you're doing her a favor. You just remember, Deacon loves rich, beautiful women.

Paige: Then he is gonna love me. Later, Nick.


Jackie: Do you know that woman?

Deacon: Never seen her before.

Jackie: We're getting ready to close up, so I'll think I'll just go and see if I can be of assistance. Hi, can I help you? I'm Jacqueline Marone.

Paige: I'm Paige.

Jackie: Hi. Are you looking for something specific?

Paige: Yes, actually I am.

Jackie: Mm-hmm.

Paige: I'll know it when I see it.

Jackie: Good. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for at Jackie M.

Paige: Yes, I'm sure I will.


Therapist: Seven, good. Exhale. Eight, exhale. Good.

Nick: 99 --

Therapist: 100.

Nick: 100! Look at that, huh? Way to go.

Stephanie: Mass, that's wonderful.

Massimo: Yeah? I was going for 101.

Nick: Take it easy. No sense in overdoing it, right?

Therapist: See, Mr. Marone? It's not just me. Listen to your son. I'll be back tomorrow, and we'll pick things right up.

Massimo: Right-O. Thank you.

Nick: I'll show you out.

Massimo: Okay.

Therapist: Good job.

Massimo: Okay. So what are you staring at?

Stephanie: Well, it's just - it's nothing short of miraculous.

Massimo: Oh, come on.

Stephanie: You forget I had a stroke. I know how difficult this is. And I also saw you here in this house not that long ago and the condition that you were in.

Massimo: I know that, Stephanie. I knew you were here.

Stephanie: And look at you. I said it's nothing short of miraculous.

Nick: How about him, huh? Back and ready for action.

Stephanie: Yeah. I was really concerned that we'd lost you.

Nick: That makes two of us.

Massimo: Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute. How about giving some credit to the man here?

Stephanie: How about a hug?

Massimo: Oh, yeah? Well, I can do better than that. Come here?

Massimo: I owe all of this to Dominick. He's the one who that took me to dr. Ying's clinic.

Stephanie: I'd like to meet this doctor. This whole concept, this treatment sounds really fascinating.

Nick: It's actually too fascinating for the western medical establishment. You know, our country hasn't okayed this procedure. This dr. Ying that worked on my father, well, he's taken off before anybody could catch on.

Massimo: Yeah, but I'm hoping he continues his work here in the future. But in the meantime, I'm going to keep his equipment stored safely here in the house.

Stephanie: So this treatment basically stimulates damaged brain cells?

Massimo: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: Well, if he does return, I would like to meet him. I mean, I've donated money to medical research over the years, you know.

Nick: Well, this is a worthy cause. He basically brought pop's brain back from the dead.

Stephanie: But all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put you back together again, if you weren't in there fighting.

Massimo: Well, I had to, Stephanie. I thought Jacqueline needed me.

Stephanie: I know about this. I'm sorry.

Nick: We're all just trying to look toward the future.

Massimo: Listen, you know what? I think that we should give the lady a chance.

Stephanie: A chance for what?

Massimo: To say you told me so.

Stephanie: I don't think I would do that. And who could possibly have predicted this? Although it is deacon's pattern.

Massimo: Ahh, preying on older, wealthy women when they're at their most vulnerable. Certainly Jacqueline was. Still is.


Deacon: We all locked up, huh? 'Cause I was thinking that maybe I could inventory what you've got on. What do you think about that idea?

Jackie: Oh, I would like nothing better. Except, we've still got a customer.

Deacon: You want me to tell her we're closing?

Jackie: Oh, I'm dying to get back to the beach house and into to something less formal.

Deacon: Listen, why don't you take off. Just go home, relax. And I'll close up and I'll meet you.

Jackie: You'd do that for me?

Deacon: Oh, honey, I'd do that for you and so much more.

Jackie: Okay.

Deacon: Okay.

Jackie: See you at home. Oh, by the way.

Deacon: Yeah?

Jackie: Her name is Paige.

Deacon: Paige.


Brooke: Honey, there's nothing to be sorry about. I know how hard it is to keep in touch, especially when your life is so full and so busy. I'm just glad that you're here for Christmas.

Bridget: The house looks incredible, Mom. I've never seen it quite done up like this. Look at this.

Brooke: Thanks. I've always wanted an old-fashioned Christmas, and I never had the time. Until this year.

Bridget: I thought you were back at Forrester.

Brooke: Part-time. I wanted to leave plenty of room in my schedule for my children.

Bridget: How are the kids?

Brooke: Oh, they're fantastic. They're doing quite well, considering everything they've been through. Phoebe and Steffy are doing guitar and piano and French. They're very excited about going to boarding school next semester in Ojai.

Bridget: Really?

Brooke: Yeah, all their friends are going there. And Thomas, he's a senior now. You wouldn't even recognize him, he's so grown up. And Hope, she's in preschool. We're just having a lot of fun together. We did our manicures last week.

Bridget: So how's R.J.?

Brooke: Oh, what can I say? He's an angel. A miracle, really. The miracle that brought Ridge and me together.

Bridget: He's a really lucky baby, Mom. I bet Ridge is very, very happy.

Brooke: Yeah. He is. But it's been a tough year. Things have been really chaotic at Forrester creations, and there's been a lot of tension with Stephanie and Eric. And Thorne.

Bridget: And Massimo's stroke --

Brooke: Well, he's doing well now. And things between me and Ridge have never been better.

Bridget: So -- everything's just worked out perfectly for you.

Brooke: Yeah, it has. I've always wanted to balance my career and my relationship and still find time to be a really good mother.

Bridget: Mom, I'm really glad that you're finally able to do that.

Brooke: Are you glad or a little bit shocked, too?


Bridget: Why should I be surprised that you can have it all? I mean, mom, if anyone can, you can.

Brooke: Honey, I know you had your doubts about me raising Taylor's three children and R.J. And Hope.

Bridget: Mom, I -- I didn't say that. And if I did, it wasn't what I meant.

Brooke: Honey, it's okay. It's only natural that you might think it's unfair.

Bridget: What is?

Brooke: That I didn't have the time or the energy or the sense to make things happen like this for you when you were growing up. I was so caught up in my own drama. I should've been there for you. More than I was.

Bridget: Mom, you don't have to apologize. I mean, everything turned out okay.

Brooke: Yeah, it did. You're living in Copenhagen. You're a medical student. You're engaged to Oscar Marone. And I am so proud of you. Do you hear me? I tell everybody what a wonderful daughter I have.

Bridget: That's great, Mom. I'm really happy that what I'm doing can make your life even better. If that's possible. Things seem pretty perfect.

Brooke: Honey, is something the matter?


[ Doorbell rings ]

Jackie: Oh, darling, we have to get another set of keys. Stephanie?

Stephanie: Clearly, you have plans for the evening.

Jackie: What can I do for you?

Stephanie: You could begin by inviting me in.

Jackie: Could I stop you? Please come in.

Stephanie: I've just been to see Massimo.

Jackie: And you felt it your sworn duty to come and heap scorn on the fallen woman, hmm?

Stephanie: No.

Jackie: No?

Stephanie: No, I found out a long time ago that heaping scorn on someone who has no shame doesn't do much good. I'm just dropped by to give you a little warning.


Paige: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm the last one here and you're trying to close up. Wow, talk about a full-blown shopaholic.

Deacon: Listen, don't worry about it. I'll stick around. You make your final selections, okay?

Paige: That's very considerate of you.

Deacon: You know, I'm a giver. At Jackie M, we like to have satisfied customers.

Paige: What a great policy. I might just hold you to that.

Deacon: I just insist that you do.

Paige: Well, in that case -- tell me, which one of these dresses do you prefer?

Deacon: I gotta tell you, this is a tough call. Now the Forrester dress, it's gorgeous. Really brings out the color of your eyes. Very beautiful. But the Spectra dress, I gotta tell you, I think this was just made for your body.

Paige: Maybe I'll take both.

Deacon: The fitting rooms are back there.

Paige: Thanks. I'm Paige, by the way.

Deacon: I'm Deacon Sharpe.

Paige: I would shake your had, but it looks like they're really full.

Deacon: That's my loss, Paige.

Paige: What do you think?

Deacon: I think it's workin'.

Paige: I'm afraid I have a problem. And you're the only one that can fix it.


Jackie: My personal life is none of your business, Stephanie. Even thought I know you thrive on meddling.

Stephanie: I didn't really want to come here.

Jackie: You should have heeded those instincts.

Stephanie: I've always trusted my instincts where you're concerned. When you first arrived in town in your short little miniskirt and with your wicked little smile, men may not have caught on to you, but I knew exactly who you were and what you were.

Jackie: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: So let me just say this. Massimo is the sort of fellow that requires a certain quality and integrity in his marriage. That boy deacon, on the other hand --

Jackie: Deacon is a changed man. And he's a good man. And I make him happy, and he makes me really happy.

Stephanie: Then you're perfect for one another, for the short term. He's broken a lot of hearts in this town. And when he's finished with you, Jackie -- and one day he will be -- I don't want you to think that you can go slinking back to Massimo. Because I won't allow it. Not for one bloody second.


Nick: A little orange juice for your blood sugar -- hey, hey, whoa, whoa! What are you doing? That's enough! He said no more, remember?

Massimo: No --

Nick: No more lifting. Come on.

Massimo: Oh, baloney.

Nick: Come on, give 'em here. Give 'em here.

Massimo: Dominick! Dominick, I'll know when I've had enough. Come on, come on. Listen, I'm gonna have to put in a lot of overtime if I'm gonna get back my life and my company. Okay?

Nick: What about your wife?

[ Massimo sighs ] You want her back, too?

Massimo: Your mother was taken advantage of by that devious little bastard, and she made a terrible mistake.

Nick: Well, by the end of the night, my mother's gonna know exactly what kind of man Deacon Sharpe is.

Massimo: Oh, really?

Nick: Really.


Deacon: Now, Paige, what exactly is it that I can do for you?

Paige: The zipper. I think it's stuck.

Deacon: Mm, looks pretty damn good right where it is. Okay. This thing is jammed, isn't it?

Paige: Please -- take your time.


Bridget: Nothing's wrong, Mom. I'm fine.

Brooke: You're not acting fine.

Bridget: I'm just happy for you. Really.

Brooke: Honey, I don't know what this is, but it's not happy.

Bridget: You know, maybe this wasn't such a good idea, me just showing up like this.

Brooke: Bridget, where else would you be? It's Christmas.

Bridget: I know. And I don't wanna be the one that spoils it.

Brooke: Honey, what are you talking about? Spoil it? I want you to be here. Everybody's gonna be thrilled that you're here.

Bridget: Look, I'm just gonna go. I'm -- I'm sorry, mom. I really am.

Brooke: Bridget, what is it? What's wrong?

Bridget: Look, Mom, you've worked so hard to have the perfect family Christmas. I will not stay here and ruin this for you. So please, please, just forget that I was here.

Brooke: No, I will do no such thing. You are my daughter, and I love you. And you're not leaving here until you tell me what is upsetting you so much. My god, Bridget. What's happened to you?

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