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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/23/04

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By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Why'd you stop?

Ridge: Feels like you're somewhere else.

Brooke: Oh. I was hoping if I lit some candles and unplugged the phones and concentrated on my sexy husband, that I wouldn't think about all this other stuff.

Ridge: I do not want you being dragged into the middle of all my problems with Thorne.

Brooke: Oh, sweetie, the dragging happened a long time ago. I'm a member of this family, so I am in the middle. In fact, when you went to check on R.J., Stephanie called me.

Ridge: I thought you turned off the phones.

Brooke: Yeah, well I forgot my cell phone.

Ridge: What did the beast say?

Brooke: She wants my help. With you and Thorne.


Darla: Hey. I thought you'd never get in here.

Thorne: I went in to check on Alexandria. You know how chatty she gets.

Darla: Unlike her daddy. Especially tonight.

Thorne: I'm sorry for moping around, honey.

Darla: Oh, please. Please, you don't have to apologize for a thing. Thorne, I know how hard this has been on you. But you've already done your job. You have turned Spectra Couture into something so special. It's completely out of your hands now, and I know how frustrating that must be for you. But you know something? I still think that Brooke can talk Ridge into letting you into Jackie M.

Thorne: You know what the most frustrating thing is?

Darla: What?

Thorne: My older brother. Who used to be my best friend is now my adversary. How did that happen? What did I do wrong?

Sally: Gladys, just think about it. Do you realize that Jackie Marone's got a swell store like this in every highfalutin' burg on the planet. From Monte Carlo, to Milano, to Grosse Point, Michigan.


[ Buzzer sounds ]

Guard: That's the back door.

Clarke: Yeah. Yeah, we're expecting a last minute, exclusive shipment. Okay, you, watch the front. I'll be right back.

Sally: That's got to be Amber.

Gladys: Right on time.

Amber: Clarke, when did Spectra land the Jackie M account?

Clarke: Well, you know this business is all about relationships, and we have a very special relationship. You know Massimo Marone?

Amber: Sal!

Sally: Try not to scream, honey. We are trying to pull a fast one on Nick and Jackie. Not to mention Ridge Forrester.

Amber: Smuggling our clothes in here for the grand opening? That's brilliant, Massimo. But, how did you?

Clarke: How did we do it? You know Gladys Pope, illusionist extraordinaire.

Gladys: Hi. It's a pleasure. You know my little granddaughter used to wear your Ambrosia line. Until I kicked her out of the condo for looking like a tramp!

[ Laughter ]

Sally: All right. That's enough idle chit-chat, everybody. Let's talk merchandising. Let's start moving and shaking, people. We haven't got much time. Jackie m's doors are going to open for a once-in-a-lifetime fashion event. And it's going to be marvelous. I, Massimo Marone, decree it.

Sally: All right, team. It looks like we are ready to open the doors.

Amber: Isn't it a little late for shopping?

Sally: What are you talking about, honey? People are out. They're finishing dinner, they're stumbling out onto the streets after sitting through some awful, subtitled art movie. What they all need is some retail therapy. Clarke?

Clarke: Out with the old, in with the new. Take that.

Guard: What are you doing?

Clarke: It's a moonlight madness sale.

Guard: Nobody said anything to me about opening tonight.

Clarke: This is direct instructions from Mr. Marone. Attention, Beverly Hills! Listen up. We have a special moonlight madness sale. It's a preview of the Jackie M boutique. Come on in. Start shopping.

Customer #1: You're opening now?

Clarke: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on in. You're our first customer.

Gladys: Welcome to Jackie M. I'm Gladys P. And you know what you would look really amazing in? Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester. Come on and check out these babies. Just look at this.

Amber: Aren't they just absolutely stunning?

Customer #2: I read about this collection in "eye on fashion." They're elegant and gorgeous. And the fabric -- this can't be Spectra.

Amber: It's not. It's Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester.

Clarke: Gladys, look who I found in the cool Beverly Hills night air. Stephanie Beacham.

Gladys: Oh, Miss Beacham, I'm so happy to meet you.

Stephanie Beacham: This is my dear friend, Christopher Cazenove.

Christopher: Hello.

Stephanie Beacham: I signed up for the Jackie M e-mail list, but it didn't say anything about a preview sale.

Gladys: Well, they threw it together just at the very last minute.

Customer #3: Stephanie Beacham from "dynasty?" Can we have your autograph?

Christopher: Sure, she'd love to.

Clarke: Tell you what; we'll get some Jackie M catalogues for you to sign. We'll set you up over at the Spectra Couture area. Please.

Stephanie Beacham: I love this dress.

Christopher: I'd love a drink.

Clarke: I'll tell you what. I'll bring you one of each.

Sally: It's happening, Gladys. It is happening.

Gladys: You're a genius, Sally.

Sally: No, no. You're the genius.


Ridge: Well, there's irony for you. My mother enlisting you to save the family from me.

Brooke: Stephanie and I don't agree on much, but we do care about Thorne. It hasn't been easy for him. To be a Forrester, a fashion executive -- he's always had to fight to get any kind of recognition. And I admire that about him.

Ridge: You think I don't?

Brooke: Oh, come on, Ridge. You've been anti-Thorne ever since he signed on at Spectra. At least that's what it seems like to your parents, to me, to Thorne.

Ridge: Look, I may not like everything Thorne's done since he's been at Spectra, that doesn't mean I'm out for the guy. Believe it or not, I actually miss him.

Brooke: Everything seems so splintered now. You and Thorne are at such an impasse.

Ridge: Well don't let it upset you.

Brooke: I can't help it. I'm a part of this wonderful family. It just doesn't seem like it's going to be the same again.


Amber: Clarke, is that Stephanie Beacham?

Clarke: In the flesh. If we have our way, she's going to be wearing Spectra Couture on her next dozen photo shoots.

Customer #2: Do you have this Valentino in a size six?

Clarke: No, we just ran out. But have you seen the enchanting new line from Spectra Couture? Stephanie Beacham can't get enough of them.

Customer #2: Then I definitely have to try this on.

Amber: Now I get it. Honey, I've got to tell you something. Now, I am a completely unbiased salesperson, but this dress is made in a hellish, unregulated sweatshop.

Customer #3: But this label says it's "made in the USA."

Amber: Well, that just makes it all the more shameful now, doesn't it? Now, Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester, was sewn by happy, healthy workers with complete benefits.

Customer #3: Wow, Sally Spectra sure has changed.

Sally: You have no idea.

Thorne: Did I ever tell you about the time my little league team beat Ridge's?

Darla: No.

Thorne: We played Ridge's team a couple of times, and we'd always get our butts kicked. Until the last game.

Darla: Yeah? So, what happened?

Thorne: It was the bottom of the ninth and, somehow, the score was tied. Guess who's at bat?

Darla: You?

Thorne: Are you sure I haven't told you this story before?

Darla: No.

Thorne: Okay. Anyway, I hit that thing and I hit it hard. I mean, it almost hit the back wall. So, I'm running for my life around the bases and Ridge is playing shortstop. Well, he gets the relay from the outfielder as I'm turning third, right? Ridge just fires that ball. It goes over the catcher's head. I just easily slide into home plate and -- we win the game. Well, Ridge's team went on to win the championship, of course, but for the rest of that summer, I was the hero of my team. All because of Ridge.

Darla: Because of the throw that he messed up, you mean?

Thorne: He didn't mess up. Ridge was too good of a player to make an error like that. He did that because he wanted me to know what it felt like to be a winner. Even after I learned what Ridge did, I still felt that winning feeling, and I loved it, Darla. I loved Ridge more for doing it.

Darla: Oh, honey, that was a really great thing he did for you. But you know something? You don't need ridge to be a winner. Because you have got everything you need right in here, babe.

Thorne: I'd still like my brother to be part of it, you know? I mean, I couldn't be more happy about my parents acknowledging me and, of course, your daily support. It's not just --

Darla: It just isn't the same.

Thorne: No. Not without him, it's not. And it may be too late to even fix that, you know. If I lose my brother because of a career, I might spend the rest of my life regretting it.


Ridge: Brooke -- I want peace in this family as much as you or anyone does. But I seem to be the only one concerned about Forrester Creations here. I'm just trying to protect our brand, the same way I would if Thorne had nothing at all to do with Spectra Couture.

Brooke: But Thorne does have something to do with this. So I need to look at this as a Forrester, not as a Forrester Creations exec. Thorne has worked long and hard for so many years at Forrester Creations. And in just one year, he's turned spectra completely around. He deserves this success. All he needs is a little push. Now what's family for if you can't cut your kid brother a break when there's so much at stake for him?

Ridge: All right, Logan. You don't have to put this to a vote. I surrender.

Brooke: You mean it?

Ridge: Yeah. I mean it. I would do anything for you.

Brooke: Oh, thank you.


Clarke: Beautiful, everybody. Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming. You made our night. Thanks a lot.

Gladys: Take a look at these sales receipts!

Sally: Let me see. Let me see. Oh, lovely. Oh, oh, oh. We did it. Do you realize that we did it, kids? We showed everybody that Spectra Couture can compete with the snootiest stores on the planet. Yes.


[ Phone rings ]

Thorne: Hello, Ridge.

Ridge: Hey, Thorne. Sorry to be calling so late, but I needed to talk to you.

Thorne: Well, I wasn't sleeping.

Ridge: In the morning, I'm going to give Jackie M the green light to carry Spectra Couture.

Thorne: Wha -- oh, man. Ridge, that's great. Are you -- I'm having a hard time processing this, did I hear you right?

Ridge: Yeah. You sure did.

Thorne: Can I ask why? Why now?

Ridge: Because you're my brother. And I love you. And I want things back the way they were with us.

Thorne: So do I, man.

Ridge: Good. I'm glad to hear that. Hey, can you come over to dad's office in the morning and we can discuss the terms?

Thorne: Terms?

Ridge: Yeah, just a minor condition attached. I can lay it out for you face to face. Then we can call Nick and make it official.

Thorne: Okay. You just made my night, man. You know that? Hell, you've made my year.

Ridge: Great. I'll see you at Forrester in the morning?

Thorne: Yeah. Hang on a sec, Ridge?

Ridge: Yeah.

Thorne: I just want you to know, man, I love you, too.

Ridge: Thanks, Thorne.

Thorne: No, thank you, bro. Good night.

Ridge: Good night.


Darla: Well? What did he say? Is it what I'm hoping?

Thorne: Well, if you're hoping spectra couture by Thorne Forrester is in every Jackie M boutique from here to Australia, then you hit the bullseye.

Darla: No! Honey, that's great! Oh, my god. Well, what did he say?

Thorne: He said that there was one condition, but whatever it is, we'll work it out in the morning, I'm sure. We're going to meet in dad's office to lay this whole thing to bed.

Darla: "We?"

Thorne: Yes, "we." You better believe you're coming with me. It's a huge day. My brother came through for me, didn't he?

Brooke: So, how'd it go?

Ridge: It went well. Thorne was completely and totally blown away. He was shocked. I think he'd written me off for good.

Brooke: With one little phone call, you solved a problem that could have divided this family for good. Thorne must be happy.

Ridge: Yeah, he is.

Brooke: How 'bout you?

Ridge: Surprisingly enough, I feel good. I feel better. That doesn't surprise you, does it?

Brooke: No. I think I know what family means to you. You did move heaven and earth to bring ours together. Being distant from Thorne and pushing him away -- even though I know you were justified from a business standpoint -- it just didn't seem right. It's wasn't who you are.

Ridge: It could've been, though. I was headed down that path. If it weren't for you.

Brooke: No. I didn't do anything. Except remind you of who you are. What your values are. You're the man that I love. Who's so generous, and strong, and protective and forgiving. Do you know how grateful I am to have you in my life?

Ridge: Remind me.

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