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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/17/04

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By Boo
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Thorne: The way Ridge is going about this, he's not just playing hardball. He's attacking me.

Stephanie: Why do you think it's personal?

Thorne: He's blackballed my collection, Mother. He doesn't do that with other competitors.

Brooke: As far as I know, the only account Ridge has spoken with is Jackie M.

Thorne: Yes, which is the only company that's willing to take a chance on us. Coincidence? I think not. You know what? I am sick and tired of playing by Ridge's rules! He wanted the spotlight, so I gave it to him. I stepped back. He couldn't work with me here at Forrester, I moved on.

Stephanie: Honey, I know you've sacrificed a lot.

Thorne: Yes, Mother. And all I've asked for is a fair shot to prove myself on a level playing field. Is that too much to ask?

Eric: No. No, son, it's not.

Thorne: Well, then, why won't Ridge let me be, Dad? Is there something else going on here? What is it?


Thomas: Hey, Amber? Amber, you up there? Are you in here? Hello? Okay. Ah, Rick.

Rick: Thomas, what are you doing here? Right, Amber.

Thomas: Yeah, it looks like we're both out of luck.

Rick: There's nobody here?

Thomas: Nope, this place is a ghost town.

Rick: Bummer, I just wanted to say bye to my dad before I catch the redeye.

Thomas: Oh, right, your big business trip. That's gotta be tough on you and Caitlin.

Rick: Yeah. But, you know, we'll deal.

Thomas: Hey, the holidays are coming up. Maybe she can fly out and join you for a little while.

Rick: I don't think that's gonna happen.

Thomas: Is something going on between you and Caitlin? Come on, Rick. Tell me, what gives?

[ Caitlin remembering ]

Rick: I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you. I never meant to hurt you. But --

Caitlin: We have to face reality. I get that, too.


[ Knocking on door ]

Hector: Caty, you okay?

Caitlin: Dad, what's up?

Hector: Is something wrong?

Caitlin: Like what?

Hector: Well, your door -- you never lock it. What is it? Oh, sweetheart. Is something wrong, honey? Did you have a fight with Rick? Oh.

Caitlin: Dad, he said he wants to "Cool things off." And focus more on his work. Like, all I am to him is a distraction. It's over, Dad. Rick and I are through.


Rick: Well, I suppose you'll find out soon enough.

Thomas: What?

Rick: Caitlin and I have decided to take a break.

Thomas: A break? From each other? When did this happen?

Rick: Tonight.

Thomas: But I thought you guys were doing well.

Rick: We were.

Thomas: So what happened?

Rick: We just realized that we have different priorities.

Thomas: Oh, you mean you realized.

Rick: Okay, Thomas, look, you might not understand this, but we are completely revamping Forrester international. And that's gonna require my attention 24 hours a day. Okay? And, Caitlin, she's a senior in high school. I don't want her missing out on prom and all that other fun stuff. I'd be holding her back.

Thomas: That's bull!

Rick: Excuse me?

Thomas: When you have a girl like Caitlin, you find a way to make it work. Unless --

Rick: Unless what?

Thomas: Unless you have something else up your sleeve. Like another girl?

Rick: No way.

Thomas: Okay, then, may I make a suggestion?

Rick: Oh, feel free, Thomas. You seem to be on a roll.

Thomas: Reconsider this, man. I'm serious. Before you let Caitlin get away.

Caitlin: I feel like such a fool.

Hector: A fool? Why?

Caitlin: Because you warned me this would happen. But did I listen?

Hector: Sweetheart, you were in love.

Caitlin: But you were right.

Hector: Well, this is one thing that I didn't want to be right about.

Caitlin: But you are. My god, when I think of all the awful things that I said to you --

Hector: It's okay.

Caitlin: No, it's not. I can't believe you guys didn't give me away or give me up for adoption.

Hector: Well, your mother talked me out of that.

Caitlin: I even caused tension between you two. Asking her to keep secrets from you. What was I thinking?

Hector: Well, the good thing is that your mother and I worked through it. We even learned a few things about each other. We're stronger than ever.

Caitlin: Don't try and make me feel better, Dad. I know I screwed up. I thought I was so cool, modeling and designing for Forrester, hanging out with all the models. And then when Rick showed interest in me? I was just out of control. Rick taught me that there is only one man in my life. And he was right. Only it's a different older man -- you. You have always been there for me. And now I realize how much I took that for granted. How much I took you for granted. Dad, I am so sorry for being such a jerk.

Hector: Apology accepted. Come here. You know, to be honest with you, I feel more sorry for Rick than anybody else.

Caitlin: Why?

Hector: Because he's never gonna find another girl who is as beautiful inside and out as you are, Caty. Never. I love you, sweetheart.

Caitlin: I love you, too.


Stephanie: There is a reason that your brother is doing this.

Brooke: Stephanie.

Stephanie: He deserves an explanation.

Thorne: What is it?

Brooke: Nothing. It's not even worth getting into.

Stephanie: Do you remember after the competition your father had a long talk with you?

Thorne: Yeah, of course. I mean, how could I forget that?

Stephanie: Well, Ridge overheard what he said. He heard your father say that you are our only son.

Thorne: Yeah, and?

Eric: We think he was very hurt by that.

Brooke: We don't know that for sure.

Thorne: Wait, hold on a sec. Ridge is sabotaging my career, this entire family, because he heard you say I'm your only son? I am your only son.

Brooke: Biologically.

Thorne: I'm sorry he was hurt, Brooke. Okay, I really am. But how many times did I have to hear that Ridge was your favorite son? I survived.

Brooke: You did steal his designs.

Stephanie: Oh, Brooke, please, that's all behind us now.

Thorne: You know what? We're a new company now. And I believe Spectra Couture belongs in a high-end boutique like Jackie M. Do you?

Stephanie: Yes.

Eric: Absolutely.

Thorne: Now how about you, Brooke? I want you to forget that ridge is your husband just for a second, okay. And you put that business cap of yours on, and you tell me, honestly, do you believe spectra couture can compete with Forrester?

Brooke: I was impressed by your showing.

Thorne: Impressed enough to share retail space with us?

Brooke: That's not my decision to make.

Thorne: Brooke, you're the majority shareholder. In fact, you could override Ridge's mandate right now.

Brooke: Spectra couture hasn't proven itself yet.

Thorne: And if it's up to Ridge, we never will. Look, Brooke, I know your loyalties lie with your husband, as well they should. Okay? But I'm not asking you just to save me. I'm asking you to save my brother from himself.


Caitlin: I don't think Rick's gonna lose any sleep over me.

Hector: He's not worth crying over, sweetheart.

Caitlin: Did you cry about mom?

Hector: Oh, yeah. But, thankfully, that's all he the past.

Caitlin: I wish I could find someone that would love me just as much as you love her. I mean, you guys overcame so much just to be together.

Hector: You will find someone special someday.

Caitlin: Yeah, I know.

Hector: You are so young, honey. You have your whole life ahead of you.

Caitlin: I just realize how lucky I am. But still, I can't help feeling really sad right now. I mean, I know this probably makes me a total loser, but I miss Rick so much, it actually hurts.

Hector: I know. It's okay. Just let it out.

Caitlin: I love you, Dad.

Hector: I love you, too.

Rick: Caitlin is one of the sweetest girls I've ever known. And who knows? Maybe -- maybe the time apart will be good for our relationship.


Thomas: So you still have a relationship?

Rick: Well, we'll see when I get back. You know, we'll see how things are.

Thomas: You've gotta be kidding me.

Rick: Thomas, I still have feelings for her. I still care about her.

Thomas: You can't keep dragging Caitlin around.

Rick: Okay, in a mature relationship, you don't have to be attached at the hip to make it work. Someday, you'll understand that.

Thomas: You know what? I don't think I wanna understand that.

Rick: All right, you know, this has been fun, but I have a flight to catch.

Thomas: Yeah, enjoy your trip.

[ Phone ringing ]

Caitlin: Hello?

Thomas: Hey, Caitlin. It's me.

Caitlin: Thomas.


Samantha: Hi, you.

Hector: Hi.

Samantha: How's Caitlin? I know.

Hector: You know about the breakup? How? It just happened.

Samantha: I overheard you two talking.

Hector: Well, why didn't you come in?

Samantha: Well, I didn't want to interrupt.

Hector: Sweetheart, you could never interrupt. Besides, I think she could really use a woman's point of view.

Samantha: Well, it sounded to me like you were doing just fine. Besides, I think we're probably gonna be doing plenty of talking.

Hector: Mm-hmm. Yeah, she could really use our support right now, poor thing.

Samantha: Okay, admit it. You're glad she's not going out with Rick anymore.

Hector: Well, I hate to see her so upset, but yeah. Yeah, I think it's for the best. But more importantly, Caty realizes that she was wrong, thinking that this was more than -- more than just a crush.

Samantha: She had to figure that out for herself.

Hector: Well, she could have just listened to me. I told her he wasn't good enough for her.

Samantha: Oh, Hector, in your eyes, who would be?


Caitlin: Hey, what's up?

Thomas: I just saw Rick.

Caitlin: Oh. So you know.

Thomas: I'm so sorry,

Caitlin. For what it's worth, it's totally his loss.

Caitlin: Thanks, Thomas. You're sweet.

Thomas: Sweet?

Caitlin: Yeah. Did I say something wrong?

Thomas: You never call a guy "sweet." Tough, sure. Ripped, definitely. But sweet?

Caitlin: Oh, okay. Sorry. You're definitely manly.

Thomas: Much better. It's good to hear you laugh.

Caitlin: Well, you definitely make me do that.

Thomas: You sure you're okay?

Caitlin: Yeah, I'm as okay as I can be.

Thomas: Well, just know if you ever need to laugh or just to talk --

Caitlin: I have you on speed dial.

Thomas: See you at work tomorrow?

Caitlin: Definitely. Thanks again, Thomas.

Thomas: You got it.


Brooke: You're putting me in an impossible position, Thorne.

Thorne: You know ridge is wrong, Brooke. It's not up to him to decide which retailer carries our line. That is left up to the buyers of the stores.

Brooke: As far as I know, the only retailer that he's talked to is nick. Now, if the others aren't picking you up, it's because they have the same concerns that ridge does. Spectra is not up to par.

Eric: They're all gonna take their cue from Jackie M.

Thorne: Look, you know how the fashion business works. Everyone is afraid to be the trailblazer here. But as soon as that one company takes the risk, the others will follow. You know that. Brooke, do you know how hard it was for me to take the risk of turning spectra into a couture house? Do you have any idea? That could've killed my career, Brooke. Killed it. And everybody said it was going to, but you know what? I did it. I did it anyway. And when that showing was over and I was a success, I was just so relieved, Brooke. Because I thought I did the impossible.

Stephanie: You did, honey.

Thorne: And I thought, finally, our family can heal, because there's no reason to take sides anymore. But thanks to ridge, this situation has gone from bad to worse, Brooke. Look, I haven't put you in an impossible position. Ridge has, Brooke. But you have the power to stop this right here, right now.

[ Cell phone ringing ]

Brooke: Oh, it's Ridge.

Stephanie: His ears must be burning.

Brooke: Hi, honey. Good. How's your trip? Oh, that's wonderful. Well, I can't wait to see you. I love you, too. Okay. Thorne, I can't make an executive decision. Not now. Look, Ridge will be home tomorrow, okay?

Thorne: Brooke, our window of opportunity is shrinking every moment.

Brooke: You're asking me to blindside my husband.

Stephanie: No, he isn't. But I'm going to ask you to think for yourself. Brooke, how many years -- how many years have you told me that you want to be a part of this family, how important it is to you? Well, here's your opportunity, isn't it?

Brooke: By going against my husband's wishes.

Stephanie: No. By doing what I think you know is the right thing.

Eric: Thorne's right about this, Brooke. You know that, don't you?

Stephanie: Marriage is a long, hard journey. And you don't always see eye-to-eye. But what you can hope for is at the end of the day, you'll respect one another. Respect one another, because you each have the ability to do what's the right thing. You believe this is a strong marriage, a good marriage. Well, if that's the case, you've got to stand up to Ridge. And you've got to do it for the family. I'm gonna count on you to do that.


Announcer: On the next "bold and the beautiful" --

Thomas: If you ever want someone to talk to or hang out with, let me know.

Caitlin: How about a hug?

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