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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/15/04

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By Boo
Proofread by Becky

 [ Ridge groaning ]

Brooke: Ridge!

Ridge: What's wrong?

Brooke: I wasn't expecting you to be here.

Ridge: Who were you expecting?

Brooke: Very funny. What are you doing in bed?

Ridge: I was -- sleeping.

Brooke: At this hour? I thought you were going to get up and go work out at the club.

Ridge: Well, I can do that any time of day.

Brooke: Since when does Ridge Forrester sleep in till noon?

Ridge: Since I took a leave of absence and am now a man of leisure.

Brooke: Oh? So that's the plan? Wasting the day away in bed?

Ridge: Who says it has to be a waste?

Brooke: Are you sure you're okay?

Ridge: Maybe a few loose ends, yeah.

Brooke: So you're brooding about what happened.

Ridge: Dad made a bad decision, letting Thorne use our trademark.

Brooke: You can't let it eat away at you.

Ridge: I just have this weird picture in my head, that's all it is.

Brooke: What picture?

Ridge: Throngs of people lining up to buy Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester, thinking they're our designs.

Brooke: Thorne promised he wasn't going to abuse the trademark.

Ridge: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- that's what he says.

Brooke: And you don't believe him?

Ridge: My gut tells me this is a bad decision for our company, Logan. It's gonna have big repercussions. I hope I'm wrong. I really do. But I don't think I am.


[ Knocking ]

Sally: You hear that, honey? That is the sound of opportunity knocking.

Deacon: Well, it's been a while, but I am familiar with it.

Sally: I've noticed. And that's exactly why I have asked you over here. I knew that if anyone would appreciate that sound, it would be you.

Deacon: All right, what's going on, Sal?

Sally: Well, why don't you tell me? I understand you've been a busy boy lately.

Deacon: At Jackie M?

Sally: With Jackie M.

[ Deacon chuckles ]

Deacon: All right. So that's out there? Good.

Sally: Yes, and so is the fact that ridge left Forrester in a huff.

Deacon: Well, that would be because you convinced Eric to let you use the family trademark name in your logo, which, by the way, was quite a nice move.

Sally: Well, Ridge felt they were leaving themselves open for trouble. And here she is.

Deacon: You're going play it for all it's worth, aren't you, Sal?

Sally: Oh, yes. And you are going to help me.


Jackie: Nicky.

Nick: You alone?

Jackie: Yes. I am, for the moment. Come -- come in.

Nick: Cozy.

Jackie: How is your father?

Nick: Quiet.

Jackie: Angry.

Nick: I'd say he has a right to be.

Jackie: And so do you.

Nick: I see you took off your ring.

Jackie: Yes, I did. I didn't think it was right, to wear it here. In fact, I should give it to you.

Nick: Why me?

Jackie: You can give it to your father. I mean, he doesn't want to see me. It upsets him to see me. And I can't keep it. Not under the circumstances.

Nick: All right. I'll hold onto it for safekeeping. 'Cause I have a feeling you're gonna be needing it again.

Jackie: I don't know how much your father told you about what we said to each other --

Nick: He said it was over. But he's said that before.

Jackie: Well, he's not going to change his mind this time.

Nick: Do you want him to? Mother, do you want him back? Because if you do, this isn't the way to go about it -- shackin' up with some punk, when you really want to be with man you love.

Jackie: Oh, stop. The man that I love, Nicky? If you really believe that -- if you really believe that I love your father, then why didn't you tell me that he was recovering from his stroke? Why did you keep me in the dark?

Nick: I didn't know what he would remember! I didn't know what thoughts would come back in his mind. It almost killed him the first time. And you saw what happened to him last night.

Jackie: He's had to endure so much because of me.

Nick: And Deacon. None of this would have happened without that man.

Jackie: Your father and I, we had our problems before.

Nick: And Deacon Sharpe exploited every one of them! Come on, mother. Clear your head here, will ya? Every time there was a problem with you and the old man, he was right there to just fuel your anger and massage your precious ego.

Jackie: Manipulating me?

Nick: Well, the guy's a con man. He has a track record. You know that. Coming to the aid of women in crisis -- especially rich ones.

Jackie: Well, that is just enough, okay? I know you don't trust Deacon. But I do. I do trust him, and I care about him a lot. So if you have just come here to badmouth him, I suggest that you --

Nick: It's not -- the reason I'm here. I came to deliver a message -- from your husband.


Ridge: I sure wish I could shake this bad feeling I've got.

Brooke: Your instincts are usually right.

Ridge: Yeah, look where they've gotten me. I've practically alienated my whole family. My own father thinks I'm the enemy.

Brooke: Eric was hurt. He was lashing out.

Ridge: No. It's more than that, Logan. He doesn't trust me. After all these years, working side-by-side, putting our heart and soul into that company -- how could he think that I'd stab him in the back? I wasn't trying to take his job, I was just trying to save his legacy.

Brooke: He didn't think it needed saving.

Ridge: Well, he would've believed me in the past. He would have known where I was coming from. He would have respected that, knowing I was doing everything for the good of the family. Then mother's little secret came out.

Brooke: Just because you aren't Eric's biological son doesn't mean --

Ridge: Doesn't it? How could he look at me the same way after that?

Brooke: Because you're the same person. And so is he.

Ridge: But we're not. The truth is -- things have changed. Maybe forever.


Deacon: Sally, you and I both know I'd do just about anything for you, but I think you're forgetting one very, very important thing -- I'm no longer an employee of Jackie M. I mean, I got nothing to say about company policy.

Sally: Oh, yeah? What do you call pillow talk, hmm?

Deacon: Sally, are you asking me to use my personal relationship with Jackie --

Sally: Well, I thought you might be interested in whispering a couple of thoughts in her shell-like ear, make a few pertinent suggestions, along with all the impertinent ones you're already making.

Deacon: Sounds to me like maybe you're asking me to stack the deck in your favor.

Sally: Maybe. So what do you say, honey? Are you in?


 Brooke: Honey, your father loves you just as much as he always has.

Ridge: He treats me like a stranger now.

Brooke: Well, now, that's just your imagination getting the best of you.

Ridge: What he said in that meeting -- it wasn't my imagination. It wasn't my imagination when my mother and he told Thorne he was their only son.

Brooke: You know Stephanie doesn't feel that way.

Ridge: No, she -- thinks of me as a Forrester. But am I a Forrester?

Brooke: Don't be ridiculous.

Ridge: I'm serious. It's like looking at one of those words you look at all your life, and all of a sudden, it just doesn't look the same.

Brooke: Do you feel more like a Marone?

Ridge: Massimo certainly welcomed me into the family with open arms. With all the history and the traditions. He put a bust of my face next to my ancestors. And yet --

Brooke: Yet, you still feel like an outsider?

Ridge: I don't seem to belong -- not with the Forresters, not the Marones. Truth is, I don't feel like I fit in anywhere.


Jackie: You have a message from your father? Oh, sweetheart -- this is so wrong, you shouldn't be in the middle of all of this.

Nick: I volunteered. I didn't want this getting in the lawyers' hands.

Jackie: Ah, he wants a divorce.

Nick: He doesn't want to deal with it right now. His health.

Jackie: I understand. I understand.

Nick: I want to ask you to have a little faith, mother. I want to ask you for some time and to remember you guys have loved each other your whole lives.

Jackie: Yes. Oh, yes, but apparently, we do a much better job of that when we are apart.

Nick: No. No, that's not true. Because when you're apart, you don't communicate. And that's when people like Deacon Sharpe move in --

Jackie: Okay. Enough. I cannot -- cannot talk about this anymore. Nicky, okay?. Your father has made his decision. And quite frankly, I agree with it. He's much too proud a man to have someone in his life that can't give all of herself to him, all of her love. And I can't hide the way I that feel about Deacon. You think I've been misled, well I think you've been misled -- by his reputation, his past history. But that's not an accurate reflection of the man that he is today -- a man -- a man who loves me truly and very deeply. Nicky, you will see. He'll prove himself to you, as he has done to me. Tell your father I won't fight him in the divorce, whatever the terms are. It's just --

Nick: He wants to give you Jackie M.

Jackie: What? No, he can't. I can't -- I can't -- he won't -- I won't accept it.

Nick: He doesn't want it. He doesn't want anything to do with it.

Jackie: Or me. I understand. And I hope, Nicky, I hope that one day you'll understand -- and that you'll be able to forgive me.


[ Jackie sighs ]

Deacon: You know what? You're gonna have to refresh my memory and tell me why it is that I leave you?

Jackie: You know what? I can't think of one single reason.

Deacon: Neither can I. How was your day?

Jackie: Good. I had a visitor while you were gone.

Deacon: Really? Who?

Jackie: Nick.

Deacon: How did that go?

Jackie: It was good.

Deacon: Really?

Jackie: Yeah. Massimo is making some changes. He's filing for divorce, and he is relinquishing all his interests in Jackie M to me.

Deacon: Jackie, that's fantastic. That's exactly -- that's everything you could have hoped for.

Jackie: Yeah? Not quite. I'm still in need of a really, really good vice president. Are you interested?

Deacon: You don't have to do this. I mean, you know, I'd be by your side anyway --

Jackie: No, no, no --

Deacon: No, I'm serious, I don't need some kind of official title, baby --

Jackie: No, no, no. I want to stop pretending. I want people to see who I am and I want them to see who you are -- a man who's capable of so much, with so many brilliant ideas.

Deacon: While you're in this sort of mood, one thing does come to mind. Spectra. I know that they're not sort of a traditional line --

Jackie: Hey, we're not traditional, are we?

Deacon: You got that right.

Jackie: Sounds interesting.

Deacon: It does? Really?

Jackie: Deacon, I trust your judgment. I trust you.


[ Phone rings ]

Paige: Hello?

Nick: Paige. How are you? It's Nick Payne calling.

Paige: You didn't have to tell me that. I would never forget that voice.

Nick: I heard you were in town. I'm sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you.

Paige: Your loss.

Nick: What do you say we change it? You available to hook up with me this afternoon?

Paige: Sounds intriguing. You're on.

Nick: Good.


Brooke: I had a feeling that this is what was going on with you, under the surface -- Massimo nearly dying when the two of you weren't talking. All this tension between you and Eric. It must have felt like you were losing both fathers, both families. Just six months ago, those two were fighting over you.

Ridge: Yeah, but even then, I didn't know where I fit. The truth is, I don't. I'm not a Marone. I didn't grow up in that time-honored tradition. I just didn't understand that way of thinking. I tried to.

Brooke: I know you did.

Ridge: So I went back to Forrester creations, where I thought everyone would understand me and accept me. They don't either.

Brooke: Ridge --

Ridge: No, they don't. It was too aggressive, too harsh. I'm just kind of in this no-man's-land right now.

Brooke: No, you're not. You're here. With me. You're home. Nobody judges you here. Your kids don't ask, "are you a Marone or a Forrester?" They see just see you as daddy. And your wife, she looks at you and sees everything she's ever wanted in a man. So the fact that you don't "fit" into somebody's idea of what they think you should be -- who cares? You're warmer and wiser than Massimo. You're gutsier than Eric. You make all the tough calls. And they could learn a lot from you, but they just don't listen. Neither one of them realizes what a gift you are to them. But they have to believe that someday, they're going to realize it. Because I certainly do.

Ridge: When you voted against me, I didn't feel like you understood me, either.

Brooke: Oh, honey -- of course I did. I knew what you were doing and why. But your family doesn't. They didn't understand and we couldn't force them to.

Ridge: I know.

Brooke: Let them come to you. You shouldn't have to fight for approval or trust.

Ridge: Are you still on my side?

Brooke: Of course I am. Did you really doubt that? You could lose everyone in your entire life -- your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your friends. But you will never lose me. I will always be here..

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