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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/8/04

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By Boo
Proofread by Becky

[Brooke remembering.]

Ridge: Yeah, well I guess we'll never know, will we? 'Cause now they know they can come between you and me.

Brooke: What are you saying? They haven't come between us. What are you trying to say here? Ridge?

Ridge: I'll see you at home.

[Door closes]

Nick: You really should keep this door closed. You never know what kind of riff raff can come in.

Brooke: Ill keep that in mind.

Nick: Forrester here?

Brooke: He had to leave early this morning actually.

Nick: Doing a little damage control?

Brooke: You heard?

Nick: I know he wanted to remove Eric as C.E.O. Thorne called the Jackie M offices to say that we could carry the line without any problems with Forrester Creations. So I um

Brooke: Did a little investigating.

Nick: Yea, I did. You wanna tell me what happened?

Brooke: you mean why did I vote against him?

Nick: Its not the move I thought youd make.

Brooke: No, but it was the right one.

Nick: Im sure hes not very happy about it.

Brooke: Not exactly, but in time hell understand. What I did, I did for him.


Eric: Youre resigning?

Ridge: Im taking a leave of absence.

Eric: How long?

Ridge: Indefinitely.

Eric: Because you lost your bid to be C.E.O.

Ridge: I need a break. Dont over react here dad.

Eric: Look, you're the one overreacting here.

Ridge: Look, my whole world is -- is kind of out of whack here. That's why I need this time off. Get my house in order. All this stuff with Thomas and Amber, and Massimo's condition -- I just need to focus on that.

Eric: You can't take care of all that and stay here? You've a lot of responsibilities here, Ridge. I depend on you.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I'm sure you can get along without me for a while.

[ Eric sighs ]

Eric: Look, I know your intention was to help --

Ridge: And I know that you have a different idea of what should happen around here -- I understand that.

Eric: Do you?

Ridge: I don't like all the pressure that was put on my wife.

Eric: You put a lot of pressure on Brooke, too, you know. But she made her own decision.

Ridge: Well, then she'll have to suffer the consequences, won't she?

Eric: Consequences? You're not gonna punish her for this, are you?

Ridge: Can you blame me for feeling a little resentful?

Eric: Don't let it affect your marriage.

Ridge: Yeah. You let me worry about that.

Eric: All right. Just don't do anything you'll regret.

Ridge: I'll handle it any way I see fit.

[ Cell phone rings ] Hello.

Dr. Ying: Ridge, this is Dr. Ying. I'm sorry to bother you, but your father --

Ridge: What about him?

Dr. Ying: He's asking for you.

Ridge: Me?

Dr. Ying: As far as I can tell, he's very agitated and not making much sense.

Ridge: All right, just try and calm him down. I'll be right there.

Eric: What's wrong, Ridge?

Ridge: It's Massimo. He needs me at the hospital.


Massimo: Get him. Ga -- ga --

Dr. Ying: I just did. Mr. Marone, you can relax now.

Massimo: No.

Dr. Ying: He's coming. He's on his way.

Massimo: No, no! [ Grumbles ] He's trouble, trouble.

Deacon: Is he right? Are you still in there ticking? Watching? Just waiting to exact your revenge on me, Massimo? Is that it? Lights are on, but nobody's home, huh? But I am. I'm home with your wife, living your life.

Massimo: Get him!


Deacon: You know, Jackie, I think coming back here was a huge mistake.

Jackie: I barely have any clothes at your house. I mean, I can't keep going to work dressed in the same thing. What will the customers think?

Deacon: Probably think that you're an incredibly sexy woman who definitely knows how to have a good time, and that, I don't know, I just can't seem to keep my hands off you --

Jackie: Deacon, Deacon --

Deacon: Wait, wait, do you hear that? [ Makes sucking sound ] You hear that sound? That's this mausoleum, sucking the life out of you.

Jackie: It wasn't always like that, not in the beginning. There was a lot of joy and hope in this house.

Deacon: Jackie, you can't waist your time thinking about what could have been. The seconds, they're ticking down in our life, and you got no idea what's around the corner. So, you know what? You got to grab it and you got to run with it. You know? You got to just grab it like that and run.

Jackie: Run where?

Deacon: Back to my place. No, no, no, make that our place. I don't care if you have to get a bigger suitcase. I want you to move in with me for good.

Jackie: I'm sorry, Deacon. As lovely an offer as that is, I can't move in with you. Not on any kind of permanent basis.

Deacon: You mean, like ever?

Jackie: Don't you understand it takes all the energy that I've got to plan for tomorrow, far less, the rest of my life?

Deacon: Then why don't you let me do the planning for both of us? I mean, Jackie, you've been locked up in this place like a prisoner. You finally have a chance to open the cell door to walk out for good, and for some reason, you insist on staying put.

Jackie: Don't you understand? If I leave --

Deacon: If you leave what? Please tell me what is it that you're afraid of.


Dr. Ying: When I asked him if he wanted Nick, he just shook his head. So, I assumed he meant you.

Ridge: All right, thank you for calling. Massimo, I'm here.

Massimo: Ri -- Ridge! Help -- help me.

Ridge: Of course, of course. Whatever you need.

Massimo: Need -- need go home.

Ridge: Go home now?

Dr. Ying: Mr. Marone, it's out of the question.

Ridge: Look, father, you need to recover, here. You need some time to just rest.

[ Massimo grunts ]

Massimo: No, no, no, I don't --

Dr. Ying: It's too soon!

Massimo: I don't care!

Ridge: Dr. Ying has a very specific regimen for you, here. You can't rush this.

Massimo: Ridge -- get M.

Ridge: Get who?

Massimo: Reason! Reason! Get him!

Ridge: Reason -- reason for what? Reason for what?

Massimo: Get him! Get him!


Nick: So, you really think he's gonna get over it that quickly.

Brooke: I hope so. Ridge really was hurt.

Nick: He's also pretty stubborn. Don't forget that.

Brooke: Well, he does believe that Eric made a critical misjudgment and that ousting him out of the company was in the best interest of everybody.

Nick: But you don't?

Brooke: All I could see was divided loyalties. Some employees standing behind Ridge, some backing Eric. It would be civil war. And what it would do to this family -- I couldn't let that happen.

Nick: So, you betrayed your husband.

Brooke: Is that what you think?

Nick: No. But that's what he thinks, isn't it?

Brooke: Every marriage has it's hard times, and I guess that's just a little bump in the road along the way for us.

Nick: Absolutely.

Brooke: After R.J. Was born, and Ridge was holding him, we still it was your child. He looked at me and he said, "after this, there's nothing that could shake our commitment." I trusted that then, and I trust it now. Ridge and I will survive this.


Dr. Ying: He is still very agitated. I thought he was asking for you, but I must have been wrong. His blood pressure is still very high. It might be better if you were not here so that he can rest.

Ridge: I just wish I could make out what it is he's trying to tell me.

Dr. Ying: When his agitation level decreases, he should be able to communicate more effectively.

Ridge: Hey, father. I'm going to let you get some rest -- so you'll be better to be able to tell me what it is you need. And then we'll make it happen, okay?

Massimo: Make -- it happen.

[ Massimo groans ]


Deacon: Honey, are you afraid to be happy? Is that why you can't close the door on this place?

Jackie: It's about more than just my happiness, deacon. I have a son who's welfare comes first. And this is his home, too.

Deacon: Jackie, I understand that, growing up, all you wanted to do is give Nick a place where you felt like he belonged. You know, meals are on the dinner table with mom and dad, football out on the lawn, the whole nine yards. I get it.

Jackie: Well, then you understand that if I close the door here, once and for all, I'll have failed him.

Deacon: But you haven't. You gave it to him for a while and that's a hell of a lot more than most people get. So, you thank the powers that be, and you move on.

Jackie: A huge shift like, I just can't do that, not just overnight.

Deacon: About that, I mean, it could happen overnight if you spend the night with the right person.

Jackie: Oh, you don't give up, do you?

Deacon: No, no, honey, I don't. Not when I want something as badly as I want you.


Dr. Ying: Every four hours. Thank you. A nurse will be by soon to give you a sedative.

Massimo: No -- no s-s -- no.

Dr. Ying: Trust me. It'll make you feel much better. I'll be by later to check up on you.

Massimo: No. You -- won't


Nick: Well, I must say, you are a gutsy lady.

Brooke: Because I have faith that Ridge and I will be okay?

Nick: Because you voted with your conscience. Would've been a lot easier to follow your husband.

Brooke: I couldn't do that and live with myself. Just like ridge couldn't live with the repercussions of that decision of replacing Eric. Family means more to him than pride and ego. Look what he did for Massimo. The way he forgave the bad blood between them, and he was there for his father when he needed him.

Nick: I think it's helped him. Helped him, a lot. He did mention to keep my father's recovery quiet, didn't he?

Brooke: He said that you don't want your mother finding out.

Nick: I'm just afraid if she came to see him -- I just don't want anything upsetting him.

Brooke: Don't worry. Jackie won't hear about Massimo from me. I promise.

Nick: Well, thank you, but you didn't need to say that last part. I already know I can count on you. It works both ways. You know that.

Brooke: I do.

Nick: Now, if Forrester gives you a hard time --

Brooke: Oh, stop. I don't want you worrying about my relationship. Besides, you have your own to worry about.

Nick: That didn't work out with Felicia.

Brooke: Why?

Nick: Why do you think? A sailor's a hard man to make a life with. His hearts belong to one lady, and one lady only.

Brooke: The sea.

Nick: Yeah, it wasn't gonna work out.

Brooke: I hate the thought of you being alone.

Nick: Well, who's worried about who, now, huh? You just concentrate on righting your own ship, but if you run into rough waters, I'll be right there to get you out of them. Don't ever forget that.

Brooke: Thanks for coming by.

Ridge: What was the occasion?

Brooke: Ridge --

Nick: I just wanted to see if everything was okay. I heard about the vote.

Ridge: You just want to check the fallout, huh?

Brooke: Nick knows there's nothing to be concerned about.

Nick: Exactly. I got to take off.

Ridge: Listen, before you go, I want to talk to you about Massimo.

Nick: Something happen?

Ridge: Dr. Ying called me over to the clinic. Massimo's anxiety level was through the roof. He kept obsessing about wanting to leave there and wanting to "get him."

Nick: Get him?

Ridge: We figured out it wasn't you or me, but he was so upset, he couldn't give us a name.

Nick: Maybe he didn't need to. Get him? There's only one thing that could upset him that much.

Ridge: You think he remembered Jackie and Deacon?

Nick: I don't know, but if those thoughts are going through his head, he's probably ready to explode right now. I'm gonna head over to the clinic, see what I can find out.

Ridge: Thanks, Nick.

Brooke: Yeah, thanks. I wasn't expecting you 'til later.


Ridge: Well, I didn't want to wait any longer.

Brooke: I'm not sure I like the sound of that.

Ridge: I've been thinking a lot about this, Brooke. About Forrester Creations needing my leadership and how I was depending on you to help make it happen.

Brooke: I'm sorry I disappointed you --

Ridge: Oh, it was more than disappointment. You took something away from me, Brooke, something I had my heart set on. Do you have any idea what that feels like?

Brooke: You know I do.

Ridge: No, I don't think you really do. But you're going to find out.

Brooke: What are you saying?

Ridge: It's truth time. Let's talk about our marriage.


Jackie: Oh, this is so hard.

Deacon: Hey, I -- I've been where you are. I know we never really talked about this, but -- when I quit drinking, it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. And I did it because it was killing me, little by little. I don't want to see that happen to you. I just think you're too beautiful to die young.

Jackie: No fair, making those kind of comments.

Deacon: Honey, I never said I was gonna play fair. Jackie, there's too much at stake, right now. Sell it, board it up, give it to charity, but just say good-bye to it. Just -- just say good-bye to all of it.


Driver: You sure you're okay to be leaving the clinic?

Massimo: I'm fine. Drive.

Driver: Where to?

Massimo: Bel air.

Driver: Going home?

Massimo: Yes. To save my wife from the devil.

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